The Theatre of Venice.

Level by Nick.

Unauthorized Walkthrough G&D Productions.

We wonít mention all the Enemies, only relevant ones, due to size of the level it was split up and the level will change at many points, we will not mention them.


"Marco Bartoli wants to get his revenge on Lara for taking away the Dagger of Xian. In order to get it back he kidnaps Lara's butler Winston and takes him to a theatre in his hometown Venice. There he threatens to kill Winston. When Lara hears about it she immediately travels to Venice where she has to fight against Marco Bartoli and lots of his men. Will she succeed in rescuing her butler?"


After a flyby, showing the City of Venice, go E and around the corner, a closed door to the right and another one to the left, go S through the narrow Alley to come to a small square, up the stairs are some big closed doors (Library), which need a Key first, your main concern for now is those two Baddies. After doing them in youíll find a Front Door Key and a Medipack. Return to the docks and open the door to the left. go in and get the Ammo from the first windowsill, then climb the ladder and hear another Baddy grunting upstairs, backflip off and turn left run to the far windowsill and jump up, quickly get the Revolver and shoot him with it. Climb the next ladder to the terrace on the roof.


Go down to the roof W and then climb to the N side roof, shoot all those Garbage Bins and get the Restaurant Key from one of them. Turn left and climb up the roof W of there, get the Uzis from one of the Skylights. Go back down to the brown roof S and safety drop from the S side onto the pier below. Go N and swim across the canal to the NE, arriving on a small square with a terrace.

The Restaurant.

In the fountain is some Ammo, climb out again and head towards the E doors and open them with the Restaurant Key. Shoot a Thug to get his Ammo and go behind the counter, a pushblock NE can be moved to reveal the Attic Key. Now push the block to the W side to re-open the doors and back you go. Out to the square, over the canal to the docks and into the house there to go up the ladders again, on the terrace is the door that needs the Attic Key.

The Attic.

Thereís a switch inside to the right, pull that and a door (to the Circuit board room) opens in the passage to the canal below. Now shoot the window S and shoot the Thug on the opposite balcony so he will drop his Ammo. Run jump to that balcony and get it, run jump/grab back to the red canopy you came from and head back inside, go out to the terrace and do a run jump to a roof SE (near the ladder down). Grab the edge and drop/grab to the crack below. Shimmy right around the corner to a ladder and wait till Lara gets her feet up, then backflip/roll/grab the ledge behind. Go get the Ammo left and then pull out a block in the N end of that ledge, drop/hang from the side of the ledge and shimmy right past the block go into the alcove to use the switch, which will open a door below (opposite the front door). Jump/grab back to the ladder and do drops down into the alley, go left and into the newly opened door E and through a darkened passage to Sunset Square.

Sunset Square.

Go into a fountain in the middle of the Square and find the Library Key there in the SE corner. Take it back W and out to the Alley. left to the small square with the steps and go up to those big doors, open them up with the Key and go in.

The Library.

To the left on coming in is a switch, donít use that, it will close the doors, but go straight into the room W, climb a (climbable) bookcase to the left and go get the Ammo, on the N wall is a painting you can shoot and in the alcove behind it youíll find some Ammo. Go back down from the bookcase and go up the stairs N of the Library entrance and pass over the walkway to the other side of the Library. Lots of Rats here and some Ammo in the first windowsill E. A Thug will also show up when you reach the back of the hall and he will drop some Ammo. You can choose to climb the bookcases to shoot him from above. When you finally go into the NW corner, the level will change.

Go to the lower floor of the library and in the NE corner is a small door you can kick in, a Thug shows up shoot him to get the Floodgate Key. Then climb the left side bookcase in that small cabinet and go left over a Jump switch, drop/grab and see a trapdoor open up (for later, donít go in there yet and DONíT use the button in there yet or youíll encounter a bug later). Get out of the small cabinet and to the left is a small door the will open for you, itís a shortcut back to the 1st part of the level and youíll need it later so be sure to open it.

Open the big doors S with the switch and go in to a small square with a gazebo, under the gazebo is some Ammo, approaching a small door in the E wall will open it up and youíll create another shortcut by doing so, it leads to the same Back canal as that other small door in the Library. Go out that door and swim to the E, climb out left and go through that dark alley to the docks, to the left in the alley is a door you opened before, inside the Circuit board room are Flares and to the right of the Flares is a Circuit board that lacks one Circuit . On the opposite wall is a switch that will open big doors to a Speedboat, use it now or later.

