Blue Spirit.

Levels by Ernie

Walkthrough D&G productions.

“Lara is on a quest to recover a mysterious Gem, its told the Gem’s blue gloss should have magic powers”

Lara couldn’t recover her compass from the wrecked Jeep.

As there’s no Compass in the level, we’ll do our best to explain directions.

There are many hard jumps in these levels so you can consider them Expert levels to say the least….


Spirit I.

Lara stands next to a half buried, wrecked Jeep, that one will go no further, turn right and go along the back of the Jeep to the corner of the Canyon, there’s a hole in the wall where you can pass through to the Huge Cave.

The Huge Cave.

There’s a big Bold Eagle flying around, try to get his attention first and lure him to the corner just right of where you came in and from standing in that corner you can take him out without him hurting you. Then go back to the entrance, stand facing into the Cave and have a look around to get your bearings, there’s a black Pyramid Crystal like thing on a block and just to the right of it, on the opposite side of the Cave you can see a climbable pillar. That’s your next goal, but you have to raise a Timed block to get to that ladder, so go right from the entrance and along the pool to the far wall, go straight up the slope a bit (notice a closed gate in a crevice there) and then jump right onto a triangular ledge in the corner, in the corner of the rock walls is a Timed switch. Save in front of it.

Timed Run.

When you pull the switch, you have to roll then run while turning right, so you will run along the wall and jump over a first steep part. Then you will run over a part of the slope you can walk on, but a bit further the slope gets too steep, so just before you reach that part (find it by trail and error) you have to do a long jump and curve left a little bit, landing on the steep slope, do a jump curved to the right to land just right of the water, run jump onto the left side of the block, run curved right over the block and jump/grab to the left side of the ladder, but not too far left or you won’t get up to the ledge (maybe the block is already going down, but you can still make use of it).

Climb up to the ledge above and follow to the wall with the windows, go into the right hand corner of the rocks in the end and pull up on a rock (in a triangular opening you’ll go into later), walk onto the triangular ledge left and stand jump with a grab to the ledge in front of the windows (screenshot), follow, jumping over the steep part to the corner and get the small medipack, then return to where you came from and jump back to the rock ledge, go into the corner again and up that same block. Now go over the top of it and drop into a lower tunnel, and follow through a low part to the end where it curves left, in that corner is a Jump switch on the left side, throw that to lower a block further on in the tunnel and go on, Locust will attack (you can quickly save and reload and they’re gone). Around the next corner left is that block you lowered and gives access to that passage with the windows, look up left before you enter and find another Jump switch on the wall, this one will raise a platform in the corner of the Huge Cave and you will use that soon.

There are Spike-traps in the next passage, so go on with care avoiding those traps and follow to the end (you will pass an opening to the right, you can see a Golden Star (1 of 4), but the passage is not open yet and if you try to get in you’ll be stuck).

Passage Piece 2.

In the end is a gate up in the wall in front and you can see a Cartouche piece on a pedestal, to the left is an opening in the wall, pull up over the top and land on that platform you raised before. Look right and see a climbable wall next to the waterfall, a crawlspace is hidden behind the falling water, stand jump/grab up to the left side of the wall and go up a bit, then backflip/roll/grab and shimmy left to the crawlspace, get in and crawl to the right into the next opening, to the right where you can stand is a still closed gate to the Cartouche Piece, so go left and find another gate, to the right of it is an alcove with some Ammo.

Shoot that golden gate left of you and throw the lever inside to open the gate at the pedestal. Then go into the tunnel opposite the Ammo alcove and up the block, straight is back to the waterfall, so turn right and find yourself in front of a Spike-trap, run jump over with a left curve and throw a switch in the corner, Spikes will go down at the Cartouche, so run jump back with a curve over the Spikes and go left, down in the lower passage and then right, over the block to the pedestal with the Passage Piece 2.

Go back up the block, crawl left onto the waterfall and crawl backwards down into the Huge Cave. Drop and grab the lower waterfall, shimmy right to the platform and stand jump/grab to the climb wall again, go all the way up to the Zip-line ledge this time.

The Shotgun.

