Lost City of Gold Series.

Level by Bruce Zaremba.

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

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  Level 2: Museum Gate   Level 3: Inside the Museum   Level 4:The Lower Scroll Shrine


Level 2:  Museum Gate

Some names are in Red for later reference.

You need to play these levels to get the City Scroll needed in level 10.

When the flyby is over you can spot a ladder on the building right of you, bur first go get some Ammo in the NW corner behind a stand. Then go climb the ladder to the platform and turn to jump to the NE one, turn r and to the next, turn right and to the corner, go left around the corner to a walkway and get the Ammo, walk onto the walkway over the street and look left, on top of the Museum is a door and the lever for it is to the right of it.

Enter the door to a Store room, you can shoot a bunch of vases and crates, but thereís nothing in it, the only pickup is in the right hand corner. Throw the lever closest to the gate, the other one is a Spike-trap and drop down into the shaft, get some Flares in this room and go down to the next, then up into a blue hole.

Burner trap.

At the burners youíll have to walk up through the centre of the room till the left burner goes off, then sidestep right to see the one burner behind the centre one go out, side jump left twice and walk up to the burner floor to see the rest go out, then sprint to the end of that passage and stop right away. Walk slowly around the left corner and stay close to the wall when you slide down a bit, the Boulders will pass by and now you can go for the Medipack and Ammo, then walk into the wall the Boulders came out of and get Secret #1, the Shotgun.

Go down to the pit the Boulders went in and run jump/grab to the opposite side, hang right as far as possible and pull up, jump to the far slope with the burner and immediately jump again to go over the burner. In the room down the slope is a lever to open 2 gates and a door in one of the rooms you swam through before, go out the gate you opened and climb, picking up the Flares behind you and in the blue room, go into the 1st passage right and climb up to get the Cartouche part 1, this time there actually IS some Ammo in the crates next to the pedestal. Go down and right/right into that door that opened and go up to a room with some Ammo, go out the opposite passage and up to the streets.

The Streets.

Shoot the Ninjas and look for one on the platforms, shoot him from below with the pistols, look SE on a dark grating for some Ammo and head SW, into a lower trench with a blue walkthrough door, shoot a Ninja and get some Flares in a side room, look up S from the Flares and climb the wall to the grey part, the left to the opening, jump to the crane left and go left for Secret #2, Ammo and small medipack. Then look for a black grated ledge below in the NE corner. Run off and land on it to claim the small medipack. Then drop from the n side and head all the way past the start of the level to a square in the NE and next to a Jeep is an open lower passage.

The Vases.

Shoot the vases here to get some Ammo from them and go up to the next big hall, notice the position of the Vases, go to every one and shoot them, be sure to step on the Tile (a bit different textured than the rest of the floor) and save the one closest to the doors for last, the flames at the door should be off, jump over to the door and it will open, go in for a Medipack and the Uzis in the back and throw the lever to open a gate to the Crane area ground floor. Go back up to the streets and head in the direction of where you left the underground area and shot the Ninjas before, the S to find the open gate.

The Crane Area.

SW of the crane near the Video camera is a gate that will open when you climb up to it, inside go up the pole to the top floor, go to a room with some Ammo, a lever that will turn the Crane and open the gate (NoÖ You canít take the laptop!!) Go over the counterweight and over the crane to the gate in opposite wall, follow the passage up to some Ninjas and a dark green room with a big flame in the centre. Step on the first higher ledge and then go right to the next, the Flame in the pit is gone, run in and drop to a room with Ammo, Medipack and a lever that will open big doors, go out NW and back to the passage before the green room and go left, onto the Crane and drop down onto the sloped side of it, head out the N gate to the streets. Go left and into the W lower passage on the SW square.

Cartouche part 2.

Inside is the open door to the left, go up to a passage fast and grab the Goodies before the Ninja does and climb up to the next floor in the N, shoot more vases to get another small medipack and head to the room with the vases, donít shoot them yet, go on to the right side of the burner floor and stand on floor Tile #1 (see Map) sidestep right to Tile #3 and sidestep back to #4, then forward to the burner and walk to Secret #3, a Shotgun ands Ammo. Run jump over the last burners (between the 2 of them, be careful of that single Tile in the next room) and go over to get Cartouche part 2 and some Ammo, run jump back to the safe path where the secret was, this time shoot the vases for some Ammo and head back to the streets, shooting a Ninja that attacks from behind and head over to the SE where the Museum Gate is, a cut scene will show where they are and also 2 Ninjas will be attacking when the cut scene is finally over, go up the left side of the steps to grab some Ammo on the way up and open the doors with the combined Cartouche parts and go in.

Level 3: Inside the Museum.

Main Hall.

2 Dogs attack immediately so shoot them and proceed to a Fountain, get some Flares left and dive in, swim the tunnel to a wider room where you can open the under water door to the right, swim up the hole in front and get some Ammo and a small medipack in this passage, shoot the Scorps coming out of the crack and proceed to the Pillar room, there are some Golden blocks and grated cages just went down in the floor. They will provide access to the top floor, bur you have to raise them first and they are timed.

