Experiment 3 - Part 1.

Under the Moonlight (before called "Village of Dwarfs").

Level by Bojrkraider

Authorized Walkthrough by G&D Productions

(for all the spoken words; look in the readme)


Lara was hired to explore a mine that led her into large caves where she found an abandoned dwarfian village. During her search she found out that her main quest is finding Golden Tablets, an ancient dwarfian treasure. But when she did find them, suddenly the dwarves appeared and demanded from her to give them the Golden tablets. Lara as usually decided, that she'd rather escape with the treasure. So she jumped into the underground river and the current took her into the open lake...

A Rose for Dworfina.

After the starting movie, Lara will find herself back in that pool she ended up in at the end of her last quest. Turn around and swim into the deepest part where the air bubbles are and get the Rose for Dworfina. Swim up and to the N side a bit to the right and there you can grab up to the grassy ledge above, go to the N and about halfway down the valley is a rock to the right, just low enough to grab up, backflip/roll/grab the other side and shimmy to the right, in the end another backflip/roll to land on the higher plateau, go down into the next valley and continue S (watch out for the holes in the floor) and hop down into a lower tunnel, follow to the Underground River (to the left are some Bars you have to open up).

Underground River.

Run jump (no *Ctrl*) across and follow N, find a grating on the caves ceiling and use it to monkey swing to the left into a niche, in the niche on the left side is a reach-in switch, grab in to re-tract some Bars further on the Monkey swing grating, run jump back to the ledge at the start of the Monkey swing and get back on the grating, go close to that right hand pillar (maybe use the side swing method, *Shift* and side arrow) to get past that nasty corner and go on to the end at a triangular ledge in the left corner, drop there, jump to the opening with the Bars and use the reach-in switch left to lower the platform left of you, jump to the platform, climb out of the tunnel and take care of the Soldier. Go back down into the entrance tunnel S, those Bars near the river opened up, now you can use the reach-in switch to open the Bars at the platform, so go back and climb out to the Valley. Go straight N to that hole with the platform and drop in, jump to the now open Bars and get Flares and a Crowbar. Follow the passage to where you look out over the Big Valley with a long suspension bridge.

The Big Valley.

Slide down backwards and end up in the small brook below, (Optional reconnaissance) wade to the N a bit and climb up the lower right hand bank, just passed the blue violets is a crawlspace to the right, crawl in and find a trapdoor with a sign on the wall, it seems you need 4 Stars to open this thing.

Get out and go right (E), around the corner face the rocks W and pull up, backflip/roll and climb to the top. There is a little white bowl, it’s a mechanism that needs a Key later.

Get down from the rock and head S, you’ll find a lower cave entrance, follow down to where you look into the Gorge (notice the old climbing hook in the wall under the ledge you stand on) and this deep Gorge is where you end up dead if you happen to fall in the rapid flowing river.

The Gorge.

Do a safety drop from the edge and grab a crack in the wall below, shimmy right and pull up in the crevice, crawl through and drop into a lower tunnel, follow to a deep shaft and jump left around the corner, now a couple of stand jumps in the N direction over ledges in the corners and end up on a longer ledge where you can see a break ledge below N, do a diagonal run jump to land on that ledge, run sharp left and onto a lower ledge and then a jump up to the ledge in the corner, climb up left and get a Medipack, then use the Crowbar lever (raises a platform in the deep pit you just jumped over). Check the health bar and safety drop down to that platform, now you'll need that Medipack, and jump/grab up W, do a run jump into the lower W ramp and find the crawlspace to the right, get in and follow to get the two small medipacks.


Get back to the ramp and run jump back into the entrance E, now you have to jump the sides of the ramp to get to the top. Problem is… there are 3 Boulders, what worked fine for me was run jump with a bit of a left curve to the left slope, keep jumping curved right and when you hit the Triggering square under the first Boulder, you’ll just jump away in time, now do a roll in the air so you face the other side and will reach the next Boulder with your back to it, this way you’ll also jump way in time when it falls, roll again for the next and for the last Boulder the same trick, now keep going uphill till you end up on top.

Break-ledge Pit.

