Tarragona: World Heritage 7.


Level 7: Civilizations Crossroad.

The Caves.

Go N from the blue block you came out of and enter a high cave, in the NW corner of this cave is a hole in the floor, in the hole you’ll find a Laser sight (cut scene of a grate). Then go into the SW corner and crawl into the small hole, climb up S and head E (left), crawl into the next section where the Revolver lies close to the glass wall (cut scene of the same grate). Go crawl back into the SW tunnel and go past the hole you came up from before and into the NW tunnel to come to the ledge next to the walkway, look on the S side of that cave and see a sloped rock ledge, one point is somewhat higher that the rest, aim for that rock and run jump/roll in midair and jump/grab from the rock to grab the top of the walkway. Shimmy to the right to where you can pull up, get the Medipack there and turn facing S, just left of the tunnel is a rock with a crack, stand jump/grab the crack and shimmy left till you can pull up (hold “crawl” while pulling up).

The Pyramidal Key for Secet#1.

Go to the W side and stand jump over to a ledge in the SW corner and from there a stand jump/grab into an alcove S, drop/hang backwards from the edge and shimmy left, to pull up at the Pyramidal Key (Guardian Key) Shimmy back to the right hand alcove and run jump/grab to the N, drop/hang from the edge and shimmy right to where you can drop/grab down to the top of the walkway again. Shimmy right to where the Medipack was and pull up again. Stand on the middle of the E panel and on the edge of the walkway, look down SW and spot a triangular ledge, do a stand jump/roll in midair and land on that sloped surface, immediately jump again and you should land in a crevice in the SE pillar. Go in and place the Pyramidal Key to open the door, go in to get Secret #1, the Silver Skull.

Go back and down to the floor of the cave and to the NW corner where you found the Laser sight, shoot the grate up in the N wall (to be used later) and head to the E side of the cave, to the next areas with the white wall and turn left, go to those rocks on the left and you have to go to that pillar like rock N. Do this by hopping into the lower part behind the rocks, then stand jump into the NW corner, hop onto a ledge in the W side rocks and turn to run jump to a ledge NE, climb the rocks to that pillar and do a run jump/grab to the top of the glass walkway E, hoist yourself up and head all the way S for a Medipack. You will have to shimmy from that E side walkway to the Medipack and then get back to the N end of the walkway, drop/hang from the W side and shimmy right till you are opposite that side walkway.

Drop down into a shaft, light a flare and grab up W, crawl out to a ledge in the 1st cave, loose the flare and face SW, stand jump/grab to the Monkey swing ceiling under the walkway and swing all the way W to that grate you shot, face the wall and drop/grab to hoist yourself in. Crawl to where you can stand, turn around and climb up into the crawlspace above, go to the end and shoot the grate (cut scene of an Alien), drop out of the crawlspace and turn left (S), then turn left at the walkway, over the walkway to the door you can open by pressing the button, go through the next walkway and come to a passage with automatic doors.

The Esciption’s Tear, the Pyramidal Key.

Take the last door right and go into a Control room, find a button SW next to the stairs and push it to open the near by doors, go get the Esciption’s Tear in the short S walkway. Go back N into the passage with the automatic doors and follow to the walkway going S, to the left, in that side walkway which is open now, you’ll find the Pyramidal Key. Drop from the end of the walkway and you’re on top of the white building. Go to the NE corner and drop down to a hallway below, use the Tear next to the E door and go in, to the left is an open passage, follow that to a room with a big Tower like structure in the middle.

Tower Room.

Go to the W side of the room and find a block in the wall with blue markings on it. Pull it out and left of you a blue light will appear, push the block to the Tile and another block will lower in the passage you got the block from, so go in and push the button inside to raise the blue block. Go out and to the N side of the room, go up the ramp, over a ledge W and run jump to the S ledge, go down in the SW corner and pull the block once, another block next to you lowers and gives access to a button, so climb up and push the button to get the block up one more level, now go pull/push it into the Tower and see it will be raised to the next level, run jump/grab back into the ramp and go to the S ledge again. Climb onto the one remaining block S and run jump/grab to the ledge in the Tower.

1st Ruby Amulet.

