Catacombs at the Coast.

Level by Nils Benqfort.

Walkthrough by Dutchy and Gerty (D&G Productions).

First room.

There are 2 pools with trapdoors, both closed, look for the crawlspace in the NE corner and get the shotgun ammo from it, you can see the Shotgun behind the window. Go back out and to the NW corner passage, right at the crossing and come to a crossing, go left and down into the room there, look up in the S wall to spot the opening to the Guardian room (later) go into the NW corner to come to the Spike room.

Spike room.

Careful, you can easily walk off that ledges, jump to the ledge in front and then run jump to the dark NE corner to get Secret #1, ammo. Run jump back to the center ledge and turn around, run jump and grab the ladder left of the secret alcove go left and up a bit, backflip with a roll and grab the ladder behind you. Go right around the corner and to the right ladder, backflip to a sloped ledge, keep jumping till you hear the boulder coming, relax it ill not hurt you. Grab up to the spiked wall in front and shimmy right a bit before you go up and over the wall into the water, find the opening in the N wall Crocs here so keep on swimming, follow the caved in tunnels to a wider room where you can climb up the W side at the palm trees. Get the Crowbar and hop back in the water after you checked if you can shoot some Crocs. Swim into the E sloped tunnel to a trigger tile that will open the trapdoor ahead.

First room. (2nd time)

Go into the NW passage again and right at the crossing, shoot the Wild Boars and open the right hand gate with the Crowbar. Go in and up the crawlspace up in the left back corner, follow to a dark pit with skeletons waking up on the central pillar, run jump and grab to that pillar, shimmy right around 2 corners till you are in front of the ammo and with your back to the gate in the N side, pull up and quickly get the ammo as the skeletons jumped to the side ledges, hop back and grab the edge again, on the E ledge is a small medipack, you can go get it and then run jump to the gate N. Open it and go in, go up the left block and into the N passage to slide to the

Hathor Effigy room.

A fly by will show the room and the Hathor Effigy on the burner block in the center. The block is too high to climb, we have to do something about that. Run jump and grab to a ledge in the dark SE corner. Go in right and step on the trigger tile, go out and to the N side of the ledge, run jump to the sloped ledge you see to the N and up the next higher ledge, look for the sloped pillar next to the burner block and run jump there with a left curve so you’ll slide down backwards, garb the edge and pull up, backflip with a roll and a grab into the opening in the E wall, follow through to the other corner of the room.

Run jump to the first ledge with the darts and then a run jump with a grab to the next,  hop back and grab fast from this one as a boulder will come out of the right hand passage, pull back up and have a look to the NW corner. Run jump to the Flares there. Turn around, look SE to spot the sloped pillar next to the burner block. A run jump with a curve left in the end and slide down backwards, grab and go right as far as possible, pull up and backflip with a roll and a sharp left curve to land on the ledge on the W wall, go into the passage to a spike room with a slped trigger tile, run jump to the tile from the entrance. (The slope to the Heathor Effigy is up now) Slide backflip to a safe ledge behind, then jump back onto the exit with a grab, go back out to the big room and right, run jump to the sloped ledge on the wall with a right curve and be sure to slide of backwards, grab the edge and shimmy left to the corner where you can climb up.

From this triangular ledge you have to do a run jump to the ledge in the SW corner, go run jump with a grab to the E to get back to the entrance of the room, go up the slope to the burner block and get the Hathor Effigy. Go back to that SW ledge and after you grabbed the edge drop to the red pillar below, turn right and jump to the one N, then into the opening in W wall where a trapdoor opened when you picked up the Effigy.

Go in and find a room with 2 high pillars, go up the ladder on the back of the left pillar and from the top jump onto the blue (color of water) trigger tile. Just slide off and land in the water below, swim SE and down to get back to the big room. left and to the far SE corner at the bottom to find a minuscule crack to swim in, follow the tunnel straight to the wider room where you can go up to get the Gate Key.

