BtB2005-15  The Origins.

Level by Miss Kroft.

Walkthrough Dutchy & Gerty- D&G Productions.

Some names are in Red for later reference.

The Canyon.

Climb up the S wall between those two sand hills and turn around, overhead is a Monkey swing, back flip to the sloped floor behind you and jump/grab up, go over to the n side with a few turns and go left a bit to find the crawlspace in the N wall, go in and pull the pillar in the end once into that crawlspace passage, get out (crawling to the left) and drop into the canyon again. Go W.

Into the Palace.

There are 4 passages leading out from the Main hall.

N side:

Boulder alley.

Be careful, thereís nasty Spike-pit in front of the opening, stand on the edge of the next passage and left is a Boulder, turn around. Facing S and back flip into the alcove on the other side of the Boulder-passage, jump/grabbing back to land in the opening again. The Boulder is now triggered and you can jump to the left (W) when the Boulder goes E, run to the opening right and put your face in the wall opposite, back flip and youíre in.

Push the button to open a door in the other side of the passage, stay back in the alcove a bit and watch the Boulder get close, jump into the W side of the passage where you can safely watch the boulders movements and run after it, grab that sloped alcove opposite the entrance and back flip into the entrance again, wait for the Boulder to go W and run in to the right, turn left, face against the wall in the end and back flip into the open door, climb the ladder and go left, past that pillar and push the button.

Revolver, Laser sight and Pharos Knot.

Turn and go W, and before you enter the room to the right, above the ladder, jump up and get the Shotgun. Then go into the room where there are some vases to shoot on the NW blocks, get the Ammo and the Laser sight and go to the S room, over that Spike-pit and shoot the vase left for the Revolver, then jump over the hole to the main hall and get the Pharos Knot from the vase there, drop down into the hole to Main hall and head into the passage in the SE.

SE side:

Pharos Pillar, Horsemanís Gem.

Go left at the crossing and left into the pool, if you get the chance, shoot the head off the Skellie and shoot the vase in the pool, dive in to get the Pharos Pillar and a Spirit comes out, get out of the water and head S, right at that vase and into the room with the purple light (on the S wall there youíll see a receptacle for the Pillar, it will get the Spikes in front of the S pool up, but I think itís better not to use it now). Just run jump from the tip of that sloped block at the pool and over the Spike-trap, stay under water till the Spirit is gone, get to where you can stand and shoot the vase in the pool, dive in to get the Horsemanís Gem. Run back through the Spikes, and go NW, in the corner of the room is a crawlspace in W wall.

Grab up to the crawlspace and go left, drop out backwards and immediately jump upon landing on the slope, to back flip onto a ledge with a lever that will get some blocks out of a wall as shown in the flyby, run jump/grab back to the crawlspace, go forward and donít go down the hole left. Drop back out to the purple room and go to those vases E, to shoot them for the Flares (look S and spot the passage (1) with the 2 pillars in front as youíll be back here to go in there, after you got the Music Scroll) and head N, left at the crossing of that 1st pool, right at the next crossing and back to Main hall. Go left.

S side:


Go right at the stairs and thereís a small pool, dive in and get the Flares, then straight up into a room with a closed door (2) to the right, go S to a room with 2 pillars on ledges, shoot the vases on the upper ledges to get Ammo and a Medipack, shoot the Skellie in the head with the revolver if you like and go pull/push the 2 pillars to the raised blocks. The door (2) N opens,

go in there and place the Knot. Another Skellie appears, just run back to the previous room and get back into the water NE, swim back and head left/left to the Main hall. Take the 1st left.

W side:

The water that previously filled the big pit has gone, drop back from the edge and climb down the ladder. Throw the lever to make the passage on top of the stairs S side safe and get another Revolver, go back up the wall and right intro the S side again. Go up the stairs.

S side: up the stairs.

The Room with the many Traps.

On top left and place the Gem to dear the pool behind you, go over to the other side and run jump/grab to the ledge with the lever and throw it, a flyby will show the room with the many traps, take a step back and hop to the ledge without Spikes right. From there a run jump into the opening in N wall, turn and walk to the edge, run jump to the SW platform and go into the NW corner, where the Mummy comes out left is a ladder, go up and at the lighter left wall, back flip to a ledge, push the button to get a block out of the wall somewhere. Go back down the ladder to the platform and into the SW corner.

Go up on the block there and turn around, jump/grab up to the upper floor and throw the lever (1st for the Spikes on the NE roof) . Grab some Ammo left on the block and go back down to the platform with the Mummy. To the SE side, look on S wall for the sloped Spike-ledge and see the one spot without Spikes, run jump onto that spot and grab the edge on sliding off, go shimmy left to the end and pull up. Shoot the vase for the Flares inside and go in, shoot a bunch of vases and grab the Grenade-gun.

Beetles poured out of the vase too, go out N and on the roof there, is a button to the left, push it quick (kills the spikes on the NE roof) and head off the side right, down to ground floor, run W and hop in the deep pool, wait for all the critters to follow and get out again. There are some Flares under the waterfall. Go to the NE corner and jump/grab the ladder. back flip/roll off and go to the lever to open the door on the W platform with it. Go down the ladder and back flip/roll off, head to the opening in N wall and run along the right hand wall, jump onto the sloped end as far as you can with a roll in mid-air, jump and grab the ladder on the wall of the shaft.

Go up and run jump to that W platform again, (deal with that Mummy if you want, cause now you have the firepower) enter the door and go left/left and push the button, Lara looks left, go back and right to the N side to the other waterfall, right and to a lever, throw that and go to the NE corner where youíll find a ladder. On top are some vases and a button on a block E, first go SE and shoot the vase on that ledge for Secret #1, a second Grenade-gun.

Go down and to the ladder on W wall and go up, back flip/roll/grab to the hanging pillar and go left around the corner, back flip/roll/grab to the next pillar and go right around the corner, back flip/roll/grab to the next and go right. then back flip onto the block with the button. Push it and grab up to the Monkey swing on the ceiling. Go all the way to the end E and drop onto that ledge where the Spikes were, turn S and see a door opened there, run through the Spike-trap in the end as they are down and run jump over the burner floor in front of the block with the Music Scroll.

Get the Scroll and jump/grab back into the passage through the spike-trap and run jump to the E opening, go down to the Main hall and into the SE passage, follow to the 1st pool, go right and straight through the room with the pillars into the S (1) passage, get the small medipack in the water and head W to a closed door (3) place the Scroll in the right hand room and the door (3) opens.

Head through that door and slide out of the levelÖ