The Circuit.

Head back out and left to the Canal, go right and to the Front door, up that ladders and from the terrace to the roof SE, shimmy left now and drop onto a red canopy, run jump to the ones N and from the last one you can grab the roof again, shimmy left a bit and drop/grab the crack in the wall, go around left and pull up in the alcove there. Run jump out NE and grab the roof upon sliding off, shimmy left till you can pull up and go over to the N side, run jump to another canopy and then jump over the roof E, shoot a Thug on that terrace and get his Ammo. Follow to that garden E and find the fountain, to the right of the fountain (on the dark surface) youíll find a Jump switch, pull that and a Boulder will crush a small box that was standing in front of the fountain, inside was the Circuit, so grab that and go back to the terrace W and climb up the ledge SW, climb over the W roof on the left side and slide down to the square at the restaurant, go to the Canal and swim back SW.

Climb out at that passage to the Circuit board room. Now place the Circuit and see a gate open up N over the Canal. Did you pull the switch on the S wall already? If so, go out and to the Back (S) canal. Swim into the open doors S and right into the Boat house. Under the boat in the SW corner is Secret #1, a pile of Gold Bars. Climb up at the boat and go get the Ammo S, in the SE corner is a switch that will show a Thug and his Dog near the Circuit room, swim back there and take care of both, pick up the Ammo dropped by the Thug. Dive into the Canal and swim through that narrow, open gate N and follow to the back left, climb out on the left walkway where you can open the door with the Flood gate key. Go in and left and on the wall to the right is a switch that will open yet another gate outside. Go out and dive into the canal. Go left around the first corner and find 2 big doors to the right, the second set near the red docking pole will open a bit later in a Timed run. Go swim left (S) again and come through the gate you just opened and into that dark canal at the Library, to the right on the walkway is that small door to the Library you opened before, go in and now you can go up that SW bookcase and climb to the top, go down into the open trapdoor (if not open, go check the NE corner of the room for a small cabinet with a Jump switch) and save in front of the button as youíre in for a timed run (if you used that button before, go back to an earlier savegame as those doors will not be open when you get there).

Timed Run.

Push the button to open some big doors. Backflip with roll and run to the ladder, jump up and grab, quickly go over the to and you canít run off, you have to turn slightly left and jump/dive (Alt+Shift) and Lara will dive through the lower ceiling and roll on the ground floor, to end up in front of that small door giving way to the walkway along the canal, turn left and sprint to the end of the walkway, then jump off with a little right curve and swim back to that doors you saw before. Climb out and run in just before they close, the switch to the left of the doors will open them again.

Go get some Ammo SE and then go to a pushblock in the NW corner. pull it out and go around to enter the passage, turn around in the end and climb up the wall ladder, into the first opening to take care of the Thug. On the balcony you will spot another balcony SE, you can jump there by going over the first chandelier. On the SW corner are some Flares, then enter the E passage and follow to the second windowsill right and push the button there to open the gates near the Library garden. Nothing else here, so you can return to the canals, outside you can shortly visit a passage to the right on the walkway to shoot a Thug that will show up for some Ammo he drops. Then go back down and dive into the canal.

The Floodgate.

Swim S and past the Library doors into the newly opened gate. Notice a Jump switch on a left wall and go into the last room where a small under water door is open. Climb out to the right and turn around, grab the wooden ceiling and go swing back to that Jump switch, drop/grab to activate it and that small door will close, a big Floodgate will open beyond that and the water level drops in that S canal. Climb out near that small under water door again and go dive down into the water there, swim into the room with the pillars and climb out S, shoot the Thug and go crawl into the small opening S, in a dark corner to the SW is Secret #2, a pile of Gold Doubloons (cut scene of the doors right of the Timed doors opening up). Shoot that Thug and get his Ammo. Then go out again and swim back through the Floodgate, climb up the block and jump/grab the ladder near the small under water door. Follow the canal back to the N and to the walkway near the Time door, now enter those doors to the right.

Small Harbor.

