Return to the Blue Planet.

Level: Uwe Froehlich.(UFO)

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

Step out of the sloped passage and left, pick up the Ammo and go right on the higher part of the floor for some more, look up and spot the ladder in the shaft, climb up to the point where Laraís hands are on the 1st blue stripe of the last block, backflip/roll/grab the crawlspace and go through. Drop into a room with the Uzis and a trapdoor you will be returning to soon. Climb out on the ladder E side of the hole you dropped in from, go into the crawlspace left and pick up the Ammo and the small medipack in the hole, return to the passage, go left and follow past a closed door with a lever behind it to a room with 4 burning levers.

Drop down and go over to the E side, use the Jump switch to open the trapdoor in the Uzi room, so go back there and enter the lower passage, shoot the Guard around the corner and take his Ammo, hop on the wall E, take the Goodies left and shoot the glass wall, SÖ! Bars drop down before you get a chance to take the Gate Code (as it is called). Head back and shoot the 2 Guards waiting for you, throw the lever and go back to the passage to the 4 lever room, the door in front of the lever is now open, throw it and go down into the 4 lever room.


Throw the NW lever and a Guard shows up, shoot him and take the Shotgun he drops, open the small door in the W wall, right of the window and shoot the Guard inside, go to the back room and up the ceiling crawlspace in the NW corner, drop to a walkway in a high room and go to the grey structure on the ceiling, jump/grab up to Monkey swing to the crack in the W wall, drop/grab the crack and go left, into the crawlspace and follow this passage down to the water level where youíll find the Crowbar on the ledge. Spot the Jump switch on the W wall, not for now though, run jump with a grab into the N passage and go right, at the crossing is a shaft in the ceiling, turn around and climb the ladder, on the 1st platform, look for the Jump switch to open the trapdoor up on the shaft, climb up to the 4 lever room.

Transmitter Gem.

Now throw the one in the NE corner, go in and open the Crowbar door in the end, go in and right in the end, throw the lever and shoot the Guard in the back (back of the passage I mean) and find the open trapdoor in the passage next to the lever passage. Drop down and crawl into the E crawlspace to get the Transmitter Gem, go back the way you came to avoid the Steam blower and at the trapdoor go W this time and left, follow where you can stand again and to the end to get a small medipack past the lever, throw the lever and go back W, left into the passage, left past the Steam blower and get the small medipack in the end, go open the small door at the Steam blower and jump/grab up the ladder, backflip/roll and run down into the entrance passage, go right and shoot the Guard on your way out to the 4 lever room.

Gate Code.

Go throw the SW lever and enter the place of destruction, some explosion ripped the Guards apart, one is down in a passage, which is a trap, climb up at the burning control panel in front and up left, find the switch that will open the bars at the Gate Code and climb up the display with the floating ball, into the room above and get Secret #1, Ammo, climb down the ladder in the other shaft and you are at the Gate Code, get it and return to the 4 lever room.

Block puzzle.

Throw the SE lever, go in left and push the block to the end, push the right hand block in once and get the 1st block out to push it into this alcove too. The passage behind it is open now, go in and right/right into another passage, push the block once and push the right (1st) block all the way to a grey Tile, you got Secret #2, and it is in the room with the glass floor E, the floor is gone and you can collect the Goodies. Go into the left passage again and left to where the Reactor Main will be barred, use the switch in front of the bars to open the door to the Globe room. Turn left and run left to a bluish room, right and go down the ladder before the door shuts.

The Power Plant.

Go to the NE corner of the room and open the small door there, enter the glass room and go to the end of the glass wall and shoot the window there, go in and to the most right hand door, open, go in and right to the X-ray machine, climb up and jump to 1st floor, get the Medipack and use the switch to open the Bars at the Reactor Main, back to the glass room and take the next door right.

Follow to a room with an Electrical device, shoot the Guard and jump through the circle, go right to open a trapdoor with the Revolver inside and get a small medipack on the other side, return to the glass room and take the next door right.