Turn around and run jump to the pillar SE. jump to the E ledge and then a run jump to the walkway into the Tower pull the block out once and jump to the NE ledge, get the 1st Ruby Amulet there and jump to the N ledge, from there back into the Tower and push the block all the way into an alcove E, see a block lower in the SE corner, go over the ledges to the SE. climb up and make use of the Pyramidal Key to open up the Whole N wall, revealing a pedestal with a Skull. Make your way over to the N and go get Secret #2, the Golden Skull. 

Well you’re done here, go down to the ground floor (fast way is to grab the climbable wall on the Tower, just over the openings and do drop/grabs all the way down) and into the NW corner. left there to push a button and see a door open up in the other passage, go up and through the door to the connection room. Push a button in the NW alcove and the SE door opens up. slide down the 2 slopes and come to the Lava Room.

The Lava Room.

Stand jump to a ledge NW and turn to run jump/grab into an alcove in the E wall, push the button to raise some ledges in the Lava room, run jump/grab back to the same ledge and jump to the lower N wall and go jump over the ledges to an alcove in the W wall. push the button there too (more blocks go up). Jump back over the same ledges to the raised one NE and from there a run jump/grab S and then jump/grab the climbable SE pillar, go to the top and stand on the NW corner, face SW and stand jump/grab to the climbable wall going W, don’t let Lara pull the feet up (she will go faster then) and just shimmy all the way to the right, around a couple of corners in the end and finally you can go all the way down on a hanging pillar, then shimmy left around the corner and safety drop to a ledge below, run jump to the ledge W and get the Shotgun.

2nd Ruby Amulet.

Jump/grab the pillar NE of the ledge and go up, turn N and jump/grab the hanging pillar, go right around 2 corners and from the bottom of the pillar a backflip/roll/grab to the one behind, again go right around 2 corners and 3 steps from the top of the pillar a backflip/roll/grab to the one behind, now go all the way around right to the N wall and backflip/roll/grab once more, go right around the pillar and into an opening in the wall, push the button there to raise another pillar. Go get the 2nd Ruby Amulet in the NW corner and the look for the Ammo on the lower Tile NE, standing on that lower Tile, look S with the Revolver/Laser sight and through the central structure you can just spot a Red object in the far S wall. Shoot that to lower a pillar against the central structure, run jump over to that pillar and jump/grab to the opening in the structure, crawl in and climb up in the SW corner, into a passage and get Secret #3, the Emerald Skull there, follow the passage down a slope back to where you got the Ammo, jump/grab back onto the pillar near the button and go straight up this side. Climb off left and jump over to a room with glass walls.

In the SW corner is a passage, you have to be fast here. When Lara goes in, an Alien will appear, you have to shoot it before it closes a door ahead and you will be trapped and ready to drown because of activated Sprinklers. Go E and into the hopefully still open door, come into a control room and go up an E passage and follow to the connection room, go into the white SE passage and up to the passage with the automatic doors. Go left and then into the right hand door, now go up those stairs and in the room on top an Alien will appear, shoot him for his Medipack and head into the N room and place the 2 Ruby Amulets to open the N wall, go through and you’re back in the Tower Room. go left and push the button to lower a complete wall. go left and follow that new path to a dark passage to come to another room with doors, go into the right hand open passage and follow to a walkway where a flyby will show some Scorps running about, the flyby ends with a screen of a Snake lever.

Snake Levers and two half Ruby Amulets.

Follow the walkway to the left (W) and go down the steps near the Alien that seems to be quite friendly. Head into the room E and find your first Snake lever. Throw the lever and go out of the door to a cave. There’s another lever and that will open a door to the 3rd lever (behind the glass behind you), go back inside and use the lever there to re-open the exit, go W past the stairs and left into a passage to the S and follow to the 3rd lever. Throw it and see a Scorp butchering an Alien, wait for the Scorp(s) to retreat in their room and close the door. Then go back to the 1st lever and use it again to go into the cave and look for the a Half Ruby Amulet where the Alien perished.

