The Dead Sea Scrolls.

Levels by Trix.

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

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Level 2: Down Mount Ararat 2 Level 3:Origins of Tigris and Euphrates Level 4:The Great Ishtar Gate
Level 5:Origins of Tigris and Euphrates(2) Level 6:Har Meggido Bonus Level: Looting Time

Level 1- Down Mount Ararat 1.

the Start room.

Land in the Start room after a slide and turn left, next to the slide you came down from is an opening in the West wall, follow it to a room with a pool, dive in and swim right at the crossing, youíll pass a Jump switch you cannot use yet, get out into a room with 3 switches and a closed gate. Use the switch with the sandy tile under it, witch will drain the tunnel with the Jump switch. Go pull it now and the gate will open so you can get the Secret #1, the Shotgun. Now pull the Jump switch with the blue tile (water) and you can swim back to the Start room again. Do not pull the 3rd switch, its obviously booby trapped.

Back in the Start room take the passage in the SE in the South wall, follow it to a cave with a lot of Bats and boxes, kill the Bats and take the Goodies from the boxes. Return to the Start room and get in to the hole in the SW corner (all the other passages are empty, although you can always take a look, all rooms in these levels are built with finesse and great to see) and follow it to a tile on the wall with a Skull, get into the crawlspace to your right and when you can stand up, look for a Jump switch to use, it will raise a block in the room on top of the ladder you have to climb now. When you reach the top of the ladder the block you will have to move is on your left. Pull it onto the Skull tile. The Spike trap downstairs is off, go there and enter the next room. Dive in but look out for the Spike traps in the water. Swim through and up.

The Temple.

Watch the flyby and notice the Yellow crystal between some old vases. Take a Medipack from under the bones on the bridge in front of you and a Vulture will attack, deal with him and dive into the pool, swim through the underwater opening in the SE and head East for the Mithrasí Sun Crystal. Return the way you came and look for the opening you saw when you took the Crystal, it is in the pool where you entered near the broken pillar on the bottom. Swim into the basement of the Temple and you are behind a mirror wall, swim up and get out, use the wall switch and the Temple door will open. Go back to the pool and climb out in the SW corner, over the bridge and jump to the balcony to enter the door. Go to the door in the South and they will open for you, over the bridge, follow this cave to go to the next level.

Level2- Down Mount Ararat 2.

The Animal Cages.

When you proceed through the caves, you will come to a wooden door, with graffiti from Larson. Shoot the boxes and get some Ammo and go on to the West, there is a wall switch, you will have to use later when you want to return, Go on and at the camp site shoot the boxes on the right side of the tent and get the Ammo from it, there is a Medipack in the tent. Take the passage to the South. A whole bunch of animal cages with switches in them and some with wild animals, just start with the open cage in the end and work your way to the one with the Shotgun and the switch that triggers a cut scene of Larson coming for you, deal with him and get the Bronze Key he drops. Return to the Temple, now you will need the wall switch you saw before, to make the jump out of the lower cave. Pull/roll/jump forward and run jump to the higher cave (the raised block is timed, so be quick). Pass through the Temple to the door in the North.

Jump from the bridge to the pillar in the water and to the door with the graffiti, use the key and enter, go to a room with a closed gate to the right and a room with torches to the left, go straight into a beautiful blue room. The gate to the left will close before you so you can not reach the Crystal yet.

The room with the timed platforms.

To the right is a room with platforms between ledges. Go straight again and in this room go to the floor tile in the far North and when you step on it you will see what to do next, a block raises, allowing you to reach the first platform. Using the Tiles in the corners you can raise other platforms so you can make your way to the top, go south to take the Bronze Key, the Golden Key in the North is behind some Spikes, this one later.

Go down by jumping into the pool below and return to the room with the torches, there is a keyhole behind the pillar with the torches, the wooden door opens, pull aside the blocks inside to reveal a switch hidden behind the last one which will open the gate on the other side of the first room. Climb over the blocks in the NW corner to the adjacent room and find the switch on the wall opposite the gates, where you can see the Crystal, the gates on the other side will open so you will have to find a way to go around. Go to the first room where the gate opened and follow the passage up along a balcony to the North, a passage there will bring you to a ladder where you can climb to the Golden Key.