Stand on the 1st right hand block and turn right, the cage raised there, quickly jump on the block next to the cage and climb up right, jump up to the 1st floor and run to the Golden block, (you can take a rest here) turn and run down into the hole/grabbing to land on that block again, turn left and run jump onto the block on the opposite wall, turn left and jump on the cage, jump up to the 1st floor. Go get some Ammo in the W and get back to the Golden block. Save when you stand on the block and turn to run down into the hole again, then run to SW the end of the room, jump onto the block and then on the cage, jump/grab the 1st floor and shoot the vase for some Ammo, go to the next room NW and go push the button youíll see in the flyby, the go into the alcove with the Statue and push the button on the back of it. Ninjas are waiting for you, go out and straight to the dark opposite wall, light a flare and climb up to the passage to Secret #4, Goodies in vases.

Go back down to the room with the cages and back to the E, follow the passage back to the water and swim to the fountain in the Main Hall, shoot every Ninja in your path and go into the S alcove next to the fountain to get the 1st Canopic Jar from the front of the statue, some Ammo from the vase and behind the statue is a hole in the floor leading to a small room with a burner, climb down and go into a corner when Lara hangs only on her hands, drop onto the corner of the burner tile and get some Ammo before opening the door with the button.

Climb down to a room with some vases and a Scorp to shoot, make your way through the Scissors and shoot a Dog when you come to the Obelisk room.

Longer route: Go over the bridge to the passage there and follow to a small room with a grated floor, stand right and turn right a bit so that when you side flip left youíll land on the tile directly left of the entrance, ignore the Ammo, then stand jump to the tile in front of the opposite door, (donít stand to close to the edge of the tile before jumping) go down the staircase, where you have to shoot a Ninja, to the bottom of the Obelisk room, on the N side of the Obeliskís base is some Ammo, then go to the SW and climb the ladder to backflip to the dark pillar, jump to the N ones and get the Ammo, now jump to the grey ledge on W wall and grab the Monkey swing under the bridge. Go over to the opening on the other side of the room and get Secret #5, Uzis and Ammo. Go back over the Monkey swing and drop at the Obelisk, look for the button on the W side and push it to open another door where a Ninja comes out.

Shorter route: Drop from the right hand side of the bridge onto a dark pillar, just a bit further on the bridge and jump to the N pillars and get the Ammo, now jump to the grey ledge on W wall and grab the Monkey swing under the bridge. Go over to the opening on the other side of the room and get Secret #5, Uzis and Ammo. Go back over the Monkey swing and drop at the Obelisk, look for the button on the W side and push it to open another door where a Ninja comes out, on the N side of the Obeliskís base is some Ammo.

2 routes come together: Go down to shoot him and head E to go to a large room with aqueducts, push the button at the entrance and drop to the raised cage below, drop into the water under it and go gat some Flares and the 2nd Canopic Jar in the back, go back to the cage, run jump/grab the ladder N and go up to the aqueduct. Jump into the water of this 1st aqueduct and be taken to a small pool, climb out to a passage with vases, wait standing at the waters edge for the Ninja to come close and side jump away, good chance he runs straight into the waterÖ

Follow the passage to the stairs with the vases, shoot the 1st to get the Ammo and head up to go through the Scissors and collect some Ammo, shoot the Scorps and climb the ladder in the end, go to the closed gate and re-enter the aqueduct room, jump the ledges to the other side and jump into the 2nd aqueduct, swim to the room in the end and go up to a passage with vases, follow to a long up-sloped passage, get some Ammo left in the new room and go shoot a Ninja, in the NW corner is a button to open the door up W, first deal with the Ninjas and Scorps, head back into the sloped passage you came from and to the room with the vases, look right and see a new room opened, providing you with Secret #6, the Crossbow and Ammo.

Go back up the sloped passage and climb the grey pillar in front, to go over to the door, through the door left and past the Darts to a room with some Flares in the far left vase, then shoot all the Scorps and climb up the hole in the ceiling and go over to some buttons on the far wall, push them both to open doors and notice the floor burning behind you. Step on the left Golden tile at the burner floor and then on the right hand one and run back to the hole. Drop down and go back past the Darts, straight and to the other room where those doors opened. The door straight ahead is for later, first go right and follow to an outside courtyard, get some Ammo and go climb down to the lower floor. Take out the Guns as a Dog, Scorps and several Ninjas attack. Get a Medipack and some Ammo on the ledges and go into the N passage to Secret #7, Medipack and Ammo.

Head back up to the room with the grey crate, where you came from and into that right hand door you didnít explore yet. Youíll end up at a door that will open for you and you are in the Main Hall inside the alcove with the Horus Symbol on display, hop on the block and stand with one foot on each lower side and get it. Go down the W side of the Hall and get some Ammo to the right before you place the Canopic Jars to open the door, go through the door toÖ

Level 4: The Lower Scroll Shrine.

