Level by Ansi.

Unauthorized walk by G&D Productions.

You can replace the German.Dat with an English.Dat

"The year 2000, somewhere "in Prison" more likely."

Go around the box in front and find a small chest, open it and get the Pistols, Flares and a Notebook, you can examine the Notebook and read:

"I am innocent and no one believes me.

I hear how the prisoners are crying and getting tortured.

De detective Peter Rowland is going to be killed because he knows too much about the experiment."

Now jump onto the boxes in the other side of the cell and pull the top one away from the wall, go around this box and into the opening in the ceiling there. Shoot the grating and pull up into the crawlspace, follow to another climb up right and then come to a grating, you can shoot it, but the trapdoor behind it is still closed so continue on, down the end and through the crawlspaces to the next grating, horrible sounds are heard from Cell Block 1 below, shoot the grating and go straight N and right in the end, come to a drop into a room.

The Machine Room Key.

The Guard is not noticing you, sneak to the button in the SW corner and then fight it out, a door N opened when you pushed the button. Go look for another chest S and get the Maschinenraum Schlüssel (Machine Room Key) from it (you’ll see a screenshot of a door). Go out the door N and follow the corridor left (W), past a closed door to the corner where some boxes are stacked in the corner, hop over the boxes and throw the switch on the wall behind them to de-activate the alarm in the next part of the corridor (otherwise a Guard would have come out to investigate).

Go on to the S and turn right at the intersection with the closed trapdoor, hop over a pipe in the end and kick that small door open.

Store Room Push, The Torch.

There are pushable boxes in the room, push the one directly in front of the entrance to the right (N) and get the next SW one and pull/push it into the SE corner, then get the last one (again SW) out and move it aside so you can go behind it and collect the Torch. Go out of the Store room and E at the intersection, into another corridor and to the right where you’ll find the Machine Room door in the E wall. Leave the Torch where you’ll find it again and open the door.

The Machine Room.

Go in and shoot all barrels and boxes, around the corner is a barrel that will leave its burning contents, go get your Torch and light it here. Go out of the Machine Room and into the corridor W, to the left are some stairs. Drop the Torch here where you’ll find it again later.

Go up the stairs and come to a landing with some Flares to the right (E) and a Laser-trap left, get the Flares and crawl under the Laser, open the door to the Toilets W and then the next door to the right, look in the back for a ceiling hatch and jump/grab up (facing E) to open it, turn around and grab up to the ladder, go up to a room where you can use the switch in the SE corner to open the trapdoor you passed early on in the crawlspace. Go back down to the Toilets and out to the corridor, to the left (N) is a Sentry-gun, and you have to get to the small door E. Crawl carefully to the door and stand up to open it, go in and push a button behind the SE desk, a hatch opens over the ladder SW, climb the ladder into a duct, shoot the gratings and go on to a sloped duct, turn and slide down backwards, grab the edge and climb down into a Prison cell.

On the N wall is a switch, pull it to open another Prison cell. Go shoot some barrels in front of the box SW and pull the box out of the corner. Go into the crawlspace and shoot the gratings, you’ll arrive back at the stairs. Go W through the corridors to the pipe and see the right hand Prison cell opened up, go in and use the lever (raises the wooden platform in the Machine room). So head back through the corridor to the E and into the Machine room, get up onto the platform and open the ceiling hatch, turn around and grab up into the duct. Follow all the way back to the intersection (you have been here before) and go left, where you can stand climb up left and follow to the grey shaft where the trapdoor opened before, climb down into a room with a grating on the crawlspace N.

Shoot it and follow in to another room, shoot more gratings and keep going N, you’ll pass under the corridor and finally come to a drop down into a room with an unlit Wall-torch. Open the door E with the button and arrive back in the corridor near the boxes, head S again and left at the intersection, go get the Torch from where you left it (near the stairs) Take it back through the corridor and enter that NW door you came out from before. Light the wall-torch and leave your Torch here. Go into the newly opened door and follow the stairs up to Prison level 2.

