Lost City of Gold Series.

Level by Bruce Zaremba.

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

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  Level 10: The Lost Entrance   Level 11: The Lost City

Level 10:  The Lost Entrance.

This walkthrough assumes you played previous levels too so you have all necessary weapons and pickups, especially the City Scrolls, you’ll get plenty of Crowbars though…

The Way into the Temples.

Pick up the Revolver to your immediate right and some Flares on the opposite left, then go S and into a wide Temple Area, turn right around a small Temple Ruin and inside that Ruin is a receptacle for the Gem (later) Shoot the Wild Boar and go into the next area to the W, climb the green N wall and shoot a Croc on your way N and left to a River and a Lake. Shoot the Croc that’s in the water and dive in to get some Ammo on the bottom, dive down into the green covered hole and follow the tunnel to a room with a lever, which will open a hidden door somewhere. Go back to the river side and notice the Boulder hanging over the river, while you shoot a Skeleton and a Wild Boar. Go climb back to the temple area and cross over to the S side where you’ll find a hidden place with a big tree in the centre, climb the NE corner and backflip onto the leave cover, go to the SE corner and climb to that hidden door you opened, get some Ammo and go through the room with the Coffin (don’t get too close) into the SE passage to a lever that will drop that Boulder into the river and causing another gully to flood.

Head back to the Temple area and go W, shoot a Skeleton when it appears and dive into that gully, follow to a wider cave with some Ammo, just behind that Ammo is a hidden tunnel in the corner, swim down for the Horseman’s Gem and get back to the Temple Ruin to place it. The trapdoor next to you opens, go in and crawl to a stack of Ammo, go on and save before you slide down the slope into the big room with the platforms.

Target Practice.

I didn’t find a Laser sight yet, but it’s possible to do this without. (Another reason you cannot play this level separate and with the Laser sight and Revolver it would take too long, just arm the Crossbow with explosive Ammo). Slide down backwards and grab the edge, pull up and backflip/roll/grab the platform, take out the Crossbow, turn right and shoot an arrow into the open room, turn left and shoot one arrow in that room, turn left once more and there’s the last set, grab the Revolver and run jump to the ledge in front of the last room where you shot the targets, jump to the right hand platform and go into the door.

If it happens you don’t have the Crossbow, you can shoot the targets with the pistols too: Slide down backwards and grab the edge, pull up and backflip/roll/grab the platform, turn right and shoot the right hand row of targets, jumping up and down, sidestep left a bit and do the next row, then turn left to shoot the ones in the next room, then grab the Revolver as the last door with targets opened and run jump to the ledge in front of it, shoot the targets and the door in the corner opens, by now the platforms must have dropped, no problem, from this ledge you can easily run jump with a left curve into that door (no grab).

The Demigod.

Follow to a room where a flyby will show a closed gate and one opening up and releasing a Demigod, walk to the edge of the walkway and shoot him from above, about 7 rounds of revolver Ammo should do it, then go down at the "Throne" and look for the Gate Keys where he dropped, a Grenade-gun is to be found near the closed doors on the other side of the room, climb back up and get some Ammo on the walkway over where you found the Grenade-gun and then open the Gate to a room with a pool, get some Ammo and a small medipack around the pit in the centre and then swim to a room with some more pickups. Throw a lever after you jumped to the higher level and see a door opening up (in the Big Temple) Go into the passage ahead and shoot the Skeleton or just run past up into the right hand passage to a ladder, go up and to the Temple Area. Get a small medipack on the ledge left and go down the centre steps to a drop off, climb down and go into that door you opened before.

The Temple.

When you come to a Tiled floor, walk on the right side of the floor, 2 squares then pass over to the left side and go left first in the end of a short passage is a ladder leading up to nothing, climb it anyway and disappear into the ceiling to get Secret #23, a pile of Ammo. Go back down, right and shoot a Skeleton, go straight and to the right, down the stairs to a dark passage, climb into the crawlspace at the wall-torch and follow to a room with a grated ceiling, go right to find the lever to pop up the Spikes and go find some Ammo in another corner, then go back up through the crawlspace and follow the passage to the upper floor of the Spike room, at least now you know where the spikes are. Go over to the passage on the other side and follow to a big Tiled room with a rope in the centre, get the Ammo and go down to the block below, jump to the block right and up to the one at the right hand wall, use the rope to swing over to the other side and go up the ladder there.

Use the lever to flip the Spike room and go down the ladder past the lever and go down to the bottom of the room, into the tunnel to a room with an electrified pool. Drop into the pool and throw the lever to get a rope up in the Spike room, climb back out and go up there, up the rope and backflip into the passage, follow to a Tiled passage, shoot the Skeleton that is sneaking up from behind. Follow the passage to a lever on the right that will finally open those big doors on top of the Big Temple.

Top of the Big Temple.

Go to the end of the passage and out the door that will open for you, go right and follow the trail back to the ladder at the steps of the Big Temple, go up the steps and slide down the left side to land on a small ledge, shoot some Crocs in the water below and dive in.

Climb up at the ledge in the N and turn left, jump/ grab the wall with the vines W and go up and left where you can backflip to a green ledge, jump around the corner to a green ledge on the wall and go over to the Ammo shown in the flyby before. A bunch of Boulders hanging in the wind here with a passage behind the right hand two, do a run jump with a left curve and a grab in the end to land in that passage and go to the Demigod room.

The Demigod room.

Shoot the 2 Demigods and get at least one Medipack (to the right)for the trouble, get some Ammo NW and go SE for the Uzis, some more Ammo next to the steps SW (triggers the door to open) and then go up those green steps into an open door, follow to the room where you can finally use those Scrolls to open the City Gates.

Level 11: The Lost City.

