Blue Spirit.

Levels by Ernie

Walkthrough D&G productions.

 Spirit II.

When the level starts, swim into the first right and come into a large lake, in the lake is a big bridge and to the left a small building on an island. Just follow the lake to the end along the right hand side and turn left before the last Bridge pillar, you can walk up to the brick ledge. Turn left and walk a bit towards the building, then jump the last part (maybe you have to jump up first and then jump forward). On the ledge in front of the building is a Trigger Tile (screenshot), stand on it and look away from the building to the right you will see a pole, in front an under water tunnel in the wall and in the far left corner is a hole in the bottom with an under water gate. That gate is Timed, so better stand back to the building, run over the Tile and do a long jump/dive *shift key* into the water. Swim into the corner and swim quickly into that gate, follow that narrow and hard to navigate tunnel through some small gaps and in the end where it gets wider is a trapdoor, turn around up there to spot the under water lever that will open the trapdoor.

Swim up into the building and throw the switch to the right under the opened door (a flyby will show where to go next and the switch lowered a block the flyby ends at another one of those blue glass cubicles with the Revolver). Jump out of the passage and go to that pole (at the second bridge pillar) you saw before. Stay on the brick bottom, walk up to the pillar so you can grab up and climb left around the corner to backflip/roll/grab the pole. Go up and backflip/roll into the glass covered bridge, shoot the Dingo and go on to the end, turn right and find that switch where the block lowered in the flyby. It will lower the blue glass cubicle, but it’s Timed….

Timed run for the Revolver.

Save here and throw the Timed switch, turn right and sprint, a bit right to the wall (looks like along the right hand walls is the best spot to run) then jump over a sloped bit and sprint again, just before the next slope a jump and curve right along the wall, then jump once more from the slope and run to the block, jump up and grab the Revolver. (If you happen to get onto the left side of the last slope a Boulder will chase you.)

 “Rock Bridge” Canyon.

Now step through the glass wall behind the pedestal (where the block lowered) and arrive in another canyon with a Rock bridge, in the far right corner of this canyon is the Bike, high up on a ledge (this is the place you see in the load-screen) just run jump with a left curve to land on a high sandy ledge against the rock wall and take out a weapon as a Bold Eagle will come for you and tries to push you of that ledge. Now turn towards the Bridge and look right, see a Ninja behind a window, he can shoot you if you come too close, but you can’t shoot him (at least not yet), sneaky B….d!

Run jump/grab straight to the Bridge and pull up, climb the block in front (just past that passage left) and follow the sandy path to a small gate on a block, go down from the other side of the block to a lower ledge, you’ll hear a trapdoor close in that corner, look over the edge and see a switch on the wall over the trapdoor.

Timed Run for the Crowbar.  (screenshot)

Go onto the Timed trapdoor and Save in front of the switch.

Pull, turn right a little bit and backflip to a slope behind, landing on the left side then jump with a left curve to land on the right hand side of the ledge left of the trapdoor, run up against the wall turn around left to hop onto the lower corner of the block in front of the open gate. Quickly turn right and run in to get the Crowbar.

Go out and right, following the path back to the end, go left down from the end and turn right on the bridge into that opening in the wall, in the far back is a Crowbar lever on the ledge, hop over the lever and from standing at the wall, you can use it. A block will rise just right of the entrance to this cave (seen from the lever), go along the left ledge to the entrance and jump/grab up to that block, a Ninja might show up. Grab up to a dark ledge above. But don’t climb up yet, you have to line up for a nice jump. Just shimmy left to the wall, pull up and do a roll, then a long run jump with a last moments grab to get to a dark ledge across the cave, go in and step on the Trigger Tile to the right (a cut scene of a room with a Teleporter).

The 1st Golden Star.  (From level 1)

Go down from the ledge, to the Crowbar lever and left of it in the corner of the cave is the passage to the Teleporter room, an explosion is heard (and a Ninja may have showed up. take him out or just run up to the Teleporter room. Go up the ramp and step into the yellow beam on the Teleporter that will bring you back to level 1 in that room at the glass passage of the Huge Cave. Go pry the 1st Golden Star from the wall.

