BtB2005-13  Rapid Fall.

Level by Marksdad.

Walkthrough Dutchy & Gerty- D&G Productions.

Some names are in Red for later reference.

The Falls.

Lara lands in a channel, wait for the flyby to end and swim up see the under water door (1) closed N and a door (2) in the SW passage, look behind the W side waterfall for the crawlspace, follow up to a trigger Tile that will open door (2). Go back and to the SW passage and come to a room with a temple, go to the SW side and onto a block along the W wall, a triangular run jump/grab will get you hanging from the roof. Go left and to the fore last pillar under the roof, pull up and backflip to a pillar, from which you can run jump to the roof of the temple, look for the hole in the top where you can throw the lever for door (1). Go to the SE corner and slide jump to the pillar with the Medipack, drop and go back to the Falls.

Timed swim.

Swim through the N door and drop down into a room with a pool, left is a closed door (3) and right (NE) is a tunnel down in the floor. Save and dive in, through the crack in the opposite wall and in the next room are some pillars you have to swim through (go right/left a bit), keep high as possible and through the hole between 2nd and 3rd pillar, go to the next room and there’s a closed too to the E, swim to the far NW building and in, in the back is a trigger Tile, roll at the back wall and swim out, E and into the open door. Throw the lever to open door (3), swim back out and to the other building to pick up a small medipack there. There’s another trigger Tile, but I didn’t use that. Swim back S and through the gap between the pillars up to the room with the open door in the NW corner. The current will take you to the next room, in the pool is a timed under water door.

Pit/Tile Puzzle.

The pit below the floor is deep and deadly. Walk slowly W and from the ledge where you climb out, you can see Tiles on the dark wall W (Binocs). They are the clue here, first the friendly Face just in front of you, then the brown one left and in front (stand jump) then the square figure right and in front (stand jump), stand jump to the ledge along the W wall and go up onto the higher ledge, the under water door opens, so run jump/grab to the pillar straight E (the black tile is a fall through floor) and pull up, run jump to the door and run into the pool, the current will take you to the next room.

Pillar/Tile Puzzle.

Watch the flyby as you walk up to the floor with the many Tiles. The last Tile in screen will be the one you have to pull/push the pillar to, there are 3 of them and the door S opens.

Go out to a dark passage leading to a large room with water, slide down.

Pool jumps.

Wait…!! a Medipack… too late, drop in the water and climb up the ledge SE at the ladder, go to almost at the top, backflip/roll/grab and slide/jump/grab the Monkey swing, go W and drop onto a sloped pillar, slide and jump/grab the ladder on the wall, go left and at the end down to two steps from the bottom, where you can backflip to a sloped block, slide and jump to the next block with a slight left curve in the end, so you go off that one forward, curve hard right to land on the flat block and immediately (Boulder!!) run jump/grab (turning right) through to the broad ledge S, shimmy left to the end where you can climb up, go stand jump to the sloped block NE and jump up to the pillar with Secret #1, a small medipack, run jump to the Boulder block again and line up in the centre to do a run jump to the wide S ledge and a jump/grab to the rope. Swing to the alcove with the lever to open the under water door SW.

Skellie Alley.

Swim through to a door that will open, going up the slope a flyby starts showing the Gem. Save as soon as the flyby stops and sprint to a crawlspace to the right, when the Boulder passed quickly get out again before the Skellie pins you inside, run to a pit And quickly grab up to the Monkey swing, go to the end and drop/grab the next slopes edge. Pull up and just after that dark shaft up do a jump/roll and grab the end of the slope, drop/grab to a crawlspace and get in fast, go forward before the Boulder drops and follow to a water hole.

Dive in and swim through the small tunnel to the Falls room that’s now changed and flooded, go left a bit and up to the ceiling, near those lower parts of the ceiling is a hole up to the room with the Gem, jump to the block and the level ends…