BtB2005-5  High and Low.

Level by Michael Prager.

Walkthrough Dutchy & Gerty- D&G Productions.

Names in Red are for later reference.

Lara will drop from the ceiling of a high room and disappears out of sight, is she…

No, not our Heroin, she dropped in a pool, swim to the W. (spot the narrow gap in the right corner of the wider room, inside is Secret #1, some Flares and the 1st Trident, but I couldn’t get to them and as I finally got in, I couldn’t get out again.) Go on to the W, get the small medipack in the next room and follow to a dark wide cave where Lara will be taken by the current and will probably end up on top of the pillar, stand on the center of that one, so the Spikes surrounding the hole will not harm Lara.

Climb out on the only available side and go right circling around the Spikes to the water hole at the vase, as Beetles will have probably been alerted and are coming from the E. You can dive back into that wide cave and lure the Beetles in, then go up again through the same hole and climb up at the vase. Only a Skellie will be bothering you now.

Head to the E and grab the small medipack from the pedestal and go on around the right corner past the closed doors to the S of the room, spot the doors that need the Pharos Knot and look opposite those doors for the ladder to climb. Go onto the ledge right and walk out to the SW corner, stand jump/roll onto the sloped block on the other side of the ladder and grab the edge as you slide off.

Pull up and backflip/roll/grab the S ledge with the Skellie and the closed doors, run left and jump/grab to the ledge in the SE corner, go left and from the ledge closest to the sloped block on the central structure you can do a run jump/roll onto that block and grab the edge when you slide off backwards, go hang on the left side and pull up, backflip and you’ll slide off the next sloped block. Grab the edge again. Hang on the right side and backflip (no roll) to a sloped block on E wall, jump to land on the flat ledge with a closed door, look W and see the ledge with the button on the Centre (structure). Run jump from the highest point of the ledge and grab that ledge.

Push the button and 2 Spirits come out, drop from the ledge and roll, see the E doors open, run into either one and find the Bird-statue inside. Wait for the Sprits to find it too and go out to the S ladder again, follow the same path to the ledge you jumped from. Now go further to the N over the ledges and swing with a rope to a ledge on Centre and push the button, go on to the W and around the corner of Centre to a ledge with the 3rd button, turn around and see the open W doors. One down that needs the Pillar and one up with a lever inside. Drop to the ground floor and head N, doors opened there too, go in.

Pillar Puzzle/Pharos Pillar and Shotgun.

Go to the l and see a pillar, push it to the N once and dive into the water, find a narrow gap close to the bottom in W wall where the pillar is above, go in to get the Pharos Pillar, swim back and left a bit to look for the Shotgun behind a pillar on the bottom. Swim to the S and climb up at the entrance, go out and to the W wall where that door opened for the Pillar.

Shoot the Skellie in the pool at the Spikes an place the pillar in the W passage, to raise a block in the N room. Go back to the N room and to the pillar and see 2 blocks raised in the ledge, one by taking the pillar and one by using it. Now you can push the pillar to the N. First go shoot that nasty Skellie into the pool and spot the 2 Tiles along the N wall. The face Tile will raise another block in the path, only it’s timed.

So put the pillar close to that block and trigger the block to rise, quickly pull the pillar onto the block, it will go down. Go to the Tile again and then push the pillar off and to the W side and over the last block to the W Tile and blocks raise on the ledges on E wall.

Pharos Knot.

Head back to the entrance of the room and find the monkey swing on the E end of the ledge, grab up and go to block one (the spikes won’t harm Lara if you land on the centre of the block) jump to the 2nd block and climb the ladder to the blue room where the Pharos Knot is on display, grab it and see a room with another Pillar and Skellies. Look S and go to that red trigger tile to open doors up N, above the entrance to this Pillar Puzzle room.

So go back to the lower room, dive in the pool (stand jump from the centre of the Spike block), get out S and head to that S ladder on Centre again. Up over the ledges to the N side where the rope is an swing to the ledge at the open N doors, go in and run for the Pillar in the last room, get out quick and drop to the ground floor again, head S and to the doors that need the Pharos Knot (opposite the ladder).

Inside you’ll see a receptacle for the Pillar up left. First go stand at the right side of the entrance and turn around, slide off backwards and grab the ladder, go down and spot the lever, go to the left side of it and climb up the ledge in the corner where you’ll have to throw it. It will open a door in that E room with the Bird-statue.

The Yellow Brick Room.

Go back up the ladder and backflip/roll/grab the opposite ladder, go up to the top and climb left as far as possible, pull up and place the Pillar to flood the bottom part of the shaft, drop in and swim into a narrow tunnel in S wall, left of the lever. Go up in a yellow room with a bunch of pillars around.

Go to the E wall and to the left hand pillar, look on the left side of the ledge on it for a ladder, jump/grab up and climb over the top, jump and jump from the next with a right curve so you slide backwards off the wall, grab the edge and go left to the sharp sloped wall, save and pull up. Immediately jump and keep jumping around the room to the dark ledge with the button. Pushing the button will open the left door at the Bird-statue and one up door in the Centre room.