If for some reason you still have to collect the 1st Key to the Spirit Stone from level 1, you can now get out of this room and go right (watch out for Spikes) and climb out left to the platform that should still be here (although in one game of mine it was down and I believe more people experienced this bug). You have to go up the waterfall route to the “Torch Cave”. Then you can return to the Teleporter room and step on the left side Teleporter. (you can drop down into the waterfall cave, swim out the small gap and go down the river/waterfall to the platform to get back into the glass passage)

Go step into the other Teleporter and get back to level 2, you’ll end up under a glass cover, turn left a bit and walk straight to the wall and then sidestep left to the corner, from there you should be able to climb up through the one way glass cover (seems to be possible in all corners). Go out of the room and standing in the entrance to the next cave, you can see a Jump switch up on the wall in front and a bit right, to the right is a small mound, hop on the top of that mound and grab the ceiling, swing over to the switch and drop/grab to open the gate with it. Turn right from landing and get out of the gate with a run jump over the sloped block in front of the gate, wait up when you get onto the Bridge in the “Rock Bridge” Canyon.

 “Rock Bridge” Canyon 2.

To the right is that Ninja, so don’t go out too far, but just turn left and safety drop from the Bridge, go in the direction of that black Crystal Pyramid and under the bridge and to your right is a block you can pull up to, duck and crawl backwards into the hole, inside you can push a block and throw the switch (another block lowers), then pull the block back and climb out again. Go back to the corner where you dropped from the Bridge (left of the tree) and find the opening where that block lowered. Go in and left is the pushblock (yes, that one hid the lever you just used), push it in once and a passage opens up behind you, go in and throw the lever to lower Spikes in a tunnel with a Skull picture on the wall.

Now go back to the same switch and use it again, a block lowers in the floor at the lever you used before, go down there and open the Crowbar door, go in and to the right in a niche is Secret #4, Ammo. Turn around from standing there and shoot the Bones (#1 of 4).

Go back out and use the switch near the pushblock again to open the exit back up, shoot a Ninja go and right around the corner, pass under the Bridge and go along the left side of the black Crystal Pyramid to the corner where the Timed trapdoor is, to the right at the closed gate you can see a small crevice over a sloped ledge. Stand jump/grab in on the left side (against the wall) and this is the passage where the Spikes went down, follow to the end and climb up the ledge, then turn and look for a Jump switch on a pillar (in the Spike passage). Stand on the lower part of the ledge one sidestep from the higher ledge and do a run jump with a left curve around the low ceiling (who put that there?) to grab the pillar (in the middle of that side), shimmy right around the corner and drop/grab the switch. The Spikes are active again, so go up the ledge with the blue crystals and go right, follow to a Medipack and there you can just crawl out through the highest part of the crevice. Quickly run down to the trapdoor corner again (nasty Ninja) and find the gate open there. Run jump up the sloped hill and go right at the corner with that closed gate to the left. Go into the next part of the room and find a nasty sand dune you have to get up to. All the way up in the corner with the plant is where you have to get to (screenshot).

Up to the Bike.

So from the first flat part below, jump to the next at the bottom of the dune and turn left a little bit, there’s a triangular ledge up the next part, hop back and run jump with a slight right curve onto the very left point of that ledge. Walk up to the middle of the right hand side and look for the next ledge to stand jump onto (in front of a sloped ridge on the wall, if you look up to the ceiling, you’ll see a closed trapdoor over that ledge). And in a wall left of the plant you have to go to later is an opening, go one more ledge up the hill and do a run jump/grab to that opening, go in and follow to a lever. Throw that to open that trapdoor and return to the opening, aim for a lower right hand ledge and run jump to it, go back to the highest point of the hill, under the trapdoor.

Now stand with your back to the sloped ridge and walk forward 2 steps. Then sidestep to the right hand side of that ledge, one foot on the next ledge (screenshot), turn right a bit and backflip to the sloped ridge, jump and grab the ladder in the shaft. Climb up through the trapdoor and you’ll come to a room with Spikes both left, right and behind. What you should do is this, hang on the right most side, then release grab a moment and grab again, Lara’s legs should hang down. Then go right into the corner and pull up. backflip/roll and curve sharp left to land on a ledge next to the Spike-trap (a cut scene of a blue glass cubicle). Turn around and fit the Revolver with the Laser sight (or Shotgun, looking down), shoot the Bones (#2 of 4) in the opposite corner, jump there over the Spike-trap and then jump over the sloped ledge to the corner with the small medipack, hop onto the sloped ledge and slide off grabbing the edge, climb down the ladder and drop down to the dune below.