Try to shoot as many Crocs as possible and dive back in, going left at the crossing, you will find ammo in the end, go back, straight at the crossing and follow to a next crossing (straight is a small crevice with a small medipack, we couldn’t get) go left and left again, follow to another crossing, out of air go right first, to trigger the trapdoor to open and get some air, swim back to the crossing and right, up in the small triangular hole to get that Shotgun from behind the window. Then go back to the trapdoor and up to the First room. (3rd time)

The Gem Square.

Go NW and into that passage, right and to the left gate, open it and go in, follow the small passage left around the gate and come to the Gem square. A flyby will show the handle, 2 receptacles for Gems and the exit gate that has to be opened. Go right and find the crawlspace in the W wall near the gem receptacles. Go through to come to an area with a bridge like structure, in the S is a small medipack. Go into the opening in the W wall and get the Crossbow from the ledge, a skeleton wakes up, run out and shoot him into the water, back in for the ammo and shoot the next skeleton into the water, go back through the crawlspace E.

On the other side right, to the back of that pillar in the SW corner, climb the ladder and turn S, jump to the ledge in the corner to get the Flares there. Jump back to the pillar and to the W gate, open it and go in to reach the

Top of the bridge.

Stay where you are and shoot the wild boars running around the trees in the N. Go there and take a running jump with grab and open the door with the crowbar. Slide down to the beach and draw your guns as crocs are attacking.

In the NE corner underwater is a small crawlspace you can swim through, go immediately to the right and at the end climb out into a passage. Skeletons roam around, go straight to a room with more Skeletons and a pit.Go into one of the W passages and step on a trigger tile in the back. Go into a SE passage and you are on top of the square. Grab the crack in the in right hand pillar, shimmy around to the other side to get the Ornate Handle.

Do a safety jump down and run to the SE corner, go back to the gate. Go S and climb down (remember that opening in the S wall) Climb the pillar opposite that opening and back flip into it, combine the Ornate Handle with the Hathor Effigy and place the Portal Guardian in its slot. The trapdoor opens, jump in and run through the door (bug) get some nice arrows at the crossing there.

Spike rooms.

Go left and better save at the entrance of the room. Do a running jump with roll, immediately jump again and grab the ladder, shimmy all the way to the left. Go up a bit and a back flip, immediately a side flip left (boulder), slide and jump to the next block, immediately do a standing jump (boulder) into the opening right in front of you. Follow to the next opening.

A standing jump forwards, slide and jump, slide and jump again and immediately back flip (because a boulder drops) slide and jump back, just over the boulder. Turn around and hop once back onto the ramp (to trigger the next boulder) and run jump to the opposite slope again and slide a bit and back flip over that second boulder.

Go up where that boulder came from and to the left. In the opening there you can see a jump switch. Take a running jump and grab the switch. This de-activates the spikes. Now go W, over the boulders and get the First Gem in the NW corner. Go back to the beginning of this room, jumping over the boulders.

Now you go to the other spike room straight ahead (W) better save here as well. Take a running jump to the slanted block straight ahead, jump and then jump to a ladder. Climb the ladder shimmy all the way to the left (till you hang over the sloped block below), let go, slide down and jump with a roll with a right curve to the next ladder. Shimmy to the right, climb almost to the top and back flip with roll and grab to yet another ladder.

Shimmy around the corner (left) and climb till Lara’s head is almost touching the ceiling and stay as close to the right as possible. Back flip and roll jump, jump with a curve to the left, immediately jump with roll and grab the ladder. Go up a bit, back flip and roll to yet another ladder, shimmy left around the corner. Place Lara’s feet two steps from the bottom and back flip with roll and grab into the opening. Crawl through and get out, keep her hands on that ledge and take another backflip to a pillar with a crack. Shimmy right around the corner and climb up the ladder.

Now grab the monkey climb and climb it all the way to the other side of this room. Drop into the passage and you can get the Second Gem from a pedestal. A standing jump with a right curve out of this passage will get you to the entrance of this room. Go E down the corridor, climb back up and at the end climb down. Go NE and find that climbable wall to get back to the gates. Take the left opening and follow through and place the gems at Gem Square. You have some explosives arrows now so use them.

Turn around, the gate there is open and slide down to the end trigger of this level.