Go forward and crawl under the low rock to where you can stand again, look left and see a Ninja on a ledge across the Cave. Shoot him from here with pistols (he drops a small medipack, but my Ninja fell all the way down so I had to collect that later) and go on following the path, in the end to the left is a small triangular opening, go through and climb down the wall on the other side, drop and slide into a passage (screenshot), turn right and get the Shotgun there (a block goes down at the waterfall). Turn around and walk to a block left, climb up to the block with the bush and jump/grab back to the climb wall and go back up, crawl back to the Zip-line ledge and follow back to the waterfall, go to the right hand side at the crawlspace, (screenshot) that’s where that block went down and now you are able to run jump/grab to a ledge across the cave (over that platform below). Pull up and side jump right onto the sloped ledge, grab the edge and shimmy right to where you can pull up, go throw the switch there and see a block go down at a lever. Turn left from the switch and walk as far as possible along the edge to the sloped ledge and then hop back, a long run jump with a right curve will get you back on the corner of the other ledge over the platform (If you can’t make this jump, dive into the water below an go up the same way as you did before to get to that ledge). Turn right and see you can walk up the higher corner a bit and stand jump/grab up to the ledge with the lever.

The Uzis.

Throw that lever and two gates open somewhere in the opposite corner of the Cave and one behind a block we go to now, turn around and slide down the slope, go right a bit and climb up the block at the plant, shimmy right around 2 corners and drop at an open gate (later). Go to the far wall and look right to spot the Monkey swing on the ceiling, stand close to the left wall and run jump/grab to catch onto the Monkey swing, stay close to the left wall and go to that opened gate. Turn left and drop/grab the edge of the passage, pull up and wait a bit, a Skellie shows up. Stand jump/roll over the Skellie while drawing the Shotgun and shoot him out of the passage, now follow the passage up to a room with Secret #1 , the Uzis and Flares (you’ll get a screenshot of a blue glass cubicle). Shoot the vase (#1 of 3), it’s important! (shooting the vases will give access to those blue glass cubicles later).

Then go back out of the passage and at the Monkey swing a run jump/grab from standing on the left side, and go back to the other end of the Monkey swing, there’s a nasty crack in the Monkey swing, try to face the wall there and hit “Shift” and then go sideways past it, In the end you’ll drop onto the ledge at the opening, go in carefully as there are Spike-traps at the bottom of the slope, but they will only be activated when the Boulders come down, stand on the right hand side and walk up the slope to see the Boulders taking off… Keep your cool go up the slope and when the right hand one comes close a side jump to the left, then side jump back right to avoid the left hand Boulder. On the top of the slope is a hatch in the ceiling, open it and turn around, jump/grab up and pull up to the River ledge above, the Ninja on the block in front has buried two mines and is watching you (you can kill him later). The Mine fields on the squares where you can see he has been digging.

After you shot the Ninja, climb up to the lower block where the Ninja was (remember this as you will get up here again) and turn right, stand jump onto the rock ledge, turn and jump to the pillar to get the Ammo he dropped. Now go down again and into the river.

Passage Piece 1, the Zip-line.

Go into the river and look down where it drops into the Huge Cave (screenshot). On a pillar under the No Jumps sign is a Jump switch visible. Turn around and safety drop down the waterfall, turn around and walk back against the slope side, then stand jump/grab the Jump switch (screenshot of a gate opening up at the Passage Piece 1 room). That room is all the way in the opposite side of the Cave, you can get there by using the Zip-line. Turn right from where you landed and run jump over the waterfall to the Zip-line ledge on top of that first climbwall, up to the left is the pillar with the Zip-line, go stand with your back against the low pillar you’ve crawled under before (so you’ll face the direction of that earlier path to the Shotgun) and sidestep against the right hand wall, turn left slightly and look to see a gap in the wall, just past the Zip-line pillar (screenshot). Run jump with a left curve to get up into that gap and turn around, now you can jump/grab over the path to an alcove in the opposite wall, turn around and stand jump onto the Zip-line pillar. Grab the Zip-line and be sure to drop onto that yellow ledge in the middle of the Cave, turn right and some jumps will get you to the opened gate in the wall, get Passage Piece 1 and run jump out to the yellow ledges again.