Turn right and just standjumps to the opening at the top finding the flat spots, out there you’ll find the Bike and a gate opened to the left of it (shortcut for coming back to the Bike later). After shooting the Dingo, spot the pillar around the corner to the right as you walk out, climb up and get the Ammo from the dead Guy. Climb down and look for the rope hanging from the tree, run jump/grab the rope (screenshot). Turn right and swing/jump/grab the rockwall left of where the tree sticks out. Climb left all the way to a closed gate and go over the Jump switch to drop/grab and activate it, the gate opens, nothing to do inside, these are just preparations for going in with the Bike later.

Run jump with a left curve from the ledge at the gate and slide down from the ledges grabbing the edges to safely get down to the Canyon floor, turn around and head underneath the bridge and to the left at the palm tree, in the corner of the Canyon (opposite that passage with the pushblock) is a mound, jump to the top and turn left. stand jump/grab to a ledge and from there a sharp right curved run jump to a ledge at the corner of the Bridge. Go right into the cave and inside left and up the back end slope to get back up to the Bike. Carefully go around the front of the Bike and step on, better go into that cave in front. Turn the Bike around in there and go out the same gate with a little speed and curving right along the pillar the Ammo was on (screenshot), because you have to ride it up and over that sloped sandy ledge under the tree with the rope and this seems to be the best way to get onto that sloped ledge.

Ride over the ledge turned to the wall or you will slide off, go into that gate you just opened before, a swarm of Locust on your tail, just save and reload as soon as you’re through the open gate. Slowly touch the breakable wall with the front wheel and hit the breaks when the wall collapses, leave the Bike there for a moment and look for some Ammo in a passage to the left just behind where the wall was, turn around after picking it up and spot the Jump switch up on the wall, use that to open the gate at the end of the tunnel you’re going to ride down now.

Mount the Bike again and go down the tunnel to the Canyon. But careful. You’re on a narrow ledge, go sharp around the right hand corner (maybe back up a few times to get it right and then on the ledge you will come to that little ramp at the end, here you have to jump over with the Bike, back up the Bike to the block on the ledge, so you’ll have enough room to speed it up, go along the right hand wall and jump over to that ledge where you jumped to when you arrived in this Canyon. Just go through that wall ahead and you’re back at the Revolver pedestal. On the slope ahead is that Boulder, so if you didn’t trigger it yet, you have to be careful. Go through the breakable wall to the left after the pedestal.

For the 2nd Golden Star.

Go into that sloped cave (with the Bike) follow straight down and follow the right side and through a small opening to the cave with the blue wall, park the Bike in the cave with the blue wall and go jump back into that small opening you just came out of. Up on the wall is a Jump switch (screenshot). First climb up the wall under the crawlspace, get into the crawlspace for the Ammo. Climb out, shimmy to the wall left and go climb up and right to the Jump switch (to kill some flames where we go later). When you slide back into the cave with the blue wall, go down left and into a small passage there. To the left is a pushblock, pull the block out and aside to go in, over a trapdoor to open it from that side. Drop into a hole where you killed the flames with that Jump switch. Crawl into the crawlspace and follow the passage to the Flares (not many of those around are there!).

The Switch Labyrinth.  (be sure to use switches only once)

Turn around and look for a shaft up in the ceiling, the wall on your right is climbable, go up till you see a ledge behind you. Backflip and turn around to open the hatch above, stand left and hoist yourself up to a break ledge, quickly run into the left passage and follow left around 2 corners to a pushblock (light a flare) on the right, push it al the way in and find switch#1 to the right, use it and go out, right and left into a newly opened passage, in the end left is switch#2. Go back to the crossing and right, past the pushblock and at the next crossing aim a bit to the right but just straight you can see the opening with switch#3. Go back to the other end (past the pushblock) and at the last crossing to the right, follow to switch#4 in a corner. Go all the way back to the other end and keep left now when you are past the pushblock, go over a trapdoor to the end where you’ll find a lever#5, when you throw that, a block will retract at the Star.

Go back to the trapdoor, open it and climb down, go pry the 2nd Golden Star from the wall and throw the switch at the exit to open the exit (screenshot), go down to the ground floor of the cave and standing with your back to the glass wall, you can see a ledge up left (screenshot) do a right curved stand jump/grab to the right hand side of the climbwall on the block, not too close to the corner and first go up before you go left a bit, so Lara gets her feet up, then climb up to the switch that will open that set of doors in the lower side of the cave.

