The Croft Woman Returns.

Level by Linden.

Walkthrough Dutchy.


Lara heard a rumor that the late Von Cory has come back as a zombie and that he is creating a super soldier monkey ;) in a lab that he build in a temple somewhere in India and that there is-in that same temple-an artifact that he wants too.

And you know Lara; always checking up all the stupid rumors ;) (Linden)

Into The Temple.

Slide the slope and land into the pool of the Gate room. Lots to do here, got the feeling we’ll be returning here a few times, use the Look up trick to spot the Revolver under water in the plant in SE corner. Stay in the water and shoot the 2 monkeys with the pistols to save on Ammo. Spot the 2 moveable gray blocks, and pull the S one 2 times aside to reveal a gate, do the same in the N, the green boards in front of these gates are timed triggers, opening opposite gates.

Timed Gate 1.

Stand on the N one and sprint S along E side of the pool, just through the edge of the pool, stop on the 1st square inside, if you touch the 2nd, the Circular Blade in front will be activated (at least with me it worked like this). Hop back once during the flyby and get into the crawlspace left of the entrance, go through and the exit closes, backflip through the open Circular Blade and pick up the flares further in the passage.

Boulder Room.

Look with the Binoc’s into the next room and see the slopes, Boulders, so sprint through to the small sloped pillar just right of the passage going to next room, the cut scene will show you have to pull a switch there to open a trapdoor in a water room. Now roll and climb the block behind you, look NE and see the opening between the 1st and 2nd slope E of the passage you came from the 1st part of the floor below is a trigger to close this opening, so run jump from this block to that opening and get Secret # 1, a Medipack. Now proceed to next room and pull the lever there on the right. Drop down through the trapdoor.

The Switch Labyrinth.

Dive into the tunnel in the bottom of the and follow to a crossing with a gray wall part, go right, (you have to always go right in this Labyrinth, easy) pull the switch in next room, a golden trapdoor opens, go back, keep going right at crossings and get into that room, pull the switch and the green trapdoor opens, well you know, right it is.. Pull the switch in the green room and the red one opens. Look in the SW corner with a flare and get into the crawlspace to claim Secret # 2, pick up 3 Goodies and look up with the Binoc’s from the entrance, use the Light to spot the secret ledges up over the sloped pillars, there’s a deadly trap between them so be careful, light a flare and climb the sloped pillar at the entrance, slide and jump/grab the next, pull up and backflip onto the center ledge, position yourself to jump/grab the left ledge with the Ammo and lose the flare, now get up and get the Ammo, turn and stand jump to the Medipack, take it and turn around, hop back, grabbing and drop to the light block below.

Go swim to the next switch room, right again and be prepared to shoot the Native waiting for you. Take the Ammo and pull the switch the last trapdoor opens, go there and pull the switch, a pillar raises at the water room, so you can exit there. Don’t forget to take the Hand of Sirius with you! Climb out on the ledge and jump/grab to the pillar. Go back through the Boulder room and stand as close as you can with your back to the Circular Blade, which is now active, backflip after 2 clicks and get through the crawlspace.

Back in the Gate Room.

Place the Hand of Sirius in the 2nd slot left and pull the switch in the alcove, just wait till you drop into a lower passage, follow past the gate and left into the brown slope, stand left, slide and make sure you slide forward onto the next slope right, jump/grab the ladder halfway down and go up to get Secret # 3, a Medipack.

Quest Item IV.

Stand in the exact center of the ladder as you go down again and drop to the slope, at the very last moment, jump/grab the rope and swing to the 2nd rope (nothing in those passages but a Native). Now swing to the lower opening in the wall under the gate, pull the switch and the room floods, and a pillar rises, jump in the water and into the tunnel in the bottom, pull the ceiling lever in the end (which will open another gate in the Gate Room) and go back, at the ledge SW near the 1st rope, look on the bottom and get Quest Item IV, climb the ledge and stand against the high pillar left side, take one step right and push “action” and forward, Lara will jump herself (if you use jump, you will not get high enough to grab). Jump to 2nd rope and now swing into the open gate, use the switch to flood the room further and the exit slope too.

Quest Item V.

Go swim back to the passage near the Hand, notice the gate there is now open, get some air first and return to go in. Get Quest Item V in the end and return , go right to the end, climb the ladder and down one block, stand with your back to the wall and stand jump/grab the exit to the Gate room.

Quest Item III.

Go left and into the open gate in N wall, dive into the water and into tunnel right, stay high at the ceiling and left, through to a small gap, right and follow to get Quest item III. Go back and right trough the other small gap, left and follow to get out and pull a switch, the gate exit opens, go to the S of the Gate Room. (pulling last switch also opened the first of a double set of gates in the W wall.)

