BtB2005-17  Underground City.

Level by Harly Wuson.

Walkthrough Dutchy and Gerty (D&G Productions).

Some names are in Red for later reference.

The Entrance.

A Flyby will show a river Lara is about to fall into and the current will take her to the end, go up in front of a building and a Pillar to the right.

The Revolver.

Go to the SE corner next to the entrance structure and see a broken pillar on the S side you can walk under, a door opens nearby and it's a timed door, stand facing N and walk back as far as possible, standing a bit right of centre of the ledge. Then backflip, jump/grab the edge of the roof and pull up, backflip/roll immediately and run into the open door in the S rock wall, follow the long passage, but be careful in the corners as there are Spike traps,

You will end up at a slide, just go down and to the cave where it all started and on a ledge on the other side of the river is the revolver, go over the ledges right and jump to Secret #1, the Revolver. Save as a Wraith comes out to play, jump into the river and go to the entrance again, to the left side and to a ladder next to the green vase, go up. Backflip to the roof and head for the Bird statue in the middle. (The wraith only disappeared when I let Lara hang from the W end of the central roof, near the statue.) Drop and go to that pillar in the water.

Opening the door.

Push the pillar to the grating in the water S of the entrance to the building and the flow of water through the grating will be stopped, go into the building and all the way to a closed door E, dive into the right hand channel and follow the tunnel to the W, up left into a room where you can push a button (1st for the E door). Go back and push the pillar to the N side grating and do the same in the N channel there. The door in the building E will open. Go in and look left and right of the ramp for the Goodies. Go E and come to a large room where youíll need the Portal Guardian (in the E) to proceed.

The Guardian Room.

N Crypt.

Go to the N side of the room and find the entrance to the N crypt, the grated wall is climbable. Go right when inside and hop over the Spike-pit into the opening, a Mummy stands guard, go left and get the Flares around the right hand corner, then go E and past a block in the wall, at the Lava-pit in the end you have to get into the S opening, jump there with a curve and a grab from the opening or go left first and run jump over the pit. Throw the lever and see 2 blocks moving. Go over the Lava-pit to the N and left, to the ladder you came down from on the right and go up to backflip/roll into the guardian room, go straight S and down the ladder to the Southern Crypt.

S Crypt.

Go right when down there and over the Spike-pit into the opening, a Mummy stands guard, go left and get the Flares around the right hand corner. Go W and into the right hand opening into a room that connects both Crypts, the block in front opens later to give access to the left hand block. Go right and drop down into the hole in the floor.

Boulder room.

Look N and run behind the centre Boulder. Crossing over to the right as the right hand Boulder is gone and go up to the NW ledge with the button, which will open the door around the corner. Watch out for the Boulders, go around the corner and come to a room with windows overlooking a kind of slot machine like contraption and 3 levers between the pillars.

There are 2 ways to go now, both give access to the Ornate handle, one is simple and without enemies and the other is a bit harder with Beetles, a Skeleton, but provides you with some Medipacks.


Throw the 1st lever you see (S one) and the second (centre one) lever and see 2 blocks  go up in the slot machine (the left block and the top centre block have to be up), go to the N of the room and up the passage to another room overlooking the slot machine and a door (1) to the left go up the S passage and a door will open for you. Go in and throw the lever to release the Boulder, it will finally drop into a pit on the left side of the room below. The door to the left of you opens, go in and jump/grab over the hole to get the Ornate Handle (door (1) opens).

Bit harder:

Throw the N lever and go up the N passage, follow through the room with the closed door to the next passage S and go up to the door that opens, throw the lever and the Boulder drops into the right hand pit. Beetles poor out of the floor and the right hand door opens, go down to a room with a Skellie and a small medipack. Get it and quickly get onto the ladder, drop in the end and get the Medipack, go over the hole in the floor to get the Ornate Handle (door (1) opens).

Drop down into the hole in the floor to the room overlooking the Slot machine and go to the W window from where you dropped down and get the small medipack. Look for the door(1) in E wall that has opened and go in, follow all the way to that lever in the N Crypt you threw before. Throw it again and go left at the Lava-pit, go around the Crypt to the ladder to the Guardian room and straight to the S Crypt.

