The Knights of Terafosia.

Level by Pascal Ducey.

Unauthorized walk by Dutchy.

Won’t mention all enemies, only relevant ones.

Level 1 – Algara’s Mansion.

First Pool.

Roll as soon as you get back control and swim to the NE corner, walk up the ramp and go into that cave you saw in the flyby, run to the corner to get those Pistols and roll to shoot the Croc that followed you, look in this pool for an under water opening S and throw the under water lever inside to change the position of 3 trapdoors up in this cave, go back out and to the first pool, walk out onto the ramp and look left, another Croc is running in and out an opening there, shoot it from here and go in that opening, swim into the small tunnel in the S of the pool, pick up the Rusty Key and get back to the first pool again.

Go straight to that grey W wall and get the Flares there, then go right to the NW corner and climb out at that closed door, grab up left to a ridge and pull up/backflip into a passage that leads to the lock for the Rusty Key. Have a look over the edge and enjoy the view. Go back to where you climbed up and do a run jump with a left curve to get into the building S, the gate to the right opened when you used the Key, throw the switch to open that wooden door below. Go back N and run jump/grab N to land in front of the passage.


Follow the cave to a wider storage area and go get the small medipack (phial of recovery) from the crates and go to that Boulder ramp in the N, you can go up safely to that sign on the wall and then turn around, take one step back (facing that opening in the fence below) on the next part of the ramp and sprint back, left out of the gate. Now you can go up safely (It’s also possible to bypass the Boulders with the Monkey swing from the top of the crates and a run jump with a right curve to the part of the slope over the Boulders (immediately run on to the right) will get you there too)

Look for a pushblock in the E wall and push it all the way to get some Ammo, go back out and to the tunnel NE, go in and to the next level for now.

Level 2 – Balance Towers.

Follow to a sewer system, dive in and swim to the other end. Climb up at a closed gate and jump to the NW walkway to get the Ammo, jump back and go S, then right around the corner, follow to the Balance Towers. Go left (S) and follow the path to the far SE corner to get a small medipack, return and now go straight (N) past those statues and find the Grid Key in the Gazebo in the small garden. Return to the Sewers and go over those walkways with a series of run jump/grabs and jump back in the opening you came out of, follow back up to the caves in

Algara’s Mansion (revisited)

The Monkeyswing Puzzle.

Go straight S and open that gate using the Grid Key to the left. Follow the passage to the cave with the Monkey swing on the ceiling, slide and jump/grab to get on it, go straight past that open trapdoor and to the right to a small crevice, throw the switch over the grating there (there’s a gate below that will open in a bit) to close a trapdoor, go back and to that 1st trapdoor you saw, it’s closed now and you can pass over to an area where you’ll find another switch, go back to the other end again and in the end left, crawl over a block and go down a pole to throw the 3rd switch, get back on the pole and backflip into the upper passage again, just slide down into the water below and go W, out to the 1st pool.

The Caves.

Swim left a bit and go into that passage in the SW corner, pass under those gratings and enter a new area with fenced off areas, go E and dive into the water, swim left everywhere and come to a dead end with an under water lever (#1), throw it to get a cut scene of a door, swim out and straight (W) at the crossing, then right and at the end of that dead end is the second under water lever for that door. Swim back and go right at the crossing, into that wide tunnel and when you come to the cave with the building go left, then right into a small channel next to the building, climb out to the left here and get rid of the Crocs.

Then go NW and up to the opening in the wall there, look right and spot the sloped rock on the wall, run jump and grab the edge of that rock, go shimmy left and at the end pull up/backflip/roll/grab the other side, go r and do the same again, only this time grab a wooden pillar and go left around, drop onto a ledge near that 1st under water lever. Turn and run jump with a right turn to land on the sloped rock W, slide and grab the edge, shimmy left to the corner and turn around after pulling up, run jump/grab to the rock S and go around the left to that door you opened, get the Grid Key from the inside and hop back in the water below.

Swim S and to that building again, to the same E side you climbed out before and now stay low and find the small tunnel into the building, go up inside and climb out E over the hole you came in from. Use the Key there and a hatch opens in the ceiling behind you, turn and from next to the key hole do a long run jump/grab to the green ledge. Get up S on the ceiling and go to the NW corner of this store room, throw the switch (opens a door) there and go out of the room E onto a balcony. Head left and W over the balcony, through the door you opened and out onto a courtyard.

Mansion Courtyard.

Go N from the fountain and find some Ammo in the NE corner, then go back to the fountain and up the stairs to the Mansion, 2 Knights come out, shoot them while hopping back and one of them drops the Rusty Key.

Mansion Chapel.

