Blue Spirit.

Levels by Ernie

Walkthrough D&G productions.

Spirit III.  “Hunt for the Blue Spirit”

At this point you should have 3 Golden Stars and 2 Keys to the Spirit Stone. If you are lacking any of those, you can go back there by following the instructions at the end of the walkthrough.

There are 4 Huge and interconnected Valleys (and they are very similar to each other, so giving directions will be much harder here, but here’s a layout (screenshot) provided by the Author, with a *few* additions by me - Dutchy).

Each Valley comes with it’s own Black Crystal Pyramid and there are several Ninja’s you’ll encounter on your quest, some in those nasty blue cubes, only one of the Ninjas we couldn’t get rid of, the other ones are easily ran over with the Bike if you take it along.


Ride the Bike left around the corner into Valley#1 and in the next corner you’ll go to is a small tunnel through the wall. At the end of the tunnel, coming into Valley#2 is a small ramp and to the left beyond that ramp is a switch on a ledge in the left wall, only to be reached with the Bike. So line up and use the Nitro to jump to the sloped ledge under the switch, position the Bike in such a way that allows you to jump over the Bike and use the switch, a block will raise just below the ledge jump over the Bike and climb back up to reclaim the Bike (screenshot). You can now choose to take it around the Valleys for your next tasks. Or just ride it off the ledge and leave it there for the time being, you only really need it at the end of the level.

The switch also opened a gate in the tunnel you just came from. So take the Bike off the ledge and leave it somewhere, go into the tunnel and find the opening in the wall. Inside is a waterfall shaft, stand jump/grab up to the opposite waterfall, grabbing the edge, pull up and backflip onto a ledge with a Crowbar lever. Use the lever to open a trapdoor at the bottom of the shaft, drop in and land in the Aquarium. Look for the under water lever on the wall next to a tunnel and use it to open a gate (later), turn left from the lever and swim up into the corner where you can climb up into the overflow tunnel. Slide down some slopes into a wider passage with a closed gate. Go left and at the bottom of a ramp you’ll find a crawlspace up in the right hand wall. go in and in the first passage left is a closed gate, a bit further a switch in an alcove (all for later) just follow the passage and a Skellie wakes up, so go on to where a gate to a shaft opens up.

Hop back over the Skellie to blow him into that shaft, when you climb up the right hand side of the shaft, you’ll eventually reach some Revolver Ammo, but you’ll have to go down again to climb up the left side of the shaft to get back into the #2 Valley. Now you can choose, take the Bike or not, I did and drove it back to the corner where that ladder shaft is, go through the small opening and go right into Valley#4, past a trapdoor in the ground and up to the flatter part of the hill under the arches to Valley#3, leave the Bike there and go up to the ledge under the left side arch, there’s a Medipack and from this ledge you can see a Ninja in a cube in Valley#3 and he’s probably already shooting you (he can also be killed by riding the Bike up close to him).

Equip one of your weapons with the Laser sight and shoot him through that narrow gap on top of the blue panel, probably hitting him in the shoulder/head. Now turn left from where you shot the Ninja and spot a switch in an alcove left (corner of Valley 4). Run jump with a right curve around the corner to that ledge and throw the switch to raise a block in the opposite side of Valley, shoot the Bold Eagle and go back to the Bike, ride is across the Valley along the left side of the Pyramid (past the trapdoor in the lower part), so you’ll stay well clear of the Ninja in the Cube, on the other side of the valley you’ll find the raised block with a lever above. Facing the pillar, you’ll find a ledge left of it, climb the ledge and do a left curved run jump/grab to the pillar.