Go back outside and see the Boulder lying on a stone bridge when you look over the edge of the balcony, wonder why its there, well it is guarding a Secret. Go to the South side and climb the higher block on the edge and jump over to the opposite rocks, hang and shimmy left, pull up and climb higher, hang again and go all the way left around the corner, till you canít go further, drop and go left, into the crawlspace to get Secret #2, Desert Eagle clips. Go back out and hang on the ledge you walk on so you can shimmy right and under the Boulder, this way you will trigger it but can not be harmed.

When heís gone, drop and go to the cave in the North. Walk carefully, because there are 3 Boulders hanging over your head, crawl through the opening to the underground lake and jump in, swim to the next lake and climb out on the other side, dodging some more boulders and kill a Vulture. Go along the buildings to a skeleton to get the Ammo and return to find the Mithrasí Sun Crystal in the building next to the lake. Look for a block on the South wall, so you can climb over and go to the room with the pushblocks.

Return all the way in the direction of the animal cages and use the Golden Key on the door with the graffiti on the way there, enter the building and follow to a pit where the camera view changes. There is a switch on your right hand, use it to open a gate down in the pit so you can get the 3rd Crystal. But again you have to go around. Go back and take the path beyond the animal cages and proceed South to an open area with a river. Jump over the river and go through the little temple to the South exit, turn right and get some Flares in a box, go SE and find the ladder where you can climb down into the pit to get the "Mithrasí Sun Crystal"

 The Invocation Scroll.

Back out and on your way to the Big Temple. Use the Crystals in their slots (the last raised pillar seems to be too high, but you can climb the pillar) and the door in the East opens. Go in and slide down the pole in the room there youíll see a grey tile near the entrance and two Skull tiles next to a pedestal with a Scroll, behind it on the West side is another tile, go stand on it and the grey tile at the entrance will rise, run there and jump on it, jump/grab the Monkey swing and go over to the pedestal, when you are over it, drop and take the Invocation Scroll. (if a Wraith is haunting you, stand close to the mirror wall, there's water behind it !!!) A block lowers in the SW corner and reveals another Crystal and the text "WRITTEN ON 3 SECRET SCROLLS ARE THE WORDS THAT WILL OPEN THE DOOR.

Go back upstairs and exit the temple to the North, just outside look East and see the raised block in the pool there, swim over and climb out. When you enter, look back and up and see the Jump switch, use it and return to the pool North of the temple, another block raised there so you can get into a passage. You will have to go through the temple again and on the North bridge jump to the block you used to go to the door, now jump to a ledge in the corner to the left and from there to the block in front of the entrance, jump in and you found Secret #3. The blocks in front of you are pushable get them out of the way, (pull the first one into the exit and side jump over the corner back, so you will have room to get the others out of the way) behind the right one is a key, Secret #4, Larson's Key youíll need to go to the Bonus level. In the corner to the right are some goodies.

Back to where you pulled the Jump switch and slide into the next level. The second part of the slide jump/grab at the end and hang on the Monkey swing, follow it to the end and drop/climb up the ledge. Go over to the slot for the Crystal and place it, a rope appears, use it to swing to the SW Corner (line yourself up with the binoculars) drop back from this ledge and shimmy left, drop/grab the crack and shimmy right, around the corner to a switch, pull it to get rid of the Spikes on the slope in the middle of this pit. Now jump to the slope North on the West wall. Slide back and grab. Pull up and backflip to the (spiked slope, slide and grab, hang and drop, slide forward and jump grab to land on a ledge under a ladder, jump to the ladder and climb up.

Follow the passage and slide into the next level.

Level 3- Origins of Tigris and Euphrates/1

You will drop into the water, swim South and around the corner to the right where the light gets a little yellowish, look for the under water lever on the pillar to your right, when you pull it a trapdoor opens and some fancy Crocs are released. Roll and swim to the right through the small gap in front and look along the West wall for a deeper cave in the wall, the trapdoor is hidden there.

