Tarragona: World Heritage 8 & 9.


Level 8: The Final Countdown.

I couldn’t get here directly from level 7. The level jump didn’t work for me, so I had to start the level from scratch.

The Green Level Card.

After taking off in a Space ship, Lara now has a Space suit on. In the NE corner is a button, push it and another Space suit comes out of the closet, a Green Level Card drops from the suit, pick that up and leave through the automatic doors N. Turn left in the passage and follow to a Connection room, go right and past the passage to the Cockpit (later) to a door with a blue light above, you can go in and collect Revolver and Laser sight or leave that for later, the door at the end is closed for now, so head back out and go to the S side of the Connection room. As you step into the passage (Trigger Tile ) a door is shown, opening up.

The Labyrinth, the Starship Level Map and Yellow Level Card.

Here’s a sort of labyrinth and it seems you have to stay on the right track or the door will close again, so better follow the route I describe here and don’t wander around, or you have to get back to the beginning to open that door again on that Trigger Tile. Go straight through 2 doors and turn left after the second. Then go in front of the door with the green light and it will open for you as you have the Green Level Card. Shoot the grate up in the W wall and crawl into the duct, go right/left and shoot the grate, go down into one of the Personnel Quarters and get the Starship Level Map. Climb back into the crawlspace ands go right and into the second left, shoot the grate and go down into another bedroom, turn left from coming out of the crawlspace and walk against the bed (don’t climb on), standing next to the bed and at the pillow, you can now grab the Yellow Level Card from under the pillow. Go out of the door that will open for you and go left/left, heading back to the Trigger Tile, look at the Starship Level Map and follow the directions. The blocks representing crossings (Map) so go S and second crossing right (before you go through the door), then right at the second crossing (at the Skylight) and so on. Finally you will come to that door S and it will stay open.

The Navigation Room CD

Climb the Main-Frame Computer terminal E and get the Navigation Room CD, go back into the passage N and just follow straight back to the Connection room.

Go left and back into the blue passage, follow to the 5th ceiling panel from the closed door and shoot it. grab up the N side and crawl in, shoot the grate to the left and climb down to the lower duct, crawl in and shoot another grate, go right into the lower part of the blue passage and light a flare, go on till you see a light colored panel to the right, shoot it and get Secret #1, the Silver Skull there. Go out and to the N, follow around the corner and to the left will be a grate, shoot it and go in to where you can stand, climb up to the right and shoot a grate to drop into the blue passage, but on the other side of that door, head W and push the button to open the door, go S a bit and climb up through that ceiling panel you shot before. Grab up to the N side again and follow around the corner to a grate in the end left, go in there and shoot another grate to drop into a passage.

The Shuttle Bays.

Go N and left/right follow the passage to a trapdoor in the left corner, shoot the Fire extinguisher (pistols will do) and the trapdoor will be opened. Go climb down and crawl through a duct to a grate, shoot it. climb down into the corridor to the Shuttle bay, go into the S passage first and to a door left (Blue light) that will open for you. Go follow that passage up to a door and go right there to where you look out over the Shuttle bay, go to the end of the walkway and open the duct to the left, crawl to where you can climb down to Secret #2, the Emerald Skull.

The Red Level Card.

You’ll have to go back the way you came as the exit here is blocked by a switch cover. So down the sloped passage and out the door with the blue light, turn right and right again into the Shuttle Bay. Go under the Shuttle and climb up the open hatch, in the Cockpit, on the control panel is the Red Level Card. Return to the corridor W and up in the duct N, crawl back and climb up at the ladder, head S through the passages and come back in that passage with the doors, open the white door to the right with the button next to it and follow the blue passage to the Connection room. Go left and into the door NW (Red Zone).

The Navigation Room

Go to the S wall and insert the CD in the terminal, a glass tunnel opens up with a load of buttons inside, on the walls are a whole series of planetary maps and signs, seems you have to set the course.