Go up to the stairs again and right into then N passage which leads to the chapel, there’s a small medipack to the left in a box. In the W is the place where you can use the Key. Climb the block S and then up W onto the ledge, look for a Jump switch on the central pillar behind the swinging lamp. Line up fro the jump and go when the lamp is on it’s most left point, a platform goes up on the side of the pillar, so climb to the ledge again and run jump to that platform, go onto the E ledge and line up for the next run jump/grab to the E side, Go when the closest lamp just starts to go N and you may take some damage. Careful on that next balcony and go for the Solar Key in the windowsill. NOW those lamps stop swinging… Drop to the ground floor and head back to the entrance of Mansion, go into the S passage now and follow down to a hall with a keyhole, use the Solar Key and enter the door to go to the Water Tank.


Level 3 – The Water Tank.

Wine Cellars.

Follow the stairs down to a cellar with 2 passages, go down the N side and in the next room is a box that contains Flares between the N side shelves, leave the other box alone and look for the Grid Key in the right hand shelf on W wall. Go back to the S room and left down the other stairs, to the left is an opening where you can use the key to open the gate.

The Shaft.

Go down into that shaft and from the walkway you can run jump/grab over the Blade to the walkway N. Pull up, go left and shoot the grating, go down to push the button and a platform goes up next to the Blade, hop back to the walkway and just run off over the Blade, hop into the E passage from there and use the button to raise another platform in the shaft, go back and from the platform you can shoot a grating in the S wall (jump up) and run jump/grab to that crawlspace, go to the button there, that will lower the grated box left and raises another platform in the shaft. Go out and from the short walkway you can see if the Blade stopped in the open position, if not, go back inside and push the button again, wait a bit and repeat this till you can see the Blade is open and you can pass it.

Then do a run jump to the E platform, then grab up to the N walkway, run off the W side of it and look down for the next platform on the central pillar, run off and land on that one. Now you have to get onto that ladder on the pillar, drop/hang from the N side of the platform and shimmy to the corner against the pillar, climb up, turn left and sidestep into the safety bars and climb the ladder, backflip into the upper room and go S, climb into a room with a Chain. Pull it once and go down into the NE room and hop over the hole to the shaft and drop down onto the N walkway from the NE hole. Run jump/grab back to the upper S walkway, out to the stairs and left, in the next room are barrels in the right hand corner inside is a small medipack. Go N and down to another wine cellar, push aside the crate in the middle of the room and open the trapdoor that was under it. Go in and crawl to a deep drop into a maintenance room.

The Water Tank Area.

Go E and around a structure with a cage in the middle to come to the Water Tank Area where a flyby starts, look for all the important stuff and go straight down to the E where you saw the Chain in the flyby, pull once it and return to where you came from, as that area in now partially flooded. On the bottom of the wider pool, NW corner is the Dorin. Go to the N side of the room, through the wide opening and keep right, drop down into the dry channel and follow to the W end where Rynn’s Sword is to be found, something is coming for you… Go to the E and climb back out, go right and back to the previous room, to the entrance W and left in the room with the cage, open the gate in the SE corner with the Sword and use the Dorin, go out and see the cage lowered on the central block, climb up and grab the gratings above, go W and left at the crossing.

Drop on the platform and shoot the cover off the crawlspace, go in and up in the next room, throw the lever and see the trapdoor in the other room open up, so back to the Monkey swing and over to the opposite side. Climb to the room there and drop into the trapdoor, follow to a pit and grab the ceiling, go over the pit till you reach the end and the camera changes, just drop and grab the edge of the pit, go on to a Zip-line

And use that and be sure to drop in the right moment, to land on the ledge (hold "Ctrl") and then jump (grabbing) into the opening to the right. Walk up to the end of the opening and stand in the middle, stand jump onto the slopes pillar with a slight left curve, then jump/grab to catch the top of a pillar with a ladder, go down to the Blade and time the drop/grab through, so you’ll end up hanging from the lower part of the ladder (will certainly cost you some health, so check that). Go down and as low as you can go, hanging from the ladder, then you will drop into the darkness, go collect Secret #1 from the bottom of the pit, all kinds of Goodies.

Go into the NE corner where you can climb back up a ladder where a trapdoor opened under the entrance of the room, now stand on the NE corner of this opening and look over that sloped pillar to see a pole, a run jump-grab will get you on the pole, turn around and now you can backflip to the top of a pillar next to the wooden beam, jump/grab up and climb around the corner of that beam, climb down as far as possible to drop-grab to the ledge with the pulley. Use the Pulley to open the doors N, run jump in there and go over the wooden boxes to jump to the corner of the burner, walk to the next corner as the burner is of and jump on to the top ledge, from there a jump/grab up into the opening in N wall. Follow to a pole and go up, backflip into the upper passage and climb up the next ledge, walk out into a room.

Solar Key and Uzis.

