Lost City of Gold Series.

Level by Bruce Zaremba.

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

Level 1:  Memory Lane

This is a "young Lara" level, no weapons, just dodge enemies as they appear. There are a lot of animal enemies, but most are easy to avoid so I wonít mention them all.

The level takes you back into the Memory of Lara and shows you how the whole Lost City of Gold adventure started

Peru 1983:

Go forward to a brown plateau overlooking a waterfall to the left, go to the end of the plateau and to the right is an opening to another part of the jungle (later), run jump to the pool under the waterfall and swim into the cave, right and up into the left hand far corner, face N from the waterhole and see the Sculpture on the wall on Boulder Square, in front is a dark grey floor that will release Boulders coming through that wall, so run over and run over the corner of that grey floor to quickly jump away. But not onto that golden gratings as they are Spiked. Go up into the Sculpture as it is a walkthrough wall and jump to a rope, swing over to the other side ledge ( ignore 2nd rope) and go down the ladder. Go out into a pit with a Skeleton, keep your hand to the right hand wall at all time so youíll stay on the safe path along that wall and drop into the hole at the small ladder, follow the dart alley to a lever that will open a secret passage in the Jungle.

Head back, over the ropes, swim to the waterfall and pull up to the lower canyon where a Croc is running around, wait for him to come close and jump straight over him to go to the far left hand corner for a Medipack. Then go along the grey rock to find the place where you can climb back up to the brown plateau with a couple of stand jump grabs. Go straight into that Jungle area and right past the big tree, get another Medipack there before you enter the opened passage in W wall and come to a room where thereís a big Statue with a waterfall. Go behind it and into the door to another area, use 3 ropes to swing over to the opposite side and grab while you jump into the opening. Follow the cave to a wide area where you look out over the tree tops, stand jump down and go to the most NE point of this tree (first walk N then E), run jump NE to the next tree (you will have to try a couple of times so save) and do the same a few times to get into that dark NE corner where you can run jump/grab the ladder on the wall.

Go down and SW to a fallen tree, look behind it for a hidden tunnel in the floor, follow up a ladder to the floor of the rope canyon, go E and drop into another hidden tunnel. Follow to a room with a lever, that will open a gate near the room with the statue. Go back and spot the ladder at the exit, go up and turn around to jump/grab the stone ledge, the other one is trapped, go up to a room where youíll find a hole in the floor, drop down into the pool at the statue, go to the S door and follow up to the gate you opened.

One of the 4 Heads doesnít produce any water to fill that hole you see in the flyby, go to the w wall and find the Medipack, walk into the wall behind it and throw the lever to get water pouring out of the Head, then head over to the opposite corner to swim into that hole. Swim down to a tunnel that brings you to a room with a lever, throw that to open the gate on Boulder square. Head back, past the 4 Heads to the statue and right, through the jungle, left at the tree and jump down into the lake at the waterfall, swim right and go up to go over to that open gate, donít step on the Golden gratings! Go along the right hand side of the Golden gratings and the last corner tile near the open gate is safe, turn left and side jump over the corner of the Spike Tile to the opening.

Follow to the left in the end and a Croc shows up, quickly climb the ladder and go up and right, then backflip to the branch behind you, get the small medipack and jump/grab back to the ladder, go down and head S, climb the ladder to the left and up to a ledge with a Monkey swing, which is not useable, just run jump/grab the hidden opening under it on the opposite side and follow the passage to a river. Look left and on the opposite side of the Canyon is a ledge sticking out of the wall, use those ledges to go S and jump/grab to the centre ledge (you canít see) in the end. Open the door with the lever and climb down the ladder behind it, follow the wide passage up to an Artifact ( A Golden Skull) you can just get a glimpse of, an Earthquake sets Boulders free and they are not good for your health, so roll and sprint back down the passage and keep left a bit, then a sharp right turn at the end to get out of the way of the Boulder and drop down into the new hole in the end to go to the next adventureÖ

(Itís of no use to try and outwit the Boulders by jumping in one of the Statue alcoves, the Skull fell into a deep pit and you canít get past the Boulders anymore)

End of part one

Dutchy 18-10-2004

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