Climb up on the left side of the lever alcove and stand jump/roll to get into the corner where you can use it to open a trapdoor in the lowest point of this Valley, go down there and drop into a cave, there’s a black wall (base of the Pyramid) when you approach the gate you’ll get a screenshot of a corner of Valley#2, where a block now lowered. Climb back to the Valley and go up to that raised pillar, onto that same ledge from which you jumped to the pillar, now turn left and run jump/grab to a ledge with a little bush, next to the opening to Valley#4, jump to that opening and walk through slowly, turning right and find that alcove where the block went down. Use the flat ledge to jump in there and throw the switch to open that gate in the base of the Valley#4 Pyramid. Jump out and from the ledge in front of the alcove you can stand jump up to the same opening back to Valley#4, go down to the trapdoor and drop in once again.

The Torch.

Go into the black wall and slide down a slope. In the end you have to jump up to a break ledge over some (well…, some…) Spikes and immediately jump/grab up to the Monkey swing ceiling. Follow the Monkey swing to the end where you’ll drop to a ledge, go into that main passage and to the left is a burning wall lamp. Go straight and into the muddy water and when you are close to the passage right, look up and you can spot the Ammo under water, pick it up and head into that passage right, turn left at the crossing and in the end is a deep part. Use the under water lever there (cut scene of an under water gate opening up and a Skellie wakes up too). Get back out of the pit, to the crossing and go straight now, follow over a submerged Skellie to a switch, throw it to open a gate and return to that main passage at the wall lamp. Go right and to the end of the passage is a wider room, a Skellie is roaming around in the deeper part (released by opening the gate).

Try to shoot his head off (very difficult because of the limited Ammo, so better save first) and turn back into the main passage, to the right and follow that passage to a pushblock. Push it all the way and to the right is the Torch, hidden under water. But a Skellie is on it’s way over, so better deal with him first, if you can shoot him in the head here, ok (But if not, you have to lure him to that room at the end of main passage, where you shot the other Skellie and shoot him into the deeper part with the Shotgun, so you can also shoot him in the head there). Go back to get the Torch, follow the main passage back to where the burning wall lamp is, light the Torch and go through the main passage again, to the right is the first wall lamp to light, then go to the room where the Skellies are and to the right is the second wall lamp. Light it from the front and turn around.

Go slowly into the water and through the opened under water gate, swim slowly into the next room and to the right where wall lamp#3 is, stand in front to light it and turn around, go into the opposite passage and come to a gap in the end, stand on the higher floor right and take a step back, Save and turn right a bit, now throw the Torch into the gap by hitting the space bar. Since you can’t get in that gap here, you have to go out to the previous room again, turn right and go to the deep part of the pool. Dive under and swim right through an opening in the wall to the next room, go left and look behind that block for a set of Bones, shoot them and now you can push the block (yes it’s a pushblock) onto the spot where the Bones were. That Skellie is probable running around on the trapdoor above. Turn right and look for a small ramp in the corner of the room, shoot the panel cover from the crawlspace on top of the ramp and go to the opposite side of the room, into the passage with the wall torch. Follow to a crawlspace, it’s the one the Torch is in, climb in and get the Torch, carry it back out by throwing it in front of you and light the wall torch, now take the Torch and go to that small ramp in the room where the Bones were, throw the Torch in and crawl in after it, carry the Torch to the next room and light the pedestal there (sound of a trapdoor opening up and the Skellie will fall into the room you have to go into now).

Look in the wall for a narrow gap and stand on the left side (higher floor). Take a step or two back. Save and throw the Torch through the gap. Be sure it fell all the way through to a lower passage (*this could happen too screenshot*). Return to the room where the Bones were and see the trapdoor opened. You’re back under that long Ladder shaft. If you need some Revolver Ammo and didn’t get it yet, climb up on the side of the pushblock, it’s a long climb to a crawlspace on top and the Ammo is there. All the way down again and into the opening just above the pushblock, this is the passage you’ve visited before, follow all the way back to the crawlspace and crawl back into the passage with the gate. Go to that lamp and left into a passage, in the end you will find your Torch under the gap. Take it back to the wall lamp, light it and the gate will open up.