Run onto the slope left and slide, go get the Bike again and ride it into the open doors, follow to a shallow Mud pool (in the middle of the cave, so take care) with Scorpions under the surface and stay on the right hand side, ride over the bank to the far right hand corner of the cave and find the switch there, it will lower some blocks, one near the Ninja and a gate opens in the Dune cave. The other lowered block is to the left of where you stand at the moment. So turn left and take the Bike out into the “Rock Bridge” Canyon. Leave the Bike under the Bridge and go to that black crystal thing , walk up to that opening above, just to the left of the everlasting Ninja, standing a bit left under that ledge, you can grab up only using “Ctrl” get the Ammo and finally you can take that Ninja out were it only out of revenge, from the Ammo take one step forward and then turn right. Do it with pistols (to save Ammo), find the right spot, jump up and down shoot him in the legs till he drops.

Now look in the back of the ledge where the Ammo was to find a Brass ball up in a shaft, it’s rather hard to shoot, so Save first before you start wasting Ammo on misses. Best place is in the back left corner and aim for the bottom of the Ball (to open another gate in a tunnel we’ll go into with the Bike now). Once broken, you can go down and get the Bike. Ride it to the corner with the Timed trapdoor, into the open gate to the Dune cave and left through the open gate in the left corner, follow in and just inside you can leave the Bike for a moment, walk on into the passage and up to a sloped part, jump to the top of that slope and turn around there to spot a Jump switch on the ceiling. When you use that, a trapdoor goes up over a Spike-trap, allowing you to proceed with the Bike.

So go get the Bike and follow the tunnel to the trapdoor, just over the trapdoor a Dingo will appear, park the Bike on the Dingo and find a crawlspace in the wall of this room (opposite the trapdoor). Crawl in and immediately draw a weapon. Wait for a nasty Scorp and shoot it before you go on, follow to a lever that will give a cut scene of another one of those blue glass cubicles (nearby). Get out of this passage, get the Bike and ride on into a Canyon, there are Mine-traps here, so watch out! Leave the Bike near the trapdoor (for later) and go look for a set of 4 brick pillars, walk around it carefully and find the spot (screenshot) where you can jump into the opening between the pillars. You might encounter a small bug here and Lara jumps right through the whole set of pillars, then just try again and when you land inside you’ll slide down into a tunnel.

The Crossbow.

Stand with your back to that last slope and backflip/jump/grab the Jump switch (opens trapdoor further on), then follow the tunnel to the left at the first crossing and drop down into that open trapdoor after you threw a flare in. In the room below the Crossbow lies in a corner. But there’s also a nasty Skeleton, and no explosive Ammo yet, so you could try to get some distance, the run into a corner, roll and draw the Revolver with Laser sight, shoot him in the head. Or just be quick and grab back up to the trapdoor (there’s only one spot where you can grab back up and that’s on the highest point of the floor under the trapdoor), don’t pull up yet but shimmy left first.

The Valve pipe.

Now go left at the crossing and in front of the crawlspace to the right, climb up the block to the left and open the trapdoor (don’t climb up yet). Turn till you face that “Caution” sign and duck, then crawl backwards through the gap behind you, don’t drop into the steam pit but shimmy left and pull up in the next crawlspace. Follow to a Spike-pit at the end of the sloped part, jump/grab over and pull up in the alcove with the Valve pipe on the right hand wall, pry it off and climb out over the Spike-pit, climb down into the Spikes (4 steps and Lara will get hurt) and quickly backflip into the tunnel. Light a flare, crawl to a dark panel to the right in that tunnel. Shoot it and crawl in backwards, don’t drop (Mine-trap!), but shimmy left around the corner, drop into an room with Secret #5.

Turn around and to the right in the opposite ledge are Pistols. Ignore (if you take them, a block goes up and you cannot get to the Bones later) those and go left to the other side, a small medipack is for the taking, it will also lower a block in the middle of this ledge, go there and get a screenshot of a blue glass cubicle, then shoot those Bones (#3 of 4) in the alcove (all for a good cause). Now you have to get back to the crawlspace tunnel, so grab the wall left of the Mine-trap and shimmy to the crawlspace, follow to the right and crawl backwards into the steam pit, shimmy right and pull up at the trapdoor, climb up to the Canyon floor. Go past that pillar set (swarm of Locust) and into a cave with a high rock in the middle, be  careful on the left side of the rock is a Mine-trap. Ride the Bike up the rock and park it (screenshot), go throw the lever (straight in front is the room you go next) and ride off the rock into that room with the brick wall.