Pick the Red planet (4th button) on W wall, the Spiral galaxy (3rd button) on N wall and finally the Orange Star (2nd button) on E wall.

The Cockpit.

Go out and out to the Connection room, right into the passage to the Cockpit and when you stand in front of the steel door to the right is has to open for you. Inside is the Crowbar, go out of the room and straight into the W steel door, then to the Cockpit and an Alien is on the controls, from the window you can see he’s indeed on his way to that red planet…. Go to the empty seat E and move it away from the window, a panel opens up E, go in for Secret #3, the Golden Skull. Now pull the other empty seat to the S once and find a crowbar lever, use that from facing s and a trapdoor opens where the E seat was, go climb down the ladder and see the ship is attacked by other Aliens.

The Alien Attack.

Time the run jump through the Fires that started and in the next passage is another grate and crawlspace, follow through and shoot the next grate to drop into a nice passage, that seems impossible to conquer, but just stand on one of the sides and look in the back of the passage to see a red lamp over a Fuse box. Shoot the lamp and see what happens. Now go on and come to a vertical duct where the fire didn’t go out, climb up and time the flames to get past them and into the passage. go on to drop down in a passage leading to the Lab, push the button NE and go through the door, you can hop over those red pipes and crawl left to a dead Alien, pull him away by his head and get the Lab CD, hop back over the red pipes and return to the previous room, go up the steps and place the CD in the Terminal left of the window, the lab is activated, go back in there and a block goes down step on the block and you’ll be taken to the outside for a Space walk. Great Flyby….


Level 9: Caves of Steel.

Go around the block behind you and push the button to lower parts of the walls around you. Now you have to do some things that will wake up Wraiths and Spirits, disguised as Flying robots, it’s possible to take a few shots at them and they will go underground, but if they don’t you have to run and be fast doing the following.

Take the Medipack in the SE opening. Light a flare and run in to the right, follow to the end where you can pick up the Mother Symbol. Run back and go out left, on the square you can shoot the robot till it doesn’t come after you any more, then go into the SW opening and do the same to get the Father Symbol, run out again and shoot the robot. Now go get a small medipack in the NE opening and shoot the robot, go in and place the Mother in the end, head back out and to the NW opening, the hardest, as here’s a Fire Wraith, just go in fast and place the Father to open the cage left of you, run in fast and go left inside, sprint along the purple fence to the N and go right, a screenshot shows the opening of a gate. Run back and you’ll see the fence opened up to a deadly pool, the robots are all circling a Snake Statue on a ledge in that pool. Run jump over to that ledge and push the Statue to the N, it will fall into the water and most of the robots are immediately gone, now stand close to the statue in the pool which is now safe and wait fir the last one to disappear on the Statue.

Dive down into one of the holes next to the ledge and go to the N side of the under water room to pull the under water ceiling lever to open a door to a Secret. Climb back up and go to the SE corner, out of the purple fence and find an opening in the SE corner, collect Secret #1, the Silver Skull and go back in the pool. Go through the opening in the purple fence S and to the SW corner, inside the alcove there, you’ll find a switch, throw it and that cage lowers where you found the Symbols before. Retrace your steps S to the square and go into the new passage S.

Caves of Steel, 1st Pyramidal Key.

Take the second right or left, whichever you prefer and push a Skull on the wall over a trapdoor and you will fall in and slide down, go on down the S sloped passage and a Flyby kicks in when you try to pick up the 1st Pyramidal Key. After the Flyby you can pick it up and go left or right again, all the same and be careful with those lasers that will pass by every now and then. Go down to the end where you have to crawl in and go either left or right to reach the central room. In the middle of the room is a strange receptacle. Go over to the S side and hop up into the W corner, time the Laser and crawl in, crawl into the 2nd tunnel right (so past the glass panel) and go as far as possible, turn quickly and backflip/jump/grab to go climb up the ladder, climb off to the left and drop in a dark passage, go up the next ladder to a red light running along the ceiling. Follow that passage to Secret #2, the Emerald Skull. Return the way you came and when you drop at the Laser, go straight into the opposite passage (right hand side of the glass) and up the slope, hop to the higher part and go to the top, where you’ll find a ladder on the S wall.