Drop from the ledge and watch the holes in the floor, cross over to the S and throw the lever, a flyby starts showing a lot of rooms and ropes hanging from the ceiling of the room you’re in, go drop through one of the holes in the floor and head S for a Phial of Life (Medipack) and the Solar Key on the pedestal next to it will become accessible, 2 Knights show up. Shoot them both and get the Dorin that one of them drops. Use the Dorin to open the gate N and a flyby shows the route to where you can use the Key. Go into the N passage you’ve been in before and go right and use the Monkey swing again to go over the pit. You’ll get back at the Zip-line, use it again to get onto the lower wall and jump to the opening in the wall to the right, run jump and grab the pole, go backflip up to the ledge and from there you can simply stand jump into the open doors N, go up the crates left again and on the second set you’ll find an open wall, revealing Secret #2, Uzis and Ammo.

Go on to that opening up in N wall again, to the pole and now go past the pole as the door on top is closed, go into the room where you shot the Knights and into the N passage again, now straight to the open hatch and climb up. Go to the hole in the floor and drop down, crawl back to the hall with the pipes, go down from the platform and to the E, to the room with the pool and canals. Go right (S) and hop over the dry canal to get to the opening S, go right and use the Solar Key to open the gate.


Go over the walkways to the E and at a certain point a Rat crosses your path in a flyby, calling out for his friends, Rats (beetles) come out from everywhere, drop into the E lower room and head down E, then go right and to the SE corner where a button is located on a pillar next to a crate. Push the button and a trapdoor opens next to you. when you stay on this ledge at the button, they will run into the pit, jump back NW to see if you got them all (if not hop back to the button)

Crate Puzzle.

Standing on the ledge with the button, push the crate there to the E as far as possible and then go back, hop over the pit and circle to the SE corner of the room, pull the crate there out three times, so it’s parked past the grating in the E wall. Pull the one that was behind it once and shoot the grating in E wall to get through the crawlspace, on the other side you’ll come to the other side of the crates. Go to the crate W and pull it twice to get it closer and then turn left to the SE corner. There’s a crate that is no part of the puzzle, so pull it with you into the passage to the crawlspace and climb back through to the other side, go to the pit the Rats are in and hop to the ledge with the button, go push both crates there to the E and then go get the last 2 crates to get them on the carpet too, so the marking on top is the same as the carpet on the floor (a door opens SW).

Crossbow and Laser sight.

Go to the SE corner of the room to find one more crate, pull it E to get the Ammo from under and go SW, up the steps (notice the stand for the Dorian) and to the left, get the Crossbow and you’ll see Skellies wake up and the Laser sight in the pit where the Rats went in, so run down the steps and straight for the pit, roll and hop back to grab the ladder, go down to get the Laser sight and equip the Crossbow with it, go up the ladder again and run somewhere so you’ll get some distance between Skellies and yourself, roll and aim for the heads (maybe you have to do this one by one) so they will run around harmless.

Solar Key.

Go to the middle of the room and to the N side of that mushroom pillar, look for a grating on an alcove, shoot it and stand on the right side of that alcove and only use Ctrl and up to let Lara grab up, go in to get the next Solar Key, drop down again and go to the NE corner and around the crate you got the Ammo from into a passage where the door can be opened with that Key. Go down the slope to the left and climb up the next ridge, go out to an outside area.

Palm Yard.

In the NW corner is a pillar with a Jump switch on the back, use that to open a gate up in the W wall, then go to the NE corner and go jump up the mound there. From one point you can grab up to the ledge above and collect some Ammo, drop back down and go into the very NE corner to get onto the Monkey swing along the N wall, follow all the way to the W wall and drop. Then you have to do a run jump from way back at the wall and around/over a pointy rock S to land on a ledge in front of the open gate, jump into the opening and follow all the way to the end to go out E and get the Dorin there.

2 Amelects.

Return inside and back to the entrance gate, stand left in the opening and turn right, to stand jump onto the ledge you can see to the right, from there a run jump/grab to that mushroom pillar in the middle of the Yard and go over to the SE corner, where you can jump down to a ledge in the rocks where the 1st Amelect is hidden. Now go down and to the receptacle for the Dorin in the W side of Yard. A cage rises on top of the block, grab up and run jump to a pillar with extinguished Flames NE, run jump/grab to the next one where the Flames also gone out and collect the 2nd Amelect. A cage rises on a block SE, so run jump to that block and grab back up to the mushroom pillar. Go get the Shotgun and a Phial of Recovery from the pedestals. Turn to go to the Big Lens S, place the 2 Amelects to activate it and the big doors N will open. Go there and run jump into the room, save in front of the switch which happens to be Timed ands pull, backflip/roll and run jump to the mushroom pillar, over to the S and jump into the open doors there (not too tight a run).

In a storage room W are some Ammo and another Dorin to be found on the shelves, then go out and into a SW passage and come to the room with the Crate Puzzle, now in the top of it, run jump to the pillar with the cage and spot all the pickups, then safety drop down from the S side to the ground floor and head to the stairs SW where you shot the Skellies before, on top was that stand for the Dorian (remember?), so now you can place it and a hatch opens in the E room, so go E and in the SE corner is the ladder to climb to the room above, run forward to the crates and jump up, climb onto the top crate for the Grids Key and shoot that Dog before you go down again to a switch on the W wall which will open another hatch, this one in the W room. Go back down to the Dorian stand and to the room W, turn around and grab up to the ladder, climb up and jump to the ledge S, then jump/grab over to the crate n and go over the top to use the Grid key there, another hatch opens and it’s in the upper E room where the Dog was, so return there, go into the far NW corner and up to the hatch, climb to the floor above. Follow jumping over some gaps over the W room and outside to a street.