Crystal Labyrinth, the 4th Golden Star.  (screenshot)

Go in taking the Torch with you and come to a room with burners in the walls. A sign suggests you have to take a swim/dive. (dive roll) Go to the glass wall of the aquarium and find a slightly different colour Tile, standing on it a Timed block will rise in the middle of the room. Now first spot the opening in the ceiling back left, seen from the Aquarium and look under that opening, there’s a different texture there (actually an elevator pillar), stand back from that Tile and throw the Torch on it. Go back to the Trigger Tile at the Aquarium. Face away from the glass wall and stand on the Tile, run to the raised block and jump with a left curve to land on the left side, turn left and stand jump/grab forward to grab into an opening (one square left of that block) of the crystal floor above (screenshot). Go right and to the Back wall, right again to the Star wall (Star up above) and right again to the Aquarium wall, right there and to the end along a sloped ledge. In the corner there you’ll find a hole up to level 2, jump up in the direction of the Aquarium wall and go to the lever, stand jump/roll over the lever along the right hand wall and throw it to raise the Elevator pillar up to the 1st level. Go back the way you came and crawl under the low wall to the crawlspace with the Torch.

Stay on your knees and pick it up, turn around and throw it out of that crawlspace in the direction of the Star wall. Then turn around and go pull/push the Pushblock over the Elevator pillar to the back wall. The trapdoor in the middle of the room opens up (route to level 2 and onwards).

Tip: pull the block back to it’s original position (just pull till it stops), now it’s possible to walk through a one way glass wall upstairs over the block and that will save you climbing over a pillar, save often while taking the Torch up, because some strange things might happen.

Crawl out and take the Torch in the direction the Star wall, turn right and go to the open trapdoor to the 2nd level (screenshot). You can jump up with the Torch from standing back to the trapdoor, jump up to the Aquarium side and backflip over the trapdoor in the direction of the back wall, now go to the pushblock side and here you can walk through the wall in the direction of the back wall (cool). Go into the passage along the back wall and come to a glass panel, shoot the top part of the panel and side jump with the torch over the remaining part (screenshot), go to the next panel covering the opening in the wall and shoot it too, go in and leave the Torch there for now.

Go into the passage to a switch (right), open the transparent wall with it and go in, to the right is a pushblock in a passage (it’s the tunnel in the Aquarium), pull it once and go back to the glass Labyrinth, you have to go down to the ground floor again.

Here’s the route: side jump over that panel at the back wall, follow to the end. go left and turn right around the pillar. Climb to the top and backflip over the walkthrough wall, you’re back in the passage to the trapdoor, go down and to the opening to ground floor, the route here should be clear to you by now. Go to the entrance of the room (near that sign) and straight to an alcove where a block lowered, climb up left and go through the tunnel in the Aquarium (be careful not to walk through the walls) to the passage opened by pulling the block before, this time you have to push the block once (for later) into the back passage and then go left to  an alcove left, behind the glass under the Star trapdoor. Throw the switch and the trapdoor goes up (funny: Save here and go a bit further in this passage and down to a glass panel, there’s some Ammo behind it, wait a bit and see a Ninja coming to nick that Ammo, then go back to your savegame).

Return through the Aquarium and go up through the Glass Labyrinth again, by using the Timed block and go through to the trapdoor to level 2, this time jump to the Aquarium side and go left, look for a sloped block to the left and use that to backflip/jump/grab the top of the wall next to the Aquarium, Go over the top and drop near the glass wall, from where you land a side jump right over the panel to the Star wall, stand back to the Aquarium and shoot the top of the next panel, side jump over and now shoot the bottom of the panel at the Star, back up to the Aquarium’s side panel and do a stand jump/dive (Alt+Shift+forward) and roll underneath that panel to the Star. (don't stand in front of the glass because you need to have a "distance" for a dive roll, Ernie)

Pry the 4th Golden Star from the wall and take care! Burners started both left and right, blocking the way back. Take one step back from the wall after taking the Star and turn left a bit (screenshot). Side jump left when the Burner is down to go over that glass panel and turn around. There’s a clearly visible glass block you can climb, run jump over the walls to the back wall passage, side jump to that passage (where the Torch is) in the corner and go all the way to the pushblock in the back again (could be you have to open that transparent wall again), now push the block as far as possible into the back of the passage and a block will go down in the other end. Turn around to go there, pick up the Torch on your way over and light a wall torch, a block lowers to the left. Inside you will find Secret #8 (which will activate 1 RaisingBlock/pillar at your trophy-picture, later), 2x Ammo.