Collect some Goodies and Secret #5. You may already found it, but in the North is a place with strong current, go there and let the current take you to a under water room with a grated ceiling and 4 tunnels, take the one leading East and keep to the right (Use the left tunnel later) and up for a air hole, look up and see the Crowbar on the grate above. Back to the underwater room and go left, follow to pull a lever there and return for air, back again and go right this time, another lever in the room there. Go get some air and take the left tunnel at the air hole, follow to a open trapdoor and climb out. A Great flyby shows you where to go and you get another glimpse of the crowbar youíll have to get.

Donít jump over the river with the rope, you will be shot by a machinegun, follow this side to the South and on the high block jump over to the other side and go South again. There is an opening there, you will go to later, first go for the Crowbar. On the South wall near the river are some blue spots, you will find a crack in the wall you can use to climb to the left and drop in the end. Jump to the ladder over the slope, tricky jump, but youíll have to find the right spot, climb left again and a little down to climb into the next opening, on the right side, youíll slide in and climb on the block in front of you, turn left and jump over to the next block, drop and climb left again, all the way or you will fall in the water and surely die. Follow the passage to a monkey swing and cross the river with it.

The Crowbar.

Jump over to the sandy block in the river to the right and to the corner near the torch, get the Flares in the box and follow the trail along the river to the North, climb up and jump around the corner to a ledge there and then to the sloped one in front, when you reach a diagonal flat piece of ledge, in front of a cave, jump to the other side of the river NW corner and then to the green spot, there is a hole there, go in and follow to a swamp area with a bunch of Big Mosquitoís and a box with Ammo, and a dead SAS guard who didnít quite make it to the Crowbar on the grating back left, you take it and return to the river after dealing with one last Mosquito.

From the block in the NW corner, standing on the highest point against the North wall, jump to the green covered slope in front, slide/hang and shimmy right till you can climb back to the cave entrance, go in and shoot the box to get the 1st Tablet Fragment, pull out the block to the left of you and aside so you can enter the Swinging blade room.

The Swinging blade room.

Drop from the opening, (believe me, itís the best way) and shoot the Crocs in the pool, swim to the south wall and find an opening near the pillar, swim in and pull the lever there to stop the burners over your head at the Tablet, swim back and get out in the East, after collecting a Medipack on the bottom, between the blades in the North is a Torch, go get it without being sliced in two and put it under the torch on the East wall, so you can pick it up and light it there later without walking in between. Go to the switch on the West wall and pull it, run through the blades, pick up the torch and light it (timed torch), go over to the South door and light the torch there, the door opens, get the Sapphire Tablet inside and go to the North door with your torch to light the one there, great, this door opens also, lose the torch and proceed over a bridge to some boxes, shoot the first one and pull the block behind it out and aside, go in and enter the next level.

Level 4- The Great Ishtar Gate.                                                          

Pull out the yellow block and kill the Bug, go in and enter the great blue buildings, go to the open room North and start pushing all the blocks, the yellow in the wall spaces and then the blue ones in the opened gates, a block rises and a ceiling hatch opens. Climb up and pull the switch, get some Ammo. A gate to the South of the courtyard opens up, go in there and around the pillar, climb up and drop in to the other hole, get the 2nd Tablet Fragment. Go to the courtyard and over to the West. Look for the place to put the 2 Tablets. The gate opens, follow the passage down and look at the flyby, showing Laser sight, Fire wraiths eating from the dead SAS guards, looks they want fresh meat, as they come for you, run for water in the first courtyard and return to get the Laser sight, notice there is something under the dead SAS near the writing on the wall, grab his ears and pull him away, get the Weapon Code Key.

The Teleporter.

Up to where you placed the Tablets and look on the North wall, there is a block to push in, use a flare (my first) and get some Ammo in the North, the Blue Teleporter Rays start turning, step on them and be transported to the beginning of the Former level.

Level 5- Origins of Tigris and Euphrates/2

The Campsites and the Sapphire Tablet.

Use the rope this time and swing over, climb to the crawlspace to the right and go past the Sentry gun (will not harm you as you hold the Code Key now, just for fun walk around it and see how it will keep an eye on you), follow the cave to an area with a waterfall. Kill the 2 Bugs and climb up next to the waterfall, make your way over to the other side by jumping the ledges and on the other side next to the ladder, climb up and follow the cave to the riverside, where youíll see 2 Sentry guns across the river, jump over and at the 1st campsite, kill a SAS guard, take the Medipack he was holding and shoot box in front of the tent to get the Desert Eagle. Go to the other campsite in the South and take care of another SAS. Shoot all boxes in the tent and get 2nd Scroll and a Sapphire Tablet. You can also take the Flares if you want.

