The Quest of Gold Series. (Original version)

1 Canadian Forest 9   Nuclear Base 17 Caves of Midas
2 The Gold Mine 10 General Contamination 18 The Ship Graveyard
3 Indian Sanctuary 11 The Hidden Palace 19 Voodoo Magic in Martinique
4 Portal of the Great Spirit 12 Tears of a Lost Dynasty 20 The Flying Dutchman
5 Mineral City 13 Wrath of the Dragon 21 Aboard the Damned Ship
6 Depths of the Mine 14 Mountains of Saint Francis  
7 Hidden Forest 15 Hall of Legends  
8 The Mystic Experiment 16 Poseidon's Domain  

1 - The Canadian Forest.

Level by Thibault Chatelus[TC 14]

Walkthrough  Dutchy.

The Land Rover got engine trouble, so you’ll have to go on foot. Turn E from where you stand and look under the first tree behind the small rocks to find the Uzis, get them by crawling to them. Proceed E and follow to a narrow path between to sloped ledges, a Bear comes around the corner, get up onto the right hand sloped ledge and shoot it. Follow the path up a cave and watch out for those Icicles. A Bold Eagle attacks when coming out of the cave, quickly stand backwards in the left hand SE corner and shoot it, it can’t harm you from here. Go on following the trail to where another Bear attacks, just after that you can climb into the left hand crawlspace in the corner behind the tree. Follow the crawlspace to a small cave where another passage leads you to the Mine Canyon.

The Mine Canyon.

2 Bold Eagles attack. Shoot them from standing in a corner and see the deep canyon with the railway tracks. There are some buildings in the E cave, but first we go W. Hop to the slope there and go up to the Power Site. 2 Baddies stand guard behind the Cabana, get some Ammo from one of them and have a look around, you can go in 3 directions from here.

Cabana square.

N route:

Go into the next forest area and shoot the Bold Eagle, a Bear a bit further, climb over the ridge to the left and find a small medipack up in the SW corner of the forest. Look in the trench (NW) behind the ridge you climbed for Secret #1, a pile of Ammo, then go over the ridge in the E to find another small medipack in the SE corner of the forest. Go on to the N and shoot your next Bold Eagle, watch out for the pit after you went up the slope where you had to jump up. Run jump over the pit and proceed to an old corroded building where a Baddy will open fire, go around the left side of the building and have a look inside to spot the Valve wheel, you’ll have to collect later after you got the Crowbar.

The Fuse.

Find the passage with the overhead piping in the E and follow to the end to come to a cave with a snow hill in the center, shoot a Bold Eagle and a Bear and go down, look around for a small medipack left and climb the block with the tree SE, run jump onto the snow hill and shoot the box to get the Fuse from it. Go back through the passage NW and follow the path back, all the way to…

Cabana square.

W route:

Go W past the Cabana and into the Ice cave there. Shoot the Bear and go on into the SW corner where a wide opening gives access to a deep cave with a frozen lake, drop/hang from the edge and go shimmy right to where you can drop/grab a lower crack, go right and drop onto the pillar in the dark corner, roll and run jump/grab to the pillar W. Enter the crawlspace and follow to another cave with a switch in the E. that will drain the lake in the deep cave, get the Flares on your way out and crawl back to the deep cave, drop from the side of the pillar and then down into the dry lake.

Head N and shoot the 3 Bold Eagles and come to a dark pit with Ice ledges, jump over to the other side and from the white ledge a stand jump/grab into the opening with the door, go in and shoot the Baddy. Find the Shotgun on the floor and some Ammo behind the table next to the entrance and most important the Cabana Key on the work bench. Head back over the Ice ledges and be careful, there are 2 Bears running around in the next cave, try to shoot them from the ledge or just hop in and mingle. Go S and into the dry lake, right and climb up in the corner, there’s a ladder near the tree and when upstairs again follow the cave back to…

Cabana square.