Go right and follow the crypt around to the NW and over a similar Lava-pit to the room with the lever, blocks shift again and now the N entrance to the centre connection crypt is open. Go back over the Lava-pit, past the Mummy left and to the right up the ladder to the N Crypt. Go down the ladder and right, hop over the Spike-pit, go left and left and enter the Connection Crypt from the N side this time. Enter the opened block to your right (the left block gave access to the Boulder room before) drop into the hole in the floor and donít move. Hereís another Boulder trap, although slightly different. Look up to the left at the flat ledge on top of the 1st Boulder ramp and spot the Ammo there, do a run jump onto that ledge and claim Secret #2, a Shotgun and Ammo. Time the stand jump with a grab (in NE direction), or youíll get squashed, past the 2nd Boulder and get a small medipack left.

Vase Puzzle.

Head into the N passage and go through the door that opens for you. To the right is a lower part of the floor that is obviously very deadly, grab the Monkey swing near the door and go to the cracked pillar, drop/grab and go along the crack and stop at every one of the 5 vases and wait for the Skellie to smash them. Then go on to the left till you are on a climb wall, go down to the bottom and backflip over the sloped block, slide and backflip to the safe ledge. Or climb left on the wall till you are over the slope, drop and slidejump to the ledge. A door opened there, go to the next room right.

The Hathor Effigy.

Turn around in the entrance and hop back, grabbing the edge, drop/grab to a lower ledge and climb over to get Secret #3, a Medipack a bunch of Ammo and the Uzis. Go back up the ledge and look into the room several ways to get across, but what I did was run jump/grab the left upper ledge, run jump/grab to the centre part of the next ledge over the small medipack. Stand jump/grab to the pole, go down to almost in the deadly water and backflip to the ledge with the small medipack. Jump/grab back to the pole and turn around, go up to one block from the top, be sure that Laraís feet are on the dark brown color of the pole. Backflip to the ledge near the pedestal, which appears to be empty, go hang from the ledge and drop/grab to the lower one, climb over and push the button there (the Effigy appears), turn around from the button, climb back up the ledge and standing on the Golden centre Tile under the black circle you can hit "Ctrl" and Lara will grab the Hathor Effigy. So no real need to climb up to the pedestal, small bug in your advantage.

Standing under the corner of the ledge sticking out above, you can run jump to the sloped side of the room and when you aimed correct one jump/grab will get you onto the pole, turn to the pedestal and go up with Laraís feet above the lighter party of the pole, backflip to the centre ledge and then run jump/grab to one of the ledges at the exit. Then a run jump with a curve to the exit and grab to pull up, go right and climb up the hole in the end where a block retracted and you are back at the lever in the S Crypt. Jump over the lava-pit, go left and right onto the ladder to the Guardian room, go E and combine the 2 parts to place the Portal Guardian on the stand. The doors left and right of the stand open up, they both lead to the same place, only the left one has a secondary Dart trap that goes diagonally through the elevator shaft while you go up, so the easiest one ids right, just stay in the exact centre of the floor an youíll be OK.

The Courtyard.

Once up you are in a Courtyard you probably saw before when you got the Secret in the Desert Ruins and Snake Tower level (if you managed to get up there. I described that in the walk I did for it) Look in the pool under the Fountain for the Horsemanís Gem and go onto the bridge over the pool, look up W ands spot the window youíve seen from the other side.

The Bonus for finding all the Secrets.

Thereís a little detour you could make, nice to see, but not necessary to finish the level. Go into the N opening and up the ladder to one block from the top, backflip onto the ledge and go out to the balcony, to the right and go till you come to the pillar next to that window, shimmy past the window. Pull up and go on to the S opening, run through the Dart traps and youíll find the same door as in the Snake tower level. The door has opened. Go to the big room and up the central steps to collect the Goodies once again, Grenade-gun, Shotgun and Ammo around on the ledges. Go down and N and into the left passage down to the Ammo in the display. You cannot go further back into this previous level as the doors are closed.

Then go up again and to the S of the big room, into the left passage back to the Courtyard and drop to the ground floor, go E and into the passage there, find the receptacle for your Gem and turn around to walk out of this place.