BtB2005-18  Through the Shadow of Death.


Level by Idealist.

Walkthrough Dutchy & Gerty- D&G Productions.

Some names are in Red for later reference.

1st Square.

The Flyby will show several corners of the building and finally some big doors open and thereís Lara waiting to goÖ W in front of you are some big closed doors (1) and 2 openings to stairs N and S. go n first and up the stairs to get some flares from the vase, go on and into a room with a lot of debris. In the corner is a closed door (2) and a block to climb in the SE corner, grab up to the ledge above and see a door with a receptacle for the Pillar, jump to the ledge NE and go to a ledge in the NE corner of the next room.

Timed run 1.

This tile will trigger a timed door to open in the S passage on ground floor. So run from the tile to the opening S and safety drop down, doing a roll upon landing and sprint to the S, up the stairs and into the room there, quickly into the open door.

Shoot the orange vase to get some Ammo and go up the pole, backflip to the upper floor where youíll see the Crossbow behind the W window, shoot the vase to get the Shotgun and go out the SW passage, follow to the balcony with the Pharos Pillar on a pedestal, get it and a Spirit appears, go N, drop from the balcony roll upon landing and take a Medipack, sprint N and up the stairs, hard l into the room and up the block, up to the ledge above and run to the receptacle, go in the door and down the pole, run to the Bird-statue and lure the Spirit to it, then go shoot some vases for the Ammo and small medipack, go back up the pole, (where youíll see the Laser sight behind the W window) to throw the lever for doors (1) and go down the pole to exit through door (2).

Enter the doors W of the square and go right, down the passage and in the corner (E) is an opening (look up) climb up and turn around at the end  to climb the ladder. On top look E and get the Laser sight there. Go through the S side passage and grab the Monkey swing over the gap at the ground floor entrance, find Secret #1, the Crossbow.

The Crypts.

Return over the Monkey swing to the location you found the Sight and go down to the lower passage again, hereís a dark green tunnel down W to the Crypts, but all is closed there for now, so go to the S past the entrance and down into the Crypt there, once at the wide room with the pool, you can jump up to the SW corner and pull up for another Shotgun and Ammo. Go to the pool and spot the door W that needs Stars.

Dive into the pool and swim to a large flooded room. In the adjacent W and E rooms are closed doors, swim into the far SW room and right to the next, where youíll find a small tunnel in the NW corner.

Timed Swim.

Go through to a room with a trigger Tile that will show the opening of the E door (tricky screenshot, as the W door opens too and youíve to go there first and the doors are timed!), so swim back out of the tunnel, right/left and into the large room, left and left into the next opening, right and up the steps to the timed door.

The Crowbar.

Pull/push the pillar inside to the S (raises a part of a floor upstairs) and go back to that timed trigger Tile to open that E door.

Swim into the large room and left a bit crossing over to the e side, into the room there and get into that door quick. Follow the passage over a bridge in the large room and into the W side where youíll find a pillar on the floor you raised, push/pull it to the opposite corner Tile and go through the door. Out to the large room and over the bridge to the E passage, a Skellie appear, take him to the bridge and shoot Ďm off, go down to the E room and get the Crowbar in the NE corner, shoot some vases to get the Ammo and climb up the SE coffin, up in the alcove above to get Secret #2, a Medipack.

The Ornate Handle.

Go back to the bridge and to the S steps, 2 more Skellies appear behind you so roll and blast them back off the bridge. Go down the steps and here are 2 passages.

Go left and left intro the room, between the coffins is a vase with the Ornate Handle and some Flares in another. 3 more Skellies come out, get them over to the bridge and deal with them, back into the left passage and now right at that room where you were before. Youíll come across a closed door at the stand for the Portal Guardian, go on and enter the W room to the left and come to a water filled shaft.

The Hathor Effigy.

Dive in and go into the E tunnel, follow to some Ammo on a ledge, swim straight up and push the button there to open the door to the Hathor Effigy. Swim back and into the S side of the shaft to go to the Hathor Effigy, a Spirit comes after you, swim back (notice the Bird-statue behind the grating) straight into the N tunnel of the shaft, to that statue and leave the spirit there, quickly go back and up for air (you may need a Medipack here) In the last W side tunnel is a small medipack.

The Pharos Knot.

Go back to that passage with the stand for the Portal Guardian (combine both parts first) and place it on the stand (you have to face SW) to open the door next to you. Go in to take the Pharos Knot. Head back out and go to the bridge in the large room, dive into the water and swim back N, go up left in the pool and to those W Star doors, to the right of them is a block, climb up and see a door opening up. Itís a timed door and itís down that green passage to the other Crypt.

Timed run 2.

So save here and run off to the right side of the pool, jump over the corner of the pool, go out to the passage up (there are some nasty corners here and there) to the entrance to the 1st Square, straight and down the green passage. Run straight into that open door to the lever and a flyby takes over of some buildings over the Abyss.

2 Sprits are released and will come for you, come back later for the lever and run back down those steps at the entrance, right and jump/grab the ladder on the right hand wall over the shaft, go down and turn around, drop grab back into the pit and let go, thereís a Bird-statue here to leave the Spirits behind. Notice the closed doors, collect Ammo and small medipack and go back up the ladder W (one more closed door there), up the shaft and go back to the N room with the lever, throw the lever, opens a door where you go now and get some Flares from the W vase.

The Abyss.

Go out and left at the crossing, youíll find a pole, go up and backflip/roll off, go right into the open door and keep the Shotgun ready, run to one of the open spaces between the blocks ahead and turn around, a Skellie is coming, jump/roll over him when heís close and shoot him down into the abyss. Go to the SE corner (or the opposite SW, leads to the same room) climb the sloped block and just slide off. Land on a sloped surface and grab the edge, go right as far as possible and drop again, loose some health, but that can be replaced. Go into the door that will open for you and look for the small medipack in the left vase at the door. Push the button N (see burners go off), roll and go to the door, a Skellie jumps into the picture quite dramatically. Shoot him into that pit with the Bird-statue and go up the ladder SW again.