Go back through the passage, leaving that nasty Glass Labyrinth behind and walk back through the tunnel in the Aquarium, down to the passage where the gate was, go left from the wall lamp and to the crawlspace in the other side. Climb in and follow to the Ladder shaft, go up the left side and climb out to Valley 2. Drop and turn around, go down the slope and turn towards the opposite corner, where that small tunnel is, go through the tunnel and coming into Valley 1, you can go up to the right hand ledge in that corner.

Pyramid 1.

Look to the right and spot a Jump switch on a sloped block. Grab the wall above and shimmy right to a dip in the sloped top of the wall, pull up there and land in an (illegal slope) gap between the slopes. Depending on which side Lara’s facing, do a backflip or a jump to land on the ledge near the switch, drop/hang from the side and shimmy over the switch, activate it (a cut scene of the Spirit Room Tower in the center of the 4 Valleys and an explosion is heard).  

When you land you can go up to that central tower and go right around the tower to find the open entrance gate, look around the right hand side of the tower (standing near the gate) and find the Jump switch on the wall of the Tower, activate it by a backflip to the wall and then a jump/grab to the switch. A Wraith is released, you can try to shoot it with Pistols and maybe it will stay away, or you have to run into the opposite corner of Valley 3 (where the Wraith came from), go up the ledges there to get to the open gate to the Water Room and get rid of it there.

Pyramid 3.

Stand in the shallow part of the pool and see 2 break ledges. Hop straight up once, so you can run jump onto the first, a running jump to the second. Lined up for a stand jump/grab to the Jump switch hanging in the air. Go back to the entrance and stand facing into the room to the fountain. In the bottom of the pool is a trapdoor, when you run over the fountain base, the trapdoor will open up shortly. So do a run jump straight to that trapdoor and you will just land inside.

Spike Tunnels.

Better Save here and go left when you come at the openings below, swim carefully into the top of the higher tunnel and you can go in after the Spikes went up and just over the opening is an under water lever which will de-activate all other Spikes. Swim out and into the lower right hand opening, another under water lever there, now swim out quickly and up through the open trapdoor. Go to the entrance of the room and use the lever there (another explosion and cut scene of the Spirit RoomTower).

Pyramid 2.

Go back out to the Valleys and over to the corner you saw in the cut scene (a block lowered there, it’s in Valley 2 the opposite corner from the Tower. Jump to the ledge and climb down backwards, halfway down is an alcove with a switch. Throw the switch to open the gate in a passage below and safety drop out of the alcove onto a slope leading down to the passage to the Glass Labyrinth. Turn left from where you end up and climb into the familiar crawlspace. Go to that gate left which now opened and go in to check out the route for the Timed run first. Go under the glass panel and to the right into a room with a mound. In the mound is a raising block. on the side of the entrance is a dark brown spot on the floor, from there you have to jump to the block later, for now go get some Ammo in the far left corner and return to the passage past the glass panel, go left and a bit further in the passage to the Ladder Shaft is a small alcove up left, jump in and find the Timed switch.

Timed Run to the Block.

Of course there will be more ways to do this, but this is how I managed it (D)

Save in front of the switch and pull holding “look” to get out of the cut scene. Backflip roll with a little left curve to get close to the exit slope, jump down into the passage with a right curve. Run r around the corner to the open gate and sprint diagonal to the passage with the glass panel, hit “Alt” to roll underneath the panel, turn right there and run into the room where the block stands up. you have to jump to the block at one exact spot and that’s the most right hand side of the side you’re facing (screenshot) and jump/grab up to the top of the block, quickly turn left and stand jump/grab to the ladder in the shaft. Phew!!!

