The City of Gods - the Cave.

Levels by Claude Gross.

Walkthrough Dutchy.

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Some names are in Red for later reference.

The Cave, Level 1:

At the start you will slide a long sloped tunnel, a Boulder takes off behind you, as soon as you go through that gate, run and jump aside. Next to that Face you came out of are 2 Vases, donít shoot those, there are Wraiths inside and the water is too shallow to get rid of them, go to both N and S doors one at a time and run away fast, open fire on those Guards from a safe distance and they will not shoot at you before they drop, go get the boxes of Ammo, which you have to be careful with, not much Ammo (or MPs) in the level. Try to use pistols often.

The room with the Star.

Open the W doors and on the left side of the terrace is a switch that will start the Wheels in the pit, so a bridge rolls out and you can proceed into the W building. As soon as you come to the new room, a Guard opens fire on you. Shoot him from the passage and then run in and quickly backflip into the passage again, as 2 more Guards and 2 Hellhounds attack. Shoot the lot and go right to the 2nd Wall-torch in the NE corner of this ledge and pull out the block to get Secret #1, Uzis and Ammo. Go over the ledge to the SW and jump/grab the rope to swing to the ledge with the switch, get the small medipack and throw the switch to get a screenshot of a burn floor on ground floor.

Swing back to the ledge and jump to the centre ones in the room. Shoot the 2 Guards in the N and go over to the ledge they were on to get their MPs, then make your way down to ground floor by dropping from the centre ledges to a block and then onto the lower ones, go down the S stairs and when you go left around the corner, look into the hole in the corner of stairs, go in to pull the Jump switch that will make the blue doors halfway up E wall accessible. Go to the N side of the room where that burn floor is, shoot 3 Guards and get the torch from the pedestal next to it, go around the corner to the W side and light that torch there. Throw it on the floor to set it on fire and climb down from the side of the pedestal, get the Crowbar on the N side of the block and pry the Star from the wall. Go all the way back up grabbing up to the ledges and make a little detour into those blue doors E, to get Secret #2, the Revolver and some Goodies, the next doors are to that pit with the wheels at the bridge.

Return to the climb you were doing and go swing the rope to the S ledge to place the Star, that will open a gate in N wall. Swing back and go down one level and over to the S most single ledge, run jump/grab the arch over the gate and drop down the S side of that arch.

The Caves.

Go slide down the pole to the cave and go left round the pillar, there are 2 Boulders coming down as you sprint into the N cave. Quickly jump onto the right hand rock to shoot those Hellhounds from a safe place and go on, into the lower passage to a slope with Chains, stand backwards to the slope and against one of the walls, slide down and you will be hit by those chains, but not severely (Nice pickup on that slope). Drop into the Globe room. Notice the Puzzle for the Gem is covered by a pink glass cover.

Go to the W side and open the doors, run in and to the left, quickly make it over into the pool as Wraiths and Hellhounds chase you, swim on the surface S and behind the Wheel between the Vases you can swim down and get the Ammo and the Scroll (youíll have to maneuver around a bit to find the right position so Lara will pick them up). 2 Big doors open in the pool, now first you have to get out of the pool, shoot those Hellhounds and look for the pushblock near the grated floor Tiles close to where you climbed out of the pool and pull the block on both Tiles with a moments pause in between and youíll see underwater gates opening up. Go into the far SE corner of the cave to shoot the vase for a small medipack and run to the pool to swim into the SW corner, through those big doors and follow the tunnel to the crossing, go left and into the open gate to the left, swim left and up a sloped tunnel to climb out in a kind of machine room.

The Star behind the Window.

2 Guards patrol the area, just stand on the waters edge and shoot them before they attack, thereís a big blue Window with a Star and a switch and 3 more switches on the different control panels. First pull the single switch on the S panel and drain the lower rooms and tunnels with it, go down the now dry sloped passage and find the switch in the room down there, see a screen of the Window, roll and go out to the room on the other side of the main tunnel and pull the switch on the panel to the left, shoot the Guard behind you (notice the big Wheel, come back here when the room is re-flooded) and go back to the room with the Window, shooting a Guard on your way up the sloped tunnel. Fires rage in the now open room where the Window was. WellÖ You have 2 more switches, so pull Ďem both (dark one, then gold one) and go get the Golden Star, quickly pull the switch next to it and this will open a door in the Globe room.

Get out fast and pull the single switch again to re-flood the lower area and swim into the room with the big Wheel on the other side of the main tunnel, over the Wheel and get Secret #3, the Grenade-gun and a stack of Ammo for it. Quickly swim back to those big blue doors and stay low swimming through them, just in time swim up to the surface and climb out to leave this room in the NE. Go into the opened door N in the Globe room.