Belshazzarís Sceptre.

Yet another SAS appears at 1st.campsite as you return to the river. Cross the river and go back to the falls, climb down at the ladder and over the river bank to the South, climb up in the corner and enter the cave, use the Monkey swing to cross the pit and jump to the opening in North wall, jump to the greenish pillar and climb left so you can backflip into the opening to the West. In the courtyard with the building, notice the Bulls eyes next to the entrance, get the block from inside and push it against the left eye, shoot the left wooden fence on the South hill and stand aside as a Boulder comes crashing into the right eye, the gate opens, go in and get the Belshazzarís Sceptre.

Hammurabiís Sceptre.

Return to the rope to go back over the river and jump over to the other side again to go to the cave youíve seen when you passed here before, go in and to the sloped pillar in the NW corner, jump from this slope to the one in the pit, so youíll slide from the other side and jump/grab the rope. Swing to the ledge with the plant and go right, into the crawlspace. Shoot 2 Crocs in the pool and the box on the bottom, to get a Medipack from it, find the grey tile in corner and stand on it as it will trigger the timed! trapdoor in front of the crowbar gate. Sprint to it and use the crowbar, go in and collect the Hammurabiís Sceptre.

Go back to where you entered this courtyard and go around the building, shoot the box to get some Ammo and kill a SAS guard lurking around there. Leave the area and return to the river. Go all the way to the place where you found the crowbar and in the pool is an underwater tunnel along the wall, with a box in it, shoot the box from the cave and collect Secret # 6, Eagle Ammo. Go to the Great Ishtar Gate. Kill the SAS guarding the place (if you didnít already).

Ruby Tablet.

Go to the 2nd Courtyard and look on the wall left of the double gate, shoot the Ruby in the Lionís mouth and enter the gate, go left and into the room there, get the Medipack from the other side and a bunch of pillars start to do the Rock and Roll. Make your way back to the last one on the right side and get into the garden behind it, kill the Bug and into the water to get the Ruby Tablet.

Kroisonís Sceptre.

Go back through the Pillar room and to the West, shoot 2 Crocs in the water and find an underwater opening to enter the structure in the middle. Swim up through one of the openings in the ceiling and place the "Tablets". The wall torches start to burn and on the 2 pedestals fires will burn, one of them holding the Kroisonís Sceptre. Stand between the pedestals and take it when the fire goes down. Back outside (one more Croc appears) go West and reach the Great Pyramid. Climb all the way up (looks great with that fixed camera) and place the Scepters in their alcoves. The trapdoor opens up, drop in and fall to the next level.

Level 6- Har Meggido.

First pool.

Swim into the South tunnel and pull 2 levers, one in high tunnel and one in low tunnel and get into the gate you just opened (if youíre quick you can make it in one breath, otherwise go for air in between )

The Icy room with the invisible ledges.(1st Serpent.)

You are in a Icy room. There are platforms all over; they are only hard to find. Most of the platforms you can not see have a little steam coming from them, so you can locate them. All the way on top is the 1st Serpent of Elements. On your way up you will have to take care of 2 Big Birds. Go down again and to the first pool, take the North tunnel now, pull the lever after the boulder hanging there and get out quick as the Boulders start chasing you, get some air and go in again, up through the gate you opened and down the slope with the next Boulder, sprint to the gate and pull the switch fast, run into lower passage and go left , straight to the next gate with switch, jump to the ladder and up (I could stand with my face against the ladder waiting for the Boulder to stop rolling and climb up after, maybe I was just lucky).

Skeleton room with the levers. (2nd Serpent.)

