Decision Jungle.

Level by Wizzkiddo (Tom Hillen)

Walkthrough by Dutchy.


The background story isn't very large, at the end of level 8, Manic Mine, Lara discovers some inscriptions of a huge eye. When she looks at them she gets a flashback, she and her expedition mates are wandering through a huge jungle searching for clues for hidden civilization. Already 3 members are killed by tigers and snakes, and the rest of them are scared by the large eye-inscriptions on the walls, the Eye of Decision. This Eye is a very rare Artifact, one of the so-called Key-Artifacts. Together with the other three it can open the path to the Youth Lake, which isn't a youth lake and so on. At one moment they discover the remains of a huge temple, but they all get slaughtered when they go inside. Lots of traps! Lara is the only survivor and lives of tree leaves, bananas and snake meat for two months until the rescuing team arrives. She has never been back, but it seems that she has to now... She charters a helicopter and heads off to Columbia, for A Second encounter with the Temple of Decision.

In this level the only thing she encounters are a few destroyed temples, but all the traps are working perfect, so watch out. (Tom)

The Airstrip.

You stand on the Airstrip where you just came from the Chopper behind you. Go N and to the Campsite there, at the W wall in the grass is a Big Cobra, watch out, a Baddy will come from behind the Jeeps, enter the tent near Jeeps, after you took care of him and pull the switch, go back to the Chopper and find an open gate in the building, pull the lever inside and go around to the Chopper and into the old broken down Hangar to the right. Kill a Monkey and inside you can get Secret #1, the Shotgun on the center crate and some more Goodies lying around. Go back in NE direction and find the sloped pillar next to the slope with the spikes. Pull the switch and follow the slope to the NE, just past the brick wall you can see the path going up (branches on the floor), jump up and right, jump over behind the brick wall and left up the slope, stand in the NE corner of this slope, with your right foot against the higher slope and face NE to the door, hop back and run jump with a right curve to the higher slope at the wall, now jump to the tree and into the passage.

The Temples.

At the burners, go right and into a room with 3 switches on crates and a monkey. Kill the monkey first. Pull the left switch first, to put the burners down. Then the one on S wall, now you have to sprint back to the passage, sprint over the burners and on to a hanging bridge, jump around the corner right, to next bridge and sprint to a timed door in the end. The 3rd switch I never found a reason for, I donít think it does anything, as for the 2 switches next to the timed door are traps. In side the door, go follow the passage to a large destroyed temple, go to the far right corner and jump behind the containers, pull the lever and go to the tree, a trapdoor opened, donít mind those switches on the block, or if you want to get fried, be my guest.

Go in to the trapdoor and in to the tunnel between the 2 containers N, stay close to the ceiling and swim into the small gap left, follow to a large room and climb on to the ledge in the NW corner, climb higher and look W, run jump/grab the crack in the pillar and go around the corner to a ledge, turn right and run jump/grab the ladder on the pillar in front. Climb up 2 steps and backflip to the higher ledge, look E and spot the ledge over the slope in front of you, you have to run jump/grab to, on the higher part is a monkey and you can find the Crowbar there too. Get back to the pool, but be careful, debris falls from the ceiling, back through the small gap and left/left up into the hole there. Climb out to the right and follow the passage to he end, past a closed door left. Open the door in the end with the Crowbar and climb on the block, crawl straight over and quickly pull the switch on other side while a Skeleton sticks a sword in your back. Leave the room after you pulled that switch and go for the door in the passage. Thereís a Cobra sleeping in the bushes, but if you donít shoot he will just go on sleeping and you can run past him. Enter the lower part of the jungle where you did the timed run. Shoot a Tiger on your way to the containers in the SW, jump on and pull the switch in the corner. Go back to the entrance where you came out of and notice the open door in the N wall. Jump in and follow to a

Trap room.