The Cave, Level 2:

Go onto the bridge over a lower cave and running to the other side, shoot the 4 Guards on both sides, return to the other end and go down the SW stone ledge, drop down from the lower part of it and get the Medipack, go to the centre of the cave and pry the Golden Star from the W block, climb the same block back up to the W side cave and jump back to the bridge, jump to the E side cave and get some left over Ammo and a Crowbar with Flares in the NE corner, jump to the stone ledge below to get onto the N side of the bridge and go into the next room.

The Slope room.

Shoot 2 Guards on ground floor and one up high on the W side balcony, collect the small medipack and Ammo and place one of your Stars next to the W doors, turn and shoot 2 more Guards, get the Shotgun one of them dropped and enter the blue doors, climb up and go left, to a pool with pillars.

The Scroll.

Shoot the Guard at the Golden Star opposite the entrance and dive in, climb up the E ledge and pull the switch to change the shape of the 1st pillar in the centre W of the pool, that will give you access to that Star. Jump back onto the entrance ledge and run jump (donít grab) to the W ledge, turn left and go on to the next ledge, turn right and jump/grab up to the W pillar, from here run jump to the S ledge with the Star, pry it off the wall and hop back into the water to get rid of the Wraith. Go pull the E switch again and swim W, between the sloped pillars and look for the 2nd one right, where you can climb up to the higher pillar and stand jump/grab up to the high block with the Scroll.

Get it and go down to a pillar in the S side of the pool and run jump into the SW corner to pull the switch that will open blue doors, jump back to the Scroll pillar and look NW, a Medipack and another Golden Star, go jump there to get those and go jump back onto the pillar where you climbed out of the pool, look N to spot the crack in the wall, jump to the NE pillar close to the crack and run jump/grab to it, go right and up the stairs to the upper part of the Slope room. Place 2 Stars on both sides of the stairs you just came up from and a bridge appears to the Scroll stand in the centre of the room, go place it and watch a Boulder crash into the Glass cover over the Globe puzzle. Go back onto the balcony and backflip over the blue fence in the NW corner to land on the slope below. Boulders crash down from the other slope, just wait till they are motionless and jump past them on your way back to the Globe room.

The Globe puzzle.

Donít jump down yet, but examine the Scroll you got from the pool at the Wheel before and the riddle talks about snakes, well if you look closely from standing on the floor above the puzzle pit, youíll see the different tiles the Globes are on, are connected by Snake symbol Tiles. So the Globes go to the Tiles the snakes point to, Spoiler: (Blue= SW, Red= NE , Green= NW, Grey= SE) (not especially in this order and you can take the shortest route). Smoke will come out of the tile the Globe was on if itís on the correct Tile and after the last is in place the glass cover will break and a ledge appears under the Gem and also the S doors open. Get the Gem and go into those S doors. Climb up to an outside area. A flyby will start and youíll immediately be attacked by 3 Guards after itís over.

The Old Church.

Looking at the sky it will be raining soon, so better get on with it.

Go left/left into the NW alcove and use the Jump switch to open the alcove with the Gem receptacle NE. place the Gem there and roll, wait for the Spike trap to become active and time your jump through to go SW and up the pole in that alcove, try to avoid the Blade, although that will be difficult and take a Medipack when you back flipped to 1st floor. Go over the walkway around the E side and shoot the 2 Guards from a safe distance, go to the far NW corner and use the Jump switch to open the last ground floor alcove in the SE, jump over the railing S of the Jump switch to land in front of the big doors and go over to the SE alcove, the back wall is climbable, so grab the wall and go up, go along the E side to the N where you can get another Scroll, return to the e side where a Monkey swing can be accessed from the block, go to the top of the Church and drop when the camera view changes.

Pick up the Revolver and Laser sight and shoot the Ball in the blue pillar in the pool, the Church doors open up, shortest way down and also avoiding the now active Spike trap under that ladder is to drop onto that blue pillar to fall into the pool below. Go up to the Church and now you have to do what is normally strictly forbidden, shoot the 4 Guards in the Church. You have to, because they wonít come out, go up to the Altar and place the Scroll to get a blue glass bridge up in the Church. Go to the E side and go up to that bridge to cross over to the W, jump over the hole at the Altar.

Slide down the long slope and go toÖ

Level 3: The Forgotten Passage.

This level is so dark that I couldnít see even Lara half of the time.

Slide down the long slope and land on the next and do a jump/roll to slide backwards on the 3rd, grab the end of the slope and go down the ladder to Secret #4, a stack of Goodies, slide down to where you get a flyby and walk up to the edge of this Dark and Grim room.

The Dark, Grim room.

There are pillars with burners and glass sheets over the burners, the flames will only burn shortly, so in order to spare some Flares, you will have to move fast. Save before you start and stand jump to the 1st pillar, do a run jump to the one left and then a jump/grab to the rope around the tall pillar, go down to the end of the rope and swing once to jump to the next pillar. Turn right and run jump/grab the next rope, turn left a bit and one swing should get you onto the next pillar, then a short run jump (with a grab) to the next and from here you can to go left to the entrance of the rooms, instead go straight and around the tall pillar to the room in the SE corner.