Go to the palm tree left and stand against the tree, between the window of the house and the tree. Then backflip to the slope and jump/grab the tree, now a backflip from that point and you’re in the window. Face the right hand (N) roof and do a right curved run jump/grab to that roof, shimmy right till you are over the Jump switch and drop/grab to open the door with it. Inside is a pushblock, push it to get access to the switch that will open the S house on the street. Enter the waterworks house and go right to a water hole, run jump/grab to that wooden pillar and climb right to the Pulley in the alcove. Now run jump back to the E ledge (no grab) and jump/grab the pillar over the deadly water. Go around right and hang two steps from the bottom. Backflip/roll/grab the ladder behind and go all the way to the end (maybe the camera gets stuck, but be sure to go all the way to the end before you backflip off. Grab the Monkey swing ceiling and follow to the E and to a passage where the door just opened, go out and to an alternate entrance to the first house, the pushblock is there, so push it till you can climb over the crate left and go into the next Store room, packed with crates. Climb through an opening SW and get the Ammo, then return and go through the N opening to crawl to a fenced off room with Symbols on the floor. In the alcove N is a pushblock, move it onto the Square Symbol SW and a gate opens to the right of you. But behind the fence.

The Rusty Key.

To reach it you have to return through the Storage room to the first house and go out through the opening with the switch where the pushblock was. Go over to the NW opening and that gate is behind the crate on N wall. Enter a long passage (to the N is the Water Tank area) and follow to the W and around the corner to the far N and there some Dogs and a Knight will attack take them out and go up the NW stairs to a small room with a treasure chest, get the Rusty Key from it and a cut scene shows where it has to be used. Head back through the long passage and look for a passage to the right, just after you went through the part with the double passage. Follow the passage to that room with the ropes where the Solar Key was found before. Run jump/grab the rope and swing (one swing is enough) to the second one, turn right a bit and swing to the ledge in front, landing just right of the big pillar. Look up in the ceiling behind that big pillar to see an opening, that’s where you have to go by using the wooden climb wall, so go up and left, then up and right around corners to backflip into the room above.

Burning Switches, 1st Aquiris.

There are 3 Burning switches to be used, go stand close and do a run to the switches as the Burners stop, then use it and hold "side jump" while Lara pulls the switch so you will be gone before the Burner start again, after doing all 3, the cage will open and you can go get the 1st Aquiris. Now you can go back down again to the Rope room, just grab the climbwall and go down and all the way left to drop to the sloped ledge, slide to the safe floor, safety drop down into the Rope room and go to a cage W, climb up and jump/grab the ledge in the corner to run jump/grab back E to where you came in.

The Water Tank Area, 2nd Aquiris.

Go back to the long passage and head S, then E and to the left is the opening to the Water Tank area. Grab the overhead Monkey swing and follow to the end to drop onto the Water Tank, then go to the SE corner. Do a long run jump and grab the edge of the SE arched niche and go over the dunes (screenshot) to the far NE corner where the 2nd Aquiris is located. Jump up the dune SE and grab the Monkey swing to go over to the Water Tank, go dive into the Basin and throw the under water lever to lower those cage pillars and climb back out, stand where the SW caged pillar used to be and face down W. there is a ledge with a receptacle for the Aquiris and you can do a looong run jump with a last moments grab to land on that ledge (could be you have a problem with these jumps like I did). Place the artefact and one of the flood gates below opens, flooding the basement with the Crate Puzzle. Drop from the ledge and head into the S passage follow to the ledges along the water and when you go left at that fence with the empty pedestal. Look N into the water, shoot that small grating and swim into get a Phial of Recovery, then swim E and come to the basement with the mushroom pillar and the crate puzzle.

under water Lever Puzzle, the Valve.

Swim into the N side of the room, behind the pillar where the chains go in is an under water lever. Throw that and go up to the cage to get the Ammo, dive in and swim into the E side for the 2nd under water lever, turn left and swim into the S side of the room to throw the 3rd under water lever and swim up to the cage to get the Ammo and then the Phial of Life and the last cage will go down, now the Valve is for the taking, a cut scene shows where you have to go now. Dive into the water and swim SW, up those submerged stairs to the Dorin stand and up the ladder in the E room, to the hatch NW and up to the passage leading to the street, go left/left and into that small store room, into the opening N and in the long passage to the opening N with the Monkey swing to the Water Tank. Now you have to do a same kind of jump to the right hand ledge on the W wall below. A looong run jump with a last moments grab to land on that ledge (could be you have a problem with these jumps like I did). Place the 2nd Artefact and the second flood gate opens below, drop from the ledge and go into the N side rooms, swim to the W end and climb out at the door you saw when you picked up the Rusty Key. Open it with that key and go in, find that big pipe where the Valve can be mounted and Lara will use it right away. Go back to the entrance door and look on the W wall and climb the ladder, go off to the left and follow the passage to come back to the Wine cellars.