Go to the one closest to the waterfall and from here you can do a long run jump/grab to the ledge just right of the Zip-line pillar. Walk right and to the corner from where you can run jump/grab to the ledge (screenshot) over the platform again as that is the way back up to the top of the waterfalls, you know, the side jump onto the sloped ledge and shimmy to the ledge with the switch, climb around the block at the plant to the ledge at the Monkey swing. Here you can go in to those Boulders and from facing them you can jump along the wall over the right hand Boulder (Spikes are gone), go up the slope and climb up through the hatch. 

Go to across the river to the other side and find a pushblock in the wall, pull it out and pull it aside, jump around the block and enter where you got the block from. To the right is some Ammo, straight ahead a sloped tunnel and to the left is a gate with the Laser sight, stand in front of that sloped gap and look up, there’s a vase up on top, stand in the middle against the slope and take 4 steps back. Save here!! You have to hit the “look” key and look high up the slope, then shoot. (Ernie suggested this: Stand in the middle of the opening, jump in and slide out, now you’re facing exactly straight, hold the “look” key looking all the way up the slope, jump up and shoot on the highest point of the jump)

The Laser sight.

Go get the Laser sight where the gate just opened and another gate opens where the Ammo was (later), a Skellie appears, go outside to the waterfall and shoot that Skellie off the ledge. Go back in and go right, up the sloped tunnel to where you look out over the waterfall. Run jump/grab across to a ledge in the rocks, shimmy left and you’ll pass through the waterfall, go up and climb all the way left around one corner, you can climb up this waterfall and see an outside area in front (later). Roll and run jump/grab in the end, straight through the opposite waterfall (a closed gate to the right of it), you’ll catch on to a ledge, go to the plant and get the Ammo. You have to get across the Canyon, walk on a bit till you are in the corner of the ledge and from there a run jump to the corner of a ledge under that dead tree sticking out of the rocks (screenshot). Now you have to do a right curved run jump (stand jump also possible) around the rock to land on the ledge near the Campfire and a block with a switch, go to the switch and throw it, then brace yourself as you’re in for a fall (the longest one ever in my case).

The Torch.

The trapdoor in the bottom of the pool has opened up, swim down and find the opening in a corner of the under water cave, swim through and turn sharp left in the next cave, go under the pointy block with the purple light and swim up a bit, turn around and use the under water lever, a cut scene of a lowering block, the burning Jeep, a wall torch and a gate where that block lowered, all to be visited shortly. Swim down and back through the small gap under the rock (there’s an air pocket up in the ceiling if you want and the gate in the other corner of the cave gives an indication of where the under water lever is), get back to the pool cave and up through the open trapdoor. Shoot the Dingo and go up the slope where the timed run took place (close to the timed switch), a block lowered there and reveals a gate and the Torch left of it.

Look up over the Torch and spot a crawlspace up in the wall, climb through and down a ladder to get Ammo. The hole with the water is the air pocket in that under water cave with the under water lever, Climb back over the ladder and drop down at the Torch, pick it up and head to where the Jeep is: down the slope, straight and left at the dark crystal, throw the torch through the left hand gap and crawl after it, go around the jeep and light the Torch from the lower part of the floor (close to where you stood when the level started). Go back to the Huge Cave by throwing the Torch through the gap and go left/left into that alcove with the wall lamp.

Light the lamp (the black pyramid crystal is now active, meaning the Teleporters will work from now on) and head to where you found the Torch, that gate is now open. Light the wall lamp on the Teleporter and you’ll be taken back up the waterfall. Go out of the passage as the gate will open up and when you come out, another gate will open up at the waterfalls, to the right is that campfire, stand on a corner and light the Torch again (cut scene of walltorches to be lit and some doors and wall lamps up the waterfalls).

Detour for a Secret.  *for a Secret, you have to go there to shoot a vase*

Go walk out onto the ledge in front of that switch on the white block and run jump around the rock with a left curve (screenshot), look down and spot a ledge in the corner with a plant on it, to the right of that ledge is a sloped one, jump (Torch in hand, or you can choose to throw it down first after Saving) onto that sloped ledge and just slide down, drop on the ledge near the pushblock. Go to the opposite side of the river and go right, pass between the hatch and the no jumps sign and walk into a concealed path into the rocks, sharp around the right hand corner is a wall torch to be lit, Lara will look left to a block that goes down.