Go up almost to the top and backflip into a passage with a lever, a Ninja will pay a visit and he plays hard to kill…(seems the lever is blocking bullets). Throw the lever and see what happens. Another Pyramid became active, 3 down one to go… The Flyby showed another room opened up, one with pushblocks…

Pyramid 4.

Go down into the Valley 2 and go left up to that small opening to Valley 4, on the opposite side is that nasty Ninja and to the left of him, in the corner of the valley is the block that went down, so check the health and get over there fast. Inside the room are 3 blocks of which you only have to move 2, the Tiles they have to go to are pointed out by sun rays (nearby left and far left as you come in). The 3rd block will bring out a surprise. When you hit the right spots, you’ll get a cut scene of the Spirit Tower where another explosion removes a block at the top.

So now it’s time for the Tower…

If you are missing a Star at this point, you can go back to level 2 with the Bike, See the end of the walkthrough here: Re-visit previous levels.

The Spirit Tower.

Make your way over to Valley 3 and go up to the Tower. Enter and jump/grab the ladder to the left to go to the top, where that switch became accessible, throw it to open another trapdoor below. Get back on the ladder and climb down.

Option#1: if you don’t have any Ammo left, you can now go into the entrance of the Tower which will change the room under that trapdoor you opened into a room with 4 Star receptacles. Run of the entrance ledge holding grab to land behind that sloped block leading into Spike-traps, drop down into the newly opened trapdoor and go to place the 4 Golden Stars in the receptacles.

Option#2: But if you want to visit the last room (you didn’t visit yet) in this Valley complex, go straight down that ladder and drop onto a sloped block, slide and jump/grab the wall over the Spike-traps and climb left, down a bit and backflip. When you go down the open trapdoor, you’ll come into a room with 2 sets of Bones and a Vase, shoot those and go back up through the trapdoor. Pull up on that sloped block and immediately jump/grab from the top of it to grab the entrance ledge of the Tower. Go out and to the left, past the Pyramid and straight to the wall of the Valley, just to the right of the cubicle where you shot the Ninja is an opening in the wall, go in and follow to a gate you opened by shooting the objects in the Tower, go in and find yourself in a nice Glass room, use the Jump switch in the ceiling to change the room in the bottom of the Tower to a room with receptacles for the Stars. Have a look around and head back to the Tower, just run off the entrance ledge holding grab to land behind that sloped block leading into Spike-traps, drop down into the newly opened trapdoor and go to place the 4 Golden Stars in the receptacles.

The Blue Spirit Stone.

The opening in the middle of the room is now active and you can drop down into that hole to land in a crystal passage with the Blue Spirit Stone on a pedestal, turn right and slowly walk up to that opening you see in the wall, if you go too far you’re trapped. Just look up and jump/grab up to the Jump switch there, then turn right or left and hop back to drop down into the lower room. Place the 2 Keys to the Spirit Stone and go to a crystal sheet hanging from the back of the Spirit Stone pedestal. Climb up between the wall and the sheet and get the Blue Spirit Stone from the pedestal (screenshot). Jump straight over the pedestal and go through the now safe opening under the Jump switch. Approaching the (Timed) block in the left corner will lower it.

The Escape.

Go straight and past that wall torch to a cave with a hill. Go up right and into that opening to a cave with a burning hot mud pool. You have to stand on the highest point and turn a bit left to aim for the lowest point of the opposite ledge (screenshot). Just save before the jump and if you don’t make it turn a bit more after the reload and save again. You have to hold the “forward” key and in the end you will get it. Go on through the cave to come to the Rolling Boulders. Look left into the cave to find a Jump switch on a black pillar where the first Boulder rolls to, wait till it’s right and run to that pillar, standing flat against it, activate the switch and a small gate opens behind this pillar and uphill from here. So go right and around the pillar to jump up the hill and slowly go up to the gate, inside you have to turn around facing the small gate and grab up to the climb wall, climb left up the slope and open the gate with the switch, you’re back in the daylight… Valley 3.