Go on to the bridge over a deep Lava-pit, on the bridge is the Winding Key to the left and a small medipack near the Beetle Pyramid walk a bit further on the right side past the Pyramid and look over to the N hand wall, see the sloped passage going into that wall, do a run jump to get in and slide to a cave.

The 1st Beetle.

Follow down and stay on the left side path at the fork, as the right side is booby-trapped. Shoot the Skeleton that wakes up behind you and a bit further is a cave to the left where you can see Spikes, just go on to the S and jump through the gap between the 2 pointy rocks, stay left on the grey floor and into the left hand opening to get some Ammo from the sarcophagus. Go out and left, there’s another sarcophagus and a little earthquake occurs, get the Flares and go into the room, shoot the centre box to let the Spikes in that pit you saw retract to get the Crowbar, (you have to go get it, because that will trigger the doors in the NE corner of the room where the 1st Beetle is to open. Go back past t the room with the 1st sarcophagus and just past that room to the right, in the pit where the Spikes are now gone is the Crowbar. Return to the S room and shoot another box for a Medipack and a Skeleton comes in, shoot it and pry the 1st Beetle from the S wall, go out the NW doors and slide to the lower cave, go right and follow to a pit.

The 2nd Beetle.

Drop/grab the edge and go left to the corner, follow to a pit with invisible ledges, at least you can see where they end up in the wall, so run jump to the one across and then left to the one in front of the other cave, go to the Ammo on the floor and spot the 3 Beetles on the wall, take care! Only the right hand one is safe, in front of the others are Spikes, so stay clear of them. Pry the 2nd Beetle from the wall and hop back twice go around the spiked floors to the NW opening to the pit, there seems to be a Monkey swing, but you cannot use that, there’s an invisible ledge in the pit you can jump to, stand a bit to the left and turn slightly left so you’ll land just left of the Monkey swing and do a run jump to that ledge, walk all the way to the dark NW corner and jump onto the higher ledge, go up into the passage and follow to a cave with lava-pits.

The 3rd Beetle.

Parts of the brown floor will burn you up too, so Save and look how to go over to the SW side of the cave, spot an opening in the N wall halfway down, that one is for later. Climb up to the higher part of the cave and get into the crawlspace to the SW and follow to a crossing, left is for later, go right and 2nd right to Secret #24, a pile of Ammo, go back and right to a room with a sarcophagus holding Flares and a chain you have to pull once to open a door in that N passage you saw in the cave. Get back through the crawlspace, right and 2nd left at crossings, follow the path to the N opening and into the door you opened. Dive into the waterhole and swim to a room where you have to go through some invisible walls at the steps. On the bottom just inside the room with the blue central pyramid is another Crowbar, you can pick it up if you want.

Timed Block.

Swim to the E side and climb out on the ledge, find a textured Tile in the SE, opposite that Tile in the SW corner is a block that will be lowered by stepping on the Tile. Now personally I could not hack this one, there has to be a trick to get there in time, but I couldn’t get further than getting caught right in the middle of the block. So, I must confess… I cheated..., standing on the Tile use the D.O.Z.Y keys and fly into the open passage, use the reach-in switch and go back to the room, the water is gone and the grey band that was around the pyramid has risen to reveal the Beetle on the back of it. Shoot the Harpy Bird, jump onto the grey band and drop onto the pyramid, slide off and go get the 3rd Beetle. Some Ammo in the box and on the NE pedestal, then go back W and out to the cave go to the SW and into that crawlspace, this time go left and follow to a grey cave.

Timed Run at the Burners.

Go up the slope and get a flyby after the earthquake, stop right where you stand and wait till it’s over, see the green floor, don’t step on that! Go along the left "Foot" path, (light a flare) to a Tile with a face right of you. Standing on the Tile triggers the timer for the burners. You have to turn left a bit from looking at those burners and run forward, turn right a bit, jump over a hidden burn tile to the end of the green Floor, turn right jump onto the higher floor part right of the burner house and run to the end with a left curve so you can jump onto the raised block behind the burner house. Climb the invisible block in front of you and jump into the opening to the left, go to the golden burner tile and grab up to the higher ledge on your right hand. Well you made it!! Turn around and jump/grab the next ledge, go forward and into the passage. You’ll hear a Demigod somewhere, just follow the passage to a Monkey swing under the bridge with the Beetle Pyramid.

The 4th Beetle.

Do not use that Monkey swing, it leads to your destruction, drop to the ledge you can see below and turn N, jump to the ledge with the Ammo and turn right, run jump past the slope you went down from in the start to a NE ledge go to the corner and jump/grab to the E wall, slide off and grab the edge, go right and get onto the flat ledge under the bridge, it seems to be an elevator that will get you up to another cave with green pillars, go to the Flares and left/right there. Follow the path to the next room and get the 4th Beetle from behind the green pillar there. Climb the ladder behind you and backflip into a tunnel, turn to shoot Skellie and get some more Ammo before dropping back to the cave where it all started, go place the Beetles in the pyramid and get the Mechanical Scarab Beetle.

The 3 Demigods.

Use the Beetle to de-activate the Spike-trap under the grass tile in the entrance and go in after it, there are 3 Demigods for you to take care off, there is some Ammo to the left on the ledge and you can best take care of them from up here so most of their Bolts hit the ledge and not Lara. Then drop down and use the 3 Jump switches on the pillars at the Lara-clone, get something? From the sarcophagus and a Medipack, another Uzi with Ammo from between the legs of the Lara-clone go into the SW door that opened and use Jump switch#4. The W doors opened, go to the Treasure.... you’ve found the Golden City… The level ends after the Flyby of all those Gold Bars…

Dutchy 22-10-2004.