SE entrance.

Spot the climbable wall and hidden crawlspace up right, but first go to the 2nd room and get a Shotgun and Ammo from the sarcophaguses. Climb into that crawlspace and make your way through the passage with the Blades, go left in the end and stop in front of the Spike trap, shoot the Target with the Revolver and run through the Spikes, it will hurt a bit, but itís a lot better than when you didnít shoot the Target. At the crossing ahead, Go left and follow the passage going left at crossings, or straight if that passage leads nowhere. There are some pickups on your path, but ignore the 2nd set of Flares on a Spike tile, just follow the rest of the passage to the Small Waterskin on a Pedestal. After picking it up the whole place changed.

Go straight into the opposite passage at the 1st crossing, left/right/ straight past the Flares (ignore) and 1st right/2nd right/left/left to the end and left/right/right and follow to a green room with Spike-traps. Go straight and avoid them when you go to the 2nd room and look for the hidden crawlspace to the left behind those Spikes, drop in backwards and turn to shoot another of those Targets (pistols will do fine). Again run through the Spikes and get a small medipack in the room where the target was, go out to the next room and go left along the wall to avoid the Spikes, over the block with a crawlspace that leads nowhere, to the end of the room where there is another hidden crawlspace in the dark. Go in for Secret #5, Goodies. Back out and go along the left side of the Spikes to go into the room to the left, follow to the Centre entrance to the Dark, Grim room. Stand jump to the pillar and turn right, jump/grab the newly appeared rope and swing straight into the NE room

NE entrance.

Youíll find a passage with Blades to the left, go in and after the 2nd go into the crawlspace dead ahead to come to a climbable wall, go up into the crawlspace and past the right hand crawlspace to get the Flares in the end, back up and go into that right hand crawlspace to come to a room with a sarcophagus, notice the hole to the right (later) and a crawlspace to the right at the sarcophagus, get the Medipack from inside and head into the crawlspace to follow it to a room with 2 Big Statues, a pole and a Tomb. Stand with your back to the Statue and go up the pole, backflip/roll off and push the button there. The Tomb will move from itís place and reveals a hidden passage. Bats are disturbed and will come for you, back down the pole and into the hidden passage to get the Large Water skin, see an under water door opening up. Go back up and into the crawlspace (SW) to the room with the sarcophagus, go down into the left hole in the next room (W). Past the 2nd Blade to the right and follow to the end into a dark room (which one isnít?) and into the right hand crawlspace, at the water youíll see a room across the water, it leads back to the NE entrance.

Ground Floor.

Dive down and follow to that under water door you opened, follow the tunnel past some Crocs and into the tunnel in the SW corner of next room. Swim out to the ground floor of the Dark, Grim room. Thereís a Scorp lurking around and those Crocs can sneak up on you any moment now, after youíve done Ďem all in you can fill up the Waterskins and go to the Scale SE of the pool, (Save here) it doesnít matter which Water skin you use, the trapdoor under the Scale will open and youíll drop into an under water room with Crocs, go find the 2 under water ceiling-levers in the SW alcove and the NW alcove and the SE door will open, swim out to push the button in the room there, a door opens on ground floor, but thereís no short way back there so you have to climb the ladder here and backflip from the top into the room youíve been to in the first place, the SE entrance.

Nothing to do here anymore so go out and jump to the pillar a bit down and right of the entrance and go over the pillars and the rope to the NE entrance, into the left passage and now to the right at the next crossing after those Blades, follow to the end and left to the water hole. Dive in and swim back to the Ground Floor. Go to the door in the NW and up to a lava room, the Spike Tiles are timed so be quick here, stand jump/grab to the 1st Tile and pull up to run jump to the 2nd, quickly jump/grabbing into the opening to come to the room youíve swam through twice.

Timed Burners.

When you sidestep onto the tile in the right hand corner, the burner in front goes off. Go stand in the exact corner of the walls and run jump/grab to the 1st burner ledge, pull up at the wall and turn left running and jump to the 2nd ledge, a run-through/jump/grab with a bit of a left hand curve will get you to left corner of the 3rd, pull up turn left and stand jump/grab to the 4th, shimmy to the right and pull up in the corner, turn right and stand jump/grab to the last ledge, pull up and run into the corner passage. Jump from ledge to ledge up the slope, starting left and go up the ladder to the Mirror room.

The Mirror Room.