The Bridge Area.

Go left and into a wide area, stop just inside and shoot a Ninja way up on a pillar (stand in the entrance arch and use Laser sight). Run back into the entrance passage and see a ledge up above. It’s a bit tricky to get up there, but you have to stand left against the wall (screenshot), and find the right spot, jump up and then grab holding the forward key when you are at the level of the ledge. A few tries will get you up there, a Bold Eagle will attack there. There are almost invisible ledges throughout the room and the first is to the left from where you climbed up, stand on the edge of the ledge facing into the area and use the Binoc’s to spot it (screenshot). Stand jump/grab and get up, walk to the far left corner and the next ledge is in front of that bridge pillar, another stand jump/grab gets you there, turn left and the 3rd is left of the palm tree, stand jump/grab to it, get on and turn right to jump/grab the ladder going up the pillar to where the Ninja was (it's possible to run jump from the middle invisible platform right to that niche too where you can shoot the two vases of the paragraph below, Ernie).

There’s a clearly visible Jump switch, so hop back and grab it, landing on the bridge below. A trapdoor closed on the bridge beyond the pillar. Now go around the pillar to that closed trapdoor, stand on it and face the wall, see the climbwall. Jump/grab to it and go down and right around the corner into the niche. Grab up to the crevice up right and shimmy along the wall to the right. In the end you will be in a niche under the bridge (cut scene of a cubicle), look into the crevice and spot the Vase (#4of 4), jump up to shoot it (that cubicle will now be lowered). Standing in the highest corner of this ledge you can just see another vase left of where the first was, shoot it with Crossbow and Laser sight and claim Secret #6. Go back the same way, climb the wall in the other niche and go left around the corner, up to the windowsill and pull up, backflip to the trapdoor. Go around the pillar and from facing the Jump switch, turn left and hop back to do a safety drop down to the bridge below, you’ll see a set of doors in front of you.

Turn around and go over the bridge in the direction of the entrance, look up right and spot a lever high up in the wall there. There’s a pointy ledge below it, from about  the last square up the sloped bridge (just before the corner) you can do a curved run jump/grab the left hand side of that that ledge (not the triangular part) and climb up to the opening above on the right hand side. from where you pulled up a stand jump/roll and then you can use the lever. A flyby will take you through the caves and ends up at the closing trapdoor on the glass covered bridge. Drop out onto the ledge below. Turn left and jump to the sloped corner, slide off and hop back to drop down to the ground floor. You’ll land in front of a gate in the corner of the area, shoot the grate and a swarm of Locust will attack, save-reload and go in to use the switch to the left, a cut scene of the blue glass cubicle, now accessible.

2nd Key to the Spirit Stone.

Take the Bike and go back into that entrance passage and head back into that cave with the lever on the rock, go left and into the cave there, here’s that spot you saw in the last cut scene. On the pedestal is the 2nd Key to the Spirit Stone. Turn left from facing the blue wall behind the pedestal and go up in the corner of the cave, you can pass through the wall to the right and come back into the cave with the rock. Go straight back into that cave with the Mine fields to the right and out the other end near the trapdoor. Follow over the trapdoor at the Spike-pit to the Dune cave, right there and out to the “Rock Bridge” Canyon, along the right hand side of the black crystal thing, underneath the Bridge to the open corner in the wall in front, carefully along the side of the Mud pool and left through the open doors to the cave with the blue glass wall, go left/left and up the hill to the Timed run/Revolver cave, left and up the Boulder slope and keep right to get to the glass covered Bridge, go to the pole and leave the bike there for a moment (time to get the old and rusty Bike serviced, as it’s starting to backfire).

Detour for the 3rd Golden Star.

Go down the pole, swim to that timed gate (in the corner) a bit and turn left, to that building and on the side of the building are 2 brick submerged ledges, on the first one on your path, you can climb out and jump to the one in the corner, climb up left and go get the 3rd Golden Star. Go back to the pole by climbing the bridge pillar. Backflip from the pole and mount the Bike to go over that raised wooden platform next to the pole.

Back to the Bridge Area.