There are some steps on the W wall that lead into the Harbor Masters office, the doors youíve entered from will close and a Thug appears. Inside the office is a switch in the SW corner, doors will open N of the harbor, go out and through those doors to get a flyby of the Theatre.

The Theatre.

Head NW over Theatre Square and into the W street, leading to a closed gate, to the right of the gate is an alley, go in and shoot the Bin to get the Control Room Key from it, return to the Theatre Square and to the E side and around the Theatre to the entrance steps leading down and go right when you come to the landing, there are some big doors that need a Key, to the right are some crates and on the lower crate youíll find the Crossbow. Go back to the stairs and down again, to a small door W that can be opened with the Key you have (later).

Go on down the stairs and come into the Theatre, go right down the steps a bit and a Thug will show up from behind, shoot him to get the Gallery Key, if you go on to the water, take care as there are Sandbags falling down as you walk under them, you will have to be on the constant lookout for those things in this Theatre.

2nd Library Key.

You have to return upstairs where you found the Crossbow and open the Gallery with the Key, go onto the balcony and get a small medipack to the right. Then turn around and carefully go to that roof W, you have to run jump right over the balustrade and grab the edge of the roof, shimmy all the way to the other (N) side and when you canít go any further at the balustrade, save and pull up, backflip/roll and curve hard left to land on the N balcony, get the 2nd Library Key there and enter the big doors. Go on over the landing and down the stairs to the left, coming back into the Theatre a Thug and his Dog attack, get the Ammo and head S onto the S side staircase, to the right is a small door you can open with a Key in your possession.

Control Room.

Inside go N (left are doors for later) and in the middle of that wall is a pushblock. Pull it out and aside and enter, the door will open and you are now entering the Ventilation Room.

Ventilation Room.

Below in the dark, you can see the big Fans and looking right youíll notice some steps, run jump to the steps and go down to where you can jump to w walkway with Swinging crates, go around the back of the crates to the W and turn left there, run off the walkway onto steps and go down to the Fans N, follow past the Fans to the E and turn right, come to a water filled basement.

Swim for the Circuit.

Dive in and go N, into a room with a closed under water door, go left there and pull the under water lever in the back of that dead end. Roll and swim back to that under water door go S and find extra Flares in the NE corner on the bottom, first get air and save.

Swim into the open door and go up, then right and as soon as you can go up, turn right (S) and immediately left into a small gap in the wall, follow to a crossing and go right, the turn left with the tunnel and come to an air pocket. Now swim back and go right around corners to come to a dark end, turn left there and find Secret #3, a Golden Skull. Go back for air turning left everywhere and at the same spot where you go up for air is the Circuit on the bottom. Then swim back W down and right, turn left through the small tunnel W and right when coming out, down left and follow that tunnel back through the under water door, swim S and left to climb out of the water again. Follow back past the Fans (carefully) and climb up left (passage straight leads to closed door). Jump/grab back to the walkway with the Swinging crates and go around the back to get to the other side of the room where you can go back up the steps and stand jump back to the exit (left curve and grab in the end). Go S through the Control room and open the doors there with the Key.


Follow the passage down to the wardrobe (Library Key?), get the Flares and a Thug shows up, shoot him for the Ammo he drops and then go get a Medipack around in the NW corner, go back in the direction of the entrance W and go into the passage N to the Stage (yep, Sandbags). To the left is a Circuit board where that Circuit is missing, so place it and the fans will stop. Go N over the Stage and find the ladder on a pillar left (close to an empty room N), go up and get some Ammo. Go down and to the Wardrobe, right up the stairs.

The Street Key.

Go back to the Control room and into the Ventilation Room. Slide backwards down the sloped floor and drop near the Fans, go to the now open door in the passage W and find the Street Key behind the Fans. Return over the walkway with the Swinging crates and up to the Control room.

The Escape (freeing Winston).

Head S and then left out to the Theatre staircase, follow all the way up to the street and go W to Theatre Square and into the NW street, open that gate W and follow the streets around a canal and in the end through open doors right to a small square with a pond, Bartoli and his mate will attack and Bartoli will drop his Key. Itís getting late as the light fades. Up on a roof N you can spot the Chopper, open the gate N and go up to where the Butler is held captive, open the doors E and go up the ladder to the roof, "hey how did that old bloke get up here before I did?"

Go up to the Chopper and a Flyby will end the levelÖ