Caitlynís Castle.  

Level by LarryBracing.

Walk by Dutchy.

There are no Flares (or I was unable to find them) and thatís not very nice in a level with so many dark places you HAVE to visit. Why Shotgun ammo without a Shotgun and no Flares? You can use the pistols (constant firing) to light your path.

 Just after you dropped off the 1st slope you have to jump, otherwise you will fall in a pit.

The Burners. 

Ahmet just leaves his spot on the burner walkway and all burners start, time the runs through the burners (a help can be to save and reload, the burners will be off when the screen starts). On the other side of the walkway Ahmet will open the door and you can follow him into a room where there is some Ammo, Ahmet will push the button for you and returns through the burners to a Skull Tile on the opposite wall, nothing left to do that follow him back and run jump into the opening heís looking at, inside the gate will drop shut behind you.

Room with the block.   (ground floor)

Go left and right  to the pedestals and get the Goodies, some Dogs can attack here, go along the W wall to the lower N side of the room and find a Crowbar (sword) on the floor, just right of it is a button to open the gate in N wall, but first look on the dark NE corner pillar (E flank) for a Jump switch that will open the next gate of the room N. 

Enter the room and look for the transparent bridge to the left, go over and shoot the vase for the Laser sight, go into the next room and see the gate to the left, in the center of the room is a block with a pit inside. A Knight might appear (but most of the times he didnít) and he will drop some useless Ammo after youíve shot him (like a horseman)

Open the gate with the sword and go in, follow to a reach-in switch to open the trapdoor in the block upstairs, roll and shoot the Dog. Go back, climb the block and dive into the pit. Swim the grim tunnel and go 1st right, (2nd right has a nice trap, brought to you by Indy Jones) follow the crooked tunnel and just before the shaft up to another passage is a shaft down, go in to get the Golden Vraeus. Then swim up and follow the upper passage to the upper level of the room with the block.

Room with the block.  (1st floor)

In the W is a Crowbar gate and in the middle block is a ledge with a small medipack, a run jump will get you to and from the block, open the gate and go up the long passage to theÖ

Room with the block.  (2nd floor)

In the N is a closed door, the receptacle for the Vraeus is in the E, opposite the gate it will open. Enter that gate and go up to a room with useless Ammo and the Revolver on the pedestals. Donít go up there yet.

Timed Run.

First find the trapdoor in the SE corner, it will open the moment you step on the Revolverís side of the ledge with the pedestals and itís timed, so Save first, then get up the ledge, just donít get the Ammo and donít even step on that side of the ledge as the trapdoor will be triggered and wonít reset but go for the Revolver only, as that Tile under the pedestal will trigger the trapdoor to open. Go stand back to the wall, save and run jump to that trapdoor, sprint in and you should just make it.

Go up the ladder to the ledge in the top of the room, go left to the end and look behind the pillar closest to you for a swinging blue ball that will show every now and then, shoot it and a block goes up on the other side of the ledge, go up there to get Secret #1, Ammo and that will also trigger the door below (N) to open. A Ninja shows up, shoot him and drop down from the ledge to enter that door, inside the ledge youíre on triggers a timed gate to the left to open.

Lava room-timed jumps.

Here you have to stand on the center of the entrance ledge, stand jump forward, then side jump left, forward twice, right once, forward once, left twice and backflip twice, then side jump left twice and you should be inside the gate.

Past the gate is a passage, just before the 2nd left corner is a Jump switch in the ceiling (later),

First climb the ladder in that shaft opposite the Jump switch and get the Golden Star from the wall, down the ladder to the Jump switch, use it and go around the corner fast to escape the Spike ball that will drop right behind you. Go past the door that needs the Golden Vraeus and come to a room with a timed Spike-puzzle.  

Timed Spike-puzzle.

Around the central block are blocks with Spike-traps that hide buttons and N is the door that has to be opened. Go up the central high block and see the trigger tile, the spikes at the entrance will go down, drop in that alcove to push the 1st button, the S spikes go down, sidestep a bit and jump/grab up to the central block, drop in front of the S button, careful with that burner behind you, sidestep a bit and jump/grab up to the central block again and go to the N alcove where a block went down, up the central block again and to the last button W. Careful with the burner better go over the central block again and into the now open N door.

Reach a dark cave (where are the Flare pickups???) and follow the path up carefully, at the end you can jump/grab the crawlspace and get the Guardian Key out of that room, drop back out, turn around and stand jump/grab back to the higher path, get the Golden Vraeus lying there  and return to the Spike room. The Guardian Key (to be placed in the NE corner) will open the exit door, but itís timed and the trigger stretches along the E side of the room, what worked for me was to go W from the corner and up the blocks, over to the S side, along the S wall to the SE corner. Save and go as close as you can get, so a side jump or stand jump (or hop back and sprint in, aim for the right hand side of the opening) will get you just inside the door. 

Place the Golden Vraeus to open the door in the passage and drop down. Then sprint fast down the passage, before a Spike ball drops on you and in the next room is the Amulet of Horus for the taking. An earthquake rocks the room. Return to where you came from. That passage is blocked by fallen debris, but to the right, behind that Snake burner is a sloped ledge up and left, jump into the passage and follow to a room with a large Statue with a Medipack at his feet, on the SW side of it, on the left pillar is a button that will open a trapdoor in the pool in the W room. Go in and around to the W side, swim down the tunnel and follow to a pit where you have to pull the under water lever, go up the rest of the tunnel and you are on the bottom of a long and boring ladder, go up to reach the 1st ledges of the pool room, go to the W side and run jump/grab to the ledge in the central pillar, push the big button to open the gate in the S, jump back and follow that passage up to the next floor, shoot the Ninja and go out to the central pillar, get the small medipack and find the SE pillar E flank seems to be climbable.

Go all the way up and jump to the lever that will open the S gates in the Statue room. Take a nice dive down into the water and head E, past the Statue and S into the open gates, pick up the Eye of Horus and the level ends with a flyby, run down where the flyby suggestedÖ

 Dutchy 16/12/04.