Wine Cellars. (revisited)

Go right and open a grated door W of the Wine barrels, go in and shoot the box to get the Ammo. Go out and go for an opposite grated door, open it with the Sword and go into a small room, go into the back and find a brown crate you can push to the W, hop back and turn left to go around the wall to push it into a N alcove, then pull the crate left of you all the way into the room so it will end up on the same spot the 1st crate was. Go around again and into the opening created W, pull a Wine barrel once and go out of the room to where the barrel was standing before, throw the now visible switch and hear a door open up. It’s the door in the back of the room with the crates, so go in and claim Secret #3, the Revolver. Go back out of the room and to the room with the Wine barrels, go left and to the other part of the room where the trapdoor is still open, go down into that opening again and crawl to the end, drop into the maintenance room again. Go W and come to the bottom part of that high Shaft, there’s water now.

The Shaft. (revisited)

Dive in and find an under water lever on the left side of the central pillar and the lever will open the under water gate W, swim down to the bottom and W of the pillar is a Phial of Recovery, now swim through the open gate and just inside and to the right is a small tunnel, swim in and go up in an air pocket just after the first corner, save there and dive down again to follow the tunnel to an under water room with Secret #4, Ammo SE and Ammo SW, if you find the exit to be closed, throw the 2 under water levers on the central pillar and the door will re-open, get some air again and swim back to the wider tunnel, go down to where the level changes…

Algara’s Mansion (revisited)

The Key of Darkness.

Swim up in the next room to climb out NE, run jump/grab to the climb wall S and go right around the corner, hang at the water level and backflip/roll/grab the ledge behind to throw the switch on it, an under water door opens S and 2 Crocs come in, shoot them (if they are reluctant to show up, swim to the NE ledge to lure them in). Dive into the pool and go through the door, swim straight S through the Gorge and into a dark corner, go right a bit and then turn left into a niche S, follow the small tunnel to a cave with 2 Ammo pickups. Swim back out of the small tunnel and go left, through the Gorge to the far SW and in the far cave you can walk up to the bank. There are 2 passages in the walls, go into the W side and deal with a Huge Spider, better get into a corner of walls to deal with him and continue into the cave and find a small tunnel to the left, go in and to the left is an alcove with a crate containing a Phial of Life, go on and find the Key of Darkness on a pedestal, a cut scene shows a big door where you entered the Chapel before. Go out of this cave and into the one E, another Spider and then proceed through the cave going right everywhere to come to another fenced off room with a crate containing some Ammo, then go back and head NW through a dark passage and come to the Gorge you swam through before.

Through the Gorge.

Run jump to a ledge NW, then NE twice and run jump/grab across the water to a sloped block S and shimmy around the left corner to the S wall, then pull up and backflip to a ledge under a Monkey swing, grab it to cross the water again and go to a ledge overlooking the lake, run jump to a ledge N and then run jump /grab to the E ledge, grab up to the Monkey swing and go S to a pillar with wooden siding. Now you have to get onto that wall and it’s harder than it looks, a Bug or an intentional thing, but it wasn’t pretty… Finally got it from hanging on this particular spot after a long period of tries. (screenshot)

Go around the 2 right corners and go down a bit for a backflip/roll/grab to a wall behind, go right again and into a passage there, now be fast and run in before a Spider pushes you off the ledge, shoot the Critter and follow through. To a ledge close to that first Monkey swing, grab up left (W) and go over the Monkey swing ledge to the N and follow through the crawlspace’s and where the camera changes you’ll see some Ammo in the left corner of your screen, walk till you are at a flat spot in the wall left (N) of you and face N there, walk onto the flat spot a bit and backflip over the wall behind to grab the edge, shimmy left till you are at the pickup. Go into the crawlspace for Secret #5, Ammo and a Phial of Life. Now for getting back. You have to run jump/grab to that nasty ladder E and go follow back up to where you left off when going for the Secret. From that flat N ledge you can run jump to a wooden floor N and go in quickly and shoot the Spider (or run straight into the hole in the far right corner)

Landing into the water below, swim up through the E tunnel and back to the Water Tank area.

Water Tank (revisited)

Swim into the bottom part of the Shaft and climb out on a ledge that’s now safe (burning before) and get onto that safety ladder to go all the way to the upper walkway. Climb right and drop inside the fence. Go into the passage, and turn right up the stairs to the Cellars, go into that SW passage and follow a ramp up to an opening right, then up more stairs to come to those big doors you saw when picking up the Key of Darkness, now you can open those big doors and enter….

