Level: Codo (Kerstin Schlott)

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

Great flyby, look at that church window.

Near the Church.

Go to the square next to the Church and a Spirit will show up, run to the highest cross at the church and run around it till the Spirit is gone. (At least thatís what worked for me, according to the posts there are more ways to get rid of the Spirits and Wraiths in this level and you have to find out whatís working for you.) After this go opposite the Church and open the blue doors of the small house, go up the stairs and right, climb up the attic, shimmy right or left till you can pull up and shoot the Bat. Go around to a trapdoor and jump over one of the corners so it will open, then drop down when the Spikes below retracted and use the switch in the corner. Shoot the Dog that will show up and go outside to the big doors which opened in the E of the square, go left into a yard with a pool and find the Flares near the lantern NE, then go to the SE corner next to the church to use the switch and open a door inside. Go into the big doors and to the door you just opened. Get the small medipack (not much eh?) and follow the corridor to the Fountain.

The Church.

Go right and enter the church, the gate will close behind you, go to the altar and pick up the Silver Key. Go to the S window and climb up, jump to the top of the confession booth and run jump/grab the 1st rope, aim for the 2nd and go one step up from the bottom of the rope, swing grab the next, go on like this and land in the other window, get some Flares and push the button, the door to the Crypt opens in the SW. Jump over the railing and go down to the Crypt. Shoot a Bat and follow to the back along the right wall and right into the next Tomb. Thereís a Medipack in the next room, but I strongly advise you not to take it. Pull the switch you will find here and sprint back up to the Church gate, as it is timed.

The Knight Room.

Go to the E of the Fountain square and follow the passage to the Knight room, open the NE door and go in, shoot the box on the left lower crate and hop over to the NE corner behind the crate, get the Flares and go back, a Torch appeared on the lower crate, take it later. Shoot the other boxes on the floor so you have some room to move the other crates. Pull 3 crates to the N and push the one at the E wall into the alcove E, now you can move the S crate into the SW alcove and pull the E crate back out and N, use the switch behind it and go move all crates to the S side of the room, so one crate in the pile, opposite the entrance to the room can be pulled out and aside, a secret passage is revealed, go in and get the Dagger. A door opens somewhere in the Library. (For later) Take the Torch to the Knight room and drop it there for now.

The Blades.

Go to the SE door which opened when you pulled the switch and drop down the hole with the Blades, from the right side corner, you can see where the Blade is if you look down and right, time the drops and down in the hole, stand left side, back to the crawlspace (crawlspace), climb back in and drop, turn left immediately and jump up to grab the ladder. Climb up and left to the higher ledge. Drop and push the button inside to change the Boulder slope into stairs, climb them and run jump across the pit, from one side to the wooden platform at the switches, pull 1 and 3 from the left and jump back to climb past the blades to the Knight room. The N gate to the Stars opened, go in and take the Breastplate from the pile of Gold, and go back to the Knight room, a Horseman will show up, shoot him while hopping back from him. Take the Horsemanís Gem when he perishes and go open the S gate with it.

The Chain Room.

Enter and get the blood dripping Heart in the SE corner and go to the chain in the NW, stand back to the wall and run jump /grab the ladder over the pit, climb left and to the ladder left of the sloped ledge, backflip/roll/grab the pole and turn, to backflip to a ledge with a chain to pull. Run jump/grab to the ladder in the SW and climb up and left around the corner, drop and follow the passage to a trapdoor which opened. You can get the Torch now if you want, so you have some light in the darkness, light it on the torch next to the entrance of the Knight room W and drop it on the floor somewhere.

The Crypt.

Make a detour to the Fountain first, look for the blue doors SW in the square, open them and go to a globe S, a Horseman will show up, better run outside to take care of him. Go back in and right/right, up the stairs to a door to the Church you opened before, go down to the Crypt again and now to the left corner, place the Heart in the small alcove left of the SW gate. Go in to claim Secret #1, Ammo, Medipack and Flares.

The Library.

Go back to the Library and to the Globe, look for the scratch marks on the carpet, the Globe was moved! Move it back over the scratches to the N and then E, a secret door will open next to you. Follow the passage to the balcony, get the Crossbow next to the Skeleton and push a button in the corner alcove while youíre up here. (Gate opens at the Stars) Return to the Knight room by jumping over the balcony into the fountain below. Go to the Chain room and take the torch with you before climbing down into the trapdoor.

The Prison Catacombs.