Climb the ladder to the top and go left (E) along the wall and drop in the end, go up the passage and crawl into the next part (Laser). As soon as you can stand up. you’ll find another climbable wall. go all the way left and then down a dark shaft. Don’t go to the end, but into the first passage right, follow around the corner and shoot an Alien to grab his nice Shotgun. Go into the passage right where he came out of and grab the wall S, climb around the corner and up in the shaft, off to the right and just to the left is the blue receptacle for the Pyramidal Key. Put it in and go N to the end of that passage at a slope.

2nd Pyramidal Key.

Stand one step from the left wall and slide, jump/grab the ledge in front and go up that passage and at the crossing right, down a winding passage and right in the end, push the green button and the cage at the 2nd Pyramidal Key will lower, get that and go back in E, go into the NE passage with the blue lights and go get some Ammo in the end, then return and go back up the winding sloped passage to that crossing on the green light ledge, go left and stand at the edge near the Laser, time it and run jump to a ledge SW, place the Pyramidal Key there and do a long run jump (no grab) back NE into the same passage and go up to the crossing.

3rd Pyramidal Key.

Turn left this time and right at the next crossing, follow down some slopes and find a ladder to the right, climb up into the crawlspace and crawl to a passage leading to an opening with a Laser, you have to get into the same level across the gap and the easiest way is to take 2 steps back from the edge, hop back once and run jump/grab over, pull up fast and go into the passage leading down left, find another green button in the corner and push to lower the cage at the 3rd Pyramidal Key. Go back up the same passage and at the laser you now have to go up one level. So stand at the edge and jump/grab forward, pull up, turn around and do that run jump/grab trick again to get in the same level N side. In there you’ll find the receptacle for the Pyramidal Key.

4th Pyramidal Key.

Go back to the Laser and stand jump/grab S, pull up and go to the end of the passage, drop down the hole and turn l to go into the passage W, follow to the green button in the corner and push to lower the cage at the 4th Pyramidal Key. After taking it, go out E and turn left (N) down the slope and up the next, go left into the passage and up the ramp, out at the laser you have to get to the level N above the Pyramidal Key receptacle, so do two stand jump/grabs (one S and one back N) to get there and in the N end is a ladder, grab up and go up on the right hand side to a point under the top of the ladder (about 2 steps down) where you can just see the top of Lara’s head, Save and backflip, turn left and hop back to grab the edge of the ledge, shimmy right around the corner to the end and wait for the laser to pass, pull up and turn right, aim for the tip of the ledge SE and stand jump (no grab) onto the corner of that ledge.

Go all the way S over this ledge (crawling here and there) and on the S end you can drop/hang from the S side. Look for the ledge with the Medipack and drop onto that ledge, get the Medipack and go N along the left side, at the end, you can see that glass passage where the Secret was, down left. Run off the corner to land on the ledge, get the Ammo and jump back up to the ledge you came down from. Go to the SW corner and look for a ledge there on the W wall, wait for the laser to go by and jump there, crawl into the left side and go down to the end, climb out E and down a ladder, place the Pyramidal Key there and go back up the ladder, same passage back and wait for the Laser again, stand jump/grab back into the brick ledge and go over to the E side of the room.

5th Pyramidal Key.