Crawl under the Laser and wait up a bit standing on the left side of the corridor, shoot the Barriers ahead. Now sprint past the crossing as a Sentry-gun opens fire. Go on to the staircase and go down left, past the steam blower and to the right is another set of stairs. Go slowly down the left side, not to alarm the Sentry-gun and go into the open door left (E). The door will close and you are in a passage where you can open the next door (which is a 2 way door) with the button, go in and to the right is a Fuse-box. Open the small door E and go in and to the right is a closed ceiling hatch, so go down to a room with a button on E wall, this will change the position of the 2 way door and you can now go back and enter the right side passage at that door, shoot the grating and crawl to shoot the next grating.

The Yellow Fuse.

In the room you’ll come to is a hole in the floor, get the Elektrischer Stecker (Yellow Fuse). Climb out and pull the switch SW to open the ceiling hatch you saw before. Go out through the NW door by pushing the button and in the next room is some Ammo near the Red Keyhole. Shoot the grating up in the W wall and climb out to come back to the Steam blower, go up the stairs past the Steam blower and left, into the small door ahead and down some steps to the hatch you’ve opened. Climb down and go out W, this was a bypass to the Fuse-box. Because the 2 way door was closed behind you before. Go left at the 2 way door and place the Fuse to open the door, go in and watch the flyby to get a preview of what lies in store for you.

The Room with the Hanging Boxes.

First shoot the fences under the box close by and climb down the ladder into the room below, dive down into the hole in the SE corner and follow to a wider flooded room where the Crowbar lies close to the E wall. Swim back and wade through the water to the switch on N wall (a door opens), then grab back up to the ladder in the shaft and get back to the Room with the Boxes.

The Machine Gun.

Now we first go for the one and only Secret. Go to the SE corner and find a box on the conveyor belt, pull it away from the wall and open the Crowbar door that was behind it, go in and get the one and only Secret #1, the Machinenpistolen (Machine gun) from the chest. Shoot the crate in the other side of the room to get some Ammo to go with it.

The Central Control Room Key.

Go back out and climb the box W of the one you just pulled, Run jump up to a ledge SW and get the Flares. Turn E and jump to the ledge with the lever, throw the lever to open a trapdoor in the NE corner balcony. Go down to the ground floor and head NE into the Control room there and don’t push the SE button yet (will change the position of the hanging boxes). For now just go up the ladder to the trapdoor you opened up and it will close behind you, go to the W side fence, take a step back from it and Run jump onto the box hanging over the hole where you got the crowbar, then Run jump up to the brown block NW and hoist yourself up to the walkway above (E). Jump to the E box and from there to the block NE to get the Zentraller Kontrolraum Schlüssel (Central Control Room Key and the cut scene shows the Red Keyhole).

Drop down from the block to the balcony below and go Run jump from the SW corner to the box there, from that box up to the walkway with the lever and throw it once more to open the NE trapdoor up again. Drop down and go into the NE room, this time use the SE button to change the position of the boxes and go up the ladder to the balcony, jump to the box over the shaft again, to the brown block NW and hoist up to the walkway E. jump to the balcony S, in front of that closed door and stand jump to the box that hangs S of it now.

On the S wall is a sloped red block (SE), do a Run jump/grab with a sharp left curve to grab that block and go hang in the middle, then pull up over the top. Slide and jump/grab the pole, turn around and backflip to the ledge SE, turn and Save in front of the Timed switch.

Timed Run 1.

Pulling the switch will open the Timed door on that small balcony W.

Here’s the route: pull. Roll and jump/grab the pole, drop down and re-use the lever on the walkway to open the trapdoor, drop to the ground floor and head into the NE room, up the ladder and backflip/roll off, Run jump to that box W, then to the brown ledge NW and hoist up to the walkway above, run to the S and run jump with a right curve to the balcony so you’ll land practically into the open door.

Door Puzzle and a Rope.