Climb into the crawlspace to the right and watch the flyby as you enter next room, 9 Skeletons guarding 3 levers, shoot them off the ledges and start pulling the levers, the bottom of the room cracks down and reveals an opening, go in and down the slope to the North, left in next room and in the room with the 2nd Serpent of Elements, jump to the opening in the North wall just past the entrance, crawl to next room and do a run jump over the hole in the floor, a boulder crashes down and triggers an earthquake draining the water from the Serpent room, go get the "Serpent" and return to the first pool. Climb up the slope and pull up into the switch room facing South, backflip and make your way over to the pillar you see up and in front of you. Get out of the pool and go to the North in this room, there is a Skeleton holding a torch lying on the side, get the Torch and go to the flame in the South, light the torch and go into the passage leading North out of the room, youíll get to a snowy slope, spikes will come up and down as you slide and jump down.

The room with the Iceberg. (3rd Serpent.)

In the room with the Iceberg, go into left room and light the Oil lamp on the wall near the dry pool, the ice melts and fills the pool, dive in, swim into the tunnel to the last room and get some air under the ice, collect Secret # 7, some Ammo and Medipack. Return to the iceberg and start climbing it from the East, behind the pillar, be careful for the spiketraps and on the top find the right spot to jump into the overhead shaft, climb to top and backflip, find the passage East and drop in. climb out of the water on top of a big waterfall, jump to the deep pool below and find the lever on East wall. Pull it, roll and swim quickly to the open gate in the NW corner (timed) inside swim to the left and into the opening left, the current is strong and tries to pull you onto spike traps so avoid them by swimming away from them, next room left and up for another lever, roll and up into the tunnel to next room follow out to bottom of Iceberg room get some air under the ice and go get the 3rd Serpent of Elements, the ice overhead crack and you can climb out near the pillar where you started to climb the iceberg. Go to the room with the frozen pool at the bottom of the spike slide and look for the crawlspace in the SW corner, go through and you can get back to the First pool.

The Lavaroom.

Take the passage leading South this time and enter the lavaroom, turn left and jump to the rope, turn around and see the water hole beneath the central structure, there has to be a way to swing/jump into it, but it takes a lot of reloads, you can also land on the ground in front of the water and restore your health with a  Medipack if you still have one. On the right side of the pillar is a switch that will raise blocks in the lava, timed, make your way over them to the one with the rope and jump up to grab it, turn to the NE corner and start swinging to jump into the water hole you see in the corner of the lava pit, swim through to room with Secret #8, a Medipack, go up the other hole in the ceiling and over to a ladder on the other side, jump to the block under the rope, the block is fixed now and swing to the next rope, from this one swing to the ladder on the pillar in front and climb up, go right and climb down another ladder, climb to the right around the corner and in the door opening from just above the lava, backflip/roll/grab the opposite ladder, climb left an backflip to the ledge behind you, run jump to the pole and turn so you can backflip from a little up to the breakledge. Now side jump to the left twice and you are in a room with 3 levers on the floor.

Leverpuzzle. (4th Serpent.)

When you step on the grate in front of the levers, youíll see a row of burners you can put out with the levers if you find the right combination, (sequence: M, left, right and left back). Use the Monkey swing to cross the pit to the other side to get a Medipack, now swing to the ledge where the burners where till you drop, walk forward and the camera view changes. On the edge, stand jump/grab the grate overhead and go forward to the lava pillar, drop and get the 4th Serpent of Elements. Walk into the lava beam and you will be transported back to the beginning of the lava room. Go place the Serpents near the gate at the first pool and enter the gate as it opens, inside turn around and see the ladder over the entrance, climb it to a cave and follow it through some water to a cave with a Medipack and a rope hanging in a hole in the floor, grab the rope and slide down, drop and you are next to the 3rd Invocation Scroll. Get it and donít hang around too long as 2 Wraiths will come for you and Spikes and Burners will make things even harder. Go to first pool to get rid of the Wraiths and place the Scrolls

The Demigod and the Element puzzle.

The door opens and youíll see a winged Demigod pacing around. In this room are 4 Element blocks that have to be moved to the right places in order to proceed, there are 2 MPs on the bottom of the pool, dive into the pool when the Big guy starts shooting at you, move so you can keep an eye on him and when he rises above the floor and stops grunting, jump in the pool.