Head back out to the River ledge and go straight, drop the Torch here for now and go up the low block where the Ninja was before, turn right and hop onto the rock ledge, stand on the side of the waterfall (screenshot) and face towards the open Boulder ramp hatch, now do a stand jump over the pointy rock to land in the new opening where that block went down, go in and drop down, follow the tunnel to where you can drop into a golden passage (the Spike Tile seems fake), follow straight to Secret #2, a Medipack. Go back through the golden passage and shoot the Vase (#2 of 3). Then open that hatch and climb back up to the right hand side (Mines) and arrive back at the river.

Pick up the Torch again and go once more onto the low block where the Ninja was, hop onto the right and ledge and turn left now hop to the ledge in the corner and then to the high block the Ninja was on earlier, hop up again and then to the right, go up to the wall torch and light it to lower the next block, get on there and walk to the corner where you can see the campfire below, do a long run jump with a bit of a left curve to land on a sloped ledge next to the campfire and jump with a left curve from that ledge to land near the campfire (screenshot) (it’s possible to get to the Campfire with a long run jump *the fire won’t burn you*. Walk out to the ledge at the white switch block and again a run jump around the left to the ledge where you left off to go for the Secret (you could also take the route across the water where you get the Laser sight)

Up again.

From this ledge a long run jump to that ledge with the plant and hop onto that ledge left of the waterfall (that gate opened here), walk up to the other side and do a run jump over the Waterfall cave onto the waterfall going up to the outside area.

Drop the torch on the waterfall for a moment and remember where it lands. Then stand on the left side of the waterfall facing up and drop/hang backwards, let go and grab again, pull up into a small alcove and find Secret #3, a Vase (#3 of 3) you have to shoot and that was all. Now climb back out and right along the waterfall, then up and go get the Torch again. Follow up and stay on the right hand side of the pool above, don’t dive. But slowly walk in and swim at the surface, so the Torch won’t get wet and in the far right hand corner you can just walk out, drop the Torch on a safe spot and shoot that Dingo.

The Torch Cave, 1st Key to the Spirit Stone.

Then light the 2 wall lamps and the door will open up, go in with the Torch as that cave is pitch black. To the left is a pedestal where the glass cubicle lowered because you shot the 3 Vases. Up to the right a Ninja will open fire, so shoot him and his partner too when he shows up (they drop Ammo, so have a look when you got the time, but another Ninja could steal it before you get a chance). Go to the back of the pillar a bit further in the middle of the cave taking the Torch with you and light a wall torch there (only to get some light, you don’t have to light them), turn left from facing the torch and go up to the hill (that will be the right hand side of the cave from entering). Go along the higher wall in the direction of the entrance and you’ll find another wall torch (and maybe another Ninja, shoot him before he nicks the Ammo). Light the wall torch to get some more light in here and then find the switch a bit further on (a gate opens across the cave). Go along the ledge along the wall to the back of the Cave and there turn left stay on the higher part of the hill and in the end you’ll come to a high steep block. From the left corner of that ledge you can do a right curved run jump along the side of the block (screenshot) and land near the open gate, jump up to the open gate and to the left of it is another wall torch.

Find the right spot to light it and then throw the Torch into the passage for now. If you jump onto the pointy rock just to the left of that wall torch, you can claim some Ammo, go down the other side and go get the 1st Key to the Spirit Stone (needed to get the Spirit Stone in level 3). Get back to the passage where the Torch is and get your Torch, go in and left to light a wall lamp in that room, to the right of a sloped block. Turn around, walk back out turning left and carefully go up the sloped passage, going around the corner you’ll notice a Boulder up there. Turn around and walk slowly back up the first part of the slope, when you hear the Boulder coming, run back around the corner and quickly turn right into that room with the wall lamp. Watch the Boulder go by and go back up the passage (you don’t need the Torch anymore so drop it where you like). To the left near the closed gate is an opening to the room with the wall lamp, stand in front of the left side of the opening and spot the sloped ledge with a climb wall above it (screenshot).

