The Croft Woman 4.

By Linden


Drop into a shaft and crawl on to where you can stand, drop back and slide, grab the edge and once more drop/slide/grab, you are over a crawlspace with Secret #1, kill the Pig and get the MPs, return and drop onto the slide again and youíll fall through an open trapdoor, 2 Pigs here, take care of them and go through the crawlspace.

Climb up and backflip onto the slope so you can grab the edge, shimmy left and pull up, run jump around the corner for a Medipack and slide back again to get to the alcove once more, now jump into the other passage and up the stairs, around the corner at that poor bastard and stop for a while a Boulder comes down and will stop on the flat ledge upstairs, jump over the corner and look up where it came from to get Secret #2, a substantial amount of Ammo and the Shotgun to put it in.

Around next corner, be careful near the high ledge, a Skeleton appears and a boulder comes from the left, go left after the Boulder went by and enter the spike room. Lara will look at the ceiling, do the same and find the light squares allowing you to go West (but first look down for the Crowbar you are standing on), backflip from centre of tile diagonal to the next and then over the slope in the West. Into the lower passage and follow up to 1st floor, blow the Skeleton over the edge and go right, use the Monkey swing around the corner and kill another Pig. Open the crowbar door and shimmy over the pit, around left corner and drop/hang/shimmy right for Secret #3, the Uzis and Ammo.

Take the other passage at the crowbar door and a Boulder will come down, run into the left passage and jump/grab the ceiling, wait for the Boulder to pass and return for that Key. Use it to open the door on the other side of the Monkey swing. Be careful in the end, donít slide into the spike room, jump to the flat ledge right and then to the pillar, grab the top and go around to reach a room with a water pit, dive in and follow to the end, get out quick and start shooting a couple of Pigs, stay away from the North side of the square, or youíll have a headache later. After the Pigs, take care of those Crocs in the pool and dive in to get a Key on a ledge in one of the corners. Open the gate and enter the right hand room, shoot the 3 little Piggies and get a Gem, if your Flares ran out like mine, there's a crawlspace just in front up in the wall, get Secret #4, the Crossbow with Ammo. Get out and up the steps, shoot the fences in front of the slide, stand on the right side, because the left Boulder will kill you on the way down. Run over the edge shooting and youíll land on a next short slope (meanwhile the gate opens) and jump as late as possible, so you land in the opening, slide and jump the next pit too, slide out of this level

(at least I think it is the end, Linden said it was short)