Now you are at a break ledge pit, a monkey swing crosses the pit, but the Bars are still closed, face W and stand on the right hand side of the pit, hop down in the pit and quickly run into the NW corner (safe when the ledge collapses) In the alcove is a reach-in switch to open up those Bars you saw, hope you left some break ledges intact (Remark bojrkraider: there’s one tile that doesn’t break, use it to your advantage), cause you have to jump/grab up and run back to the E side, pull up and get onto the monkey swing, go to the crawlspace and drop/grab hoist yourself in and follow to a cave with a wooden bridge high up. Face the sloped rock N, grab up and hang in the middle, backflip and jump, then jump/grab the bridge and go up to the E side, jump/grab S and then use the blocks to get higher and higher to the tunnel N.

The Silver Mechanism Key.

Follow the tunnel to a cave with a wooden platform on the platform is a pedestal. Don’t get too close yet, but locate the covered crawlspace in the W wall, kick the cover in and go in to find a Crowbar lever to disable the Spikes around the pedestal. Now you can get the Silver Mechanism Key. Climb the rock N and jump to the E, go left around the block and find the lowered cage, drop down there and you’ll be back in the Big Valley, the N end at the Mill. Go straight down and run into the brook next to the Mill, stand in the water and face N where the brook goes underground, jump up and dive into the tunnel, follow into a somewhat wider cave and find Secret #1, a Golden Skull in the NE corner, swim back, surface and climb out of the water straight ahead.

Go S along the brook a bit, jump left over to the big fat tree standing on the S side of the Mill, look to the right of that tree for a hole in the ground, a flyby will kick in and shows Golden Tablets and Lara falling into a cave.

1st Star.

Look N and spot the sloped rocks, run jump to the left side block and jump to go over the right hand block and land in a water hole, swim through and climb out, get the 1st Star from the higher ledge. Dive into the pool in front, swim through the opening NW and follow that narrow tunnel to where you can climb out, turn around and jump E, go right and just before a crawlspace in the E wall turn around and grab up to the upper W side, hop N over the next pit and go to the NE corner. Climb up and go on climbing the NW corner and finally slide down from the rock into the Pine forest near the Mill.

Head NW, hop over a ridge and find the trunk of a cut off forest giant (tree). Climb it and run jump/grab to the high rock sticking out NW, hop up left and follow the steep cliff to the SW, do two run-jumps over deep gaps and end up on a diamond shape rock ledge on the corner, to the left you’ll see a platform on a tree. Run jump to the platform and climb down into the tree, get the Flares and use the switch to raise a block near the Mill.

A Key.

Go back the way you came and then head N and from the white rock formation you can slide down to the W, you’ll end up at a shallow pool, in the middle of the pool is a Crowbar lever, opening an old trapdoor. Climb out left of the tree NE and follow up to the E and go straight to find the old trapdoor to your right, don’t get in yet, but look for a rock to the left with a climb hook in it. Walk into the NE corner and turn facing SW, backflip to the steep rock and jump/grab to the rock. Pull up and step around the trunk lever to use it (Spikes start popping). Get down and hop into the open trapdoor, time the Spikes and jump to the Flares, behind them is a reach-in wall, grab in to activate a Timed Burner and then quickly grab again to get ‘A Key", now do a side jump right to get away before the Burner starts and hop back over the Spikes, climb out of the hole.

The Old Mill.

Go SW and to the front of the Mill, open the door with the Key and go in to get Revolver, Laser sight, Flares and Ammo. Climb up the bunk bed over the pickups and use the switch to raise another block outside, look for the cabinet in the NE corner and pull it from the wall, there’s a switch behind it, pull the switch and the flood gate outside will open, so the creek S of the Mill will flood and the Waterwheel starts moving all the Cogwheels on the wall. Push the cabinet back to get outside again.

We’ll be back here, but go out now and shoot the Soldier. Go straight out to the E flagstone wall and look right for a slanted rock, just in front of that rock you can see water shining through the grass (because you opened the flood gate). Dive in and follow the tunnel to where you drop into a small pool, swim into the far E side and from standing on the rock bottom, climb up right and crawl through the opening left.

The Torch.

Follow into the NE corner and find a panel on the wall left, a Torch visible on it, but the passage beyond is closed off. Turn and jump on the low rock SE, jump up W, then N and finally to a kind of pedestal SW, to the left of it is a Timed switch.

Timed Run for the Torch.

