TR Gold Lara at the Movies.

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About the (Authorized) Walkthroughs: As this is a combined effort in making a walkthrough for a huge project, more players submitted their walkthroughs, so there will be  a variety in styles, maybe not all the Pickups are mentioned, but that will leave you something to look for…

Summary of the levels. (The Movie Theatre levels walks are at the beginning of each Movie walk.)

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The Movie Theatre (part 1) The Key Puzzle.  Director: Michael Prager.
   Cinema 1- Feature 1  The Blair Witch Project.  Director: Elvis Tupcijenko (eTux).
  Feature 2  Alfred Hitchcock's Double Feature.  Director: Debbie Overstreet.
 Mystic Thrillers.          2-A  Rebecca.   "
           2-B  Psycho.   "
The Movie Theatre (part 2)  The Block Puzzle.  Michael Prager.
  Cinema 2- Feature 1 Indiana Jones/Temple of Doom.  Director: Todd Shurtz (Raider X).
 Temples and Pyramids. Feature 2  Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb.  Director: Josep Borrut.
The Movie Theatre (part 3)  The Timed Jumps.  Michael Prager.
  Cinema 3- Feature 1  Pirates of the Caribbean  Director: Michael Allan.
            1-A  The Black Island.   "
  Ocean and Jungle.           1-B  The Black Pearl.   "
  Feature 2  The Treasure Island.  Director:Antonio Tarantello (Psiko).
The Movie Theatre (part 4)  The Door Labyrinth..  Michael Prager.
  Cinema 4-      
  Feature 1  12 Monkeys.  Director: Thierry Maynard
  Demonic Experiences. Feature 2  Hound of the Baskervilles.  Director: Szymon Cupryn (Emoo).
The Movie Theatre. (part 5)  The Jump Pit.  Michael Prager.
  Cinema 5- Feature 1  Star Wars-Episode 1.  Director: Scott Ginn (EssGee).
            1-A  Tatooine.   "
 Distant Galaxies.           1-B

 The Pod Race.

            1-C  The Battleship.   "
  Feature 2  Stargate.  Director: Titia Drenth. (Titak)

 Military Installation.

            2-A  Beyond the Stargate.   "
            2-A  Inside Goa’uld Star Ship.  "
The Movie Theatre. (part 6)  The Labyrinth swim.  Michael Prager.
  Cinema 6- Feature 1  Jurassic Park.  Director: George Maciver
  Enemies           1-A  Jurassic Park-part one.   "
  of Past and Future.           1-B  Jurassic Park-part two.   "
   Feature 2  Alien-Resurrection.  Director: Kerstin Schlott (Codo)
The Movie Theatre. (part 7)    The Vase/Star Puzzles (Grand Finale)  Michael Prager.