There are several ways to get through this one; this is how I did;

Go run in along the left wall with a flare in hand, wile the corkscrews on the ceiling come down, the exit closes, pull 2 switches on left wall and go for the door that opened in the wall in the end, run over the burner, which will start immediately and sprint right to the switch on left wall, turn right and run to the next switch on right wall, then to the door that opened in the end of this room and into the passage, the spike wall stops. Follow this passage to a room on the right and snatch the Medipack away from the Skeleton.

You could have also sprinted from the room with the Corkscrews to the right, past the switches and opened the Crowbar door left, opposite the passage you went in now, youíll end up in the same room with the Medipack. From the room with the Medipack, go right and to the blocked end of the passage, the block goes down and pull the switch there, hop back quick and wait for the Boulder to pass. (If you would have pulled all switches in the Corkscrew room, the left big door would have opened, and you would have come straight here missing out on the Medipack and no way of returning)

Follow the slope up and shoot the Tiger, at the end of the passage youíll get a camera view from above, climb out of the hole in the left corner and run left and forward behind the wall, as Boulders will come down from the right. Go to the pool and swim to the Crate floating in the water, from there run jump into the opening in the rock face. (itís possible youíll be stuck in the camera view from the entrance of this room, just save once and reload)

Sprint to the switch past the opening right and pull it, now get to the opening quick and wait for the Spike wall to go past, go enter the room again and to the end, left corner into the crawlspace, follow to the container room.

The Container room.

Go to the SE corner and find the ladder to climb the pile next to the wall, on top, run jump to either side landing and go N, climb the containers and use the Monkey swing to go S, on top of the containers there youíll find Secret #2, a bunch of Goodies. Drop down again and go through the crawlspace to the room with the Spike wall and into the passage, follow till you can climb out to a passage where you would have ended up after a Tiger and a Boulder trap, had you taken the other route from the pool.

The Jungle.

Go left and to the tree in the SE corner, on the tree is a ladder, jump/grab and backflip to a ledge, stand jump to the branch left and follow left to a room, do a stand jump/grab to jump in, turn left and shoot the Tiger, when you follow the passage.

Roman Numbers.

you enter a room with 10 switches, all with Roman numbers over them, I tried to find the clue in all the rooms you can access from the Jungle, but to no avail, I had to use the post from  (or try yourself and burn about 45 times)

(Spoiler: The sequence to pull the switches is 2,8,10,5,3,6,1,9,7,4 (in white font, incase you want to find out yourself.)). A room will open in the E of this room, go in and pull the switch, a door in the Jungle opens up.

Exploring the treetops.

Go back and jump to the branch, to the right you can see a room next to the Eye inscription, ignore it, inside is a Skeleton and the roman numbers I told about, run jump/grab the branch to the W, go to the tree and jump around to the E branch, get the small Medipack and go to the branch going N, run jump/grab to the next tree and go around so you can go N again, jump over to the W wall and there is another of those rooms, go right and follow the brick ledge N and at the tree with the ladder in the NW of the Jungle, run jump/grab to the branch on that tree, go around and find the ladder on N side of the tree, climb around to the S side and up, just with your head above the branch (nice camera work :0(

Backflip and go around the tree using the Binocís to see something and get the Flares, go back to last branch and go to NE corner tree, on to the small branch left and turn around, face SW and run off with a left curve/grabbing so you miss the top branch but land on the branch under it, Secret #3 awaits you, Shotgun and some Goodies, now from the Shotgun, turn E and run jump/grab the ledge along the wall, go S and almost at the wall you can run jump/grab the branch of the tree right of you, go S and at the last tree, where the camera view changes, stop at the edge of the branch, hop back sidestep to the right, so you are on the right side of the branch and run jump/grab to the ledge in front of the room.

Inside is a pedestal with Flares, approach from the left or you will be split in half. Go out and run jump/grab back to the tree, go back N and to the opening in W wall, turn around and run out with a left curve, youíll land on the brick ledge below, go S again over the trees and to the opening in W wall and stand jump in to leave these surroundings.

End of the level.