In the room are 2 buttons on S wall and they control the 2 way doors N (opening one direction and closing the other side). Push the left side button and go in N, down the steps to familiar territory and go immediately left up the steps to the door you opened when you got the crowbar. In that room is a switch that will close one of the 2 way doors back where you came from and opens the door behind it. Go out of the room and left/left down the stairs and left again, right down the N stairs and past the Steam blower, crawl backwards into the crawlspace E and use the Central Control room Key there on the Red Keyhole, the door opens up, go in and find a button on E wall, push it to get a rope down from the ceiling in the Room with the Hanging Boxes. Climb back up W and go back past the Steam blower, up the steps and up the stairs to the S and into the room with the 2 buttons, push them both now to close the 2 way doors.

Timed Run 2.

Enter the room W through the opened door and shoot the Guard, go to a button on S wall and Save again in front of it. The Timed door is on balcony in the E side of the room with the Boxes, opens up when you push the button. So roll, sprint to the exit and straight to the balcony, run the last part to line up for the jump/grab to the rope and swing (one swing is enough) across into the open door.

Sentry-guns, Laser-traps and other nice stuff.

Follow in to a trapdoor you will fall through a series of cut scenes shows all kinds of Traps and difficulties and there’s a nice fitting piece of music to accompany you.

From the bottom of the slope you have to crawl past the Sentry-guns and around the corner you have to crawl behind the Sentry-gun and to the switch on the S wall, use it and crawl back, go down into the trench to the grated crawlspace, shoot the grating and go in, Stay in the lower part of the floor a bit to watch the Lasers overhead. Face N and spot the opening left, a bit onwards in that passage, Stand back in the hole and as soon as the N Laser moves away, jump out and run into that passage left, go slow inside (Sentry-gun) and make it to the climbable N wall with a jump/grab over the sign post. Go up to the next level and wait under the Lasers, as soon as the Laser coming from behind moves away, backflip/roll and run off the grey ledge to the right, where the green arrow sign is. Notice the Terminal on the S wall.


Look NW and spot the sloped block on the N wall, line up from a safe spot (close to the SW corner of the ladder hole) and do a left curved run to jump/grab that sloped block. Pull up over the top and slide/jump to the next. Slide/jump/grab the block at the steam blower and pull up in the r hand corner, turn left and run jump/grab to a pillar E, grab up to the Monkey swing ceiling. Go follow that Monkey swing (time the Lasers) all the way to the other end and let go… Slide down the next slope and from the corroded last one a jump/grab to the wall in front, shimmy left to the end and pull up. backflip. Then jump with a curve left and grab the grey floor, go in and down to the next part, follow the signs to a room with a CD in the far left corner, then turn around and throw the lever, go down the pole and follow the signs again.

Another Laser-trap here with a closed door N, turn right at the sign, go around the corner and go up the ladder, you’re back on the ledge with the Terminal, place the CD in the terminal and the door at the Laser below will open up. Go back down the same ladder and make your way to the N door, get the Flares and go on to where you get a flyby of Cell block 2.

Cell Block 2.

Go left a bit and then N at the Clock to that door where the flyby ended, "Do Not Enter", well tell thát to Lara. Push the button and go in, to the right a couple of Beasts are tearing up a Guard and you have to climb the lower middle part of the left hand wall, crawl in, Save there and follow to the right hand side, Scorpions will come and chase you. Seems you can’t shoot them here, so continue going through either the lower or higher tunnel to come to a place where the gate slams shut and closes the Scorpions out for now. Go into the side tunnel t a switch and use it to open the next gate, go in there and halfway down you’ll see the Scorpions in pursuit again, so go on without delay and you can just make it to the drop off into a room before they catch up. Find a switch on the block in that Control room to open the cage of the Beasts and watch a great Flyby of a Guard walking around with those Animals on the loose, his heart starts beating faster as they catch up with him and finish him off.

The Security Card.

Climb on the block and grab up to open the hatch above and turn around to grab up to the crawlspace above, follow through the drops and shoot a grating in the end and that will bring you back to Cell Block 2, where those Beasts are on the loose….

Go up the stairs and left at the Clock and N into the same room as before, the cage to the right is now open and those beasts are roaming around somewhere…. Go into the cage and pull the Guard away by his hair and get the Sicherheitskarte (Security Card) The beasts can attack at any time.