Here’s what you do, pull the switch after saving and roll turning right a run jump across to the N, run left over the bridge and up against the block W, hold the forward key while you jump up and just hit the tip of the sloped block. Backflip to the higher bridge and hop to the raised platform. A running jump with a sharp right curve will get you into the NW opening (or grab up to the crack in S wall and climb through). You’ll end up in the same spot. Follow the tunnel, and just before the end is a reach-in switch, which will start a Boulder rolling below and a Crowbar lever becomes visible in the lower E wall. (*When you go up the first time you don’t really need to do the timed run, just jump up on that sloped block NW (stand against it, hold forward key and jump) Backflip to the top bridge, go to the highest S end of that top bridge and from standing right near the timed platform, you can grab up to the crack S and go through)

Make your way back through the tunnel and from that NW opening you can drop down to the sloped block. Backflip and you’re on the bridge again, run jump with a grab to the SW to land back on the W ledge at the now burning pedestal, go E and hop to the Crowbar lever, the lever will stop the Boulder from rolling, but it has to end up on that wooden platform with the Torch sign so the passage to the Torch will stay open. Watch the Boulder and when it just leaves the wooden platform rolling W, use the lever and if all’s well it will end up ON the platform. Now the way to the Torch is open, head down the cave and get it from the NE alcove, hop back up to the Timed switch, taking the Torch with you and carefully light it on the pedestal.

Timed Run with the Torch.

Jump to the N side and leave the Torch against the N wall, about where you’ll land when you jump from the Timed switch, as you have to do that run again with the Torch. Go back to the switch. Pull it. Roll/run/turning right a bit and jump to the Torch, pick it up and run W to the sloped block, hold the forward key while you jump up and just hit the tip of the sloped block. Backflip to the higher bridge and hop to the raised platform. A running jump with a sharp right curve will get you into the NW opening (this time you will have to jump in there). (Gerty did it like this: I jumped over and stood on the highest wooden bridge, faced the crack S, jumped high and when Lara is on her highest point I used the # 1 Key (draw pistols) so she dropped the Torch in the crack. Went down and used the timed switch and got into the crack and threw the Torch on the floor.)

Follow the tunnel to that rope hanging in front of the rock to the S and the rope will burn, opening up the passage. Leave the Torch, crawl in straight and safety drop into a cave ending up at a Skellie. Pull that Skellie out of the way by it’s skull and get the Hammer and a pack of Nails. Turn around and climb the high rock S (only using *Ctrl*), grab the next rock S on the left side and shimmy left around the corner, to the next corner, pull up there and turn around, jump/grab up W to the floor above, here the tunnel splits up.

1st Piece of the Little Wheel.

Take the left side first and kick in the cover on the crawlspace, get through and pick up the 1st Piece of the Little Wheel from the pedestal, go into the alcove W, use the reach-in switch left (opens Bars somewhere else) and the room becomes active, a Blade like contraption goes around the room and flame emitters lighten up the whole thing, face SE and run sharp right around the corner after the Blade thing and follow around to the crawlspace, hug the E wall on your way to the crawlspace so you will not be hurt by the other emitter, run into the NE corner and crawl back and go to the point where the passage split up, go left into the other side and follow to the opened Bars to the right, don’t go in yet but follow the tunnel to the end to get a Medipack. Then return and enter the new tunnel, follow all the way till you arrive back at the Big Valley. Check the health and jump right around the corner, follow the ledge to the tree top and do a right curved stand jump over the sloped ledge, slide off the rock and grab the edge, shimmy to the left corner before you safety drop down to the forest floor near the Mill.

Turn around and see the little woodblock near the tree, go stand between the tree and the woodblock and push the block onto the earlier raised white grated block and then leave it there for now.

Go to the S side of the Mill, around the corner and stand facing W in front of the Waterwheel. (screenshot -provided by bojrkraider).

Walk up close and hit *Ctrl* Lara will climb the wheel and hops to the broken walkway, grab and go up the roof to use the Crowbar switch, Lara looks left to a raised platform (later), slide down the NW corner of the roof.