Go to the N and pull the switch on the left hand pillar. Then go to the 2 Lion statues and stand in the centre between them and face straight into the room, do a run jump to land on the 1st hidden ledge, walk up to the front edge and right to the NW corner, turn facing the left hand figure on the Mural and stand jump/grab to the 2nd ledge, you can see the 3rd where it goes into the left hand wall, run jump there and turn left, facing straight at the mirror, a long run jump/grab to the 4th, a bit to the right is the next where the blue band in the mirror is, turn right and jump to the blue rays on the next ledge, a little Rat goes into the mirror, follow it to the other side of the mirror and spot the button on the hanging block, jump there and open a door with the button. Look to the side where the Lions are and spot the ladder down to the bottom and see Secret #6, Grenade-gun and Ammo for it, one grenade stays behind, it fell out of the box. Go back up, through the mirror at the blue rays and turn W, jump into the arched room and go sprint through the door that opened there, so the Spikes wonít hurt you much. Make your way up the slope.


Climb the huge ladder and go right into the alcove, push the button (opens a door) and go into the short passage next to it to push the 2nd (opens a gate.  For later) Get back down and go left coming out to the slope and sprint through the newly opened door to get to the ladder before you get Spiked, climb centre the ladder there to the window on the left and backflip/roll/grab to land in the passage behind you. Follow to that pool you saw in the cut scene when you pushed the button before.

Pool room.

Plenty of Crocs here, jump/grab to the gate you opened and jump to the pedestal with the Golden Serpent (doors open). Jump back out and head to the doors that opened in the S.

The Aqueduct room.

On top of the column of water is an Aqueduct to the left is the Door landing, jump there and go down to the ground floor to fill the Water skins in the SE pool, head back up to the door landing and go right onto the brown ledge right of the blue pillars and climb up to the window right, thereís a button to open the door on the pillar opposite the door.

1st Scale: Go in and look down to see the slope with the Secret from the start of the level, so donít fall in or you will have to go all the way back up here :-) (as if you didnít saveÖ and that advertisement, greatÖ gets you right back out of the great atmosphere of the level). Use the rope to swing over to the room with the Scale and put 5 liters in the pot, a door opened on the Door landing, so swing back (donít go all the way down on the rope so you wonít swing too far and drop dead on the ground floor) and go to the N door, pull the switch on the block to the left and the s door opened, revealing the next Scale.

2nd Scale: This one needs 2 Liters, so empty the small Water skin and combine it with the full large to get that 2 Liters in the large one, put that in the pot on the scale and the 3rd door opens on the Door landing, go in and up the stairs to climb a ladder to the room with the 3rd Scale.

3rd Scale: 4 Liters this time, stand in the pool, get 2 liters in the small by doing the same as at the previous Scale and then combine the 2 water skins so the water goes into the small, fill the large and combine again, so 1 liter goes from the large into the small, leaving the required 4 litres in the large and a door opens S of the Scale, go out on the walkway to place the Golden Serpent on the column and youíll see a new slope appeared. Go back to the room with the 3rd Scale and shoot the Scorp, then go up that slope N of the Scale and dive into the Aqueduct to swim down into the column and get the Amulet of Horus. A door opens on ground floor of the Aqueduct room ground floor, so make your way down there and enter, jump over the pillars to end up to the right side of the opening on the other side and jump in, take another dive and swim toÖ

Level 4: The unexpected.

Swim down the tunnel you came from and out into the Blue ocean go straight forward (past the fat but still hungry Sharks)and down towards the bottom to a sunken ship (Titanic?), go to the left, swim into the opening where you see the rusty floor, swim into the tunnel and look for the under water lever on the left side, which will open the trapdoor, go get some air (you will probably be attacked by a Shark, but thereís nothing you can do about that, just keep an eye on the health bar and take a Medipack when needed. Swim down the trapdoor into a flooded Cargo bay and look on the left for another under water lever in the 1st alcove in the wall, then quickly swim to the 3rd alcove and pull the last under water lever. A trapdoor opened in the far end of the Cargo bay, better return for some air first and go down again, if the Shark isnít too close you could pick up the Medipack at the bottom of the shaft under the 1st trapdoor, otherwise lure him away and get it fast. Go for that open trapdoor up in the alcove in the NE corner.

Climb out into a partially flooded workshop, go to the workbench and get the Crowbar from it. Look to the right there and spot the red-hot pipes, behind them are a couple of bookshelves, pull the 1st one away a couple of times, checking the health regularly and go around to pull the 2nd one away from the button that was behind it, roll and push the 1st shelf all the way to the other end so you can get out of here and go push the button (to open a gate to another room down here)

Timed Door.

Go S and enter that room to the right, jump over those hot pipes and pull the timed switch on the block, roll and run turning left a bit to jump over the pipes to the door, jump straight onto the stairs with a right curve and sprint past a couple of closed doors to the last one left, quickly run in and save again (if you happen to get caught in the door, like me, walk to the door and it will open, then hop back into the room).

