Souls of the Fire.

Level by Satanoff

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

We will not mention all the Enemies…

There’s a nasty Flare bug in the level at a certain point.

Sliding down a slope and into a Fiery place, hop back and get the Shotgun and Ammo, turn right and get more Ammo (2x) there, two inaccessible Fire passages, so go on straight N and look up left for a crawlspace up in the W wall, grab up, turn around and hang from the edge, drop and immediately jump/roll and grab a climb wall, go up to the top and then backflip into a dark upper cave, go E and find a Medipack, to the right in the end is a switch (stops fire at a lever for later), in the opposite corner is a hole in the floor, go stand at the hole, face E and jump/grab to catch the edge of the crawlspace, go in and get the Flares and a Laser sight.

Room with the many Fires.

Crawl back out from the same opening, hang left in the opening and drop, jump with a bit of a left curve to land in between the two Burner Tiles near the sloped surface, you’re safe there. Turn left and jump up to a flatter ledge, then look in the E room and spot some more Ammo, jump there (look up E to spot a closed door up in the wall, for later too), get the Ammo and jump back to that ledge you came from. Maybe you’ll land on the sloped side, just jump with a sharp right curve from that slope and land next to the Burner, carefully step onto the corner of that Burner tile and stand jump over the sloped floor W, back into the start passages, go Sharp right around the corner where you can climb the pillar. Go up to the top and take 3 steps down, now backflip/roll/grab the opening behind, turn around and face E to grab up to a monkey swing above. Follow it around the room to where you can drop onto the wall. Turn left and throw the switch to stop the Fire in the passage W of the entrance. Safety drop down from the W side and go S to the entrance, right and jump over the remaining fire to throw a switch (Symbol on the wall) in the SW corner of the room.

Now go N from there and into the area with the lever. Jump N over the Fire at the sloped block and throw a switch (Symbol on the wall) on the W wall near the lever. Then sidestep carefully to the lever and use it to raise the blocks in the Coal Fire passage as a Flyby will show you.

Turn left from throwing the lever till you face into the passage E from the lever, hop back once and run jump over that last Fire into the passage E, follow to the end and go right then straight S to those black blocks in the Coal Fire passage, jump up and go down from the other end to come to the switch of the cut scene, a same Symbol on the wall. Now throw the switch (cut scene of the door in the Room with the many Fires) and the Fires in the passage to the entrance go off, but if you step on them they will go on again, so just head back N, go over the black blocks and right into the E passage, go for the opening in the E wall.

Room with the many Fires.

Grab up to that sloped block on the left side, jump left from the top to land at that ledge again. Walk up the ledge and grab up to a climb wall above, go climb right and up and pull up in the room above, go to another hole in the floor with some wooden beams, drop/grab backwards from facing S and shimmy right after the beams fell, climb down and left to hang over the ledge where you got Ammo before and go down a bit to backflip/roll/grab the wall under the door, go up and throw the last switch to open that door (screenshot of a Bug). Go in and drop/hang from the other side, climb right before you go down and walk up to a large dark Cave.

Cave of the Souls.

Run jump/grab to a pillar E (with the red top) and turn around to run jump/grab SW to a ladder on the W wall, climb left and down into a niche where the Crossbow is to be found, together with Ammo and a Medipack. Face E and stand jump/grab to the block. pull up over the top and slide to a ledge, follow to a flat ledge from which you can safety drop down to a rock bridge going N, follow around the corner to the other end (E) and throw a lever (the fire goes out), return to the corner in the bridge and drop from the S side onto a mound below, look left for a switch on the S side of the pillar under the bridge, go up to use it (cut scene of an under water door). Go down from the mound and head to the NW corner, if a Skellie shows up, you have the Crossbow and explosive Ammo so he won’t be much of a problem.

In the NW corner is a ladder with a sloped block under it, stand E and face E to do a backflip onto the block, then immediately jump with a sharp right curve and run right to avoid being hit by the Spike ball you triggered (preparations for later). Now go to the SE corner of the Cave and pull it out a couple of times to get into the passage behind it.

Spike Ball Alley.

