BtB2005-6  Laguna.

Level by Cuahiano Small.

Walkthrough Dutchy & Gerty- D&G Productions.

Names in Red are for later reference.

First Slides.

Slide down a slope and as soon as you regain control over the view, you have to jump over a Spike-pit, then youíll see an opening to the left weíll get the Pharos Knot from later. Just hop over the last Spike-pit and slide intoÖ

The 1st Room.

See the stand for the Portal Guardian in the W and go get some Ammo from the fallen pillar right and in front and turn left to spot more Ammo on the pillar left, then go to the SE corner to climb the grated E wall into a crawlspace. Go into a room with a closed door and a Bird-statue.

Pull the pillar SW away from the crawlspace behind it and go in to climb the left hand wall in the back, up into the Star passage where a Star will be needed to open the SE door. Go to the SW door and it opens.

Crowbar Room.

Go into a room where youíll get a flyby showing the Crowbar under flames and a lot of buttons and closed doors. Thereís a pillar on a ledge to the NE. Be sure to pull it to the N Tile, or youíll get a Boulder in the neck. This action will open the door in the W passage where the buttons are. Go to the flame W and hop into that alcove behind it to get the Medipack and Shotgun (in the dark corner) Go out and left, thereís a button there you better leave alone, as it has a Spike-trap. Head into the W passage and there are 2 rooms. One N and one S, the S one has a button that canít be reached for now, first you have to get a block out of the wall underneath it (and that block is timed.)

Timed runs, N Room.

Go into the N room and push the button there, then stand on the Tile left of it and youíll see the block coming out of the wall behind the grating, go a bit to the closed door in the W wall and face the exit, sprint over the corner of the trigger Tile (this way you are already in the passage before the block came out of the wall) . Into the passage, right and right and onto the block to push the button. Then sidestep right, turn right and jump/grab up to the ledge above (maybe you have to go back to the Tile (N room) again for this)

S Room.

In the SE corner is another timed Tile, shoot the Skellie off the ledge and the Tile will get a block out of the wall, so you can get up onto the ledges in the N room.

Run over the Tile to the N and drop from the ledge in front of the exit, run to the N room and hop on the block.

N Room.

Jump/grab to the upper ledge next to it and go to the trigger Tile (not timed) on it, this will open the door on ground floor W of the room, you can see it from here.

Pole Room.

Drop from the ledge and go into that W door and go up the pole in the SW corner, thereís an opening W in that corner when you backflipped off, (that is for later) go to the ledge in the E and from there a very long run jump/grab to the N side floor (you really have to line up straight for this jump, best is if you drop/hang from the ledge, then pull up and roll and you should be lined up for the jump). Youíll hang on a trigger Tile. Pull up (screen shot) and it will raise a block (not timed) near the Tile up in the S room where the Skellie was. So drop from the Tile, head out to the N room, run over the Tile at the button and right through the passage to the block in S room.

S Room/Portal Guardian.

Up to the ledge and onto the block on S wall, grab the Monkey swing and follow into a hole in the ceiling. Follow to a room with a lever, shoot the vases on the lever and use it to open the door W in S room. Go back over the Monkey swing to the block and now you have to drop/grab the block, stand on the NE corner of it and stand jump around the W pillar onto the ledge at the door, run in and get the Portal Guardian.

Back to the Start.

Push the button on W wall (to open a door for later) and drop out, go E to the Crowbar Room, E and to the Star passage, climb back down and crawl to the room with the Bird-statue, down the crawlspace and ladder to the 1st Room.

Place the Portal Guardian on the stand in the W of the room and enter the opened door. An elevator will take you up to the balcony, overlooking 1st Room.

The Flood Button.

Go up the passage W (this door you opened in the room where you got the Portal guardian) and to the right up the stairs (a Spirit comes after you), stay on the left side a bit so when the Boulder starts to roll, you can curve right and jump onto the higher floor, go into the small room and left is a button that will flood the lower part of the 1st room (and drain the Pool room weíll go to later), go back down the stairs and left into the opening you came from, run straight E out to the balcony and dive in, swim SE and into that crawlspace to the Bird-statue room. The Spirit will disappear and the E door is open here. Go push the button to the left in that small room, head back into the water of 1st room and swim to the W, up to the balcony you came from and go up the W passage, left down the stairs this time.

