BtB2005-2  Catacombs of Tisaria.

Level by Storm Chaser.

Walkthrough Dutchy and Gerty (D&G Productions).

Some names are in Red for later reference

Safety-drop down in the shaft in front of you and go to the slide. Slide backwards and grab the edge, pull up and backflip over the Spikes.

1st Room.

Notice the closed door (1) left and some Ammo right, more Ammo in the SE corner, now go W and follow the passage to a crossing, go straight and into the 1st passage left to get the Flares. Roll and go back. Straight in front is another narrow passage that leads to a ladder where you’ll get to later after opening the door (2) up there. Go W and left and at the next crossing left, through the dark to the SE passage, go in and into the 1st right to shoot the vase there and get the Ammo from it. Out again and right, to the end (the next room to the  right has a vase that won’t break, so no need to get in there) and to the right, there’s a movable pillar on the centre of the ledge there, you have to pull the pillar to the E once from the tile it's on (so you'll see the door open next to you in S wall), Beetles will pour out of the grating and you can run into that door now.

The Crowbar.

Just sprint in straight and over the bridge in the room with the burners, to the right past the pit and the Beetles should be gone. Go up the steps to the S passage and come to a high room with a pool, walk straight to the end of the steps. Turn around on standing at the waters edge and hop back, swim into the N tunnel under the steps. Keep swimming along the wall to the right and just past the red part you go right and immediately right into a narrow tunnel, follow to the end where Secret #1 awaits, the Shotgun. Swim back and right coming out of the narrow tunnel, in the wider tunnel that goes to the right, you have to swim up and left in the end. You’ll come to a room with a structure. Go under the floor of the structure and up the 1st hole you see, from facing N you can pull up and backflip to a ledge with the Crowbar just behind you.

Pick it up and run off the ledge to the S, swim back into the tunnel and where you go down, swim to the right, straight at the crossings and climb back up to that steps in the room with the pool. In the N, over the entrance is a ledge you can pull up to. Turn around and stand jump/grab to the centre floor and when you go S a Wraith will show up, roll and drop from the edge of the floor, roll and run back through the room with the burners, left at the pillar and into the passage NW at the end of the room, left into the first opening and to the W side, climb up in the dark, turn and grab up to the room above, go in and find the statue there, the Wraith will kill itself, go back and to the room with the burners, to the room with the pool and up to the upper floor again. Go to the N side of the left pillar and find your 1st Golden Star there. Go S and jump to the opening in the S wall and follow to a button. Push it to open that door (2) up the ladder in the beginning of the level.

Go back down to the ground floor of the room with the pool and out N, through the burner room and left at the pillar, into that NW passage again and into the passage right (just past the room with the Bird statue), shoot the vase for some Ammo and go out again, to the right and follow the passage straight to the N. Take the 2nd right and right again into the narrow passage opposite the one you got the Flares from. Turn in the end and go up the ladder to reach the top of the 1st Room.

Top of the 1st Room.

Stand jump/grab to the bridge and go left (W) step carefully into that passage and hop back immediately, drop/grab from the edge of the bridge and wait for the Spike Boulder to pass, re-enter the passage and get the Medipack, climb up the right hand passage and up to the 2nd Golden Star, pry it off the wall and go back to the bridge, shimmy past the Boulder and enter the E passage.

The door will open for you, follow to a room with a pool and just before entering there are Flares to the right and left side. Go in and left, into the left hand room to get the 3rd Golden Star from there. Lure the Mummy out first so you have some time to get it. In the NW corner of the room is a crawlspace up in the wall that leads to Secret #2, a small medipack. Go out to the pool room and to the SW corner where you’ll find a room with a Mummy and some Ammo, then head SE for some more Ammo and go to the ladder on the E wall. Go up and backflip to the ledge above the pool, go S and shimmy past the Spikes to the safe spot between them, jump into the opening in the structure and jump over the holes to a lever that will open a door up in the NW of the room, drop down into the pool and go up the E ladder again, over the ledge to the NW and jump to that open door. Run jump/grab over the pit and jump over the next, go into the left hand passage to throw the lever that will open the door (1) in the 1st Room.

Back to the Start.

Go out and left, over the next pit and follow the passage up to a slide that will get you back to the start of the level, go down the slope again and grab the edge or just jump over those Spikes from the slope.

Hop on the NW block and follow the passage to a room with Dart traps, turn around before you go under the darts and look up to the for a ledge you can pull up to, grab up into the left side the crawlspace and follow to where you can drop into a pit with your 4th Golden Star , go back out and drop into the Dart room, go crawl under the darts to the other side and climb up to the room with the pillars. Stand jump to the first and then run jump to the SW one, to the SE one and into the passage there.

Boulder Alley.

Carefully trigger all the Spike Boulders and end up in a room with 2 doors and step on the tile in front of the S door, go past the Mummy to a room filled with Skeletons and Mummies.

Room with the Deceased.

A lot of ledges around the room hold Goodies, you can go collect them and then go up to the lever in the NW corner, throw it and a door opens W after the Spike Boulder dropped. Go back down to that door and enter, grab the Monkey swing and go over to the other side to get the 5th Golden Star. Go back over the Monkey swing, stay on the side to avoid the Darts and head to the exit N, into the room there.

Placing the 5 Golden Stars.

Step in front of the N door and it will open, pick up the Medipack and go jump past all the Boulders to come to a room where the music starts. Go up the ladder right in front of you and backflip to the upper floor, go to the n side and place all the Golden Stars, the door in the centre over the Star receptacles opens, go in to get the Token. The NW door on ground floor opens, so get back down at the ladder and head in to a room with a pool below, notice the door (3) W.

Dive into the pool and get the two small Medipacks on the bottom before climbing up the SE ledge, go push a pillar to the E side (or W it doesn’t matter) of the ledge it’s on, luring the Mummy away if needed, and the door (3) on the other side of the pool opens, Dive back into the pool and climb the ledge and ladder to get back to that door, slide down and follow the passage to the end of the level…