Save here and do a run jump/roll in midair to the far corner and as far up that sloped ledge as possible, then immediately a jump/grab to catch onto the climbwall (this may take a few tries). Hanging on the wall you can see a ledge behind, backflip and go pull the switch in the corner to open that gate up in the sloped passage, get a small medipack to the right of the switch and just slide down over where the wall lamp is below. (If you take the other (long) slope, a swarm of Locust will pester you, just save quick and reload again.) Go up the sloped passage to a nice little Canyon. Jump to the right and go place the combined Passage Pieces in the receptacle. A flyby shows what route you have to take to get through the Canyon, well at least they open the gate for you….

The Canyon Jumps.

Stand back against the wall facing into the Canyon and take about 3 sidesteps left from the receptacle. Now stand jump down to the first block. Slide/jump and grab the rock, climb up and do a long run jump over a sloped part of the ledge below left to a plant with some Ammo, jump back over the sloped part and jump/grab back up to the rock, now you have to line up (screenshot) for a right curved run jump (no grab) into an alcove right. Line up for a run jump to a ledge on the front of the rock opposite the waterfall (screenshot) and from that ledge you will have to run jump curving right over the ledge and a last moments grab to that crack left of the waterfall. Lining up is hard as the ceiling is low, so back up to the side you came from and go as high as possible to run with a sharp right curve and jump. Shimmy left a bit and climb into the crevice, go crawl to the wall and left to get a small medipack, immediately Save and reload to get rid of the Locust swarm and crawl back out, hanging on the crack you can shimmy all the way left to a ledge with some nasty rubble (as seen in the flyby).

Look to the wall across the Canyon and spot the climbwall, there seems to be only one side you can run jump from and that’s the side where you dropped earlier (screenshot) stand back in the corner and run out to jump with a right curve and grab the climbwall. Go all the way to the right and on the last ladder up to the top, backflip/roll/grab the alcove behind you, walk up to the highest corner and use only “Ctrl” (no jump) to grab up, don’t pull up yet, but shimmy left around the corner, and then only 2 steps left from that corner, pull up and don’t turn, but roll and now you are lined up perfectly for the next hard jump, which seems only possible from this exact spot. Run jump with a last moments grab to a gap in the opposite wall.

Optional for a small medipack: Turn around in the gap and look for a ledge with a plant just right of that vegetation on the wall you came from. Line up for a long curved run jump/grab to catch the edge and shimmy right to pull up at the small medipack, then shimmy back to the other side, climb in and stand back in the alcove facing the Canyon, sidestep left as far as possible and turn right to line up for the gap as much as possible, do a run jump with a right curve and grab to land back into the gap in the wall.

Look left and down and spot the sloped ledge going left, run jump onto that ledge and grab the edge on sliding off, shimmy all the way to the left end and pull up, backflip to a sloped block and jump/roll back, then jump with a sharp right curve to land on a flat ledge. Walk up to the corner closest to the waterfall and on the left side (screenshot) and hop back to do a long run jump with a right curve and no grab to land on a triangular ledge (also shown in the earlier Flyby).

Optional for Ammo: Up in the wall to the right from where you landed is an alcove with a plant, stand on the tip of the triangular ledge closest to the waterfall (screenshot) and do a run jump with a left curve to grab that ledge in the last moment. Get the Ammo and turn around  and walk towards the waterfall. You have to run jump out with a curve so you’ll land on the most left hand side of the break ledge right of the waterfall, turn left quick and stand jump/grab to the break ledge on the other side of the waterfall (screenshot). Shimmy to the middle of that side and Save, have a look to the left of the ledge and see a sloped block, pull up, turn left a bit and you have to run jump over that sloped block and land on another one behind it, slide down and grab the edge before you end up in a Spike-pit. Shimmy to the left around the corners and pull up in the crawlspace, crawl into the tunnel and in the far left end is a lever, “Out of Order” is written on the wall, you don’t have to use it, so stay on the right hand side and stand up where possible, hop up the higher opening to the right and go into a cave with a river. You have to swim up the current and follow to where the level changes.

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