Go straight to a room with a pool to the left, straight and up the stairs with the statues, on the left side you can jump/grab the picture of Jesus, grab the Ra Cartouche in the next room and throw the lever to open the gate in the pool, get the Flares on your way out and shoot the Hellhounds on your way over to the pool. Swim to a room where a couple of Bats will annoy you, youíll hear the heavy breathing of Thor in the next room, the flyby will show you what you have to do next when you go to the next room.

Thor and the raised block.

Climb up and run to the right (there is some Ammo in the grey box on that higher level if you dare to get it), down the slope and get onto one of the blocks, Thor cannot harm you up here and you can shoot the Hellhounds. The NW one of these 3 blocks will raise a dark green block in the SE corner of the upper level, if you stand on the block you can just see it, face N and run jump onto the slope, sprint left and make a wide curve to the raised block (looks like the floor tiles of the upper floor, close to the block deactivate the trigger, if you take the right path, you donít even have to sprint), jump up and run against the ledge, quickly jump /grab up. Follow the ledge to where the texture changes to smaller tiles. There are Spikes here, so drop of the side and shimmy past those tiles, donít climb up when you think itís safe as the rest of that ledge will raise Spikes on the ledge around the corner, better shimmy around the corner and then pull up, run to the end and jump/grab the crack in the wall, go right aaall the way (too long) and pull up, get the Flares and climb down the shaft to a cave, shoot the Bats and dive in the pool to get some Ammo, climb out the other side and follow the cave past the Darts and be careful when you reach the end of the cave, thereís a fall through floor at the red corners and dark edge, so walk slow and when Lara stops, you know youíre on the edge, turn and drop/hang to climb down. Into the passage to get Secret #8, Grenade-gun and Ammo.

Climb out, right a bit and up, go to the left side of the pit and just before the sloped floor part, drop/hang into the pit again, go down and into the opening to use the reach-in switch, it will drop the ceiling in a cave to the N, climb back out of the pit and go E to get a small medipack from the crate, then go N and up an opening in the NW, follow to a room with some Ammo and a receptacle for the Ra Cartouche. A door opens near Thor, go back to that pool and dive in, swim down to the lower level and into an opened gate. Follow to a room with some pickups and climb up to the upper level from the dark block, to come out on the lower level in Thorís place, sprint up the slope and into the door under the Spike ledge.

The Meat Grinder.

Shoot the Hellhounds and go SW to climb the back of a pillar, backflip to a pillar behind you and go

The way it was intended: right. into the 1st opening on S wall, and up to a big Hall with a Grinder going around, go N as soon as the thing went by and climb the block with the Medipack, wait for the Grinder to pass, go up the ladder and backflip/roll/grab the ledge, go up and throw the lever. Then go for the Ammo and see Spikes go down, go to the SE corner of this ledge and drop/slide off to grab the edge, backflip/roll/grab into an opening, get the Flares and go down to the big room again.

The way that is also possible (without the grinder troubling you) Go in the 2nd opening and up to the hall with the grinder (inactive), grab the Flares and run jump/grab the higher edge of the Axle and drop (check the health first) run over to the N, up the ledge with the Medipack, go up the ladder and backflip/roll/grab the ledge, go up and throw the lever. Then go for the Ammo and see Spikes go down, go to the SE corner of this ledge and drop/slide off to grab the edge, backflip/roll/grab into an opening, follow down to the big room again.

The 1st Eye Piece.

Go N over the ledge and into the door that opened there, the steps of this room are booby-trapped with Blades, go along the wall and carefully step onto the 1st step, the go up and do the next, get the 1st Eye Piece on top and see a gate opening up next door, turn to shoot the 2 Hellhounds and go into the new room. Dive in and get some Ammo to the right, swim up past the Darts and step into the next room (Deja-Vu!). Hop back immediately and run after the Boulders, run jump/grab the rope an swing to the white ledge left (better for your health) Go jump over the ledges to an opening on the other side of the room, just before you enter, jump/grab the wall above the entrance and climb left and down to the bottom of the pit, go over to the other side and find Secret #9, Ammo.

The 2nd Eye piece.

Climb back up the same wall and now get the Flares and go left inside to a room with a lever that will open yet another door. Head back over the white ledges and to the Boulder slope, through the water and to the right over the ledge, the next room looks like a Chess board. Look on the ceiling and spot the black squares, do stand jumps onto the black tiles under those squares, donít get too close to the edges and from the last you can stand jump to the gate, go get the 2nd Eye piece and shoot the Hellhounds that will show up. Go back out of this room and down to the ground floor of the room with the pillars and to the W, get some Ammo where the Spikes used to be and open the door with the Eye of Horus, go in to the last room and pull the chain to open the big gate in Thorís place, head back E and up the long stairs to run past Thor and into the gate E in the lower section, shoot the Hellhounds and get the City Scroll from the pedestal. Run E and leave this place to go to the next levelÖ

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