Go up the stairs and jump over a gap, when you come to a long set of stairs leading up to the N, look right of you and on the corner of that staircase is a ledge you can jump up to in a bit. Now go onto the stairs and as soon as Lara looks up, roll and run back, stay on the right hand side of the stairs, so you can curve left and jump onto that corner ledge to let the Spike ball go by, climb up higher on the N side and throw a switch to release another Spikeball somewhere you’ll go next.

Now get back on those stairs and go to those Skellies hanging there, turn around and see a ladder in the shaft above, that’s where you have to go in a bit. Save before you go any further on the stairs, because when you pass the Skellies, another Spike ball will come down. (I did a run jump/roll past the Skellies and immediately run and jump/grab up to that ladder so the Ball could pass underneath.) Go follow the stairs back up again and look for a crawlspace up to the right, go in and throw the switch to open the door on top of the stairs. Get rid of the Skellie and go drop out to the stairs, follow up N and hop onto the stairs to the left, here’s the set of stairs where you already triggered the Ball. So go down and hop over the ball to the left, look E for the crawlspace under the wall and go in to throw the lever that will open that first under water door. Crawl back out and continue up the stairs, crawl through the low part and go down the next stairs, around the corner is a hole in the floor, in the hole is a switch.

Fire Passages.

Throw the switch and when you throw it you’ll see Burners extinguish in a passage you have to get to now, turn left and jump/grab the ladder, go up and left onto the ledge with the Skellies and down in the hole there, jump over the pit or go in to climb out at the Fire passage. Do a run jump to the left corner of the far Fire Tile and it will go off, stand jump/grab to the left side of the next ledge and turn left, grab up to the opening above and here’s the passage where the Fire went off. Go forward to a switch on the left side and save before using it, then run to the S end and right to fall into the water burning like a Torch, there’s an Ammo pickup in the under water room and you can climb out SW, to come back to the Room with the many Fires… They are extinguished now, so make your way back to that door up W and down to the entrance of the Cave of the Souls.

Cave of the Souls, second visit.

Run jump around the left corner to a pillar there and then run off to land on a ledge down N, drop from the N side and go down the now safe ladder to the ground floor and head S (SW) to a pool. Dive down and swim past the Spikes to the under water door you opened before, the second one will open for you and you can climb up and immediately slide down while a Flyby will show the route for a Timed run, you’ll end up in front of the first of two Timed switches.

Timed Run for the Double Door.

Check out the route from the switch. Up the block left, shoot that Skellie now and up the ramp. Jump over the pit and go in left, the door closes and to the right is the second Timed switch that will open the second door W on the slope left of you. Jump up fast and go through those doors. To the left of the doors is a slope down that will lead you back to the 1st Timed switch. So now have a go at it and come to a dark and high room

(it’s possible you’ll encounter a bug here and you will not be able to pass through the Timed doors, even though they are open, as Gerty experienced).

High and Dark Room.

At the W wall is a pushblock, push it onto the Flire (a door opens above) and sidestep left to the corner, backflip to a block and stand jump/grab to a pillar in front. Turn right and run jump to a pillar SE, turn left and stand jump/grab to the red pillar, turn left and run jump/grab to the ledge with the Skellie, grab up W and go up the slope, go right and there you can get through the narrow gap to throw the lever there (kills flames on a ledge in the high room), climb back out and go down to the Skellie ledge to jump to that ledge SE if you want, but you can just as well just run jump around the right hand corner of the door and end up on the ledge under the ladder. Climb up till you can backflip onto a ramp going up to the top of the high room and grab up to the room above, go down into the Aquarium on the other side and swim to the opposite corner. Climb out and finally you made it to that bright coloured room, with the lever (opens another under water door). Go back through the Aquarium and the room with the Skellie. Drop down to the ramp, go down the ladder and jump over the ledges down to the ground floor. 

Finishing Up.

The door in the E opened and you can follow that passage to get the Surprise of your life. In the end of the passage is a trigger Tile that will re-open the Timed Double doors where you came into the High room, so save and sprint back W, left around the corner and quickly through the doors, go climb up right (S) and slide back to that timed switch, just follow the passage up left again and over the ramp to that pit on top of the ramp. This time dive down into that pit and go into the open under water door, swim to the next door and the Trident will be revealed, swim over to get it and the level will end there….