Climb over the machine to the left and turn around on the walkway along the water. Spot the Red light on the Machineís fuse box and shoot it, go back out to the hall (Notice the numbers on the machine, youíll be back later to get the Scroll, as it is protected Fire that has to be turned off first) and into the opposite door, Follow to where you encounter 2 Guards which you have to dispose of, pick up the Goodies and go on, Yes Dear Lara, that one IS burning. Come to a flooded staircase (bit like the one in the Titanic), turn right and dive straight down to an under water lever to open the gate to a hall down there.

Swim for the Levers.

Go left around the corner and open the under water door to the kitchen, swim left and find an under water lever on the wall, pull it (another door opens) and by now you are ready to get some air, so swim back to the staircase and up, save and go down again, into the last opening to the right (the centre openings right and left lead to a certain death!) and left to find 2 of 4 under water levers in this room between the pillars on the left side, (the other 2 are on the other side of the room (Later!) ) they are opposite of each other so you could do them in one go, one opens the last door in the hall and the other a door in the back of that room, so when you pulled both left side levers, go into the last room on left side of the hall and swim to the far left and corner (you could swim under the Map on the wall) and up a shaft with a ladder, take a look before you climb out and spot the spike bags, climb out on the right hand side and go past the bag to a Crowbarswitch on a crate to open a door (for later) and go to the end of the room where youíll find a switch in the alcove, pulling it shows the room with the 4 levers.

The next part can be done in one go, swim down and to the hall, straight into the opposite door, go through the gap to the other side aiming a bit left and see the lever, pull it to open a trapdoor, roll and do the next to open the door to access that trapdoor, swim to the corner opposite the door to the hall and go in and up to the trapdoor, shoot the Guard in these bedrooms. Go look for the button on the side of the toilets S and get yet another screen of the 4 lever room, check out the beds for Ammo, Shotgun and MPs. Dive back in the tunnel and swim to the kitchen (the first room you opened here, remember?) swim up the Vent over the stoves and go up to the switch that will drain the 4 lever room. (so this was the 3rd switch to accomplish that, because of the earlier screenshots) Climb back down the Vent and go to N the side of the kitchen, pull the left hand shelf out of the way to enter the crawlspace behind it and go up the ladder to the Chefís office, get Secret #7, A pile of Goodies and the Uzis plus Ammo next to the desk, look in the far NE corner for a Golden Star you can pry off the wall. Go back to the kitchen and into the hall, into the opposite passage that was so deadly before, well at least it is not wet anymore, but deadly it remained, around the corner you can see what I mean.

Burner Alley.

Stepping on all the white squares will trigger the last burner to go down long enough for you to push the button there, so save in front of the 1st, run when the flames are down and go right to jump over the next pipe, go to the centre again and time the run through the pipes to the last which will take a while to give you the chance to pass, push the button (a trapdoor opens) and hop back immediately, go along the side of the room, stand jumping over the pipes, but donít touch them! Go into the opposite opening in the hall, right of the kitchen and up the left hand ladder, to a room with a Monkey swing to a button on the opposite ledge and a closed gate to the left, Monkey swing to the button and push it to open that gate, go in to the top floor of the Titanic staircase. Shoot the 1st crate for some Ammo and follow the landing, past a closed door W side, to the other side where a green staircase leads back to the bottom of the stairs, the Snake lamp passage (Later!).

Go into the store room to the right and notice the 2 switches on the ledge to the right, in the back of the room around the corner at that empty crate is a door behind the pipe, look in the W wall of the 1st room, for a short passage with a pipe and a ladder behind it, go up that ladder and to a timed switch.

Timed run for level 5.

When you pull the switch (stops the burners in the passage), backflip twice, side jump right twice and run jump to the 1st switch left (opens 1st door), up the ledge behind the workbench, then roll, run off the ledge and turn left, jump onto the other side of the ledge (close to the entrance) and pull the switch there (opens 2nd door of passage), roll and run off the ledge to the end of the room, doing run jumps or sprint if you like, turn right and hop over the pipe sprint through the open (I hope) passage and turn right, get away from the timed door or you will get stuck in a wall or something, shoot the Guard and donít forget to save. Follow the passage past a bunch of closed gates, (looks like we will need some keys here) to the next levelÖ

Level 5: The Gates of the Forgotten City.

(I have to admit I cheated here for MPs, there werenít enough for me.)

The Dragon Quarters.

Follow the passage over a pit with a ladder and a Secret ?? on fire (or was it a red herring), canít believe the Ammo doesnít pop! Not to be taken yet so go on to the large room with a bunch of levers and a Nice Little Dragon on the side, lucky for you the Sentry-gun is off duty. Go right and jump to the platform at the wall, go left and in the direction of the Dragon to pull the 1st lever. Roll and run for the wall, grab up to the window and get into the crawlspace (Locust will attack, nothing else to do then take some Medipack) Follow the crawlspace to a ladder, go up the right hand one to about 2 squares from the top and backflip/roll/grab into a duct, jump/grab around the corner to get into the other one, as this one is a dead end, duck immediately as a Knife Ball drops from the ceiling. Crawl past a trapdoor to the left, to where you can stand again and go over a closed trapdoor, through the Steam-trap to a ladder down into a ventilation shaft, (a flyby will show heavily Guarded rooms with Sentry-guns, a Key-ring and a receptacle at the last Sentry-gun) look for the Revolver and Ammo in the dark right hand corner and the Laser sight to the left, then go use the Jump switch and leave the button alone (brings out Locust).

