Lost City of Gold Series.

Level by Bruce Zaremba.

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

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  Level 8: The Andes Mountains   Level 9: Andes 2

Level 8: The Andes Mountains.

The Chopper landed on a ridge, in the river is a Shark to take care of and a Wild Boar roams the banks, thereís some Ammo on the bottom of the river and an under water tunnel in the W leads to a big door that needs the Portal Guardian, but you have to swim in to get the Crowbar on the bottom, half way down the tunnel.


On the bank of the river is a big plant, go N from that and climb the rock-face, go right and up all the way into a small canyon with a burning floor (at least when you land on it!). As soon as you can climb up again from under an overhang, get with your feet on the same height as the rock and backflip/roll/grab the opposite wall, go left to a ledge and grab the crack in the wall, go shimmy left around 4 corners and at the end of the long wall is a crack in the rock-face, go hang on that crack and go left once again till you can pull up in the corner, from that ledge you can jump/grab the E wall in the exact corner and go up and left into an opening.

The Mayan Pyramid.

Slide down the slope and get out of the pool to shoot the Shark and then swim into the tunnel to get out at a Mayan Pyramid, go W and shoot the Wild Boar. Once you get to the swamp in the corner of this forest, a Croc comes out to play shoot him and proceed to the second green screen, stand on the right side at the plant and slowly walk through the screen, swim on the surface and straight to pull up on a pillar, stand on the SW tip and face SW. Look with the Binocs to spot the not moving ledge on the wall, just next to the other green slab in the swamp, a run jump will get you there. From the NW tip you can stand jump to the next ledge in the corner of the green slab and the dark mud, shoot a Bug and then 2 run jumps to get into the green alley.

The Swamp.

Go straight to the ladder and up, backflip of and see a Horseman mount his horse. Run for him as soon as possible so you are at the other side of the deep pit, here youíll have some room to move. Shoot him hopping backwards and as soon as he drops from the horse continue the lead pumping till heís gone. (You can also just avoid him and sprint to the end of the room,) just right of the opening he came out of is a Jump switch that will start the Wheels, which will pump the pit full of water. Then grab some Ammo on the pedestal next to the Wheels and run back to the pit, dive in and get the Horsemanís Gem. Near the ladder down is a Vase, shoot it for some Ammo and go down to the green alley and find some Ammo in a vase E, shoot a Monkey and a Wild Boar. Now make your way back to the Pyramid, jumping through the swamp and climb the Pyramid from this side. On the 5th ledge and to the left is some Ammo, then go to the front of the Pyramid, where you can climb into the opening, place the Gem in the receptacle right and get a Medipack from the Vase to the right. A gate opened in the bottom of the Pyramid, E side, so go down there and enter.

Level 9:  Andes 2.

Inside the Pyramid.

A chopper landed at the Base of the Pyramid, bringing in a bunch of SAS. Donít worry about that now, run jump over to the bridge in the big room and go to the other end, a couple of receptacles for Pillar and Knot and alcoves in left and right wall with levers. Go down the passage to a room with a small medipack and a single grenade (you canít pick up) in the vases. Go down to the next room and into the SW corner, a platform will raise. Hop on the higher ledge and come to the Pillar room.

The Pillar room.

Grab some Ammo on the floor and go to the right hand pillar on W wall, push it into the alcove and head for the left one on S wall, push it in too (those alcoves have a brighter color then the others), roll and hop on the centre platform that will get you to 1st floor, hop to the door S and it will open. Go down the next sloped room slowly till you are able to shoot all the SAS in the room below, then go back up the slope and look for the green passage left, jump in and follow to the corner, turn and shoot the SAS sneaking up from behind, go on and look for the crawlspace up right in the wall, get in and come to the 1st floor of the room where the SAS were, thereís one more SAS to the left so hop around the corner to the ledge with the Skeleton and shoot him. You can take out all the Skeletons too, if you like (explosive arrows). Head into the SE corner to push the large button and shoot the 2 Skeletons that appeared behind you and drop from the ledge to the steps at the face below. Get the Horsemanís Gem.

Take out the Skeletons on your way back up the N passage and thereís some Ammo in one of the right hand vases if youíre interested. Jump into the green passage again and follow up to the 1st floor ledges, shoot a couple of Skeletons and go up the blocks sticking out to the rope. Use the rope to swing to the other side, sneak behind the Face and place the Gem in the receptacle. Go left and get some Ammo behind the pillar, drop from this ledge at the rubble, to the floor below. Head back to the Pillar room and jump to the platform, some Ammo is in the green corner, drop down from the platform and get the Ammo under it. A door opened behind the centre pillar on N wall, so push it aside and go in to take the Pharos Pillar with you when you leave through the NE passage. Climb backwards off the platform and drop back in the platform room, go to the opposite corner and jump into the passage there.

The Spike pool. (Crossbow and Laser sight)

The pool is dangerous, stay clear when you go around to the N side, go over to the pillar standing in the NE corner of the pool and stand on the S side of it, with your back to it and walk in a straight line to the S, this path is safe, at the pole turn l and go up that pole, backflip into the upper cave and push the button in the end. Head back down and go over the safe path to the N after you shot the SAS walking in the Spike pool. The Face N is pouring water into the trench and filled a lower room up so you can get in there without getting spiked, swim straight up at the spike-pit below and go left, you can climb out at a pole. Go up the pole and backflip into a room where Secret #19 is waiting.  Pick up the Crossbow, Ammo and the Laser sight. Go back down into the water and swim into the E tunnel, up to a room with the Pharos Knot, get it and a Wraith shows up, so does a Skeleton, run left into the next room where a Bird statue will take care of the Wraith. If you can dodge the Skellie you can leave him here and hop into the pool, swim to another room where a Skellie greets you, some Ammo is hidden in a vase follow the room to a door that will open for you and get the Ammo on the pedestal before you slide down S to get back into the Platform room, shoot the Skellie and head out to the Big room (S).