Algara’s Mansion. (revisited)

Follow to a huge Courtyard with a fountain.

The Courtyard.

In the SW corner is a switch that will close an overhead hatch, turn right and go to the S side and into a passage close by, inside is a Phial of Life. Go back out and right/right into the next passage and follow the winding passage up to the first floor landing, go left (W) and come to the corner with a crate (pushblock), pull/push it onto that hatch you closed and return downstairs to the same switch SW, throw it to get the Crate down and pull/push it into the SW corner on the Tile, a block rises to give you access to the crawlspace above, inside you’ll find a Grid Key.

Head to the N side of the Courtyard and into the central passage leading up to the N side of the upper landing, go to the (left) E. past a closed gate and find some Ammo NE, go to the S and right to come to an opening in the fence, drop/grab out and shimmy right around the corner till you come to a Jump switch. Drop/grab to activate it and a couple of Spiders come out, I ran back to the SW and hopped on the block, to shoot them. When you did the Jump switch, a rope appeared in the Courtyard, go back up the S side stairs and right to the SE corner, get the Flares there and find the gate N, open it with that Key and go to the opening overlooking the Courtyard. Run jump/grab to the rope and swing across to the central W side landing to pull the chain there, drop out and go to the now open doors W, follow all the way up the stairs to a Park with a Cemetery.

The Park.

Go directly W from entering the Park and left past that pillar up a small mound with a tree and flowers, between the flowers is some Ammo to be found, then head to the Cemetery and to the left in between the flowers is more Ammo. Now enter the doorway E and go down the winding passage to the large Basements. One of the Knights will drop a Phial of Recovery, then head up the SE stairs to come to an automatic gate to the N landing of the Courtyard. Go left where that other gate to the left opened up too, follow in to a loft with a Five Switch Puzzle.

Switch Loft.

To the E is a wall switch with a hole under it, go down in the hole, climb into the room below to get some Ammo W of the campfire, climb back up and just use all of the switches only once to get them all burning, now go to the wall switch E where the block now went up so you can activate it (a door opens somewhere). Go to the bridge on the S side of the Switch Loft and drop down into the hall where you shot the Knights, go E and follow the sloped passage straight up to a hallway going N. To the left (W) is a narrow passage up to where that door opened and come to a room with a crate. Pull/push the crate onto the brown Trigger Tile W, then to the one in the entrance E (to raise a cage allowing you to get the next Secret) and pull it back onto the central brown square (trapdoor), leave it there and pull the chain to open the trapdoor, the crate will fall down onto the Switch Puzzle floor. Go out E and left in the hallway and in the end is some Ammo, return to the S end and go down the ramp. Into the first right and find that cage in the N opening, climb up the cage and into a niche above, inside is Secret #6, a Phial of Life. Drop back out and go N, right into the passage and go back up the stairs SW to go over the landing at the Courtyard to the left and inside the gate left to the Switch Loft. The crate is there, move it all the way over onto the W bridge and pull/push it to the end, then go to the chain behind it and pull it to drop the big hammer that will demolish the crate and the Solar Key will be revealed, pick it up and safety drop from the bridge, go into the passage W and head back to the Park, go to the W and left around to a gate where the key can be used.

The Torch.

Go in and down a ladder come to a cellar with crates, shoot then and take one of the Torches, go back to the ladder a bit and find an opening/gap in the wall to the right, stand close and save before you throw the Torch through that opening (be sure it goes all the way through), when you look into that cave through the opening you can see a Croc running about in there. You can shoot it from here with the Laser sight if you like. Then head back up the ladder, go to the Park and into the little Valley N of the broken Aqueduct, to the right and down into a hole in the ground. Follow down to the cave where you threw the Torch in, go get it near the gap S and carefully light it at the campfire. Find an opening in the N and follow to a wall torch you can light to open the door next to it, leave your torch here and go stand at the sloped entrance of a room filled with water.

Timed Hazardous Dive.

When you go down the slope a cut scene will show Boulders on the side of the pool and when you get control back, you are floating over a Key. What I did was take on stroke forward. Then turn 180o around and pick up the Rusty Key. Immediately swim forward and up E, then roll to swim quickly up to a grey ledge W and climb out before the water becomes too hot…. Throw the switch in front of you and a cage will rise in the deadly pool, jump to it and run jump into the NW corner, jump/grab the wooden S wall over the burning ramp and go climb all the way right into a short passage to get Secret #7, 2 x Ammo, jump/grab back to the wall. Go left and backflip off and run jump to the cage with a right curve and then jump to the NE corner to get a Phial of Recovery, jump back and jump to the SE corner, get the Ammo and slide down the S passage and follow through to the Campfire cave, go get your torch back in the N passage and head SE into a passage where you can open the door with the Rusty Key.

Burial Chambers.

