Crystal Temple 2.

Level: Emoo.

Walkthrough: Dutchy

In the room where you start, push the pillar towards the gate and exit after you took the Flares and Ammo, jump over the pit, go left (see the gate in front, it will be open later) and side jump through the Circular Blade (I finally found out that side/jumping seems the best way to get through, always back flipped) Take the Medipack and look up in the hole in the ceiling a bit further, jump/grab the Jump switch and go back to that gate, enter and get the Shotgun on the pedestal, the Medipack to the right of it and jump over the Skeleton, to activate the trap and get the small medipack. The switch on the wall activates the gate past the Circular Blade, but it is timed, so you have to jump to the exit, right and sprint, hit "Alt" just before the Circular Blade and through the open gate, be careful, thereís a Demi God around the corner right, you can quickly pick up the 2 boxes Ammo and then take care of him.

The Portal Guardian. (Golden Vraeus in my book)

Notice the Gate and the Guardian receptacle and go up the Ladder, from the "Sun" Tile on the left, backflip/roll/grab the ladder behind. Go right and up, Pull up in the right corner and backflip, jump and side jump right to get out of the way of the Chain, you can pick up the Ammo under it, by crawling and taking some damage. Go to the gate and it will open for you, this room is heavily booby trapped, so look on the ceiling for the right path, the Tiles with the crosses are the Spiketraps, follow the path all the way around to the Portal Guardian and the Spikes will be deactivated. Go for the Medipack in the corner fast and dodge the Skeleton on your way to the Chain, run jump onto the right hand slope as far as possible and slide/grab, go down the ladders to the receptacle and open the gate to the Water Labyrinth.

The Water Labyrinth.

Dive in and you will be taken to the lower tunnel to the left by the current. Go left and up, use the under water ceiling lever and go back, straight and left into a room with a "Sun" Tile, go to the far left corner and the gate opens, in and in the left corner is the 2nd under water ceiling lever. Use and go to the other corner of the room, left around the "Sun" and into tunnel at bottom, left and up for air, here you can take a Medipack and the Grenade gun, guarded by a Steam blower. Swim back through the Sun room and out of the small gate, left and follow to a crossing, get Ammo in the pit left and swim back to the Sun room into right hand tunnel and right, around the corner carefully to time the swim through the Circular Blade and up in the room where you can pick up the Revolver, use the switch and get the Uzis around the next corner. Side jump through the Circular Blade and arm with the Grenade gun. Blast the Demi God to Kingdom come, get another Grenade gun and jump to the centre ledge to get the Torch, light it at the entrance and go light all other torches to open the exit. Follow the passage jumping through the Circular Blades to reach the Lava room.

The Lava room.

There are several ledges to get you to the switch on the right side of the room, SW are the Crossbow and Flares, NE another Grenade gun and Ammo, if you want them, be my guest, I left them, cause there will be a Wraith following you every move. Had a hard time opening the gate and getting there as it was, so I didnít bother getting them. Stand jump to the ledge a bit right and in front, stand jump to the next and a running jump to the 3rd, turn sharp right and a running jump/grab to the ledge with the switch, another Wraith will join the fun so pull hop back to the right corner, run jump to the corner ledge, sharp left curve and do a running jump/grab to the gate ledge, get in fast and jump up and down in the water till the Wraiths are gone.

The Torch Labyrinth.

There are 5 Torches to be lit in order to open the NW gate, be sure to walk slowly and along the walls, so you trigger the Blade traps, but donít get hurt too much. Pick up the fresh Torch, light it and go left, jump over the Skeleton (trapped) and get the Ammo, turn fast and shoot the Skeleton now go back and past the Chain to the N. light Torch #1 to the right and go to the NE corner for a small medipack, turn W and on the right side is Torch #2, go W and left into the centre passage, watch the trap and light Torch #3. Follow this passage S and another Skeleton will awake left, go on to get the Medipack left in the end and light Torch #4 there, walk around the back and along the W wall slowly and trigger the traps, light Torch #5 there and go slow to the gate.

The Golden Star.

In the next room is a receptacle for a Star, we will have to get somewhere, go very slowly to the Medipack and trigger all traps to the N passage. A Ball with Knives drops from the ceiling. Stay well clear and crawl under to the bridge. Sprint over the Bridge, Blades popping up behind you. Pick up some Ammo on your way to the Spikeball room.

The Spikeball room.

See the block on left wall, where you can stand, run jump a bit diagonal over to it and immediately side jump right, Ďcause another Spikeball you didnít see yet drop on your head if you donít jump, let yourself slide and hop on the block again, look next to the entrance, right side and run jump/grab the ladder, go up and from the ledge, stand jump onto the sloped block on W wall, slidejump/slidejump and land on a ledge at the Star, drop down to the "Sun" Tile with the Crowbar below and stand jump into the corner on E wall, run jump back to the block and go up once more, now crawl to the Ammo and stand up to get this and pry the Star off the wall, you can go back 2 ways, jump the sloped blocks and grab the ladder, backflip to the block or go to the Sun tile and take this route, run jump into the exit, you pass the gate right which will open placing the Star. Go back to the receptacle, watch out for the Blade traps in the room, they are active again. Place the Star and go over the bridge last time to enter the gate. Follow the passage past next gate to be opened to the Pillar room.

The Pillar room.

Pull the pillar left to the Tile in front of the entrance the gate in the passage opens, but when you push the pillar out of the way, the gate closes, you have to pull a second pillar to an opened alcove in the back of the room, now the one in front of the exit can be moved, go enter the gate and slidejump over the sloped block in front slidejump again to reach the safe floor, go to next room to take out the Demi God in close combat. Take the Key of Victory and go into one of the next gates; they lead to the same passage. Take the small medipack and the next gate will open for you on approach.

The Boss of the Demi Gods.

Take the Medipack and here is a Boss running around on a block in the centre of the room, on the block, 4 sides are receptacles for the Victory Keys. One is already in your possession. The 3 others you have to collect using the 3 switches on the ledges, which will open doors below them. The door under the entrance is a way back up to the place you stand now.

First thing I did was take out the competition, 1st the active Demi God in the NE, then the one in the SW, which will come alive when the other one dies. Drop from the ledge (or run off to land in the water) and land in front of the door which will take you back up, you can open it with the switch on left side pillar, take the Medipack on the right hand pillar and go for the 1st Demi God NE, keep moving while shooting and check the health regularly. When heís down, go and do the same to his Buddy in the SW. The Boss will only shoot you when you are on the ground floor, and now you have to work your way up. Go to the door W and take a Medipack in the crawlspace on the right, up the ladder and backflip to passage, go up next ladder and do a run jump to the closest rope, swing directly to the ledge on S wall and pull the switch to open the door below, drop and go in, through the Circular Blade and shoot the Demi God in the back room.

Take the 2nd Key of Victory and go place it on the Bossís block. Go back upstairs and go to the N ledge, switch and drop, follow the passage full of Circular Blades to get the 3rd Key of Victory, go back to place it an up again, go with the rope to one of the ledges N or S and from there to the next rope (donít stand with your back to the switch when you run jump to it, stand just beside the switch), swing to the E ledge and use the last switch. Drop or run into the water and enter the door. Here are several Wraiths that will haunt you, run back to the water every time you get one, or collect them all if you want and go to the water once, in the NE corner you will find the 4th and final Key of Victory if you go straight there you will probably get only one Wraith, go place the last Key and backflip into the water, roll and swim into the E side tunnel, go right for a small medipack and left to the N for the gate you opened, swim out and follow to the end of the level.