City of Dwarfs.

Level by Agnes.

walkthrough Dutchy.

Level 1 - Old City.

Nice Christmas level without Enemies.

To the right is the hotel, go left and into the alley, to the left are windows you can shoot, go into the room and pull the 2 Pushblocks on S side out of the way to reveal an alcove up right and a passage left, first go up into the alcove, turn around and shoot the grating. Climb in and go up to the roof, shoot another grating. Follow the crawlspace to a cute little square with a water-hole, in the hole is an under water lever, which will open the gate in the left passage at the Pushblocks. So head back down there and enter that passage.

On the square are some crates you can climb and get the Fire Crackers J (Flares) and there is another Pushblock in the SW corner, next to the manifold. Pull it once and go into the passage behind, go right/left and follow to the Key, lying in front of a switch, that will open the gate right. Follow that passage back to the alley at the Pushblock room, get up into the left hand window and turn around, youíll see a lower roof on the opposite building. Jump up there and pull a switch (to the right) to open the Hotel door. Turn around and from the edge of the roof you can jump/grab the opposite yellow roof, go all the way left around the corners to a fence, pull up and hop into the lower passage there to get Secret #1, a Golden Rose in the N.

The Hotel.

Go back and drop down to the street, go W and right to the Hotel. Go in and up the stairs to open the Hotel room, opposite the entrance are some Christmas presents, shoot the right hand blue box and get Secret #2, a Golden Rose, in the opposite corner, next to the Fire place is a button that will show a block has raised in the alley in front of the Hotel. Go back out of the Hotel and right, up the block and to the roof right, thereís a window to the right you can shoot, go in and to the right hand window with the lever that will open a trapdoor somewhere. Go back out after you had a look out over the Old City and in the Hotel alley is an alley to the right. Look for the grating and shoot it to get into the crawlspace, drop down into the shaft in the end.

The Sewers.

Go left/left to get a Medipack and go back, past the shaft and to a room. Climb up to the upper passage and follow to a small square with a closed trapdoor. Go S and into the grating right, shoot more gratings on your way to a room with Presents, shoot the blue box for a small medipack and look in the NW comer behind the plant for a pushblock, push twice and throw the switch, wait for the screen of the trapdoor to open (if you leave too fast it will not open). Then return to that small square and to the open trapdoor, just run in and swim straight (W) and to the right at the crossing, follow to the next levelÖ

Level 2 - The City of Dwarfs.

Town Square.

Get some Fire Crackers in the other side of the fountain and go into "E street" and shoot the grating left, go in and up a ladder in the back of the crawlspace, throw the switch to open a trapdoor. Go out and to E street, right and right to the N side of the red brick house, climb the wall to the crawlspace and follow up to a walkway with the Blue Key. Look left to see the Dwarf running around making funny sounds. Go back to the street and turn N, to the right is a passage leading to a still closed gate and to the left is the trapdoor youíve opened before, climb down to get Secret #3, a Medipack and Fire Crackers. Go out and S, at the fountain right into the W alley and find the grating behind the lamp post, inside are more Fire Crackers.

Out of this alley go right again and into the blue alley where you can use your Blue Key to open the gate, inside is a ladder in the back, turn around and climb to a terrace, to the right is a closed door, to the left a grating, blocked by some stuff, shoot that and go in. Go straight into the passage at the crossing and follow to a pool with fish, on the other side is a Jump switch on the wall, that will open a gate in the other passage, so go back to the crossing and right. Follow to that open gate and get Secret #4 in that small courtyard, a Medipack and Fire Crackers. Back out and to the crossing, up the ladder to go to the terrace again, look N over the fence and spot the window you can shoot.

Run jump over the fence with a grab to land inside the house. Go to the N side and shoot the window there, jump onto the balcony left and go into that house there after shooting the glass. Down the steps and light a Fire cracker to spot the Pushblock right, it goes al the way, turn right and push the next. Then push it into a passage right, again turn right and push the last block, use the switch to open that door on the terrace. Head back over the balcony, run jump back into the other house and run jump over to the terrace. Enter the open door left and follow to the last room, shooting some windows, get the Gate Key from the vases right and return to the terrace, go down to the street and head to that right hand passage behind the red house N of Town Square.

"Santa" Square.

Open the gate and come to "Santa" Square, in the SE corner is a Pushblock, push it all the way until you see a right hand passage (itís on a Blue Tile, donít push it further) go right and push the block in the end of that passage twice so it will be right into a still hidden room, Go into the left passage and into the hidden room push the block, you pushed in just before, to the N and on the Blue Tile (a gate opens) turn around and go to the lamp. left into that passage there and pull the block in front of you into the room and onto the 2nd Blue tile, another gate opens. Go into the opening you got this last block from and into the passage where the gates opened.

The Maze.

Go left/right, follow, right and follow to a pool with the Trident on the bottom. Go back, left at the crossing, then left/right and back through the passage to the pushblocks, and left/right/right to come back to "Santa" Square, place the trident on the Santa statue and the gate opens.

Go into that alley and look for the painting on the left wall, shoot it and get into the hidden passage, dive down into the water and swim to the room, left into the tunnel in the corner of the room. Climb out and turn around to find the cleverly hidden Jump switch on the wall over the water, stand jump/grab and climb back up, shoot the grating and go on to a room with a gate you just opened. Past the gate right is a Medipack, then go to the NE corner and up the block there, look up for a ladder and go up into the crawlspace, follow to a ladder down into another room, empty, but nice to have a look around before you leave through the W passage. Ending up in a room overlooking Town Square , a Flyby will take you through Dwarf City once again and look at those Pigeons on the rooftops., great!!

The end.

Dutchy 12/12/2004.