Go into that spooky place and find 3 wall torches you have to light, first one is to the left and in a niche W is a Phial of Recovery, then go S to find the next two wall torches and the Notes of Dr. Jones in the SW niche, there’s some Ammo in the NE niche. Now go into a passage SE and follow down to wall torch #4 and all the way down into a lower room is the last #5 wall torch (a door opens). Look for some Flares in the niche under the dead guy and shoot the sleeping Skellie in the head, in the last niche NW is the door you opened. Go in and get the Grids Key. The Skellie would now have become dangerous, but because you shot him already he will be no problem. There’s one more Skellie though and you’ll meet him when you take your Torch and go back go back up the stairs. When you are out of the dark Burial Chamber you can throw the Torch down, no longer needed.

Go to the SW corner of the Campfire cave and open the gate with the Key, go in and either left or right to come to an underground Chapel. Head into the NW corner, up a ladder and pull a chain to open a door below. Go down to find that door in the middle of the N wall, inside is a picture of something and a Jump switch up on the wall, take a note of the picture (screenshot) and throw the switch to open the trapdoor behind you, between the two Tiles with the Blue rays.

Color Puzzle.

Examine Dr. Jone’s notes and read:

"According to my research
it seems that colors
and symbols are linked together
in a logical and arithmetic way.

Two colors are combined
to make a third one.
So, I guess I'll try the path
that carries out to the orange color".

So it seems you have mix colors somehow and to use red and yellow to get orange doesn’t seem such a good idea seen that Jones died in his attempt to produce the color Orange. The puzzle will take place in the water under the trapdoor you just opened, but all under water gates there are closed for now, you could however go in and find a Phial of Recovery to the left in the under water room with the colored gates, then go back and up to the floor, go to the SE corner and dive into the pool there, swim to the N and in the end, just around the left corner is an under water ceiling lever, use it and get a cut scene of a cage, swim back and up into that hole for air, save facing S and swim down S, go through the room with the cage to the far NW corner, follow the tunnel to the N and just around the right hand corner is a similar under water ceiling lever. The cage lowers and also 2 Crocs are released, so better just swim back to that opening E and climb up for air. Try to shoot those Crocs from there and dive back in to swim to the S room and throw the under water lever where the cage was, you’ll see the Color gates open up above, so swim back and climb out, go over to the small trapdoor N and save before you dive into the water.

Now you have to put two and two together: First color *1 dot* Blue, so swim through the Blue tunnel and go left in the end, swim right around the wall to come to more colored tunnels, take the Second color *2 dots* Red and swim to a big room with a fenced off pedestal and some holes in the floor, go to the back SW corner and dive into the water after you saved. It has to be done in one go as you can’t swim out in between throwing the under water levers, so swim down left and find an opening: Third color *3 dots* Purple into the central structure. Swim in and left to the first lever down on W wall with the *one dot= Blue*, pull the lever and roll, swim up and left to do the *2 dot= Red* lever on N wall, roll and go up for the *3 dot= Purple* lever on E wall, then the trapdoor opens above, swim up and climb out.

Grids Key.

Get the Grids Key from the pedestal and the exit opens up, go out and to the N side of the room, swim back N through the colored tunnels to climb back out at the Chapel. Go to the NE corner and open a hatch on top of that ladder with the Key.

Cross Puzzle.

go up and into the SW corner to climb up into an opening in S wall, run jump/grab the rope and swing straight onto the roof of the Chapel, in front of a room with a Burning switch, go into the room and find a lot of Crosses, in the SE alcove is a Cross you can push out, push/pull it to the brown tile NW and the Fire at the switch extinguishes, now pull the Cross onto the brown Tile (trapdoor) in the middle (W) of this floor, go to the switch and use it to change the position of all trapdoors (also the ones outside at the Chapel roof) and the Cross will drop into the room below. Go to the Cross in the central alcove of the W wall and push it (go behind it first) onto the trapdoor that just closed, throw the switch again and go down after the Cross through the open trapdoor.

Go get some Ammo in a dark alcove S and then you have to move the Crosses to the trapdoor outside. Start with the one E and put it on the trapdoor SE, use the switch upstairs so it will fall down to the ground floor at the Chapel and then you have to go down to the ground floor first otherwise the Cross won’t fall down, so go out to the roof of the Chapel and slide down backwards to do a safety drop down and go move the Cross to the Tile with the blue rays, now it’s time for the second Cross, go up the ladder again, use the rope to go to the Chapel roof and move Cross #2 onto the trapdoor SW. Use the switch for the last time and now you have the second Cross on ground floor, this one has to be moved onto the 2nd Tile with the blue rays. The Blue rays will activate the Gems in the wall of the Chapel and the gate will open up, go in to get the Key of Darkness.

Go out of the Chapel through one of the N passages and follow back to the cave with the Campfire, out through the NE tunnel and climb back up to the Park, go W and open the door in the N wall there, follow in to the next level….


Balance Towers. (revisited)

The Spider Room.

