Dead Revelations.

Level by Mark Lunney.

Walkthrough Dutchy

The Helipad.

The level starts on a Helipad with a chopper stuck in a gate, didnít quite make it to the ground? Some Guy (Pilot? If I landed a Chopper like that I would run too) just leaves the square you are in, donít shoot him unless you have to, he will shoot a bunch of enemies, if you let him be. Look in the corner with the Fire bucket for the Medipack and on the crates under the Chopper for the M-guns and Ammo for it. Head out to the streets an go left, just avoid all the Zombies for the time being, slow as they are that isnít really a problem. You will pass the Library to the left (not open yet) and the door to the right (needs the Birth Stone) and a Church with a kind of Chair in front where youíll have to use the Detonator Key later.

Alís Gunshop.

Go around the right hand corner and to the left youíll find Alís Gun shop, letís pay a visit. Inside are some Ammo pickups left and right and then go into the back, right and up into the Display to get Secret #1, Ammo for a great gun. Go out of the display and into the opposite corner to the grey File cabinet, stand on step back and hit action, Lara will open the cabinet with some display of force (She pushes where she should pull) and gets the Flame-Blaster from it. Well this is a Gun to my likingÖ

The Zoo.

Go out and to the streets and left, try the new gun out on a Zombie or 2, with the Mega shells. Great!! Reach the Zoo to the left, go in and notice the water hole behind the fences to the right (later). Some animals have broken out of their cages, I didnít have any problems with the Red Lions, they just walked slowly past and got shot by the Guys out on the streets. The Gorillas can be shot with pistols, once you start shooting they seem to freeze and so do the Lions if you would have to shoot them. The 2 Toucan Birds can be easily dealt with by standing in a corner and that way they cannot harm you and they can be shot with pistols. Go to the far right hand corner and find some Flares. Then enter the cage in the back and get a TR6 Chocolate bar in the far corner, notice the tree in this cage, youíll be jumping to it in a bit. Go out and into the next cage, climb the tree trunk and jump/grab up to the branch of the other tree, go up and run jump to the S walkway and go left, from the tip of that walkway you can run jump to that tree in the previous cage. On it youíll find Secret #2, Ammo.

Drop down and re-climb the trunk in the 2nd cage, up to the walkway. Turn right and get the Medipack, check your health and be sure itís full before you attempt the long run jump into the 1st cage next to the entrance of the Zoo. Get the Medipack and use it, I expected a Polar Bear here, but the cage was empty except for the Keys on the bottom of the pool, swim through the tunnel to get back to the outside and go left to the SW corner where the Storage can be opened with the Key youíve just found. Inside is the Shotgun in one corner and another File cabinet with the Detonator Key. Blast those Zombies to pieces if they get too close, but first wait for them to team up so you wonít waste any Ammo. The work here is done so head out to the streets and to the right, past the Gun shop and to the corner with the Church. Place the detonator on the Chair thing and see the door being blown to pieces.

The Church.

Inside some Mutated Giants will attack, they can be easily taken out with the Flame-Blaster, then climb the ladder on the wall and go l over the entrance in the wall, drop and shoot the 2 Bats, follow the dark passage to a room with a Torch and a Zombie, you know what to do with both, shoot the Zombie and light the Torch, but donít get too close to the bucket. Then go burn the rope coming out of the grating in the ceiling and return to the Church, take the torch to light the passage. Go down to the ground floor and find an open passage in the floor, go in with the torch and see a flooded basement with a Spike Bag trap

The Basement.

Swim carefully up to the Spike bag and right into the passage when the bag swings left, go up for Secret #3, a bunch of Goodies. Go back to the Spike bag and check your health before you attempt the swim into the right hand tunnel, go up to a Cemetery. Run to the opposite side and hop into the higher opening, shoot the fence and the Mutated Giant, get some flares and climb the 2nd book case to the left, get the Jeep keys from it and go out the door to the streets, right and left at the Helipad, follow to the end and to the right is "Blooms" and a nice Jeep parked in front.


Under the Jeep are some Keys, get into the Jeep and back it up out of the parking (sprint key=back, shift= forwards), take it for a spin around the block, great car!!

Park it at Blooms again and go inside after you took the keys from the parking-lot, go to the upper floor over the stairs. A Mutated Giant will chase you up the stairs, but he cannot get up the high step on the last floor, open the door after you shot him and get all the Goodies and the Birth Stone from the room. Go down the stairs and shoot all the Zombies that are coming up the stairs, hop in the Jeep (I like that car) and go around to the door that needs the Birth Stone in West Street.

The Museum.

Go in and to the room where a Bull is waiting to come to action, lure him to the Bulls Eye in the back of the room (Blue rays) At some points when I tried first time the Bull even completely disappeared and I had to go looking for him. The best way was to save right after the Flyby and run past the Bull thatís on the left and then cross over to the Bullís eye. Just running, roll and hit "Look" to see if heís following and then side jump left, when you got him to break the Bullís eye, the lights go out, so get out a flare and sprint back to the entrance of the room. left up the stairs and to the Pentagram Tile just before the burners, a flyby kicks in, side jump left during the flyby and roll hit forward and then go up the right hand stairs, do the same and now side jump right, now you have to get onto the central Pentagram to get all the burners out and run up the stairs again, get into the passage in the end and shoot the Guard, run through the passage to a room filled with Blood? And climb up to get out to the street where poor Lara will be eaten alive by those Zombies. I sure hope she will make it out of this one alive tooÖ


Dutchy 06-11-2004.