Follow the passage till you get a screenshot of the Crowbar, donít linger here as a Spirit will show up, drop the torch and push the last block right in twice and go right, follow past the cells to the Guards room and over a bronze trapdoor to the N, drop into the lower right passage, crawl into the crawlspace and follow to a Cellar with the sound of dripping water, nice sound! Run over the bridge to the other side and the burner will start on the ledge, the Spirit will kill itself on it. Shoot the Bat. Go back to the Guards room and get the Keys from the vase on the floor. Open the cell where you see the Medipack, the other only has a pesky Skeleton ( Quite annoyed because of the lack of food) You can light the torch in the guard room if you want, didnít find out what it did, also can you open the trapdoor after pushing one of the blocks out of the way. Just head back to the Cellar and S and dive into the water, find the small tunnel right side and follow to the Scroll, get it and return, tricky swim up the sloped tunnel. Go to the crawlspace just over the tunnel you just swam into, get the Flares and follow to a Cellar with a small medipack on a crate and a passage right, squeeze past the Boulder and find the Laser sight on the steps, next to the Skeleton. Go back to the 1st cellar, shoot the vase on the bottom of the pool with the Crossbow (equipped with Laser sight), and dive in to get Secret #2, Arrows.

Swim N, into the small tunnel E under bridge. Go over the right hand ledge and get the Medipack in the deep part, climb out on the E part of the floor at the Burner. You have to pull the Chain here to open the under water gate NE, check your health and stand in the SE corner of the Burning Tile, run for the chain and pull, hold the back arrow while Lara is pulling and keep an eye on the health. Take a Medipack whenever you need it and hop back into the water, out the gate. Swim through the grating and to the W along the right hand wall, donít get caught in the current and right into he tunnel, along bottom and right wall to back, left and get the Shotgun, go on W and out left, up where you come out of the tunnel and climb the low ledge, the burners next to this ledge will go off, Timed that is, as soon as you leave this ledge, the timer starts ticking. Jump over the sloped parts to the E and go left into the 2nd one, sprint to the back to get a Medipack and sprint to the water, do the sequence once more but now all the way to the NE corner. Pull the chain there to open a gate on the other side of the room and jump over to go to the crawlspace.

Stand in the centre of the Tile E of the burner and aim for the corner of the crawlspace, crawl carefully over the corner of the burner and W, take the Crowbar left and go up the sloped tunnel to get some Ammo, return and go climb down the N shaft. Climb right and drop to the ledge to get a small medipack, run jump from this ledge to the ladder on E wall, just above the crack and get up fast, after the first steam blower, go along left wall and up to the passage, taking you back to the Chain room. Go to the Knight room and notice the 2 Skeletons on your heels, go to the Fountain and shoot them in to the water. Go back to the Knight room and get the 2 Stars in the Treasury, crawl under the blowers on the right hand side and get the 1st, run jump to the other and get out of the room with a run jump to get past the steam quickly. Go to the Library.

 The Library.

Go to a book shelf in the SW corner and find the book sticking out, use it to open a gate up on the shelves in the SE corner. Climb up and go in to push the button to kill the Spikes at the next Stars and claim Secret #3, Arrows. Go down and to the W side of the room, left and go get the next 2 Stars. A Fire Wraith comes out, sprint to the Fountain and dive in to get rid of it, go place the 4 Golden Stars to open the gate to the Castle.

The Castle. 

Place one of the Stars close to the entrance last, as a Horseman will try to mount the horse. Side jump to the entrance fast and run in, shooting the pistols and if youíre lucky you can stop him from mounting the horse, so he will be an easier target. Enter the Castle and go up the right hand stairs, look for the Scroll receptacle and place it quickly, a Wraith comes to make life hard, roll after the Scroll is placed and run down the E stairs, drop off the right side, sprint S and into the garden, shooting a Dog and run into the dark SW corner at the tree, this is the spot where the Wraith will lose interest, you will probably see it a few times, but it is harmless now. Go to the flowerbed in the N and get Secret #4, a Medipack. Go back to the stairs and up to the piano, open the doors in the SE corner. Go in and open the right hand doors, the ones left and get the Red Crystal inside. Step out of the pool and go left/left, push a button in that room, to open the Castle Gate, but if you follow my directions you donít have to go back there, as long as you donít open the other set of blue doors on to of the stairs.

Go back to the ground floor the way you came here and to the W side of the stairs, open the door with the Crystal and go to the big Hall, Lara will look up to a trapdoor left as you go in to the left, the trapdoor will open as you approach, the green floor tiles are the trigger. Head back up to the 1st floor and S, into a bedroom, look in the Fire place for a ledge to climb up to and follow the crawlspace to a room at the trapdoor, slide in and jump/grab the Monkey swing (monkey swing) on the right side and go to the button. Drop down, roll and run into the door N, follow to the Torch, go back and shoot a Horseman. Pick up the torch again and hop on the big table, light your torch on the one burning candle and light three others, the big doors open. Go out and follow the Labyrinth to the NW shooting a couple of nasty Dogs.

The level will end as Lara walks into the distanceÖ

Great level, bit dark, but good looking and certainly nice to play.