Go on till you come to an intersection, go right as the gate in front is closed and at the water the only option is to dive in and swim straight W, then left at the end and follow through an under water gate that will open up for you into a big room with a central block on which a Big Spider is shooting at you, just go close to the block and you’re safe to get air. Seems the weaponry is useless here, so just be fast and remember the safe spot near the central block. Swim into an under water alcove S and throw the under water lever, then swim E and climb up on the ledge over the entrance, go behind the block and find a button to push, now pillars will be raised throughout the room and you can run jump to the first from the N side of this ledge, run jump/grab the one NW and pull up and run jump onto the ledge W, push that button on the W wall and more pillars rise in the water so you can go jump to the S ledge, go behind the block and get a Phial of Recovery (E), then climb the block from the backside and run jump/grab to a walkway over the Spider.

Algara’s Stone.

Go to the W walkway and push the button (screenshot of Spike balls way up in this room) now cross over to the E side and do the next button, a gate opens up near the Spike balls, turn around and spot the ladder on the pillar left. Do a right curved run jump/grab to the ladder and go all the way up. go left into the open gate and pull the Chain to release the Spike balls and the Spider will be squashed. Go to the ladder and just drop down into the pool below, climb out on a new ledge S and go up the blocks on the S ledge, push the button for the last Spike ball and it will crush into a grated Tile on the central block. Get back onto the lower ledge at the water and dive in to the W, straight ahead and close to the W wall is a piece of that last ball, hard to spot, it’s pinkish and transparent, pick up Fragment#1 and roll, swim straight E and get Fragment#2 left of the Spike ball SE. Combine the 2 parts to form Algara’s Stone.

Swim out of the E under water gate and go back through the tunnels to where you can go up for air in a Canal, swim N and left around the corner to get the Ammo in the end. Go swim back and left (E) at the crossing to swim to where you got into the water in the first place, go into the room E and left to go back to Algara’s Mansion….


Algara’s Mansion. (revisited)

Go left through the Park and re-enter the doorway E, follow down to the room where you shot the Knights (Switch puzzle above) and go NE, then follow E past the cage from the Secret and find a switch in the end to the left, open the gate with it and step out, go N over the landing till you come to the end and jump/grab down to follow that lower tunnel system to the Caves where you triggered the Boulders, all the way back in the beginning of the level (remember?). Go up the left side path past that Symbol on the wall and on the top go left into a tunnel and follow down to the Balance Towers.

Balance Towers. (revisited)

Dive into the water and swim to the S side where you can climb out left, go right/right around the corner and come to the big Square with the Statues, go to the left statue (it turned around) and place the Algara’s Stone (Combine the 2 Fragments if you didn’t already) and get a screenshot of an open door. Go to the building S and just before entering the red room is that open door to the left, follow in till you are inside the cage at the Spider room and push the button around the left corner, the elevator goes up and you’ll end up on the top floor. Climb up NE and use the Zip-line to go over the Square to an opening up in the opposite wall, climb up left and get some Ammo. Then climb up right and climb up right into an opening where a gate opens on approach, slide down onto a loft with a central pillar and 4 blocks on the corners. After shooting the Dogs, go left to the SW block and find the button on the back. Push it and go to the NE block to do the same, the central pillar goes down, go to the Cross at the SE block and, then pull/push the Cross (shoot some Lizards while you’re at it) onto the central pillar Tile.

A gate opens N, follow that passage to a slide down, do this backwards and grab the end of the slope, then backflip/roll and you’ll slide down the next passage, follow picking up Ammo, Revolver and more Ammo from the pedestals to the left and a gate will open in the end of the passage, get the Phial of Life and Save. Go down into the next room and shoot the Enemies, then go to a Cross on the E walkway and pull it to the central Tile, more Enemies and a trapdoor opens back in the W passage where the Phial of Life was, drop down and go on to get multiple Goodies from the floor and the pedestals, follow to an open gate to the Pillar Puzzle Room.

Pillar Puzzle Room.

There will be more Enemies here, better run about a bit to at least trigger them all and get some Ammo on the S walkway. Now you have to push/pull the 4 pillars onto the Tiles and each pillar has 2 red dots. Those red dots have to face inward, so the N pillar goes NE, the W pillar goes SW, the E pillar goes NW and finally the S pillar goes SE and the circle of light is complete. The central pillar will open up and reveals the 2nd Algara’s Stone, the gate S opens up and you can leave through that gate.

Finishing Up.

Pick up a Phial of Life and come back to the room with the red Crystal, go left to the Square where the second Statue has turned too so you can place the Algara’s Stone and a flyby will show the red Crystal being activated, light shines from the mirror on the roof and gates open up. Go back into the passage E to the sewers and go left/left to the water, the under water gate under this ledge opened. So dive in and swim through the tunnel to come to the Canal, go left and climb up E, go right in the next room and that’s the gate that opened up in the end of the Flyby. Follow the tunnel up to where the sound of the approaching Chopper becomes louder and stand on the Square to watch it land and the level will end….

Great level.