Go into a dark passage there and follow to a pit, drop/hang in backwards and safety drop onto a slope, grab the edge of it and safety drop down, turn around and find the green button in the corner and push to lower the cage at the 5th and last  Pyramidal Key. Go back into the passage and stand between the sloped sides in the S, facing E. Grab up to the E slope and pull up, backflip to the W slope and jump/grab the higher E slope, shimmy left to just around the corner and Save, then pull up to that blue slope and backflip to a slope S, jump with a sharp right curve from that one and land on the tip of a sloped ledge N. now you have to jump all the way up that N slope over those sloped blocks, better try to save in mid air by hitting “F5” every now and then, so you don’t have to do it all again if you miss a jump. (If you go down the slope by mistake, just keep jumping and line up to go up again.) Once jumping on the 2nd sloped block level over that blue slope, you will have to do a roll in mid air to go further up the slopes (or Lara will hit her head) and on to you’ll come to the receptacle for the last Pyramidal Key, you’ll get a screenshot of a Zip-line where a handle now appeared.

Take a step back from the receptacle and turn facing NW, wait for the laser to go by and jump up to go after it, crawl straight ahead into the opening left of the glass. Stand up quick. Turn right and hop back grabbing the edge, wait for the Laser and pull up, turn around and jump/grab the crack in the wall. Shimmy right to the crawlspace and go through to hang on the other side, shimmy right and pull up again, go left to the SE corner and drop/hang from the S edge. Drop to a slope below and slide to the end, go left (E) down onto a lower ledge and get the Ammo, climb back up and stand with your back to the N slope, then backflip/jump/grab from the sloped ledge up to a ledge above, go over to the W side and grab up to a Monkey swing ceiling. Follow N and into a glass cage to get the 1st Artefact Piece, return to the W ledge with the Monkey swing and go to the S end of that W ledge (at the end of the Monkey swing), turn left there and grab up into an opening above.

Walk up to a hole in the floor, look up left and spot a higher passage there, the floor of that passage is sloped, you can either jump/roll up or backflip into that higher passage and slide backwards, grab the edge and safety drop down in the cage with the 2nd Artefact Piece. Check your health before taking it, because the bottom of the cage will give way and you’ll drop down to the ground floor. Go to that stand in the middle of the floor and place the combined Artefact Pieces= Alien Artefact. Behind you a part of the floor will lower go down into that lower part and crawl into the crawlspace E, drop down into a dark passage and go into the next room, turn right around the corner and push the Skull on the wall (a screenshot of a room with holes), and go back out as there’s nothing more to do around here right now. Climb back up to the Steel Cave and go into the NW corner.

Time the hop into the glass walls and duck to go up the inner S side (2nd left). go up the slope and get into the passage W where you got a Key before, follow up and go right to the Laser. Make your way up two levels and to the S side passage, in the W wall is a passage with a brown floor, go in and follow going W. shoot the 2 Aliens to get a Shotgun and a Medipack, then step into a passage W and follow up to that room you saw earlier in the screenshot, careful you don’t run into the holes. The one you saw before is the hole just in front of the entrance, with the flashing lights. Slide down backwards from that slope and grab the edge to drop safely into the next room, look for the next safe slope NW and do the same. Then the one NE of the central pillar and this is the last slide. Drop and shoot an Alien for a small medipack, then throw a switch on W wall (the Exit door opens up in the Cave) and go to a door E you can open by turning the wheel on it. Go out and you’re back in familiar territory. Go E and climb back up in the crawlspace to the Steel caves.

Up Again.

You have to go up to the top ledges again, so jump into that NW corner and take the 2nd left up to that Pyramidal Key passage, follow up to the Laser, jump/grab up S and then N to that passage above the Key receptacle, the one with the ladder in the N. Go up the ladder, right hand side (remember?) and just with Lara’s head visible a backflip to the ledge behind turn left and hop back to grab the edge of the ledge, shimmy right to the end and Save. Pull up and turn right to stand jump back onto the corner of that ledge SE, follow over the W ledge to the S and drop/hang from the S end to drop back onto the ledge where you got the Medipack before, go onto the SW corner ledge and face N, to grab up to the opening at the end of the Monkey swing to get on top of the Monkey swing grating. Follow N and hop over a hole in the corner, go down the end into a glass cage and grab the Zip-line and ride it to the opened door S.