Open the Crowbar door inside and shoot the Guard at the Circle stand at the dark grey floor under the Circle and take 2 steps back, hop back once and run jump through the circle to land in the hole with the switch, pull to shut off the power in the pool where you got the Crowbar and take a side step, jump up and grab the edge of the crawlspace, follow the passage to the other side of the Circle and go back to the glass room. The last door right is for later.

The Demi God.

Go through the glass wall and right, open the door and go left/right, the camera will be fixed, hop on the ledge at the Steam blower and a Demigod will appear, shoot him and go to the back of the room, enter the room there and look for the trapdoor.

Reactor Top.

Drop down and push the block in the NW corner in, to reveal a barred alcove, go into the S passage and right to a switch which will open the bars, timed that is, so pull/roll, sprint left, past the block in the center of the room and into the alcove to get the Reactor Top. Go back into the S passage and left/right, drop down into the lower passage through the small gap and get the Medipack.

under water Labyrinth.

Drop into the water filled shaft and follow to a crossing, go right and follow to a small gap in the wall in front, go left and follow to where you can go up for some air, turn and dive down a bit, go right and up and into the tunnel left, follow to a room with Secret #3, Goodies.

Reactor Main.

Swim back to the last air pocket and get out into a passage with Circular Blades, side jump through them and pass under the shaft to the 4 lever room, go on to the pool where you got the Crowbar and use the Jump switch on the wall to roll aside a big Circle Device in the Power plant (behind the last door you didnít open) Go back into the passage and to the shaft to climb back to the 4 lever room, go into the SE door and to the passage with the Reactor Main. Pull the switch next to it and turn left, run left into the passage to the bluish room again and into the door to the Globe room. Go through the NW door and pick up some Ammo, open the door in the end and go right to the glass room in the end and open the last (left) door, go in and shoot the Guard, combine the Reactor Main and the Reactor Top and place the Weapon code key. Enter the gate and get the Ammo and the Laser sight, walk back a bit in this passage and look for a sloped tunnel right up in the wall and shoot the vase there, the blocks in the Globe room go down.

Globe Puzzle.

Throw the switch next to the ladder at the entrance and go push the blue globe to the floating Crystal ball, 3 more balls appear, push the globes to the nearest balls and you will see a block go up in the Room where the level started. Go to the room where you killed the Demigod and to the backroom, look for the switch in the corner and save in front.

Timed Run.

This switch will open the exit door of the Globe room, on top of the ladder, so pull, run through the demigod room, the passage and right/left through the room where you picked up the Ammo last and straight to the ladder, get up fast and go back to the Uzi room. (You can also open the centre doors in the Globe room, it is just an empty store room, but maybe this route will be easier) Drop down in the trapdoor and go into the dark sloped passage back to the start room, climb the block in the corner and place the Transmitter Gem to open the door.

The Universe.

Follow the passage to a shootable wall right, just with the pistols and jumping up, it will break, go in and down the hole of this Psychedelic room, go out into the Universe and grab the Universe ball where the little blue star is blinking (right) in the back, go back to the passage with the grey door and use the Universe ball to open the door.

Go up the stairs and crawl under the Steam blowers and at the Spikes in the next room, stand in the center of the room and do a run jump when the 2nd Spikes are up (you can also do it the sissy way and grab the crack in the left wall.) When you enter the next room, the door shuts behind you, shoot the 2 Demigods left and right and go up to the glass wall N, climb up left or right and go over to the Jump switch on the S wall over the entrance, blocks go down in the glass wall, go down and enter, go left or right, itís the same and sprint around the corner past the Sentry Gun into a Valley with the Time Gate.

The Time Gate.

Shoot the Demigod from the slope and go to the SW corner to use the switch that will raise blocks, go jump up the SE one and jump/grab the Jump switch, go back SW and use the switch one more time, now run up to the Time Gate and jump through, Go left quick and place the Gate Code on the pedestal, the trapdoor right opens, run in and land on a ledge over the opened Time Gate, jump and land in Spaaaaaace!!