Lost City of Gold Series.

Level by Bruce Zaremba.

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

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  Level 5: Just canít stop shooting.   Level 6: The Excavation Site   Level 7:The Tomb of Khysos


Level 5:  Just canít stop shooting.

You need to play these levels to get the City Scroll needed in level 10.

Go out of your cabin (you are on a ship) and 1st door right is a Navy Seal, they are allies, so donít shoot them, go out and right, into next door left and shoot the golden window to get Secret #10, Uzis and Ammo. Go out and left up the ladder in the end and out onto the deck, go W to get some flares and head back to the other end of the ship, right around 2 corners and on the other side of the ship W again, into the lower room and down the ladder, to the Machine room.

In the N are 3 passages with levers, throw the left one and head back up to the deck, around the same way you came and see a block raised in the galley way, climb up and into the room left, look on the left wall for a grey "left" and climb in the hidden passage, throw the lever to open the door to the Bridge. Go out and to the W end of the room, up the passage and right, climb down and into the passage over the flame, get Secret #11, Ammo. Head back up and to the other end of the passage, down the ladder to a Store room, over to the ladder on the other side and into the Bridge, look left in the corner for a Jump switch, use it and head all the way back to the levers in the Machine room.

Now throw the right hand one and a door opens in the E of the Machine room, go in and come to the bilge of the ship, drop to the ledge under the entrance and jump to the dark ledge in the SW corner. Save often here, because if you slide to the water itís all over! Stand jump down to the E and slide onto a flat square follow this side of the bilge, jumping to the flat squares, do run jumps facing a bit to the water and then curve back right to the slope. You can stay on the lower flat squares. Only one jump you have to up to a higher square, itís a stand jump from the corner of the lower square to the exact corner of the higher one, 2 more run jumps and youíll slide to a lower ledge at the water, jump into the alcove with the Ammo and the lever, the lever will close doors at the end of the bilge, so the current wonít take you out of the ship. Swim under the alcove with the lever and up at the doors.

Throw the Jump switch in the next room and go up the ladder, follow the passage to the front deck of the ship, go left and get some Ammo on the dark grey gratings and head back to the machine room again. Now use the last lever and head back to the front deck, around left corner and look under the Bridge for a hole down to a room, get the Medipack left and head into the W passage, this time youíll have to shoot the window, but that will make enemies out of the Navy Seals, (Strange Bug happening here, they even shoot you through the walls and ceiling, but you can also take them out through the wall, soÖ) shoot them and get a Grenade-gun in return open the door in the end of the passage and use the Jump switch right to open the door in the NW corner, go in to a room with some Artefacts on a machine, they are well protected, go to the next room and shoot the Seals, in the back of the room is a lever and some Ammo, on one of the machines is some more. Return to the front deck, take care of any resistance and to the right at that dark grey Cargo doors.

The Cargo Bay.

At the end of the red path is a new opening in the deck, go down to use the Jump switch behind the pillar you climb down from to open the Cargo doors. Climb back on deck and go over to that big hole, make your way down and get the Ammo in that golden crate, go to the opposite side and down into the passage to a room where you get a flyby of the red energy path and a Nitro Canister on a ledge, donít get that now. Go down the ladder on E side and look for a hidden door S, where the red energy path goes into the door, throw the lever inside and climb back up to get the Nitro Canister.

Head back to the Bridge, thatís up the block on the N side of the ship, into the W passage, left and down the ladder, shoot the Soldiers, go up the opposite ladder and take out the resistance, pick up their Ammo and shoot the golden window S, open the door and follow the passage to a ladder, go up and past the open door to a slide, go down and follow the tunnel to a cave, swim to the S and get out to the Excavation site, go get some Ammo left near the barrels and down the slope to the entrance, shoot the Guards and the Scorp and go onÖ

Lost City of Gold 6: The Excavation Site.