The 2nd Trident.

A Spirit comes out too and he will find you soon, so quickly turn around and climb the ladder overhead, go through the crawlspace and drop/hang in the pit with the burn floor, shimmy left around the and get the small medipack in the next crawlspace, drop out and grab the edge of the slope, go left onto that ledge with the Pillar, roll and run jump/grab the overhead monkey swing, go left a bit and down to that left ladder on the wall, left side of it or you’ll fall, go to the right and don’t drop too soon once outside. Run to the E room with the Bird-statue and find the left door open, inside you’ll find Secret #2, a Medipack and the 2nd Trident. Once outside again you can see the right hand door above in E wall opened.

So up the S ladder and etc etc. Enter the door to push the button inside, see a block raised on the upper S ledge. 2 Spirits circle around you when the flyby stops, so run out and drop in front of the door with the bird/statue to get rid of them. Go up the S ladder and you know… From the block you can look N and see a closed door, then go run jump/grab to the W ledge and then run jump over a broken part to the corner of the room, run jump/grab to the sloped ledge N and pull up. Slide to the end and jump with a grab at the very end of the jump. Go up and do one more of those long jump/grabs to get to the ledge at the open door. Inside is a lever that will release a Boulder that will crash open the door of Centre and open the doors up at the S ledge and monkey swing block.

The 3rd Trident.

Go back down and to the S ladder, to the block on S ledge (do NOT enter those S doors yet!) and use the monkey swing to go over to the open door in the Centre (with some nasty bends), drop/grab and climb up. Standing on the ledge, look up for that red passage up S and go jump in to get Secret #3, the 3rd Trident and Ammo. Now go back out to the open door of the Centre, but don’t go in yet, climb backwards from the S side of the ledge, where the monkey swing is and slide/grab the edge of the sloped block, pull up and backflip/roll/grab the S ledge, go into those open doors and you’ll hear a door close and that door seals off the passage of the Secret you just got.

Jumping Pillars.

All the Torches light up, a Skellie awakes, just run past him into the hole and simply slide to a lower passage, go up the ladder and from the top do a backflip. You will be standing between some sloped pillars, face W and grab up to the lower right hand one, don’t pull up but go left to the corner. Pull up/backflip/roll and jump/grab from the next pillar to grab up to the ledge above.

Go stand where you look over the hole in the ground and can do a run jump/grab to that sandy block S (climbable). Pull up and jump left onto the floor and go pull the pillar once to the S, then go back to that sandy block and hop to the ledge left, Run jump to the NW ledge and go to the ladder you see on the N wall. Down the ladder is a lever that will release the Boulders in the Centre and a pole appears in the centre of that room. Go back up the ladder and go down the ladder in the pit to the left, there are some Flares there. Back up and to the waterfall S, climb the waterfall and shoot the 2 vases to get the Ammo inside them.

The Jump for Secret #4.

Back down to the ledges and to the E side, see that closed door in E wall? Walk to the very end of the ledge and stand on the left corner, then take one sidestep right and hop back once, take one more hop back and save there. Run jump straight E and don’t turn yet, immediately jump (no grab, no turn) straight E from the pillar you’ll land on and then only turn sharp left when you passed that ledge and immediately jump again from that forked pillar to grab the very side of the monkey swing under the E ledge, go for the door.

The door opens when you approach, go in to claim the well deserved prize, Secret #4 the 4th Trident and the Grenade-gun.

(Btw there is a nice/helpful bug in this game. Go to that closed door in the E wall, stand with your back to it and walk left around that forked pillar, into the gap between the sand hill and the pillar and if you are in the right position, only pushing the forward key will get you suddenly on the pillar and with only a back flip you are on the ledge. No need for all the jumping, back flipping and rolling LOL)

Go back up the pillar and do the backflip/roll/jump/grab again to get onto the ledge above the door, walk to the W end and turn left, facing that waterfall again. Then stand jump into the now flooded shaft, you came into this room from. Swim back and in that passage with the Torches a bunch of Skellies are waiting for you. Well you have the means…. Go out to the ledge overlooking the Centre, up the block left and grab the monkey swing again, go to the open door at the center and go in.

The Centre.

This is the room you fell through at the start of the level. Just slide down from the end.

(You could go around the ground floor to pick up all the Ammo from the vases, but then the only way up again will be through the water hole in the NE. Past that hole with Secret #1, which again I swam into without any problem but again couldn’t get out off. Up in the cave with the Beetles and up to the entrance of the Centre in the S again.)

Go climb the central pillar. Run jump to the N slope and from there to the right side at the windows, blast the Skellies and go get Secret #5, the 5th Trident. Jump back to the slope and go to the pole in the center. Go up to a small room and head up the slope, the level ends right there…