The Sentry-gun and the Key-ring.

Go back up to that double trapdoor and jump over, grabbing so you can climb down and crawl to the room with the Key-ring. Save as soon as you can stand, maybe locust will visit, get rid of them by moving around and rolling. Then climb the block just next of the crawlspace close to the wall and stand, walk up slowly along the wall till you get shot at, hop back and go to the NE corner, stay as close to the N wall as possible and walk up into the NE corner of walls, then walk slowly S and try to get a shot at the Gun, if it is pointing at you, you can try to go back where you got shot at before, on that block and try to shoot it from there, these are the spots where you will get a chance, so keep trying (you canít hit it in the red spot of the tank, where you normally have to shoot it, but just aim for the side of the tank, closest to that red spot and eventually you will shoot the Bugger). Go get the Keys and shake off the Locust, go to the gate in the N and open it with the Fire switch.

The Cargo Area.

A flyby will show the Submarine dock and the Dock doors that will have to be opened later, go left and right around the dock, to go into that dark passage up the slope, right and follow to a Store room full of crates, itís close to the Dragon room, so Locust will attack on a regular basis, in the back, opposite the entrance is a golden gate, to the left on the crates, near that yellow tank, is the Torch, go get it and look for the burning pipe at the hack-saw in the far corner, light the torch on the pipe, not on the flames or you will be burnt to crisps. Go around to a sprinkler under a pillar next to the crates and use the torch on it, a flame will be extinguished at a Jump switch in the top of this room and a gate opens, go back in the direction of the dock and left is that open gate, (Later) first we go take out a Sentry-gun in the Dragon room, so it wonít bother us later, follow the dark passage past the Dock to the closed gate to the left and go right, spot the Gun near the dead soldier and quickly take a shot at that Gun, before the Locust eat you, sprint to that lever at the end of the platform and throw it, roll and sprint back. Go back through the passage and into that open gate right at the Cargo area. Push the button that will activate the Elevator.

Up the Elevator.

Thereís a closed gate on top, come back here after you pulled the Jump switch on the other side of the room. Go to the other end of the passage and down one step, save and run into the left alcove, then right and look around the left corner to spot the Jump switch on the far wall. The Locust will really have a go at you here. Run onto the Crane-platform when it is away and onto the next, from here you can do a long run jump/grab to the Jump switch ledge, pull and run jump/grab back fast. Go back to the Elevator to find that gate opened, crawl into the crawlspace and drop down to the end of the previous level, near all those closed gates.

Level 4 again.

Head E and back in the direction of that timed door and thereís a closed gate with some Goodies to the right, (never opened??) go to the next one and open it with the Keys you have now, shoot the Guard and get the Laboratory Key from the cabinet at the Snake torches. Return to the other end of the passage and open that big gate in the corner you will walk into.

Workshop with the Button Puzzle.

When you walk onto the walkway a Flyby will show 3 out of the 6 buttons youíll have to push in this room they are 3/4 Ė 2/4 Ė 4/4 (the numbers on that machine after the timed run), you have to push these in the order shown in the Flyby (I donít know what the other buttons did, after the 3 Flyby buttons the door opened already. But better use Ďem all, canít hurt) Notice the closed door on the walkway and go run jump into the alcove with button 3/4 just past that door in the E wall, push it and jump back, jump/grab the rope to swing to the alcove with the anonymous button and the Ammo in the W wall, opposite the walkway. Grab the Ammo and when you push the button a Bug will come out, stand back in the corner and shoot it when it is in the alcove with you, because it will then drop a Medipack right in the alcove. Jump/grab the rope again and turn left, you can swing straight into the next alcove in W wall for button 2/4, back to the rope and to the N platform with the work-bench. On the bench is a Jack Handle, pick it up and jump into the E alcove for the 3/4 button and the door will be open. Jump back to the work-bench and jump/grab the rope to swing to the 1/4 button in W wall, swing to the E alcove over the ladder and push the button before you go down to the ground floor to get Secret #8, some Goodies from the crates, go S and climb up to the walkway, shoot the Bug and go into the open door that brings you out onto the top landing of the Titanic stairs, go right and past that room where you did the timed run, down the stairs and the gate opens to the Snake passage.

The Ventilation Plans.