Timed Gate 2.

Stand on the green boards in front of the 1st gate to open the N gate, SPRINT and I mean really fast, along the left side of the pool, just touching the water again to shorten the path and into the gate, climb the pole you walk into and up to one block from the top, turn around and backflip into the passage, follow to the red light district right, this looks like a trap, doesn’t it, and it IS!

Quest Item II.

Just go into the room after the great flyby and standing on the ledge, look right to see the gate open and close. Shoot the Croc in the water from here and go down in it, left a bit and look for Quest Item II. Go on to the steps and find the Medipack in the hole after you shot 2 Vultures. (You can climb the green wall between the 2 oil lamps, but it seems to be a trap too, according to the skulls upstairs on the ledge.) Follow the path along the S wall with a series of runjumps, to arrive at the pointy ledge under the rope. Run jump/grab and turn to the gate, start swinging when it just opens and then jump/grab into the opening as it opens again, pull up quick, or it will chop your fingers off. Follow passage, go up right, up left, down left, up right and to a deep and dark room with suspicious music. Back off the 1st slope, hang/pull up/backflip/slide/grab/pullup/backflip/slide and turn right pulling the gun to shoot another Bird. Look NW and see where you have to go.

The Timed Blocks.

Stand facing N on the N side of the slope on the highest part of the square that raises the 1st block, side jump right to land on it’s N side, stand jump to the 2nd block take 2 steps forward and stand jump to the 3rd, turn right, run to the wall and jump/grab up quickly, pull into the secret alcove and get Secret # 4, a Medipack, kill another Bird and go stand in the back of the alcove, facing the room, run jump straight forward over the 3rd block and land on block 4, turn right and stand jump/grab over to the N highest pillar stand jump/grab to get out of this place.

Knife Balls.

In this room you can find the Shotgun and the Hand of Noiro, but they are playing ‘hard to get’. Stand in front of the slope and run to the right hand pedestal to get the Hand quickly, turn and run to the Shotgun, get it as fast as you can and turn/ jump out of the pit to the S passage, Boy! did they get you?

Follow the passage W to the crossing, turn and backflip into the S passage to get the Ammo over the pit, back and slide/jump onto the N ledge with Ammo, run jump with a curve into the W passage and slide/jump/grab the opposite ledge, go up and arm yourself as a Native will attack, go to the gate and when it opens a Bird will come in, now go to the 2nd pit and right, back at that funny door, run jump/grab the rope as the door opens and swing to the 2nd block right or just land in the water as far from the rope as possible, run jump over to the block under the entrance and go back to the Gate Room, using the pole.

Back in the Gate Room.

Go place the Hand of Noiro in the slot next to the double gate W wall. Go in and pull the switch, you’ll go down next switch you go up, go right and to the slide (looks deadly)

Deadly Spikes and Boulders.

Slide to the Medipack down there, but don’t take it yet, just jump into the passage in front, wait for the spike walls to pass and get that Medipack, go back in the passage and pull the switch (which will open yet another gate in the Gate Room), climb up the ladder a bit back, backflip in to the passage behind you and follow it around a corner where you’ll hear the DANGER sound, wait! and save here. As soon as you stand on the square under the switch a Boulder will start rolling down a slope upstairs, so you have to pull the switch quick, you go up, pull the switch to the left even faster and the Boulder will roll into a hole in the slope you just created.

If you are not fast enough to perform this operation, like me, just run into the SE corner at the 1st switch, facing the corner and stand still, the Boulder will crash down next to you, now side walk to the switch and push “action”, Lara will squeeze herself in and pull the switch, you go up and leave that 2nd switch alone, up the slope and the block goes down, again go stand with your back to the wall facing the exit to the Gate room and stand jump/grab to get out.

Quest Item I.

Go right and into that gate, kill the Native and run jump to the long ledge in front of you, the flyby will show the way up, (I almost dropped from my chair, when that camera went upside down) First climb down on the right side and get Quest Item I, climb back up doing standjumps/-grabs and go on to the top, don’t use the obvious trapped ledge. On top, jump to the center of the long ledge, sprint along the left or right edge of the ledge to the pedestal, so you end up besides it, get the Amulet of Linden. Turn to the switch on the other end and take a Medipack first, sprint to the center to check the health and then to the switch, not a very elegant way, but it’s effective. Pull that switch and run jump with a curve back to the ledge on the wall. Go down again, just run grabbing and this way land on center ledge. Don’t stand on the center at the exit, or the block will rise again, so jumpgrab the edge and shimmy to that block drop and climb out of this room.