Go S past the Mill and to the brook, follow it up S, to the right is a climb hook in the wall, grab up to the ridge above and shimmy right to a triangular ledge, jump into the NW corner opening, crawl backwards in to the N and follow the crawlspace to where you can climb up left, hop over the pit to the left and in the end is a Boulder, just around the corner of the pit is a switch to release that Boulder, so Save, pull and quickly hop back over the pit. Now you can drop into that pit loosing some health or return through the crawlspace o the entrance and go down W without losing health.

2nd Star.

The Boulder opened up a trapdoor, go down and come to some closed bars, go in left and find the crack in the left wall, stand where you can look in and spot the brown Root, use Revolver and Laser sight to shoot the Root blocking the Cogwheel, it will start turning and the Bars open up, go through and head right (N) after noticing the red switch up over the Spiked pit. Follow the steps down to a Timed switch it will raise the block in the middle of the Spike-trap. It’s not as hard as it looks, cause you can just turn right, grab up to the block, turn right and stand jump up to the red switch (no need to run up those steps).

Don’t use the red switch yet, but run right down the ramp/ winding down into a Spike-pit a Boulder on your heels, crawl quickly through a crawlspace (yep the Boulder will get you here if you’re not fast) (Remark bojrkraider: an alternative way: run down the ramp and before you reach the crawlspace turn quickly to the left while still running and jump across the pit back to the higher part of the ramp, you may also need to grab – be sure that the boulder already passed that part.) In the end duck into another low crevice, to the left is the 2nd Star. Now you can go back up to the red switch and pull it, turn right standing at the edge and wait for that block to rise again, stand jump to it, do another stand jump/grab and you’re home free.

3rd Star.

Go out to the Big valley and drop down to the brook, head S and at the waterfall you can spot another climb hook SE, go there with a run jump over that lower cave entrance and find the rock you can grab up to E (orange flowers on top, screenshot provided by bojrkraider). Remember this route as you will go up here later too.

Now jump to the rock ledge over the climb hook S and do a left curved run jump up in the SE corner, from here a long run jump left curved to land on the sloped S ridge and grab the edge upon sliding off. Shimmy right to where you can pull up near a cave entrance, follow in to where you look out over a white flower bed.

Do a run jump with a left curve to land in a niche S and past the flowers. Grab up to the triangular ledge W and turn around, look up over the opening you just came from and spot the ridge, A Bold Eagle will appear, so deal with that first and do a long sharp right curved run jump to grab the ridge over that opening. Turn around after you pulled up and jump into the opening S, go down the ladder in the shaft and climb into a crawlspace right, don’t drop, but take out the Revolver and shoot the green Root on the N wall. The wheels start turning and the Spike-trap is disabled, drop into the cave now and get the 3rd Star.

A stack of Money.

Get back out, go up the ladder to the Big valley and stand jump sharp left around the corner and slide from the white flower bed, go W over the ledge and look NW to spot the river with rope ladders under the waterfall. Stand jump N with a bit of a left turn to land on the white flowers, slide and jump/grab the rope ladder, don’t climb up yet but climb right and then go up on the last ladder, get into the opening on top and go get Secret #2, a stack of Money. Grab up N on the left side and crawl to an opening over the brook, safety drop down and slide back to the brook.

4th Star.

Wade to the N a bit and climb up the lower right hand bank, just passed the blue violets is that crawlspace to the right, go on to the E side of the Valley and just around the corner right you can pill up on a E rock ridge, backflip and climb up to the highest pillar, use the Silver Mechanism Key there (a block will lower under the 4x Star sign) and safety drop from the S side to slide until you are right in front of the crawlspace.

Go in to find the opening to the right, drop down and follow to a room with a wooden floor, on the floor is a small table, pull/push it to the middle of the E side, near the steps and the Bars will open up SW, go in and jump with a bit of a left curve onto the sloped block, slide and jump onto a higher ledge to get the 4th and last Star there.

2nd Piece of the Little Wheel.

From this higher ledge a run jump with right curve over the corner of the sloped block and go back to the puzzle room. Place all Stars on the receptacles S and the rock sinks into the floor, go in and carefully jump over the central grey part of the floor as a nice surprise waits overhead. Go get the 2nd Piece of the Little Wheel and jump back over the trap. Go out and find your way back up to the Valley.

Cutting Wood.