4 blocks, Earth-Fire-Wind- Water, when they are in the right place you will notice something coming out of the wall above the block

Earth block, 2nd ledge right

Air block, 2nd ledge left

Water (ice), 1st ledge right

Fire, 1st ledge left

When youíre done a block rises at the entrance and you can climb the wall ladder to backflip on to a ledge, you will be electrified, get down and to the Demigod, in front of the stage is the Ankh. Go get it and sprint through the door behind the Demigod, sprint to the end as the floor collapses, climb the ladder and go to the NE corner of the cave, climb up and find another hole to climb up, when you see the flyby with the nice blue sky, you will be taken to the Bonus level.

Bonus level- Looting Time!!

Use the Larsonís key to open up the house and notice the door to the left as you walk the red carpet. Go on till you reach the Main hall, with the stairs, kill 2 Dogs that appear from the right and go into the room there, a Medipack will be the reward, the next room on the right side of the stairs is an aquarium with Sharks. To the left as you enter is a Medipack on a ledge and to the right a Mask and a Golden Skull, you can not reach them from here, go to the back of the stairs an walk through the curtain, left is a door to a room with goodies, Crossbow and a Laser sight and to the right is the way to the aquarium, go up the stairs and enter the meat-locker follow the passage till you can dive in the aquarium, lure the Sharks towards you and finish them off from safety. Go get Secret # 9, the Creepy Mask and Secret #10, a Skull.

Take the Medipack from the ledge and go back to the Stairs in the Main Hall. Go to the other side of the stairs and enter a room with a big terrarium, holding a bunch of Scorpions and a Skull, go through the curtains on the right and climb up and into the terrarium to get it, 2 more Scorpions come in.

Get out of the room and turn right, next door will bring you to the dining room, climb behind the flag on the left wall and get Secret #11 "Box with Cookies". Go to the kitchen and shoot the fuse box youíll see on the wall near the fire place, donít burn yourself. On the other side of the kitchen, you can pull out a chest of drawers to get Secret #12 "Box of Coffee". Open the blue door to the cellar and go right and right again. In this room, shoot another fuse box and in the adjacent room a hanging crate will fall, revealing Secret #13 a "Breastplate" (a door opens upstairs), take it and follow the cellar to the next room in the SW, look in the SW corner behind the crates for the torch. Stand where you get it and turn to the gap between the crates, so you can throw it through the gap, climb back and go to the entrance of the cellar, leave the torch here for a moment and go to the South, climb the crates in front and go left/left and from the crate with the paint can, shoot the box on the crates. Run jump to it and take Ammo and Flares, return to the first cellar and go to the SW into next room, go left into the machine room and pull the book shelf near the steam blower out, get Secret #14 "the Leg part". Go get the torch and go upstairs, light it in the kitchen an go light the fire place upstairs, in the last room you opened the door, turn around and see Secret # 15 "the Scarab Trinklet" on the floor.

Leave the torch and go over to the other side of the landing and move the lamp to the other brown tile, the door opens, go to the roof garden and kill a lot of Bugs, take Secret # 16 a Creepy Mask. Go down to the door in the hall way where you entered the house, it is open now, push the button on the wall and climb in to the ventilation duct near the shower, follow to the other side. In the machine room, open the door and enter next room, under the pipe (there is a flame you have to use later) and to the West, in the room with the crates, go left between the crates, where there red chair is and climb the boxes in the corner to get Secret # 17 another "Leg part", go West and there is a torch on a box, get it and light it at the flame you just passed, now go W and right/right, light the fire place and watch how the flame passes through the wall to the next room, go there and get Secret # 18 the "Arm part". Go back to the Main Hall and up the stairs, next to the closed door on the West wall is a flag, you can climb behind, get Larsonís key to open the door. Enter and kill the Dog, climb the cupboard to the right and get Secret # 19 "Pyramid thing". Go left into the bathroom and see an artifact in the mirror, position yourself so you can get Secret #20 "Emerald Lizard". Back out and to the right hand curtain, stand with your face against it and jump/grab forward, there is a pole behind it, slide down and take another Key on the cupboard, push the chest of drawers and take Secret # 21, "an Old Clockwork Beetle", open the blue door and follow the basement, use your key and exit to the street. A flyby of Larson entering the house behind you (as ever heís too late) is the end of these great levels