Straight to the pole to go up to the roof you were before and another Skellie comes out, deal with him first. Go to the NE corner, look for the Monkey swing over the sloped block and pull up, jump/grab to the ceiling to go over to the NE corner (some turns in the Monkey swing) of the Abyss and into the passage where the burners were, go push the button to lower a block near the lever in the N room. Go back over the Monkey swing and drop to the roof, go in S and left, down the pole and right into N room. Drop into the new hole and follow the crawlspace to the lower Crypts.

Lower Crypts/Horsemanís Gems.

Go N and place the knot to open the n doors, go out over the bridge to the Death side and get the 2 Horsemanís Gems. Go back over the bridge into the Crypt and to a passage right, push the button and a door opens somewhere, go take the Skellie thatís in the passage behind you to the Abyss and shoot him in. Go S through the passage again and left in the end, follow to a crossing with a closed door (3) to the left, go right and jump over the bridges to the ledge with the Timed trigger Tile for that door (3).

Timed run 3.

Wait a bit for 2 Skellies so come for you and shoot them down. Then save on the Tile and run jump, stand jump and run jump to get back across and to that open door (I hope). Push the button to see another door opening up, go back out to the pit you came from and jump to the 1st bridge, turn and wait for the 2 Skellies to come. Then go back N to that crawlspace up to the N room. Go straight S and to the last alcoves right and left. Both doors there are open now, go in left and to the back of what seems to be a dried out fountain room.

Timed run 4, 1st Water room.

Go up the ladder in NW corner to 1st floor and once up, go to the SW corner. Stand on the trigger Tile to open the door SE and sprint around the room to get to the pole behind the door before it closes. Down and to the E where Skellies awake in this Crypt, go left and push the button to open a door W, so turn right from the button and left in first passage, left again and left into the open door, jump to the ledge in the pool and roll, shoot the Skellies as they land on the ledge. Place the Gem to get the water in the fountain room going.

2nd Water room.

Go back up the pole SW and to that opposite W room, under the face is a crawlspace, follow to a Crypt, go N and shoot the 2 S vases, get the Goodies and shoot the vase on the block in the floor N. The block goes down, but the passage to the button isnít accessible yet, turn S and shoot the vases at the arch to get the Ammo and small medipack, the other vase (E wall) is better left alone. Go back to the fountain room through the crawlspace and up the ladder in the back. First to the SE corner for a small medipack, then to the open door NW. throw the lever to retract the Spikes in the passage downstairs, go back through the crawlspace and see the closed door in the W, go right to the button in the lower passage and run for the door as Skellies are on their way, from the ledge you can shoot them in the pool again, place the gem to flood room 2. Dive in the pool at the receptacle and look in the gap under the ledge for the alcove with Secret #3, the Explosive arrows. (As I found them only later I went through the level without them so didnít mention the use of them. Well you can use them where you want, Iím not going to rewrite the walk)

Go to the crawlspace and swim back to the room. Go out to the central passage and N, right to that pole. (If you jump S over the ledges in the top of the room here, thereís some Ammo.) Go out to the N roof at the Abyss. Look to the W and see a similar structure to that structure you landed on E before, is now filled with water. (both E and W side structures flooded, but I went W, makes no difference)

1st Golden Star.

Run jump (nice effect is to pull up on a sloped block and slide jump with shift to swan-dive down) to dive in and swim in S go right and up to a large room with huge pillars. Go right (N) and look on he last pillar left for a button on the back. That will get a block out of the wall and that block is in the far SW corner of the room, you can let the Skellies be, just dodge them and get on the block fast, climb the ladder in the hole over the block and go up to a ledge with ropes in the top of the large room. From rope 2 (donít go down the rope all the way you can swing to a ledge between the pillars in front and get a small medipack. Jump/grab back and from rope 2 swing to the 3rd and over into the alcove with the 1st Golden Star.

2 Spirits come out, safety drop from the alcove and go left to the water hole ands swim right at the crossing, follow down to the Bird-statue room and leave the Spirits there, go back to that huge room and sprint past the Skellies to that SW room again and see another block raised in the SW corner. Push the button (door opens) and sprint to the waterhole again, go right at the crossing and to the Bird-statue room up the SW corner and into the shaft to the central passage, up the pole E and out to the roof N.

Beetle alley/2nd Golden Star.

Dive into the E pool this time and swim S, left and up to a room, go to the S side hole and climb down to an open door, opposite this door is the exit door (4) for later.

Go down the passage to a room where Beetles (and lots of them, health goes quick, so watch that) will come for you. Run to the 1st door left and get Secret #4, a Medipack. Go to the centre of the room with the Beetles and grab up to the Monkey swing, go all the way over to the room with a pole and go down. But hang for a while to take a look around, N is an empty alcove, but you have to go in that one to trigger the Timed exit door (4) to open, S is the 2nd Golden Star and E and W some Pickups you can choose to take or leave.

Timed run 5.

So go for the Pickups and the Star first, then go to the N alcove tile and save there, run out and jump/grab up the pole, backflip as soon as possible, jump past the pole to the S and just run out of that room, sprint through Beetle alley to the steps and right/right out the door and an elevator will take you back up.


Go back through the water and left, to the Bird-statue room and up the ladder SW again, right when you come to the central passage and up the green passage, down the S passage and over the pool in the Crypt there, place both Stars and go into the Cathedral. When you take the Music Scroll the level will end with a flybyÖ