BtB2005-9  Operation Golden Star.

Level by Tinka.

Walk by Dutchy and Gerty (D&G Productions).

Some names are in Red for later reference.

1st Cave.

Slide to the entrance to a wide cave and climb down to the floor to head NW, into a triangular hole in the wall there, go right and into another triangular crawlspace to find Secret #1, Ammo and a Token. Go out to the 1st Cave again and to the E side, a Mummy showed up, just dodge him and climb the N side of the central hill in the cave to find the Flares on top to the right. Then go down and to the NE corner to find another triangular crawlspace and inside to the right is the next one, go in and get a screenshot of a Boulder, throw the lever and see a floor appeared under the Boulder (on your way out again).

Head to the entrance you came into this cave and climb up. Turn around and stand jump/grab the Monkey swing a bit to the left and follow this Monkey swing all the way to the NE corner where you’ll find a sloped crawlspace up in the N wall (this is where the Boulder was hiding).

Drop/grab and go up, past the covered Boulder and to a room with vases. Climb up to the hole up in the E wall and in the next room you can push the 2 Pillars to the steaming Tiles under the naked women and the wall torches light up. Go shoot the vase for the Laser sight.

Go back to the previous room and see the floor turned into a burning floor, walk up to the most SW tip of this high ledge (you dropped onto) and turn SW, a curved  run jump around the wall S will get you to the ledge S of the burning floor, get up on the block and stand jump/grab to the crawlspace in the S wall (in the SW corner of the room you could grab up to a Monkey swing on the ceiling, but that takes you to the N side of the room, so why?).

Go into a room with a lever and a Vase (NE) with the Pharos Pillar inside, a Skellie wakes up, you’ll have to dodge that and get the Pillar, throw the lever (get a screen of an under water door) and head up the ledge W, the center grated window is a walkthrough wall, go in for Secret #2, Flares and the 2nd Token. Go back onto that ledge with the steam and run into the SE corner and go up the ladder to throw a lever there (under water door opens) and get the Ammo. Go out the crawlspace again, drop to the ledge near the burner floor and find the Revolver there.

The floor is safe now, go up to the E room again and look in the SW corner where a wall became climbable. Go up and through a crawlspace to get Secret #3, Flares a small medipack and the 3rd Token. You’re done here, go down the sloped Boulder tunnel and into the 1st cave.

Head to the SW corner where you’ll find an opening in the wall, follow the steep hill down to the water and swim through the main pool to the SW open door follow to a room with the 1st Horseman’s Gem, notice the Bones (1) in the corner and shoot them (screen of a block that has to be raised). Go back to the main pool and into the SE door that’s now open, follow to the 2nd Horseman’s Gem and shoot the Bones (2), look in the SW corner of the room and spot the crawlspace up in the wall, follow to a lever that will open the NW under water door. Swim back and go right/left into the door with the red light and follow to a room with the 3rd Horseman’s Gem and Bones (3) to shoot, go back again and to the open door right and opposite the one you come out of.

Pillar Puzzle.

Follow to a room with a large pool, get out on the side you’re facing and spot the 4 pillars and a deadly pit. Pull/push the 2 S pillars to the circle Tiles on that side of the pit and a block shifts into the pit on the N side, now you can push the 4 pillars onto the blocks in the pit one by one and they will sink into the pit, the blue door in the W will open. Run in as Skellies woke up and get the 4th Horseman’s Gem. Hop over the ledge in the back and shoot the Bones (4) Jump back and dodge the Skellies on your way to the pool to swim back to the main pool, go left a bit and up at the ledge with the receptacle for the Pillar you have in your possession.

Inside you can quickly grab the Medipack and hop over the ledge in the back to shoot the Bones (5) and the block you saw before will rise, jump back and run past the Skellies to the main pool, go to the SW small ledge and from standing against the left wall, facing S, you can run jump and grab to the Monkey swing. Go to the corner with the crawlspace and drop/grab in, follow the passage up to that block you raised, turn around and climb the ladder to a maze.

The Maze.

Go straight and right for Flares, turn back and go left/right at the crossing, go S and left to find the Ammo in the red cave. (up in the S side ceiling of this room is a hole, with what looks like a block that can lower (it wasn’t the pillar in the 1st cave that lowered it) )

Go W and in the end is a small medipack, go N from there and find the 1st Pharos Knot. Go back S and left at the crossings and come to an open door, the next door will open for you and you are in the Blue room.

The Blue Room.

Go right and in the NW corner is a crawlspace leading to a button that will bring out ropes in the Blue room, go back and to the N side Spikes and spot the “ladder” behind them on N wall, run jump/grab the ladder after you checked your health and go up to almost at the top, backflip to the roof of the central structure, see the Face with the Bird statue W and run jump to a roof over the big E doors to get the Flares, jump back and run jump/grab the 1st rope.

I had to aim a bit left of the 2nd rope of 3 and grab it, to the 3rd rope is only one swing enough, then swing to the S ledge and don’t shoot the vase (Spirits). Go for the crawlspace in the SW corner and follow to a passage with buttons and doors, the 1st button right opens the door left and reveals a Bird-statue (in case you didn’t do what I said), the 2nd button opens the next door. Go in and you can climb up the block in the W side of the room, get the 2nd Pharos Knot in the E of that upper room and go down again, in the NE is a crawlspace that leads to a Beetle invested Room, go quickly to the next room and climb the block left, throw the lever and the floor will burn, so the Beetles disappear.

Go find the crawlspace in the W wall and follow to the left for a small medipack and to the right to come to the W Face in the Blue room, there are 3 Spirits, they wouldn’t take the bait of the Bird-statue, so I went back into the crawlspace and when I came back later they were gone.

Go to the N side of the balcony and push the button to get the S Face fountain going and pull the Pillar left of the button away from the crawlspace to go in for Secret #4, Flares to the right and the 4th Token in the end left.

Go out and drop from the waterfall into the pool below, go to that big door E and place both Knots to open it. Go place the 4 Gems in the corner pillars and see the under water door in the s pool open up, get the crowbar at that white vase and go into the s pool, swim along the bottom, because of the Darts and go up  in a room where you can get the Pharos Pillar and the Golden Star (de-activates Spikes) from the central block

Swim back and go back into the E room with the Gems, up the E ledge and place the Pillar to open the door in the SE corner. Go in and follow the passage after the elevator took you up. Run over the de-activated Spike trap and end the level at the Sun rays…