BtB2005-1  Another Catacomb.

Level by Staticon.

Walkthrough Dutchy and Gerty (D&G Productions).

Some names are in Red for later reference.


Turn around and descend from a ladder and follow the narrow tunnel to a wider cave and after the slide past the pillar youíll see a cave to the right where the Trident awaits. Go on to the end of the cave and find the hole down with the ladder, drop from the end of the ladder and slide down in a room with a closed door, look in the N side of the room for a hole over the slope, backflip to the slope and jump/grab up to the floor above, get the Crowbar on the pedestal left and go for the lever to open the door below. Drop down and go through the door to the room with 3 doors.

Room with 3 Doors.

Youíll need the Pharos Knot and Pillar and a Gem in this room. Go to the button S to open the 1st door.

Shotgun/Pharos Knot.

Follow the passage to a room with a pit and a pillar in the left alcove, go through the crawlspace opposite the alcove to get some Flares and throw the lever to raise blocks in the pit, pull the pillar out and to the crawlspace and then to the closed doors E so it will end up on the trigger Tile for the doors, a Skellie wakes up, go into the alcove you got the pillar from and get Secret #1, a small medipack where the pillar was standing. Run into the next room and hop over the Skellie, go onto the NE block and get some Ammo, notice the closed door E (1) and jump onto the SE block for the Shotgun. Then go S, jump/roll over the water, pulling out the Shotgun and wait for the Skellie to jump over. Then shoot him into the water and dive after him. Swim W and go out into a room with the Pharos Knot.

The Horsemanís Gem/Hathor Effigy .

Door (1) opens, so swim back and to the room where you got the Shotgun, go out E and to a room with 2 dead Skellies (arenít they all?) in the centre of the room is a ladder down to the lower part and there is a block with a Gem, protected by a burner, go into the NE room and thereís another one, go to the left side of the block and hang on the edge, as the burner goes down pull up and run forward a bit to grab the 1st Horsemanís Gem, hold the backflip keys while Lara picks it up and youíll be gone before the burner starts again.

Go to the NW room and do the same from the right side of the block to get the 2nd Horsemanís Gem, go place both Gems in the W and E side of the room and the central burner will go off so you can get the 3rd Horsemanís Gem. The room rocks, as a ledge appeared up in the SE corner. Jump back to the ladder and go up, run right and jump over the gap to that ledge and follow the passage up to the top of the room, jump to the beam and up to the next one N. run jump/grab to the opening in N wall and follow the passage, light a flare when it gets dark and find the crawlspace to the left, go get Secret #2, the Hathor Effigy.

Ornate Handle/Laser sight.

Go out and go on to the Jump pit. Run jump to the left and start jumping left till you end up on the NW lower ledge, look on the W wall and see a part of it looks climbable, jump/grab to it and go up the r side of it, almost into the top of the room and backflip/roll/grab to get onto the bridge, grab Secret #3, the Ornate Handle and run off into the SW corner, at the flat ledges, where you can and go into the passage to a pit with pillars standing in a pool, dive down and swim into a tunnel SW, go to a room with a lever that will change the position of one of the sloped pillars, get the Laser sight and the Ammo and swim back, climb a ledge NE and go to the top of the pillar, backflip after you pulled up and keep jumping to get to the W ledge. Follow the passage to slide and save there. Slide and on the second slide a jump/grab to the ladder, go up to the first cave again and up to the cave with the Trident to the left, which is Secret #4. Go back down the hole and slide into that 1st room again to go to theÖ

Room with 3 Doors.

Place the Gem to the left and the door next to it opens.


Go in and slowly walk around the corner onto the sloped floor, a bunch of Boulders will come rolling down and into their pits, the 2nd left tunnel the Boulder came out is accessible, go through the crawlspace and follow the passage to a room with the Grenade-gun behind glass walls. The Tile in the alcove to the left of the window will open the timed door, so run jump from the tile to the door and get in. Combine both parts to place the Portal Guardian on the stand and the cover over the pedestal lowers, go get Secret #5, the Grenade-gun. Go back to the room with the Boulders.