The Big room.

Shoot the SAS and place both Pillars to raise blocks next to them (could only see the top of them, the sides were invisible) that will allow you to run jump/grab to the alcoves with the levers, one will raise a wall below so you can get to the Star and the other opens a door in S wall (and a rope comes from the ceiling) Go to the E end of the bridge and face N, just run off and land in a pool of water. Climb out and head W, grab the Star off the wall and go left, shoot that vase for the Ammo in it and head NE, (thereís a lever on a ledge, donít pull that one, it brings out a Wraith that canít be killed) down into the lower passage, go climb the ledges and the ladder to the green passage and follow to come out at the top of the Big room. There is a little detour for some Ammo if you like, maybe that route was supposed to get you down to the ground floor of the Big room, I donít know, but you can use the rope to swing to that door in S wall.

Itís a bit of a hard swing. Aim left of the door a bit and swing once or twice and let go of the swing key, when Lara gets her feet back on the rope while in a backswing (if she gets them up in the forward swing youíll have to try again) you can hit swing again and she will launch herself further than ever before, jump and grab to get into the door. Go along the right or left side where the pillars are, squeezing through between pillars and wall, (the dead Guy didnít) and reach a pit with a pole, slide and grab the pole to go up, turn around and backflip into he green passage, walk to another pit, walk sharp around the corner and jump over to the other side to trigger the Boulder to fall, then go down the hole and get the Ammo in the pool, swim through the hidden tunnel in the bottom N, keep heading N and when you get to a small medipack on the bottom, you can swim E and up to the Big room, Then go up the shaft again (NE passage) to get to the top and head E to leave the Pyramid and go back to the previous level. The Chopper explodes miraculouslyÖ

Climb up to where you used the Gem and open a trapdoor in the centre of the floor there, drop in and use the Star to open the gate. Go into next room.

The Snake Lever room.

There are 7 levers on Snake statues and an unreachable gate up in W wall, some Ammo in the vase on E side and a Monkey, in the pool is a tunnel leading to Secret #20, a stack of Goodies.

Hereís the solution to the lever puzzle, you have to get all the fires on the statues going:

The Khysos Head.

Climb the blocks to the open gate and go up the pole, those Cutters donít hurt you, go E and shoot a Wild Boar, reach the green River canyon. Drop backwards into the canyon and grab the edge, climb all the way left and up to one block over the small ledge in the corner, backflip/roll/grab the opposite wall and get into the cave there. Grab the Khysos Head and go climb all the way to the other end of the canyon, and drop into the clear water, swim the tunnel and find the Pagoda room you saw in the screenshot after taking the Head.

The Pagoda room and Puzzle for the Handle.

The handle is in the burning Vase, you canít get it yet, so climb the ladder N and backflip from near the top to land on the roof of the pagoda, look in the NE corner for the hole in the ceiling and shoot the Brass Ball to open the S blue doors, run jump from the SW corner to the walkway and enter the S doors, go up to a set of 4 chains at 2 gates and a couple of Blue doors. Pull all chains except for the NW one (itís a Trap and so is the room with the snakes, looks like you have to use a torch there to light the statues, but I couldnít find a torch, so I took it for a Trap).

Go into the E gate as the passage behind the Blue doors is blocked.

Shoot the small vases for the Ammo and head into the E passage, at crossing left/straight/ and in the corner with the light texture a Horseman will show up, after shooting him, get Secret #21 from behind the light texture you can walk through. Head back and left at 1st crossing, down a sloped passage and run jump into the left passage in the far corner to avoid being crushed by Boulders. Climb up and follow, go right in 2nd passage and right/ straight at the wider passage to the right. Follow to a room with a Horseman, a Medipack and Ammo. Go into the passage in the back and keep right at the next crossing, a Wild Boar shows up, follow this passage to a vase with some Ammo and go down into the lower passage around the corner. Get some Ammo near the chain and pull the chain once, a Big Scorp comes out. Shoot it and follow the passages back to Boulder slope and up to the room with the 4 chains.

The block behind the blue doors S is lowered, go in to use the Jump switch and when you go out again a flyby will show the W doors in the Pagoda room opened and also the Ornate Handle freed from the burning Vase. So go N and drop down into the room to get the Ornate Handle from the pit. Climb back up to the walkway, go to the W doors, grab the Ammo from the vase and enter.

A shaft filled with water and a hole in the bottom, just follow the tunnel, swim past a Croc and find the small triangular tunnel in the far left corner, hidden in the green plants. Follow to get back into the Snake puzzle room, go up the passage N and up into the trapdoor to the Pyramid. 

Level 8:

Down the N side and into the jungle. NW is the hole you came from, swim back to where you shot the Croc before and climb the grey rocks left of the green slope you came down from, go all the way right up the wall along the slope and get into the opening to the next pool, drop out backwards and grab, go right to that corner ledge and try to shoot the Shark below, or just dive in to swim into the tunnel in S wall. In the left wall of this tunnel is a green covered hole with Secret #22, the Shotgun and Ammo. Go back for air first before you go on following the tunnel and youíll be taken by the current into the waterfall that brings you back into the pool at the Chopper. Swim W into the tunnel where you got the Crowbar and up into the room where you can place the combined Head and Handle ( the Entrance Wand) to open the doors. Enter to leave the levelÖ

Dutchy 15-10-2004

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