Now you have to go and get the Bike wherever you left it and you have a choice now: go visit back to previous levels in a relaxed manner or end the levels now.

To the End.

Take the Bike into that gate in Valley 3 you just came out of and down the slope, out the small gate and go left first to turn the Bike around on that hill, then you have to go down the hill just left of that small gate and be careful at that Mud pool, go in to the right, go past the wall torch and head left into the opening there. Over a hill and come to a narrow ramp, back the Bike up to where you came in and hit the gas, put in some Nitro (“sprint”) and just before the jump you have to either steer right or left to land on the other side of a huge pit, go up the slope between the 2 Pillars (Two if you raised them by getting all Secrets)  Ride over the slope and on you’re on your way home….

End of a Fabulous game….



That password for the Zipped (German) walkthrough by Ernie is to be found here> surprise.

Re-visit previous levels:  Go into Valley 1 and to the left of facing the entrance doors is a tunnel down, go in with the Bike and through a break wall, go left and speed up to jump over that pit, go into the next glass covered room and to the right is a passage down to a Teleporter which will get you back to level 2, drive out of the exit and you’re on the “Rock Bridge”.  

(after each jump with the bike from level3 to level2 the secret counter raises up once. Therefore you get at the end one pillar/raisingblock for the Blue Spirit Stone and one for the secret in level3, Ernie.)

 The way to the 2 Golden Stars in Spirit II:  

Go to the other side of the bridge, drive off left onto that sloped ledge below and into the opening on ground floor under that ledge, along the Mud pool and left into the room with the blue glass wall.

Look in the walk what you have to do there to get that Star here: Spirit II - 2nd Golden star.

The other one is left at the blue glass panel, up the slopes to the Timed run slope, up to that slope and to the glass covered bridge with the pole and look in the walk to find that Star here : Spirit II – 3rd Golden star.

The way to the Golden Star in Spirit I:

The route back to Spirit I is down the pole, swim to the left side of the building to find the entrance to this lake and follow the under water tunnels, go with the flow and through the canyon to end up down a waterfall in the pool at the “Torch Cave”, go right there and down the Waterfall shaft, swim through a small crevice and you’re back in the Huge Cave. From here you have to follow the walk to get to that Star again. (if you need more stuff from Spirit I or II, you’ll have to find your way by following the walkthrough.

If for some reason you still have to collect the 1st Key to the Spirit Stone from level 1, you can now get out of this room and go right (watch out for Spikes) and climb out left to the platform that should still be here (although in one game of mine it was down and I believe more people experienced this bug). You have to go up the waterfall route to the “Torch Cave”. Then you can return to the Teleporter room and step on the left side Teleporter. (you can drop down into the waterfall cave, swim out the small gap and go down the river/waterfall to the platform to get back into the glass passage)

(Hedgy wrote that her burning torch was lost after she jumped back to level1. Fortunately she had lit this wall torch near by that No Jump sign. So it was possible to get the two other secrets and jump back over the teleporters. If the torch disappeared and this wall torch is not burning than it's impossible to get the 1st Key to the Spirit Stone. It seems a to be a bug but others had not this situation? The same situation is this unlocked waterfall-trapdoor near by the cartouche which has to be locked in position. "The mysteries of the leveleditor", Ernie.)

Back to level 3 is from the Star into the left Teleporter and you’re back at the Rock bridge canyon, down the bridge, through the Mud pool, left in the cave with the blue Glass wall and up the Timed run slope, to the bridge with the pole and re-mount the Bike to go over that trapdoor at the pole and down the floor, follow over the Bridges in the Bridges area back to level 3