Go E and along the right side past the Cabana to the next corroded structure, till you are at a crevice in the S wall

S route:

Climb up in the crevice in the rock wall and shoot the 2 Bears down in the next cave, drop onto the lower ledge and head to the ladder NE where you can go down to a lower passage, follow to an area with a Bear and go to the SE corner passage to the tracks in the Mine Canyon, go onto the track and head S. To the right is a small door, open it and shoot the Baddy. Go to the left and into the lower tunnel at the red barred fence open the trapdoor on the other side and climb up to place the Fuse in the NW corner of the generator. A gate opens in the N side of the Canyon, Get the small medipack from the N side of the room and head back through the tunnel, climb up at the most left (NW) corner at that red barred fence and go out to the Canyon. Shoot the Bear there and head carefully N over the track, it’s damaged. Stand jump from one step back from the edge and a run jump to the next part of the track and go up to the Mine cart. Shoot the 2 Baddies down on the tracks while you slide down and pick up the Secondary Complex Key one of them drops. E are some buildings we will visit alter to get the 2 Valve wheels. Head back S (you can go over the snowy side of the track and jump back to where the Mine cart is) and up to the Canyon, to the S over the damaged part and into the passage right of the S cave, to get back (shoot another Bear) to the passage that leads to the ladder up to the cave at the…

Cabana square.

The Secondary Complex.

Head E and jump over the corner of the Canyon to the ledge where you shot the Eagles, look for the snowy ledge with the ladder on the E side of the Canyon and run jump over to it, climb up and go in the building, shoot the 2 Baddies and go to the caged off area S, get the Ammo from the work bench and open the door in the back with the key you have, go in and shoot the next Baddy. Get his Ammo and look for the box to shoot to the right, inside is more Ammo, another Baddy shows up and asks for the same treatment as the others.

Follow the passage to a green area and head up to the SE door, inside you have to shoot the Baddy and open the N door, the E one comes later after you’ve collected the 4 Valve wheels needed in that room. Go E to the last room and get the Crowbar from the desk and head back to the green area, up into the other building W and coming out of that passage left at the steel fence. Follow to where you can climb a ridge overlooking the canyon and from the SW tree you can do a curved run jump to a tree over the S cave. Go up to get Secret #2, all kinds of Ammo and a Medipack

The 4 Valve Wheels.

Climb down from the ledge at the tree to land on the lower track and head N again, over the damaged part of the track and up to the N complex. Down the slope and E, find the most E structure and get that 1st Valve wheel from it, turn around and go into that W building, get the small medipack from the work bench and the 2nd Valve wheel in the back. Coming out, you are under fire so shoot that Baddy and head back to the Canyon, to the S and into the right hand passage to get back to the Cabana. Go to the W side of the Cabana, shoot the 2 Baddies and find the Keyhole left of the path to the entrance, go in to get the 3rd Valve wheel. Go out and look for the small medipack dropped by the 2nd Baddy and go around the N side of the Cabana to the E, left into the N route and follow the trail (watch out for that pit), shoot the Bear and go get the 4th Valve wheel from the building there. Head back to the Cabana square and left to the canyon, over to the Secondary Complex.

Using the Valve Wheels.

Follow the route down to the steel fence, shooting a Baddy. Through the S passage to the green area and up to the E building, open the E door and place the 4 Valve Wheels on the axles, the go to the N room where you found the Crowbar before and find the E door open.

Go in and go to the door past the piping, follow the rooms to one with a desk, from which you can get some Ammo, a Baddy opens fire, so go to the W room fast and take him out, get the Gold Mine Key from the desk and a Medipack from the box, shoot more Baddies and head back to the green area, through the passage to the fence and left there to the ridge where you jumped to the secret before, from the lowest part of the ridge, you can just run down onto a sloped ledge and slide to the track below, enter the S cave and look to the left for a Control  panel that needs a Key. The S gate to the Mine opens, shoot the Baddies and get the Ammo in the entrance and  go down to dig some Gold…

Keep a save from just before sliding down the slope.

End of a nice level.

30-12-2004.                                                                                       To:  QoG level 2 The Gold Mine.