Follow it back to the 1st Time door, youíll have to re-open it, so go down the stairs and into the room with the pipes left and repeat the sequence to get into that left door in the upper passage, climb over the machine and dive in the pool, swim to the Propeller and use the under water lever left of it, swim up and go get the Plan of the Ventilation from the work-bench. Go out and shoot the Guard that appeared. Go right into the hall and open the right hand door with your Keys.

The Pushblock Puzzle.

There are 4 transparent blocks on ground floor and a big Tile (same texture as the small ones) in the centre of the room, surrounded by pillars with Snake Torches. The blocks have to go onto this Big Tile, but you have to do the 2 in the back first in order to get the others in their places as the back ones go on the back part of the Tile and the front ones on the front part (as you may have guessed already). Each block placed in the right spot, will light up one of the Snake Torches and after they all burn, blocks go up so you can go 1 floor up (thereís a ladder next to the entrance of the room) to push the blocks there to a similar Tile and a gate in the NW on the top floor opens up, climb up one floor and run jump in, throw the lever to open the ground floor E gate. But first jump back and turn left and spot another gate that opened through the wooden pillar, thereís a Monkey swing leading there from the lever, but if you go around to the E side of this wooden pillar, you can simply run jump/grab the Monkey swing and go in to get the Ammo (no Secret?).

The Torch.

Monkey swing back and make your way down to the E side of the room and enter that gate. Swim into a large Lake and just go straight till Lara looks right a bit, the Torch-Key is on the bottom there. Take it and dodge the Sharks swimming back, go through the pushblock room to the hall and left, open the gate to the Torch and get it, head back to the pushblock room to light it and go to the Snake passage to light the 4 Snake torches, then go up the stairs to the top landing of the Titanic stairs and light 2 more (the ones on the centre pillar, the outer ones will not burn)

From this point I went back to that passage between the 2 levels and tried to light the 2 Torches at the cabinet where the Laboratory Key was, hoping that would open that gate next door, but that also didnít work

So after the torches in the Titanic stairs you can go back to the Hall where you got the Torch and into the last door that opened opposite the pushblock room. Go up the ladder and backflip into the passage, go left into a room with Secret #9, some MPs and follow the passage over the holes and past the Spike bags to the next challenge (Last Spike bag, stand left and run jump when the bag goes left).

Follow to a room with a deadly pool and ledges going around the walls a closed gate youíll have to open from the other side of the room, run jump to the gate and to the right ledge at the glass wall, run jump to the lower S ledge and get the Medipack on the block, jump back to the gate and grab up to the ledge above, jump to the ledge on N wall and go all the way around the room, over the burner, to end up at the opening in the NE of the glass wall. Go down the ledges to the button (you can run jump with a grab to the ledge above the button from the 2nd ledge on E wall), you saw in the flyby and push it.

The gate with the key hole opens, so go jump back over the ledges, from the E wall a straight run jump/grab to the one at the hole, because from the corner ledge the pipe will be in the way. From the ledge just through the hole you can run straight down onto the one below on N wall, turn left and straight to the one over the gate and drop to use your Keys inside. The big Propellers in the pool will stop so you can now safely swim through the small tunnel, to the right of the gate with the key hole shown in the flyby before and swim into the flooded ventilation duct toÖ

Level 5 again.

The Room with the many burners.

Go to the E pillar and climb down to the ground floor, this place has a connection to the dragon room in the SE, so Locust will be here again. Go to the switch on the pipes in the NE (opens a gate in the Dragon room), jump over the pipe to the W and go left for the first switch there, that will stop 2 burners on top, so you can reach a passage in the upper NW corner. Climb back up the pillar and go over the ledges where the burners are off to that passage in the NW, shoot the Guard back in the room from here and look down, thereís a Mine field. Just do a long run jump to that slope over the fences and go up (the Medipack will kill you before you can get it) go to the N side and push the button that will open the gate to the Dragon room S so you can go out onto the platform to throw another one of those levers surrounding the Dagon. Head back to the Mine field and run jump straight to the exit and grab up before everything explodes.

The Last Dragon levers.

Go down into the room with the switches and to the last switch in the W of the room, pull it and jump E over the pipe, go right/right and to the opening to the Dagon room, grab the Medipack and sprint in, a bit to the left around the big pillar the Dragon is on and into the opened gates, throw the lever inside and go out right, sprint back to the room with the burners and go up the ladder E, go to the W and shimmy past the burner to the SW corner and go left, open the gate to the Cargo area. Go straight to the dark passage and past the Elevator and Sub Dock to the next gate that opened to the left, go up the ladder to a room with a pole and a lever to the right at the window of the Dragon room, pull the lever at the gate, roll and jump over the work-bench into the hidden passage behind it, go out onto the platform to the Dragon room and throw the lever. A cut scene shows the pillar in the previous room, run jump over the fence and grab the ladder, go down fast and side jump left, sprint forward and into the room with the burners again go up the ladder, thereís some Ammo on the ledge behind it to the left and on top go to the opened gate in the W wall to throw the lever on the platform there, go back in and drop from the edge of the floor to shimmy to the gate to the Cargo area again go back to that room with the pole and youíll see a stand where you can place the Plans to the Ventilation. (Youíll see a crawlspace you went over before, the one with that brick wall)

