Bartoliís Last Stand.

Level by Marksdad.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Into the Mansion.

Slide down and shoot the bat, go to the other side of the man hole and open it. Jump down into the sewer and shoot the rat. Follow through and swim to the end of this small canal and pick up a small medipack from the bottom.

Get out of the water and shoot three goons; two of them drop Shotgun ammo and a small medipack. In the NE corner near a plant is a lever that opens the door at the opposite side. Take a running jump into the middle of the knifes-trap and then another hop over the last two, and start killing the dogs and another goon that sneaks up behind you.

Harp Puzzle & Timed Run.

Now we are doing some preparing for the next task. Go into the corridor on the left (E) and shoot three
rats (The gate with "Marksdad's unreachable Medipack can be ignored).
Then go back to the harp and push it on the tile on the W wall. Go to the SE corner and use the TIMED lever.
Turn left run jump and turn right into the passage, sprint and jump onto the crate, a running jump straight onto the ledge and do a roll. Take a running jump to grab the ledge in front of the open gate and get through.
Just inside the gate is another lever, this lifts the harp up to the wooden walkway. Push the harp on the marked tile (E wall), you might get hindered by two rats though.

Toxic Room.

Safety drop down and go into the open door S, make a save in front of the gate that will open and dash to the three levers and flip them (best is: First on the right W, then E, turn right and straight forward S wall, side flip right to the open door).
Get in the open door so you can get some clean air, take a medipack and shoot the goon. Go to the E wall and climb up the ladder on the bookcase.
On top you find a Medipack, Shotgun ammo and a floor lever, so push it to open a door in the Toxic Room.

The Crowbar.

The door on the right (E) is open, inside is another lever (opens a door in a passage we go to now, behind a crowbar panel). Run out, to the NW corner of the Toxic Room where you'll find the Crowbar on the floor. Go back to the library and take a right, use the crowbar on the panel there (SW) and up the stairs to where you opened the gate with the lever on the bookcase.

Deadly Pool Jumps, a Shotgun.

Take a running jump over the deadly water and grab the ladder, climb up and roll, running jump to the other side and pull up, back flip/roll and grab the next ladder, up to the crack and just climb right, and shimmy the rest to where you can climb up. Shoot the bats that are bothering you as well as the goon and have a look where that goon dropped, he dropped a Shotgun. Jump down with Ctrl into that passage to get it, then go back up to the ledge where you left off. Climb up the ladder, pull up close to the wall because some debris will fall down. Pull up into the crawlspace S to get a small medipack, drop out again. Slide down E and jump to grab (or just run jump and grab) to the opening in the wall and crawl in.

Boulder and Spikes!
Save before running down the slope. When you run down it is easier to run straight and to the right hand opening as a boulder will drop down. Then carefully walk to the ball and look up, on the ceiling is a safe path hint you have to follow into the alcove at the opposite side to trigger the gate to open.

Table Push.

In the next room grab the Shotgun ammo on the right and push all three tables out of the way and under the third table you'll find the only
Secret, a Medipack.


Go up the steps, and use the zip line, jump onto the right hand roof and then kill the goon (or shoot the goon before using the zip line, with the shotgun). Pick up Shotgun ammo and a small medipack from the roofs and jump back to the zip line. On one side of the block is a jump lever. Get back onto the block and lower down on the other end, the door there is open.

Heart of the Beast.

Shoot the two Witches (do not save before you used the next lever) and jump into the open painting on the wall to use the lever. Then kill the two dogs and Bartoli. You might want to pick up 2 x Shotgun ammo (S and N wall) and when you pick up the Heart of the Dragon the level ends.