BtB2005-11  Pseudo Tomb.

Level by eTux.

Walkthrough Dutchy & Gerty- D&G Productions.

Some names are in Red for later reference.

You land on a grating in the1st room, get some Ammo on the ledge along the N wall and go into the W passage to get the Medipack, you can just see the Grenade gun, but itís out of reach, then go into the E passage of 1st room and get all the Flares, back out and up the sloped passage S. Save in front of the button and push it, roll and quickly get out of there as a Boulder comes down after you. It will smash the floor so you can go down to the room below.

Only one way to go so get the small medipack on the block in E passage, save and head down the slope. Spikes pop out of the floor and thereís a nasty pit, so be sure to jump in time. At the next large pit you can see a sloped pillar below, line up on the right side of it and run down, slide and jump to land on that pillar, slide and jump with a right curve to land on a sloped ledge behind the pillar right, maybe you have to jump few times aiming left to land onto the safe floor left of the pillar in front. Go get the Flares from the vase behind the pillar and go on to the big room where the door will drop shut behind you.

Huge Room.

On the E side is a ladder with a closed door (1), past that is an arch with a ladder on the left side, go up and have a look up to that Fire ball on the ceiling, nice. Get into the crawlspace in E wall and follow to another cave, to the right is a passage to a door (2) and in the cave below is a pillar you can stand jump to and then down to the floor, go into the caves and to the E, past the windows where you can see all kinds of Goodies.

Into the E opening to a small room, look in the dark left corner and spot the sealed off crawlspace (A) Let it be for now and find the ladder down to a room with a Monkey swing and a deadly pool.

Monkey swing Puzzle.

Use the 1st Monkey swing to go to the ledge with the multiple Monkey swing.

Go over to the left Monkey swing as the one to the right is blocked by doors. Once you go right on the Monkey swing thereís a different textured tile that will open the first door, go back and to that door on the right hand Monkey swing, thereís one more of those texture tiles that will open the second door, go back and over the left hand Monkey swing, W all the way to a ledge where the Monkey swing ends. Now you have to run jump to the lowest part of the lone ledge in the pool, but from the right side and a bit of a left curve or you will hit the ceiling ledge.

Run jump/grab the rope and swing to the left. Face next to the burner, run jump to the other side of that ledge with a curve around the nose of the face and get the Ammo while crawling, now you have to do a tricky curved run jump/grab to get onto that 2nd rope and turn to the ledge W, swing only once so you donít backswing to the burner and jump of, run jump to the cave in the end, the lever to the left will change deadly water into drinking water.

Get the Flares and go up the sloped cave to the top, where you can climb up into a small room from the sloped block, go out to the top of a W arch in the Huge room, throw the lever to open a door (2). Drop from the arch and go to the E arch and up the ladder on left side again, through the crawlspace and right on the ledge there, push the button inside the passage and door (1) opens, walk out to the edge and look left for the tiled ledge you can jump to and from there to the roof of the entrance, go to and jump into the SW passage. Throw the lever inside to flood the bottom part of the huge room and all adjoining rooms too.

Secret #1. (you have to go there if you want the next 2 secrets too)

Dive into the refreshing water and go to the W side arch where you threw the lever before, climb up and head into the passage, follow down to the hole, down the cave to that Monkey swing Puzzle room, run through to the other side and up the ladder, in this small room the crawlspace (A) opened up now, Go in and left, hereís a room with Secret #1, Goodies. Go to the E again and throw the lever in that room, doors (5) open and they will be in a later part of the level

Head back to the crawlspace and follow the path back through the Monkey swing Puzzle room, up the cave and the hole to the arch in the Huge room. Turn left and swim to the NW corner, into the lower tunnel to the right and come to a room with pillars, climb the left hand sloped block and go jump to the highest SW pillar, Spikes pop up in front to the room there. So jump to the N pillars and from there into the room, shoot the vase for the Shotgun and hurry out to the water again so you donít have to waste any Ammo on the Skellie.

Swim back to the Huge room and the walls close behind you. Look on the left side for the face fountain and climb the ledge to get the Laser sight from the pedestal. A door (4) opens, high up in the SW corner of the Huge room (later).

Head E and in that arch there is another crawlspace you can swim through to the E cave, under the pillar there you can now see a hole, from the room under the hole you can see the Hathor Effigy out of reach yet (later) Go swim S to the next cave and up near the rope, you can use the rope to swing up to the pointy floor N or just swim straight (from the lowest point of the floor under the rope) up to the tip of that floor, hit "Ctrl" and Lara will climb up. Follow the cave up to a passage with a grating left and a button next to it.

The Hathor Effigy.

Push the button and see a door opening up through that grating, it will give access to the Hathor Effigy. You have to go get now. Return to the lower cave with the rope and swim N, at the last cave with the hole in the bottom where you saw the Hathor Effigy before, you can climb up the left ledge at the crawlspace. Run jump/grab to the top of the pillar in the water and turn around after pulling up, climb the ladder overhead and from almost at the trop a backflip to a ledge, go into the passage and hereís the door you just opened with the button. Drop backwards into that deeeep shaft and swim to the Hathor Effigy, you will be taken to the topside of the grating, so you can swim back up through the shaft and head S, to the rope and into that N cave again, up to that button and down to the next room.

Pillar/Water Puzzle.

( Some remarks to this room:

-In a water room like this Lara walks slow, if you jump straight up once, she can run again.

-If a pushable object suddenly starts to flicker, disappears or Lara simply can't get a hold of it, simply run around the close by rooms and it should return to normal.

