Back to Basics 2005 - Level index.

  #  Level name  Level Builder
 1  Another catacomb.  Staticon.
 2  Catacombs of Tisaria.  Storm Chaser.
 3  Desert Ruins and Serpent tower.  GeckoKid.
 4  Dwellers of the Abyss.  Debbie Overstreet.
 5  High and Low.  Michael Prager.
 6  Laguna.  Cuahiano Small.
 7  Lara of Persia.  Bojrkraider.
 8  Mourning Palace.  Horus.
 9  Operation Golden Star.  Tinka.
10  Palaces of Pharaoh Hepatitis.  Uvavoo.
11  Pseudo Tomb.  eTux.
12  The Quest for the Golden beetle.  Dhama.
13  Rapid Fall.  Marksdad.
14  Skellycombs.  George McIver.
15  The Origins.  Miss Kroft.
16  The Red and the Blue.  eRIC.
17  The Underground City.  Harly Wuson.
18  Through the Shadow of Death.  Idealist.