Go out and S past the Clock and open the door to the right with the Security Card and empty a chest to get another Machine gun, the Besenkammer Schlüssel (Broom Closet Key) and a Laborbericht (Laboratory Memo) which states:

"Our secret experiment is conducted with living humans. Lara Croft is suited very well for it. As we could not simply get her into our clinic, we killed somebody and made sure Lara was a suspect.

PROGRESS: Lara's behaviour towards our scientists has been very aggressive in the first week, but now she is quiet.

ORGAN DONATION: For our surgery we need a heart, which we took from Peter Rowlands who was in Cell 42 on the lower floor."

Leave this room and go S again, into an open door and down the stairs to another Corpse. Open the small door to the left and shoot the barrier to get into the water, follow the partly caved in tunnel to an intersection and go left, and climb out of the water, climb up left and go up the ladder, to the walkways over a large Cell Block.

The Cell 42 Key.

Go N and shoot the barrels to get to the staircase to the right, follow up to the next level and go straight to the W side and enter the first passage there, go down the ramp and drop into a hole in the floor onto a crate, go find the Zelle 42 Schlüssel (Cell 42 Key) behind the pillar and climb back up to the upper floor. Back to the staircase E and down to the lower level of the Cell Block. Go to the W side and open the # 42 Cell. Peter Rowland doesn’t waste any time thanking you for setting him free and runs straight past you. He went up the NE staircase you just came down from. Let him go for now, he went to the top floor.

The Sewer Key.

Go to the S over the walkway and to the right is a small barrier, shoot it and jump to the walkway left, drop backwards from this walkway to land on the short pillar below. Face W and Run jump/grab to the pillar there and climb left around the corner to drop on the yellow block, Run jump/grab the block N, hang to the right and pull up, slide/jump and slide/jump again and on the last pillar a jump/grab to the Monkey swing ceiling. Go over to that pillar right and in front and drop/grab the ladder on it. Go climb l around 2 corners and go down till you see the sloped block in the bottom of your screen, backflip and slide/jump to a block with the Abwasserkanal Schlüssel (Sewer Key).

Dive into the water and swim to a ledge on E wall. Go up the ladder and back onto the walkways, go S again and right, jump to the short S walkway and go inside… So here was the other Beast… Look for the keyhole in the SE corner and a gate opens up when you use the Key.

The Cell Block Key.

Go out to the walkway and dive into the water below, swim to the SW and find that open gate. Follow to a wider canal, the "Abwasserkanal" and climb out SE, use the switch on S wall and go up the ladder through the open trapdoor to come to the corridor you know well. Go N and into that door left in the corner near the boxes, go up the stairs and follow up to the Laser, At the crossing go right, the Sentry-gun has disappeared and get a Energiedrink (small medipack) on the table to the left before you open the small door W. Shoot the guard and open the Broom closet with the Key, inside is the Zellenblock Schlüssel (Cell Block Key).

(A Wraith will come and pester you, try shooting it with Pistols and it will probably just stay away. But if that doesn’t work, you’ll have to get back to the stairs and down to the corridor with the boxes, sprint back to the trapdoor, run/grab in and go down fast, roll and run into the water to get rid of the Wraith. Go back up the ladder and back to the door at the boxes, see below*)

The Getaway.

Go back out and to the corridor, head left/left and back to the stairs where you came from. Go down the stairs * and in the corridor with the boxes a bit to the E. The door to the left is the one Peter is waiting for you. so open it with the Key and follow him. He’s going to the door S at the Machine room and opens it for you. Go in and take the Zahnrad (Cog wheel) from the chest, a Guard will show up, don’t wait around, Peter will take care of him (if he does start to shoot, just take some distance), go back N and left, to that open trapdoor on the crossing of the corridors. Climb down the ladder, turn right and use the Cog wheel to the right of the big wheel at the Sewer canal. The under water gate opens up in the W side of the canal. Dive in and make your way out of this Madhouse….

G&D 05-10-2005.