-If the skeleton is stuck on a raised block, just shoot it off into the room. Make sure that skeleton is not on the other side of the pushable object or Lara will not be able to move it.)

In the next room is a pillar some Ammo to the left and a Skeleton (you need that Skellie later), the entrance doors close behind you , notice the hole in the N wall near the entrance of this room. Go up into that N opening and down into the next room, look right for the closed door (3) for later and see the slanted Timer Tile (different texture) that will raise the block in the opening to the W room, go in the W room and shoot the 2 vases (one around the corner) while crouching, get the Ammo from them.

Go back through the upper passage to the pillar and shoot that Skeleton into the hole between this room and the W door. A block will rise in the opening after the door opened. You now donít need that Skellie anymore, so shoot it into the hole of the next opening W so you can work in peace. The pillar has to go close to that opening to the next room so leave it between the 2 openings (not all the way to the opening, because the Skellie has to be in the room with you, or you cannot push the pillar to the next room). Step on that Timer Tile near you, the Skellie will be freed again, so shoot it to gain some time. Push (donít pull) the pillar through the opening. Maybe you have to go to the Tile one more time again, if the block lowers with the pillar on it.

When in the room where the vases were, shoot the Skellie in the hole so he wonít bother you anymore. Push the pillar into the small passage around the corner (shot the vase did you?) and onto the Tile there, door (3) in the previous room opened. So go back over the hole with the Skellie and left, into the door NW and get a screen of the entrance to this pillar puzzle room (In case you didnít get the Effigy yet) Follow the passage up to a room with big pillars, go left to the terrace overlooking the Huge room, shoot the Skellie off the floor and look for the ledge with the pillars to the W, thereís a nice crack in it and you would think that was to shimmy along, NO!! Run jump/grab to the ledge NW.

The Ornate Handle.

You have to do runjumps around the pillars, past the stand for the Portal Guardian (later) to get to the S side (last pillar around the left side). Climb up the ledge at the door (4) you opened on taking the Laser sight. Go up the ladder and W to a room with a moveable floor, blocking the crawlspace in the W wall. Go right and the door closes behind you. Down to a room with a pillar, move that to the N on the Tile near the entrance while a Spirit is pestering you. Go to the closed door and it will open, run up the passage to the moveable floor and stand in front of the crawlspace, the floor should go down so you can enter, go left in the next room (with a closed door (6) straight in front and down the room with the Bird statue.

The Crossbow.

The Spirit will kill itself, go stand close to the statue and see the Tile (ledge)??? Itís the trigger for the door (6) above. Sprint over the Tile to the passage up and in the room there left into the open door. 3 Skellies attack, shoot them into one of the many pits and get the Crossbow from the pedestal, then go to the block S and grab the Ammo, fit the Laser sight on the Crossbow and look up over the central structure, shoot the vase there. The door W opens, go in and up the ladder to jump to the roof of the structure, get the Ornate Handle floating in the air and the NE door opens, go down to the NE tip of the roof and jump/grab to the door. Slide down and go down the passage to the Huge room again.

On the ledge there you can slide off the N side and jump with a right hand curve to the 1st ledge between the pillars, run jump around the next and go place the Portal Guardian, ropes drop from the ceiling of the Huge room, go jump around the pillars again and to the N terrace, from the sloped ledge a run jump/grab to the 1st rope, go down to the end of the rope before you swing to the next and then go over the Skellie, draw the Shotgun and blow it off the terrace. Notice the door (7) in the E wall here and enter the S passage. Go left first to get some Ammo and then go to the W side to find doors (5) youíve opened at the 1st Secret. Stand on the left side of the opening, arm with the Crossbow+ Laser sight, hold it out and check your health, Save, run in and roll. Look up over where you came in and shoot the vase to stop the burners, turn left and look up for the next one, then turn right again and run over to the other side (not too close to that wall or youíll burn), roll and look up for the next vase (hard to spot as itís low in the alcove and to the left most side), then turn right and go forward to the corner where you have to turn right again and wait pumping Medipacks to get out to a room with Secret #2, the Horsemanís Gem.

The door opens and you can go on to the top of the other elevator (right) which you should have taken if you didnít open the door at Secret #1. We can visit that one if you like, just shoot the one vase you can see from the top and go to the wide cave N, to the right and find the shaft don. Drop down to the lower ledge and jump/grab the pole. Slide all the way down and go to the door(7). The door opens for you. Run jump to the terrace in the Huge room and re-enter the S passage. Straight into the elevator in front, enter on the right side and turn left, look up for the one remaining vase (if you shot the other one from above) and go up to the passage near Secret #2 again go right to the wider cave and go left and up a sloped passage and where the yellow light blinds you, is a crawlspace up in the N wall. Follow to the receptacle for the Gem and Secret #3 sounds, go into that beautiful cave to get the Explosive arrows finally (save them). Head back to the crawlspace and drop back into the bright light. Go up the rest of that sloped passage to the E and get the Medipack in front of the button, push the button, watch the flyby and faaaaalllll down through several rooms of the level. Wait for the Titles to end and the show goes onÖ

Beetles and Bones.

You will drop into a sinister cellar There are several Medipacks around and youíll need them, grab the Medipack where you landed and take it as the health is low after that fall. Arm the Crossbow with the Explosive arrows and head into the SW corner, roll and from there you can do the first 3 sets of bones, one on the floor, one on the wall and one on the ceiling, get the Medipack near the water column and take it, head to the center of the room near that higher block and turn right, look E and shoot the next 2 sets up on the E wall, run into the central pit that changed now and on the E side youíll fall through and slide to the end of the levelÖ