Go into a dead end room, just ride the Bike onto that dark floor and fall through, go down the slope and break the wall, go on to the now open doors of the Bridge Area, go onto the bridge and follow to the far end, go left around the nasty corners and end up at a sloped block, short jump here, so line up and back up the Bike to jump over the right hand side of the slope, go up the next passage carefully coming back out to a higher level of the Bridge Area, go over that trapdoor you closed. Around the Ninja pillar and up the slope to a gate that will open up for you. Drive the Bike into the narrow passage. Past a Teleporter to the right and to the first corner. Leave the Bike for a moment and climb into a crawlspace in that corner (use Binoc’s to spot it). Get Secret #7, some Ammo. Climb back out and mount the Bike, take it onwards to a wider place and leave it there for a while. (If for any reason the fixed camera won’t stop, Save and reload and the problem should be fixed)

The Nitro Canister.

Just to the right of where you came into the wider area is a passage with Spike-traps and a break ledge is visible. Beyond that is another break ledge, line up a bit diagonal, standing left of the middle (screenshot), take a step back and then a hop back. Run jump to the corner and a running jump to the next break ledge. Run sharp around the left corner to a safe ledge, and stop before you run off and burn to crisps. In the next room is a blue glass cubicle in the far back, to the left of where you stand now, you can see a vase up on a ledge, shoot that (pistols will do, when you jump up) and go stand on the tip of the ledge, closest to the burning pits below (screenshot). Aim for the lowest point of the sloped block in front of the ledge where the vase was. Do a run jump/roll in the air and slide/grab the bottom edge of that sloped block (this block is also a Trigger for a rope near the Bike), shimmy right to the end and better Save (F5) here, pull up, backflip/roll and curve sharp left to hit the tip of the next sloped block, jump again to hit the tip of the next slope and then immediately jump/grab with a bit of the right curve to the hanging climb block on the ceiling. Just go around the right hand corners when you finally grabbed it and on the back side you can climb a bit till Lara’s feet are on the ladder, go right as far as possible and Save again. Backflip off, slide and jump to the next block, slide off and grab the edge, shimmy right and pull up, backflip roll and curve sharp left to land on a flat ledge next to the sloped block (if you miss the first left curved jump to the Nitro ledge, jump back again and try it on the second go).

Over the Pit.

Go up to the pedestal and get theNitro Canister, in the back of the room, past the pedestal is a pit, a rope hangs over the pit now. Run jump/grab the rope and swing across, follow back to where you left the Bike and combine the Valve pipe with the Canister, mount it on the Bike (stand close to the bike and press "Ctrl") and go to that pit, line up on that higher point and the jump should end in the left opposite corner of the pit, then back up the Bike and hit the sprint key to administer the Nitro and you should be able to jump the pit this way, go into the place where you found the Canister and hit that break wall in the back carefully, so you won’t drop into the water below. Back the Bike up and leave it there for the time being.

Go to the wall you broke and hop in backwards to grab the Jump switch below which will open an under water gate below and start some blue rays shooting across the room. One of the under water windows looks out to the Bridge Area and the other shows an under water door. Save in front of the open gate (Jump switch wall) and swim in, follow to a crossing, go right and up, follow along the right and up till you go left to a blue panel you could swim over, don’t do that yet, but go up there to use an under water lever. Go left there and past all blue panels to the far end and at the last blue panel there the tunnel splits up, one side is straight up a ramp to that under water door. Open the under water door and swim up to take some air.

Take a lung full and swim down again, go left around the corner at the bottom of the ramp now and up in the shaft there to use the second under water lever next to a Boulder behind a panel and it will drop. Go back through the under water door and take a lung full of air, now down the ramp and swim straight to the end, left around the corner stay high up to go over the Boulder through the corner and in the end of that tunnel is some Ammo, return and swim up the ramp through the trapdoor to climb out. To the right is a switch, use that and climb the block behind you, open the Crowbar door and step back into the room where the Bike is. Mount the Bike and drive it into the room where the pool was, there’s a mysterious floor now (don't save your game with the bike on this floor because Lara will burn if you reload). In the back is an opening to the right, drive in and onto the Teleporter, an extensive Flyby will show you the surroundings of the next fabulous level.

At this point you should have 3 Golden Stars and 2 Keys to the Spirit Stone. If you are lacking any of those, you can go back there by following the instructions at the end of the walkthrough.

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