Follow the brook down N to the Mill and go up the wall N, next to that little woodblock waiting there and go on N to find that Giant tree trunk again, follow the SW route to the hollow tree over the cliffs and from the diamond shaped rock you can jump to that platform you raised before, hop right around the corner to a ledge with flowers and a reach-in switch in the rocks, the switch will open a trapdoor in the roof of the Mill. Jump back to the diamond shape rock, jump right to the wooden platform at the hollow tree.

Go down in the tree to pull the switch again, so the woodblock is lowered. Go back to the Mill and go up to the roof again using the Waterwheel like you did before and go down into the open trapdoor. (short cut: jump back to the steel platform and from there a run jump holding grab down onto the roof of the Mill) On the attic is Secret #3, a pile of Gold Bars. A screenshot shows a pot in the shallow pool where the Crowbar lever was used before.

Climb out of the attic and slide down to the ground. Go to the front of the Mill and go pull the woodblock onto the earlier raised ledge (switch on the bunk bed) next to the door and go inside, use the switch on the bunk bed again and the woodblock is ready for use, climb the ledge near the Hack saw and combine the parts of the Little Wheel to place it in the corner, the cover on the switch below the ledge opens up. Now go get the woodblock and move it to the hacksaw, use the switch to activate the saw and the flyby will show a lever on top of the Mill. Pick up the Floorboards lying on the floor close to the switch and go outside.

Dworfina’s Rose.

Head to that shallow pool in the forest and find the pot in the water, stand facing W and put the Rose for Dworfina in the pot (you have to open the inventory and choose the Rose manually). Dworfina will appear and she leaves you a pile of Goodies.

Pick up the Crossbow, Ammo for it, the Grenade gun with 2xAmmo and a couple of MPs. Check if you got it all and head S.

Be sure you have the Floorboards in your inventory and combine them with Hammer and nails now so you have a repair set for the Bridge available. Head back, go past the Mill and to the S of the Big valley, you now have to get up to the SE corner again following the route you took before and follow all the way close to where you got the 3rd Star (screenshot provided by bojrkraider). Just run jump left out of that opening in the rock wall again.

Fix the Bridge.

From that daisy field grab up on that triangular ledge above W and grab up to the S wall, shimmy right to where you can’t go on and pull up, backflip/roll and curve hard left to land on a rock on the W face. Stand jump down to a rock ledge NW, Save and run jump to the Bridge, hop onto the bridge and a Chopper will open fire. Save a lot in the next part and run to a part of the Bridge that won’t collapse (the floorboards will not move, stop there and use the floorboards in your backpack to fill the gap, so you can run jump/grab over the gap. Go up E and close to the rock face and the Chopper will seize fire for a moment. Now turn around and if you have some Revolver Ammo left (one bullet required), you can take out the chopper, aim at the blade axle and see the chopper take a dive. Head left (N) keeping close to the rock face and jump some blocks to get to a point where you go down two blocks, then run jump up to a corner ledge on the NW rock and from the SW corner of that ledge a stand jump NNW with a sharp right curve to land on this ledge (screenshot). Now a run jump with a sharp right curve around the corner to the NE and here’s an opening in the rock face E, go through and now you can go a see a hidden message left by Dworfina if you like.

Optional: go left now and find an opening back to the rock face, jump down to a flatter ledge close to the end of the ledges and turn NE, run jump over the sloped rock like shown in the (screenshot) and follow the tunnel in to Dworfina’s Message (in case you forgot to put the Rose in the Pot). Go back out and run jump sharp left back over that sloped rock and find your way back up the slopes to the E.

Follow to the end overlooking a deep Gorge, run off to the lower ledge right and then again down right, go into the rocks and hop down backwards through the higher part of the opening, go down the ledges to the grassy path and the level changes…

Home Again.

Watch the Flyby and then open the door in front with the switch, get "A Key" from the cabinet to the right and go out, straight to the curtains near the table and behind the curtains you can use the Key to get some bricks sticking out in the Fireplace. Go out and into the NW corner and the colorful door will open for you. go in and down into the bath to use the tap on the wall to fill a bucket with water, pick up the Bucket and go to the Fireplace, use the water to extinguish the Fire, now climb the chimney wall into a crawlspace and follow the passage to where you see light shining, get down the ladder into the CCC (Croft Command Centre) and get to the front of the chair where you can read your Mail. This part of the adventure is completed; the next part will come soon…