Go N and up to a room with 4 blocks in the floor that can be lowered, go right and go counter clockwise around the room stepping on the dark Tiles to lower the 1st block SE, go in the hole to throw the lever 1 and climb out, step on the tile next to it and the SW block lowers. Go in, throw the lever 2 and get the Golden Star. Go out and now I lost the clue, but when I just ran over Tiles, the NW block went down, throw the lever 3 in it and go over the tiles again till the NE block lowers to reveal a button 4 and finally the exit door will open. (That old mechanism seems to be rusty, just run over the rigger Tiles till the next block lowers.)

Burner room.

Follow to a room with a burn floor and burner ledges, stand jump to the left ledge (with the steam) and run jump to the one S, turn right and run jump with a curve around the right side of the pillar to the W ledge, you canít see from here. Then jump to the one W and just right of the next pillar, from here stand jump up to the W passage (noticed the Bird statue in the corner?) Follow the passage up the steps to a crossing, left is a closed door and in front a door that can be opened with the Star you have.

Revolver/ Golden Star/ Pharos Pillar.

Go into a room with a Mummy, blast him with the nice toy you have now and look for a crawlspace up in the right hand wall and in the back, go in for Secret #6, the Revolver, go out and stand in E the side of the room, look up into the W side and see the 2 vases in an alcove, shoot them and go over to the opposite side to do the same. Spirits come out.

Run like the wind and down the steps to the room with the burner floor, stand jump to the closest left ledge and from there you can run jump to the Bird statue (as you have to stand on it to trigger the cover in front of the pillar upstairs to lift, just duck in the corner till they are gone). Return to the room on top of the stairs and get the Golden Star and Pharos Pillar (opens the door in the E passage at the crossing). Go out and right at the crossing, follow to a slope, go down and end up in the 1st room again, go toÖ

Room with 3 Doors

Place Pillar and Knot and the middle (last) door opens, follow to theÖ

Glass Labyrinth.

Go straight to the end and jump up to the left upper passage, drop in the end and go to the passage up left, follow over hole in the floor to the Ammo and hop back into the lower passage, go left and again hop up to the left passage in the end. The camera changes to a view from above, go on going left and up (with the occasional passage down) till you climb up to the top floor with Secret #7, the Music Scroll and see a door opening up when you take it, go down the SW hole and down into the first lower passage. Head to the E and to a room with a pole in the NW and a block with Bones in the E, you can shoot the heads off the Skellies before you head over to the block to shoot the Bones (which will open the ledge at the pole), or blast them all together when they awake with the Grenade-gun (didnít get that for nothing, Eh?). In the NE corner of the room is some rubble, between the rubble you can find Secret #8, the 1st Token. Go to the pole and up to back flip to the ledge, go run jump over the pillars to an opening in the wall in the end (watch out for the lower ceiling here and there)

Changing Bridge.

Come to a room where you can use the Golden Star to open the door and come into a nice room. The bridge in the room changes direction every few seconds, time it and do a run jump to it at the moment you expect it to be straight in front and quickly get onto that safe center Tile. Face N, walk up to the edge and grab up into the overhead Tile, follow the passage, past a face tile you will get out of later and to a Monkey swing over a deep pit, stand jump/grab forward to grab the Monkey swing and follow to the room with Secret #9, the 2nd Token.

Go into the passage straight in front (S) and youíll come out of that face tile, go right and drop back out of the hole, N is where you go first, stand back on the Tile and count again, run jump when you expect the bridge to go straight so it is there when you land (gives you a head start in the right direction), then run and a jump in the end to land at the 1st lever. Run jump back and run to the center.


Go S now for the 2nd lever and then get back to go to the E door that opened. Place the Scroll and the floor opens under Laraís feet.

She slides out of the levelÖ