You will be attacked immediately on arrival, shoot the Dog and his Master and head left around the corner of the cave, shoot another Guard and a barrel in the corner, it will break down the wall to reveal Secret #12, Uzis and Ammo. Go W and when you reach the wide area, run jump over the fence to the right and go along the containers to the NW corner, shoot the crates there and a crane will move to reveal Secret #13, Ammo in the crawlspace. Jump down the S side of the cargo floor and go over to the Big Drilling Machine, a flyby will show the Machine is ready to be fired up.

Go to the W side onto the steel grated walkway and climb the ladder on the 1st blue pillar (itís just around the corner of it) and a Guard will start shooting you in the back, so roll and shoot him fast and go S, right into an elevator, turn around standing under the hole in the roof of the Elevator and jump/grab up. Climb on top and go up the ladder in front, follow the passage to a cave and shoot the Guard to get his Ammo, proceed to a sloped floor. Light a flare and slide, the last part slopes down a bit steeper, so donít jump to fast. Jump/grab from the end of the slope to the higher passage and follow to a cave with a Bat and some Ammo in a crate, go into the tunnel in the far right hand corner and follow to a hole in the floor. In this small store room you can drop down into a lower passage to come to a door to the Garage that will open for you.

The Bike-ride.

Wow you have the choice of 2 Bikes, take a pick and fit the Nitro Feeder to the Bike, run it through the wall in front and go right around the yellow containers and onto the left side of that steel walkway you climbed the ladder from before, stand at the beginning and fire up the bike by hitting the "sprint" key while going forward and jump it onto the lower left part of the opposite walkway, go in to the right and follow the cave to where you go down to a Guard at a burner, run him over. Go up the cave and into a narrow tunnel, sharp right around the corner and stop, get some Ammo left in this alcove and then backup the Bike to jump it to the Blue walkway. Stop on top of the Guard and get his Ammo, walk into the E passage and go to a blue closed door over a shaft, climb down and in the next room is a Jump switch in the E to get the lights on and open a door in the N, go into that door to use the next Jump switch. Go back up to the Bike and shoot the Guard waiting for you, go to the S end of the walkway and drop from the lower side to the crates below, go N and back to the area you were before, left and to the other Bike in the Garage, a door opened behind the Bike, go in to get Secret #14, Medipacks, Revolver and Ammo.

Go to the walkway you jumped from with the Bike and up the ladder to return to the Elevator, climb down into the now empty shaft and go in where that unreachable lever is, walk out to the Drill pit and run jump over the burners below to the grey platform in front of the Drill. Run jump/grab the Drill and go around the right hand corner, down and get the small medipack, jump/grab the E ladder and go down the pit, get some Ammo near the barrel and return up the E ladder, and backflip to the Drill again, then go onto the N walkway, shoot the Guard to the right and up and look E to spot the passage in the corner of the pit, jump over and go down to a lava room, run jump/grab the left wall with the different structure and go to the other side of the pit, shoot some Bats and dive into the water to cool off. Follow the tunnels to a room where you see 2 Guards behind a fence, go into the passage right of the fence and climb up left, drop into the room with them and draw a weapon while falling so to shoot them fast.

Powering up the Drill.

Throw the Jump switch on the wall to see a door opening up and go out the other side of the room. The blue door will open for you, go up the sloped passage and follow all the way to where you were before, jump over the shaft and go up to where the Bike is, left and drop to the crates below, go over to the other side walkway and up to the Elevator, (shortcut: on the walkway at the ladder to climb to the Elevator, go onto the lowest part S, just next to where you jumped from with the bike and drop down onto the corner of the burner tile below, then run jump to the ledge at the drill) down again and jump over the burners once more to go to the Drill, then jump to the E ladder and go up to where that Guard was before, get the Ammo and go into the open door and follow up to a small door to the right, go in, shoot the Dog and throw the lever to start the Drill in that Control room.

The Dragonís Lair.