Go down the passage and safety drop down onto a trapdoor that will break your fall into a passage, follow W and around the corner you have to be careful, there’s a Laser in the end (saving here caused a strange bug, at least I encountered it. When I arrived at the crawlspace with the Lasers, there was a Laser coming from the left (E) and the one in the right (W) hand crawlspace didn’t enter the crawlspace, so you could get in, but after I saved there, the one coming from the right (W) came all the way to where I was and it was almost impossible to get in safely). (Map for the room)

What I did was stand facing W against the W wall, and side jump left as soon as the Laser went into the W crawlspace, duck and crawl in, go sharp left inside the room and stand up fast, jump/grab curved to the climbable steel tower and climb right around the corner, now backflip off and land on top of a Medipack. Grab it and run jump to the Medipack SW. Save and aim for the left side of right hand crawlspace in W wall. Jump and crawl in fast, go left and take a Medipack, because you will certainly be hit by a Laser (although it's possible without getting hurt). In the space between the 2 crawlspaces is a green button. Save then push it and the lasers will stop. If they happen to block the crawlspace, push the button again while the Lasers are in a better spot. Now you can go back to the room and into the right side of the right hand crawlspace in E wall. Follow the passage up to a well deserved Medipack and get a Flyby of the Towers, pay attention as the Flyby reveals the route to the lever.

Going Up…??.

Step into the Tower and the platform will take you up, turn right and wait till you are at the walkway, then run in the walkway when the platform is on the same level (if you run in too soon this platform will be under the floor level and also the platform in the next Tower will be lower so you will take more damage on your drop down. So the higher this first platform is, the safer the next drop). But if you miss the walkway, you will be taken up into the Spike-trap on top. Go to the second Tower and check your health before you do a safety drop down into the Tower taking heavy health loss, turn to the S and stand against the glass, hold “Ctrl” and forward arrow to grab up to the opening above as soon as you can so the platform (and the one in the third Tower) will stop. Run over the S walkway and now you can drop down and quickly get into the walkway N to the lever. Throwing the lever will retract the Spikes in Tower 1, run back into Tower 3, go up and turn N to run into the walkway to Tower 2. drop in and turn E, run back to Tower 1 and the platform will take you up to the top.

Follow to a passage with a closed door left (a Medipack behind it), go on till you come to a deadly room with a green laser floor, get the Medipack and Shotgun and grab up to a Monkey swing ceiling, go forward to the lower part of the Monkey swing and drop, get out a gun and shoot the 4 Aliens doing target practice on you. Grab the Ammo on the ledge and grab up to the Monkey swing again to go to the S end. Push the button and see that door at the Medipack open up. Grab back up to the Monkey swing and head back to the N side, follow the passage back to that open door and grab the Medipack, go on to come to the Power Core.

The Power Core.

Go in and left over the brown ledge and go right at that closed door in the left wall. follow to a green laser tunnel and crawl underneath to the other side, follow the brown ledge again and go down into a passage N to come to a crossing, go left (N) again and down to a room with green lights. Go sharp left and into an alcove left, there are several Terminals, push the green S screen and see what happens, a door opens at the Core, lasers start and  the floor in the Monkey swing room turns safe. Go have a look N from here in the Main control center, shoot the Alien Commander and have a look around, great room!!.

Now go back in the passage S and at the end (at the 3 way crossing) go left and follow to the E side of the Core. Climb up the low block and walk to the SW. do a stand jump/grab to the top of the green walkway and shimmy to the right, you can pull up under a red ceiling. Turn to the N and grab that ceiling Monkey swing and go all the way around to the W side walkway, drop on top of that walkway and crawl in W, stand up in the end and turn to grab up to a crawlspace, follow to the end and drop in a hole to get Secret #3, the Golden Skull. Crawl back and back over the top of the walkway to the Monkey swing, drop/hang from the S side there and shimmy left a bit till you’re over the brown floor, drop and turn to go to the S entrance, to the right of the entrance is the door that opened up.