Place it and go to the open gate in the lower S part of the room, Shoot the Guard and go in to up the sloped passage, shoot a couple of Guards from the entrance and look to the left where you can see a Sentry-gun, shoot it and go to the E side of the room shooting more Guards to pick up the Jack next to the ventilation duct. Go back to the room with the pole and go left into the corner to pick up a well deserved Medipack and go up the pole, backflip to the duct and crawl left into a duct youíve been in before, climb down the duct with the double trapdoor and in the lower duct is that brick wall, go to it and use the Combined Jack and Handle to open the crawlspace above, hop back and grab up, follow to the room where you shot the 1st Sentry-gun go find the receptacle for the Laboratory Key on the centre pillar (a screenshot of a button in the Sub Dock) and go over to the gate you went through before, open it with the switch and go into the Sub Dock, right and at the end, grab up to the dock left and jump to the lower ledge with the button. That button will finally open the Tunnel door under this ledge, dive in and swim to a dark cave, in the far left corner is a small tunnel to the left. Follow to a room that is connected with the Neptune room. (Looks like we will be busy here too!) Get the small medipack from the box.

The Neptune room.

There are 4 Neptune statues around a central pillar in this room, close to every one is a Dog head with a mouth as a crawlspace.

Go down a ladder and turn left walk E on the lower floor and on the right side of the W Neptune youíll find a pillar you can climb and then jump/grab to the left upper ledge, go forward to a lever and throw it to open a trapdoor, no not in the pool below, but in the Dogís mouth.

The S Dog.

Turn around, walk to the end of the ledge and jump to the central ledge, go right and jump to the S one, run jump to the dog and slide/grab, drop/grab and follow the crawlspace to a room with a pool (the stomach?) Dive in and go into the tunnel-system, keep swimming left at crossings, except for dead ends and go up a shaft in the end. Climb the ladder in the alcove and come out at the other side of the S Dog, look for the Jump switch at the exit of the passage and use it. Go back into the tunnel-system and swim around the corner and take the 2nd right, go up in the hole at the wide crossing there and throw the lever to reveal a Trident in the Stomach pool. Dive back in and 2nd left/left/left/left/2nd right and up a newly opened trapdoor, go get that Trident from one of the corners of the Fountain and go back through the Dog, run off to the S Neptune and place the Trident (1st of 4 for that Big door)

The W Dog.

Go up to the central ledge again and run jump/grab to the W Dog, get into the crawlspace that leads to a room where you get a flyby of the Trident behind a series of gates. And 4 switches on the central structure with the Time glass. If you think this is a timed sequence, youíre right. Start with the switch close to the gates and hop back, jump with a left curve forward over the corner of the Time glass block turn right and do the next switch hop back, jump with a left curve forward over the corner to get to the 3rd, the same for #4 and then jump over the corner and sprint right to the end of the gate passage, pick up the Trident and go into the back left corner to use the Jump switch Gives access to the Secret. Go back to the gates as they will open for you, look in the left hand alcove past the 2nd gate and get Secret #10, Crossbow, Medipack and Ammo. Go back to the Neptune room and place the next Trident.

The N Dog.

Inside youíll find reach-in switches with burners around the central pillar, the one near the entrance comes last, go around and do the crawl-trick (crawl to the dead centre of the burner and stand as soon as the fire is gone, hit "Crtl" and immediately hold Crawl again so Lara will duck as soon as sheís done, go around like this and do the one at the entrance last, climb up into the pillar from here and go up the ladder where the flame is now gone to get the trident. Go back to the Neptune room and you know the drill by now. After placing the Trident, roll and jump to the floor under the Dog and go into the left hand passage, follow the ladder up to Secret #11, Ammo, drop out and go up to the central ledge to go E

The E Dog.

That big door you saw in the cut scenes is to the left. Get into the mouth to a room with a sloped pillar left and a gate around the corner to the right, for now climb the pillar from the side and go around to the back after the sloped part and climb to a passage that leads to a switch on the Nose of the Dog (looks like the hood of an old Cadillac) When you pull the switch the gate opens, so get back in the Dog and around the right hand corner, into the gate, make it through the burners to a room with a pole, get up the pole to about on square over the pillar and backflip to it, get the Trident from standing on a corner and go back down the pole. To the Neptune room and place the last Trident to open the door. Go back to the Nose of the Dog and run jump into the tunnel to end the level seriesÖ

Great levels, only the Locust were a bit overdoneÖ

If anybody knows how to get those 2 Secrets?? The one in the burning pit at the Dragon and the one behind the gate in the passage between level 4 and 5, please let me know!!

Dutchy 30-10-2004.