Go back out and shoot another Dog, climb down the ladder into the drill pit and drop backwards down to reach the deepest part where the drill opened a new passage. Dive in and follow the tunnel to a wider cave, get some Ammo on the right hand side in the dark and go up in the hole in the ceiling in the end. Shoot all the pesky Bats and proceed to a large cave. Donít step onto that bridge yet!!! (It will bring out a Dragon that will make the next Secret almost impossible to get and youíll need it!)

Climb down at the entrance and go under the bridge, grab the Monkey swing and follow all the way to a cave with Secret #15, the Laser sight (youíll need in the next level) and Flares. Drop out of the cave and go over to that dead guy at the Lava, grab the Ammo and climb back to the bridge, as soon as you step on it an Dragon comes out of the Lava and you will have to get to the far left corner of the cave, run to the Dragon and jump over it to grab the other side and sprint to the end, left and from the end of that bridge, jump to the ledge in the corner, go up the ladder fast and Save!! Throw the lever and go down the ladder again to the Dragonís Lair, hop back and safety/drop from the ledge to the cave floor (watch the health) and spot the hole behind you, run in and left sprint into the tunnel to escape the Locust that must have eaten you by half now, the level endsÖ

Lost City of Gold 7: The Tomb of Khysos.

In this big hall is some Ammo to the right on the pedestal, then go up the stairs to where you get a flyby of the Laser puzzle, there is a door that needs the 2 Guardian Keys to open, go to the darker (biggest) pyramid and grab the Guardian Key from under it, or get it later as itís intended and go back down the stairs. right and to the alley next to the stairs to fin a passage with Circular Blades opened there, side jump through those things and come to the Green Hall. Drop from the walkway and go to a reach-in switch on W wall, use it to open the door in the E, go around the back of the red pillar in the centre and get some Ammo after you shot a Bug.

Go in and along the left side (the right side has 3 burners), pick up some Ammo and make your way through the burners and quickly up the ladder on the 1st floor is some Ammo and a lever that will open another door in the Green room, get back there and into the W door that opened, (the walkway turned too, donít know why as the wall was climbable anyway) shoot a Bat and go down the ladder, below you will be attacked by a Bug, youíll have to run as the wind to a Wheel you can see in the end of the room as Blades pop up from the floor and the take out the Bug.

Timed run with the Torch.

Turn the wheel about 4 times and then turn left, run jump over the higher ledge and run through another set of Blades into the open door, burners will have started just after you passed. Inside the room is a reach-in switch that holds the Torch, go get it and drop it somewhere near the door (I dropped it on the block with the wheel, so that I only had to do one sidestep to grab it). Grab some Flares and turn the wheel to re-open the door, grab the torch and run out, light the torch on the burner when the flame goes down and throw the torch to the door, so it is in the centre of the path and you can grab it easily J later. Go back through the burners and use the wheel to open the door again, watching the reflection of the burners on the wall, keep turning the wheel till you see the 1st burners go off and turn, run through and grab the torch, go in and light the 2 wall torches inside.

The Golden Vraeus.

Re-open the door again and go through the burners to the other wheel, the door opened to the right of it, but first turn right on that walkway to the door, spot the pillar down in the room, opposite the 1st burner, stand jump to it ands go to the S side of the room where you can now pick up Secret #16, Ammo. Climb back up, run jump/grab to the walkway at the door and enter. Go to a room where you can climb down to get the Golden Vraeus, 2 slow Enemies appear, avoid them and climb back up to go up the ladder in the Timed door room and return to the Green room.

Turn around as soon as you stepped on the walkway and climb the ladder over the door, up to the top walkway and go over to the other side, jump into the alcove at the door and go in, follow to a room with a Mummy and a Knight youíll have to avoid. Beetles will appear, run as fast as you can to the door on the brown ledge to the right, as you step on the Tile in front of the door, the Beetles will disappear. Now you will have to get those slow-boats out of the way, the Mummy can be blown to pieces, but you have to lure the Knight away from the Timed Wheel, so you can open the door. Stand in the far NW corner and wait for him to come over, 2 standjumps to the wheel and turn 4 time to open the door, turn left, stand jump onto the block and exit to the Main Hall at the Laser puzzle. Go place the Golden Vraeus on the N wall to start the Laser, it will open the Pyramid I took the Guardian Key from already, but it will also open a door on the N walkway at the stairs in the Main Hall.