Back in the Gate Room.

Go to the open gate in the E wall and try to get the Flares, von Croy “The Zombie” appears on stage, stay clear of him , he’s not fast, but can harm you, get the flares or take them later and check this room out, a whole bunch of cages with monkeys locked in.

Monkey Cages.  (Don’t know how many monkeys I killed to find out how to get through this one)

Find the ladder in NW corner the and climb up, all the way to a small room find the switch in the NW and pull it, go back the ladder with a flare and backflip to a ledge at the 1st floor cages. Turn and from the left side of the ledge, stand jump to the next and to the open cage, go in and follow the passage to a dark room, with the Ab Echuotrac on a pedestal. (these Script files are really messed up). After the flyby a Native will storm in from the left, shot the Guy and go to either left or right Lion statue, climb on the base and stand jump/grab the ledge in front of it, spot it with a flare or the Binoc’s, now jump over to the pedestal and get that “Ab” thing. Look up and left and spot the Monkey swing, go use it with a fresh flare and go to the S wall, then E and drop to a pillar in the end, find the pit and climb down to get the Uzis.

Timed Gate.

Back out and into the pool and spot the closed gate, swim E and find the narrow hole at the bottom in left or right corner, follow to a gate and the opposite lever there will open the gate back in the pool, swim there and pull it, get out quick and aside as a couple of Croc o’ Sharks will come straight for you, get out of the water and shoot them. Return for the last lever and pull, swim fast to that gate at the other lever (timed) and get in to take Secret # 5, a Medipack. Return to the surface and go to the Gate Room.

Back in the Gate Room.

Place the Ab Echuotrac in the block and next gate opens, go in with a flare, ignore the pickups for now, just run left and right into the passage and shoot some Rats, go get the 1st Eyepiece after the Spikes are gone and go back to the passage to use the switch. A trapdoor at the entrance near the Gate Room opens, a Spike ceiling comes down and a Native attacks, get into that door and follow all the way down to a switch, it will open the 2nd trapdoor at the entrance, down and pull the switch, a trapdoor at the switch in the Rat passage will open, go climb in and you’re in a room with a nice timed run. To the left is a switch in the corner and in front up in the wall is the Gate to sprint to. Easy ;^)

The Timed Run.

Pull the switch, roll jump/grab up the block and run jump with a left curve to the open gate, the Skulls don’t predict much good, you have to sprint to the right into the room as soon as you land on the ledge. Once inside the Spike wall starts to move towards you, so pull 2 switches on the wall and run back for the gate, wait for the Spikewall to pass by and go get the 2nd Eyepiece from the left. Drop down and the next gate in the room is open, just as hard to get to, Stand against the lower pillar and grab it’s edge, go to the left corner and wait for the flame to go down, pull up and turn left facing the NE pillar, stand still in this corner and you’ll be OK, flame down, hop back/run jump (don’t grab) onto the corner of the pillar, turn and stand jump to the ledge at the door, get the Medipack and go in.

Cool Down.

Run jump/grab the pole and slide down, mind the spikes, better first turn on the pole, jump from the bridge into the pool and swim down into the tunnel, follow down and up, look for the ceiling lever in the left alcove and go back to the pool, get some air and dive into the next tunnel, follow to a cave where you can go up or down go up and follow out to a room with 2 Rats and 2 levers. Kill those Rats and only use the light lever, not the red one, it brings out Croc o’ Sharks. Swim back in S direction and find the shaft in the left corner to go up again, climb the block in the pool and run jump to the bridge, shoot the Native at the exit and leave.

The Deadly Way Home.

Follow the passage and drop down a deep hole, go to the room with the Skulls and stand in the left side of the opening with the flickering floor, sprint to the center of the ladder and get up fast, run forward to the Medipack, get it and jump into the passage right run forward as Spike walls and Knife balls make life hard, just before the block up, stop and contemplate, go on or go back, as back is no option, jump over the slope in front and go around the corner, find the receptacle for the Eye of Surho and place it to open the final door, go through, follow the crawlspace left, climb up to the right and out to the top of the Gate Room. A great flyby will show once more all you have accomplished.

Pushing the block will end the level, but you can also jump around it to the W and go all the way around to the SE. In finding a way to end the level ( I thought the gate in the N was the exit) I found a hole in the far corner where there is a sign on the Wall, “Webknight was here”, he left a nice present for you if you pull that switch……:^)

Great level with lots to do and find out, the monkey cage drove me crazy.