The Pool Room.  

Go around the now drained pool (donít get tempted to use the Knot on the bridge over the "pool" yet) and go to the NW corner. Down the ladder and run jump over the ledges to the button (this will open a door high up in the Crowbar room. So head back to the boulder slope and up, out the E passage to the balcony of 1st room, swim over to the Bird-statue room and go up the ladder in the crawlspace, through the Star passage to the Crowbar room.

Crowbar Room- 2nd visit.

In the SW is a ledge with a thin ledge above to the S, grab up and go N, jump the gap and shoot a Skellie off the ledge, go to the button on N wall to lower a rope from the ceiling. Back over the ledge and grab the rope, swing up to an alcove W at that big door there and look for that open door up left. Go right inside and throw the lever to open the big doors and let the water pour down on the Crowbar. In the space right of the lever is a Skellie, drowned before you could open the doors I think. Go back down the Crowbar room and grab the Crowbar.

Crossbow/Golden Star.

Head into the W passage and to the N room, into the W door and up the pole, now go into that opening W. Careful, Spikes, time the jump over the 1st trap and look left and up, see a ledge on the S wall you can run jump up to when the 2nd Spiketrap is down. Go W a bit and climb up N to the upper floor, jump over the hole in the floor and look for the hole in the floor on E wall. You have to do a run jump to the 2nd hole there and find the Crossbow. Pull back up and immediately jump to land back on the upper floor, go to the closed door W and drop back down in the gap, to land past all the traps. Go up the ladder in the next room, then N and left of that structure to get some Ammo from a vase in an alcove, then to the central structure and up for the Golden Star.

Hold backflip as Lara pries it off the wall as Spikes will pop up soon. Go back S to the previous room and a door opened there to the E, itís the door you saw when picking up the Crossbow. Go in and to the E, drop from the floor between the E Spike-traps and one jump past the Spikes will get you to the pole again, down and out to the N room, out to the Crowbar room and to the Star passage E. Place the Star and go in.

Pillar Pool.

Jump to the ledge over the water and go to the NE tip, thereís a Monkey swing overhead and it goes with bends in a NE direction and then turns to the higher N platform (shortcut here: Swim N and pull up on the N side of a ledge the moveable pillar is on and turn around, jump and you are on the N platform). Go to the Pillars on the lower ledges N and face S (this must be an unfinished puzzle according to the 2 Tiles on the platform, 2 pillars and 2 closed doors that didnít open for me).

Mechanical Beetle/Pharos Knot.

Looking up S, youíll see a hole up in ceiling with a climbable wall. Go up and into a room that comes out to the 1st slides. Look for a Medipack in the S and go into the N side to get the Mechanical Beetle from the alcove. You have to go down the slopes W and hop over the 1st Spike-pit, on the next slope you have to jump (no grab) left into the opening and go right and down a crawlspace to the Pharos Knot. Side jump back on the slope and jump over the next Spike-pit, slide down to the 1st Room.

Swim over to the W balcony, go into the W passage, left and down the steps to the Pool room.

The Pool Room- 2nd visit.  

In the room over the drained pool is a ledge with Spike-traps, stand on the Tile and use the Beetle. Go to the receptacle, pick up the Beetle and place the Pharos Knot. Doors open in the W side of the room, go in and go into the W room with the Goodies. Blast the Mummy and head N to a room with a pole, go down and pull/push the pillar E to the grated window and then S once.

Go up the pole again and to the E room, head N from there. Shoot the Mummy and look for a pillar to the left, on a ledge you fixed by using the pillar below (before hand it would sink a bit, so you couldnít push the pillar). Push it to the face Tile in the S alcove and the room floods.

Swim back to the previous room and to the W room where the Goodies were, swim up into a hole in the SW corner to get the Secret of the level, more Goodies you donít need anymore. Swim back to the E room and climb the bridge in the top of the room, go to the Tile and use the Beetle to de-activate the Spike-traps, follow the ledge to the Beetle (you donít need anymore) and come to a room with a burning floor and a pole. Look NE and spot the grated floor tile that isnít burning, youíll have to end up on that one.

Run jump/grab the pole and turn around so you can backflip to the NE corner, where the floor is safe, climb the N ledge and hop into the sloped corner passage to end the level, a Boulder will come after Lara, I hope she will escape that oneÖ