The Bull Fight.

Go into that door and past the barred doors, climb backwards down the ladder in the end and go to the other side of this ledge to get the Ammo, climb down to the ground floor from the ladder S and go n to get some Ammo in the vase. Have a look around to spot all the Bullís Eyes you will have to destroy, one is rather difficult as it is just next to the statue (but Iím happy to inform you, you donít have to use that one J ) When you go stand in front of that N door, the Raging Bull will break out of itís Pen, lure him to break the 3 Bullís Eyes on the pillars facing the centre of the room and the N door opens, first Save and let him break open the SE door and lure him away before you go get Secret #17 from the booby-trapped pedestals, get the Goodies standing on a corner of the pedestals, or hop back before the Knifes hit you.

Now itís time for that N door, you have to get on the Monkey swing fast, because when you wait too long the Bull will hit you in the BÖ!!! Go over to the Golden Vraeus in the back of the next room and get it, go back using the Monkey swing and run into the W door that also opened, place the Golden Vraeus to open the next door, pick up a small medipack left and dive into the water, swim to a room with glass panels, go over to the SW corner where you can go up to a dark cellar with a sarcophagus, holding some Ammo, dodge the Mummies and Knight and look out for the debris falling from the centre of the ceiling as you head to the ladder on the opposite side of the room. Go over to a room where you can see the 2nd Guardian Key in the far corner. Go down to get it and some Ammo opposite of it and climb back to the entrance, go onto the ledge to a ladder and up, right onto the block in the dark and go over to the door on the Monkey swing, go out to the main Hall and right, to place the 2 Guardian Keys at the W door, go down to the Demigod room.

The Tomb of Khysos.

Get onto the right hand higher floor, at the electrified statue and get some Ammo, go up the steps in the corner of the room and left up the big block, turn towards the centre (and from here you can blast that Demigod in the glass cage to pieces with some Explosive arrows, before he will do you any harm) or jump to the next ledge with the coffins, shoot the Mummies and go run jump to a ledge in the E, go over to the ladder in the far corner and go up to one square from the top, backflip to the ledge and run jump/grab to the W, get a small medipack and proceed to the ledge on W wall, blasting all Mummies on you path, and a door opens under a Monkey swing in W wall. (shortcut: just grab up into that door, go right and to the top of the room) Go around to the E side and get the Ammo, grab the Monkey swing to go W and into that door that opened before and up right to come out at the top ledges, go to a reach-in switch on N wall to get the Torch, picking up some Ammo on your way.

Head to the burning barrel in the S, light the torch and go into the room behind it to light the 2 wall torches. A door opens below and part of the Demigodís glass wall lowered, shoot the Mummies on your way out, but donít forget to take the torch with you back to the opening in the W, slide down left and go out to that door that opened S behind those coffins and light the 2 torches on the wall, a door on ground floor opens below this one and another part of the Demigodís cover went missing. Run out onto the ledge and sharp left along the wall and drop the torch to the lower ledge, drop after it and shoot the Mummies. Pick up the torch and jump to the W block, to the steps NW and down to the S door, light the torches and the Demigodís cover is completely gone, also meaning he can hurt you now (I told you to shoot him first)

The 2nd City Scroll.

A trapdoor opened S of the ledge he was on, drop in and slide backwards of the slope, grab and drop/grab to get into the room with Secret #18, some Goodies. Hop into the pool and climb out (Yes, yes, I already saw it) the other side to get the 2nd City Scroll. Walk back to the pool and leave this levelÖ

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