Go in and push the green button, the 3 walkways will be drained and the water flows around the Core that’s now accessible. Now leave the Power Core through the S passage and head back to that room with the Monkey swing, the floor is safe now, so head into the NE room and push the green button in the opening left, go into the door that opens and to the right, find an old green sarcophagus and open it to get the Mine. Go back to the Power Core as the other rooms hold nothing.

Back at the Core you can go straight down the ramp into the Power Core, climb up N and get into the walkway. In the N end is the right place to put the Mine (screenshot of the Main Control Centre), so head back and drop down in the hole of the Core, go up the ramp S and into that short passage right of the entrance to push the button again, the Core will be fired up again and the doors to the Control Centre will open again. So follow the brown path along the W side, under the walkway to the N, and down to the Control Centre, left and into that alcove with the terminals. Now comes a Timed part, but there are a few parts in the flyby where you can move, so be ready to move every time.

A Narrow Escape.

Save and push the green screen again and immediately roll after you pushed it. Watch the Flyby and run left run out of the alcove as soon as you can, the Mine will heat up and explode, and as soon as you can you have to run around the front of the Control panels and right to the opened door NE, run in and into the Teleporter Beam (If you’re too late you will go down with the ship and be lost in space forever.)

The Teleporter will get you back to the previous level….

The Final Countdown,  part 2.

Go out of the automatic door and get the severed Alien’s Hand from the ledge with the Joystick, then leave N to the Door Labyrinth (Personnel Quarters). Go left in the first passage and halfway down the outer passage a bunch of Aliens attack from another ship that connected with yours, shoot them and proceed to the N, in the end around the right hand corner and another Alien attacks, shoot him too and go on till you are at the passage to the Connection room N. Go S there and when you come to the Fires, stand left and take a step back from the first fire, hop back and do a run jump with a left curve to land in the left passage, stand on the N side facing W and again take a step back fro the fire, hop back and run jump into the W passage, where you can get Secret #4, Ammo. Go back by run jumping with a left curve into the S passage where the fire has gone out. Follow the passage N into the wrecked Connection room, go left and around the corner is one remaining friendly Alien, to the right and up in the wall next to him is a crawlspace, grab up and climb down the other side to get Secret #5, a Shotgun.

Return out to the Connection room and go into the crawlspace N, into the blue passage NW. well at least the lights are still working, follow around the corner to that second door you opened before and turn left, then at the end left again and right to that open trapdoor in the left corner, remember? Go down and go to that crawlspace in the SE corner, follow through to the corridor at the Shuttle Bay. Go to the Shuttle and climb up the open hatch, into the Cockpit and turn right, in the corner is a Fingerprint reader, hold that Alien hand in front of the reader and the hatch to the top of the shuttle opens, climb up and go to the tail, jump to the walkway and go to the right. Standing on the NW end you can shoot the nearby window of the control room, run jump with a left curve to get into the Control room and step on the ledge with the joy stick, the cover on the Fingerprint reader opens SW. Use the Alien’s Hand again and the S door opens.

Back Home.

Go out and you are back in the passages. Go right/right and then left into another Control room, get the Shuttle CD from the ledge with the Joystick and go to the window in the NW corner, shoot the window and drop out backwards to fall onto a blue block, go down to the floor, under the Shuttle is a hatch, go up into the Shuttle and to the Cockpit, go r and push the button to close the hatch and use the Shuttle CD in the reader on the other side of the Cockpit, the Shuttle will take off and heads towards Mother Earth, when the Flyby is over you can open up the hatch again with the button and find you landed right in the back yard of the mansion. Run to the gate and the Butler will come out to bring you a nice cup of tea….   Well Butler…Aaaaaahhhh!!!.

Nice levels.