The Lost City of Luma.

Level: Sue Wicks.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.


Lara hears of an ancient city called Luma which lies somewhere in the icy wastes of northern Alaska, but the exact position of which no-one can remember. It is rumoured that within the city is a large diamond which the inhabitants of the long lost city called The Luminum and which they believed was a token of prosperity and good fortune for their city. Lara feels that now the city has long since been abandoned, they no longer need the diamond and would make a nice addition to her collection of artefacts.

Well that is the story - there are four secrets.

Ice Caves -1st Trident.

Go on through the icy cave to reach a smaller passage, shoot the Wolfe coming for you and go on, in the next cave are some crates, get the Ammo from it and turn back, in the small passage is a passage up to the right. Follow this to an entrance to a building (to the left is a small medipack), use the Monkey swing to go all the way over to some Flares, look on the right (E) side of the structure for a ladder and climb down till you can backflip into a passage, in next room you値l find a Trident on a pedestal, walk into the room slowly and hop back as soon as you hear the rumble, wait for 2 Spike rolls to settle in the corner and get the 1st Trident (a door opens somewhere).

The Lake.

Go out of the SE back passage and follow to another cave, go left and shoot the Wolfe, follow to a frozen lake and climb up in the SW corner, in the room at the end of the passage you値l find the Shotgun in a vase, go out, slide to the lake and go up to that open door in the SE corner, climb up and follow to a room where you see a grating in the floor, go into the passage and look for a purple block against the fence, pull it once and you値l see the Lava flowing to the lake do defrost it.

Revolver and 2nd Trident.

Go down there and dive in, swim into SW tunnel and follow to a room with an airhole in the ceiling, in the NW corner of this room you can find an under water lever to pull, swim SW and dodge the Shark around the corner, get up into the open trapdoor and hop on one of the blocks, before the Shark bites your toes. Get the small medipack and go into the passage to the first room of the Ancient basements. Run to the SW corner, climb the blocks and shoot the Wolfe, climb up to the ledge on W wall and go over to a room in the NW corner, throw the lever to open a gate, a Spirit is released, drop down from this room fast and go into a room in the E, left is a statue, run around it to lure the Spirit to it and stand aside when it kills itself. For Secret #1, you値l have to climb up to the NW room again, but now run jump to a sloped pillar E, climb up in the N wall and follow to Flares and Ammo. Go into the dead-end alcove next to the block the Flares were on and grab up into the window. (Yes you can climb in!) Get Secret #2, the Revolver.

Back to ground floor and into the W open gate, follow to the last room, climb the blocks left and jump into the passage, crawl under some Darts and only use the light grey Tiles between the 2 slopes to go over to the other side, left and in this room, you値l see the next Trident, protected by a burner. Go up the ladder in the E and climb the blocks right of the Spike pit, look over to the rope and see the Jump switch behind it in the alcove, jump/grab the rope and swing to the switch, as soon as you pull, the Spikes below retract and a pillar raises in the Trident room. Check the back of the room for some Flares and go down to the trident room, climb the pillar from the brown Tile (timed) and quickly Monkey swing over to get the 2nd Trident.

Crowbar and Laser sight.

Get off the pedestal before you burn and go down past the Darts to the lower basements. (Watch out for the Tile trap) Go back to the first room and into the N room, through the open door and follow to a long corridor, go right and up a block in the end, pull up into the upper room and pull the switch to lower some Spikes near a Skeleton. Go back down and W, first passage right and follow to the pit with the Skeleton, get the Laser sight and the Crowbar and go around the back, shoot the Wolfe and push the block in all the way till you open the room, Secret #3 is yours, get the Ammo and small medipack and return to the basements, first room. Go into the W gate once more and to the last room, in the SW is a crawlspace, follow to a room with a ladder on the pillar, go up to pry the Fire Star from the wall, go back to 1st room and N, left in the corridor and place the Star in the end. Climb the ladder behind the door you open and reach another Ice Cave.

2nd Ice Caves.

Climb the snow in the SE corner after you shot the Wolfe, pull up to the S rock wall and go over to the tunnel in the SW corner, follow to a deep pit, go N and follow shimmying along the edge of the next pit (where a Spirit will come out to play) and exit N, climb up and go right/right, look for a passage up in the S wall. In the room at the end is a statue to get rid of the Spirit. Throw the switch in the corner to open a door somewhere. Go back out and shoot a Wolfe in the cave, go E and right, follow this passage, climbing up to the door you opened.

The big slide.

Slide down the left side of the slope and jump to the flat part left of the slope going down right. Be sure to slide backwards and grab the edge, climb down the ladder all the way and go all the way around to the side of the cave for a Medipack, go back, climb the ladder and backflip into the lowest passage, inside is a lever which will open a Secret gate near the 1st room. Go out, grab the ladder and go up to the top, looking for the higher passage to backflip into. Follow the passage up to a lava room.

Timed run for 3rd Trident.

The switch is timed and opens a gate at the end of a timed run over ledges. Better first practice and this way release a Spike roll before you start the run. Climb the block opposite the switch and stand on the lowest, jump/grab the sloped ledge and pull up, slide/jump at the last moment and grab the next ledge. Drop grab off the other side and hang till the Boulder went past. Pull back up and stand jump/grab into the lower passage and run for the gate. right of the gate is the passage that brings you back to the switch. So go ahead and get the Trident in the room behind the gate, go out and reach the corridor, return to the 1st room. In the room N of it is the gate you opened, go get Secret #4, some Goodies.

4th Trident and Luminum.

Go to the 1st room and into the E room, onwards into the E passage to a pool (in the pool is a vase you don稚 want to shoot!), go left and in the room there you can place the 1st Trident, a big round door opens, go to the room next to the one you池e in and place the 2nd Trident, go to the place the door rolled out of and find the crawlspace, follow to the 4th Trident at the Skeleton. Now you can finish the job and place all remaining Tridents to open all doors, go in and take the Luminum from the pedestal, go N and leave this level.