Go back out, use the 1st lever for the last time and go W, now to the right at the crossing and down the passage to another cave with walkways. Go to a place where you can grab up to the Monkey swing under the walkway going N and follow that over a lava pit, drop on the other side and go to the SE corner where you’ll fin a small cave in the S wall, go in for a Medipack and then go out and walk to the W, next to the support pillar under the walkway is a Grenade-gun, but as you take it, pesky Beetles will come to eat you alive, so run back up the slope E and grab up to the walkway fast, follow to the S, shimmying past the low rock and around the next corner, near the glass wall you’ll find the second half of the Ruby Amulet.

Go down from the walkway and out through the S passage, Follow back to the crossing and go left, then up the stairs and to the white passage E, turn left and follow down the ramps to an area with glass walls. Behind the glass is a big vehicle on caterpillar tracks. In the wall to the left is a grate, shoot it and climb down past a trapdoor that will open for you, go through the next passage and beware, the floor will give way, so be sure to run in to the left and grab the edge of the sloped ledge below, shimmy right to a save place where you can drop into a Lava cave.

The Lava Cave.

Go along the bank to the S and in the end you can do a run jump to a ledge E in the lava, run jump to the S rocks where a Trident is waiting for you. Jump back to the ledge and go back N to where you came down, run jump over to the E and go to that statue N, place the Trident and a trapdoor will open on the pillar close to the ledge where the Trident was. Now go W from the statue and left a bit to go jump over the islands to a ledge on the W wall where the combined Ruby Amulet parts can be placed in a receptacle (a door will open up). Go N over the ledge and jump to the one N, then over to the NE and hop onto a flatter piece of rock left. Now a run jump/roll NE and slide/jump/grab the ladder to go up to the top of the cave, backflip to a black rock and head to the N end, slowly walk up to the edge and hop back to run jump/grab into an alcove with a pole. Climb the pole and turn to backflip into an upper room, go get the Esciption’s Tear there and go back down the pole.

Stand on the left side facing into the cave and run jump out to the corner of the rock ledge, hop to the top and go E, on a corner there you can stand jump/grab a rope and swing into the E side of the cave. You’re back at that big trapdoor, you can close it with a Snake lever in the cave E of the trapdoor and go out of the cave. Up that long ladder in the dark passage and up in the crawlspace, back at the vehicle go left and to another grate, this one in the right hand wall. Shoot it and crawl to another grate, take care of that too and climb down into a room with a pushblock, go into the NE passage and push a button to open a door, go up some steps to where that big vehicle is, in the SW corner are some more steps and they will lead you to a platform where some Ammo is to be found, from that point you can run jump over the railing to the front of the vehicle and climb up left to the top, go around over the lower part to a walkway N, next to the vehicle and drop down to get the Esciption’s Tear there.

Go back the way you came and follow back to the N side and into that passage to the small room with the crawlspace. In the SW corner is a pushblock, push it all the way in and a platform will take you up to a Store room with several more blocks. This is the loading area for the vehicle.

Store Room.

Get some Ammo in the SE, then pull/push the NE block to the S side, get the NW block and move it to the far E side, then get the block on the higher floor NW and move it E too, turn around and pull the blue block once, go around the right hand side and into a crawlspace. Follow through and grab up to the higher floor, you’re now inside the vehicle, go E and into the Cockpit.

Go into the NW corner and shoot a dark panel near the floor, climb down and follow in to Secret #4, Ammo, climb back up and in the SW corner of the Cockpit is a button that will lower the Red/yellow pillars in the back of the vehicle, shoot the Demigod (go up real close and duck while shooting). Now go into the back to take care of some more Demigods. Pick up the two Medipacks (SE+NW) and fight another Demigod (careful, don’t shoot that Alien that might have showed up, he will assist you. But if you do shoot him another Medipack will appear, so the choice is up to you). Now head into the N room and go out the NW passage, left up the stairs there and to the N wall, where you can shoot a panel down in that wall, go in to get Secret #5, Ammo. On the E wall are buttons, just push them all and go back down the W stairs, left and if you want the last Secret, open that door with the Button and go back into the first crawlspace to the left, down to the small room and go into the place where the pushblock was (SW), find Secret #6, the Sunglasses. Go back up the crawlspace and right into the passage. Go left to a door in the end that can be opened with one of the Esciption’s Tears. Go in and follow the walkway through a familiar cave to another door that can be opened with the last Esciption’s Tear, Go right and follow to where you get a flyby of an Alien and the level ends….


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