Tarragona: World Heritage 5.


Level 5: The Underground Empire.

This level starts at the end of level 3

Youíve come down the ladder from the Camp site and are now in a Sewer System.

The Sewer System.

Go on to the waters edge and a flyby will show you around the Sewer System with a bunch of Gates and Keyholes. Dive into the water and climb out on the opposite side, go into a passage NW and shoot the croc, then go in to get the Ammo, return to the large room and go up the N wall for the Flares at the gate. Now go into the passage E and hop over the sloped part to a room and dive into the water, swim under the ledge E and then left into the small tunnel N, go left and follow to a room where you can climb onto a ledge and get some Flares, shoot a grate in the E wall and Run jump/grab over to that crawlspace, pull up in and follow to the room with the door in the left corner, stand jump sharp left around the corner and get the Ammo before pushing the button to open the door, go to the room with the dam.

Some Keys.

Look up in the E wall for an opening and Run jump in there, follow left to come to a small medipack where you look out over the room with the dam, a Monkey swing ceiling in front of you, so stand jump/grab out and follow the Monkey swing into the far right hand corner, drop/grab into the passage and follow picking up some Flares along the way and over a pit to another room, drop into the water and go up the ledge in the corner, shoot a Croc and stand SW to run jump over the pool to the ledge there, follow to some Ammo (flyby) and drop/hang out of this passage. Climb right and up the ladder a bit so youíll see a ledge behind, backflip and grab the Shotgun from the ledge. Then run jump out to a ledge NW and get some Ammo inside, dive into the water and swim through the narrow tunnel to another room, climb out and get a small medipack there. Proceed into the W passage, go past the closed gate into a sewer canal and go left over the walkway. Around the corner left at the gate overlooking the first room, youíll find the Key. Head back to the gate and open it, go into the first room and right to another gate that opened up there, inside is another Key, use it in the lock in that alcove and a gate opens up.

The Crowbar. (you could skip this if you already got it from a previous level.)

Go back through the last gate N and left/right into the newly opened gate, hop over the 2 first pits and check the health before you safety drop into the 3rd pit from the lower side. Turn n and hop over the water to follow the passage to where youíll find the Crowbar. Return and drop into the water, swim S and go up in the SE. climb the ladder back to the passage and go N, over the pits and shoot the grate up in the wall at the end, crawl into the Base.

The Base.

Follow the passage E to the Main Control room, shoot the Guard and pick up his Laser sight. Then push the button on the N side of the pillar and the E door opens. Follow in to a huge hangar, go to a door NE and open it with the button, go in and shoot the next Guard to get his Revolver. Go on to a corridor and head left to a big Storehouse with a big pile of crates, the one you will walk into, the light coloured wooden one, can be opened with the Crowbar, get the Key and open the next panel, pick up the Medipack and spot that pushblock with the sign on it, push it all the way and go in around, climb up the brown crate, then the yellow one and drop behind that to get Secret #1, a Silver Skull. Go back and out of the stack, go to the W wall and stand close to the box hanging from the Portal Crane, shoot it and go close up to the Demigod that appeared, duck and shoot him from that position.

He will leave some Ammo. Equip the Revolver with the Laser sight and shoot the grate up in the W wall, grab the Crane cable and climb up facing the opening in the wall and as soon as Laraís armpits are on the same level as the edge, turn around and backflip in (position is rather exact). Use the Key there to open the door below and safety drop out, go into the Control room to get Medipack and Flares and then push the button near the door to open a gate up at the Portal Crane. Go out to the SW corner of the crate pile and climb up there, go to the NW corner and down for a small medipack, then climb up again and to the middle of the stack where some Ammo is to be found on a lower crate, then go to the E side of the Pile and up the blue Crane beam, go into the open gate and down the ladder and climb up E crawl into the duct right of the grate and drop into a short duct, overlooking the lower entrance passage. On the ceiling is a Monkey swing, so stand right, turn slightly left and stand jump/grab the Monkey swing after checking your health. Once on the other side you can turn and shoot the fool (itís possible to take a Medipack by hitting ď0Ē for a Ĺ  and ď9Ē for a whole Medipack while climbing), crawl into the crawlspace and follow to a climb up to a room with a button over a trapdoor, youíll fall into the Submarine dock.

Submarine Docks.

Explore the inside of the Sub docked in the W, climb up the sub and go down the hatch in the front, get the Flares on the control panel and some Ammo in the back, go back up the ladder and run off the W side, dive down and in the dark metal W wall is a gap you can swim through to the next dock. Swim to the NW corner and pull up on the tail of the Sub, backflip to the walkway and go Run jump onto the Sub, go down the hatch and in the back part of the Sub is Secret #2, the Jade Skull. Go back up and dive into the water, go below the other sub and up through the open air lock, go to the cockpit and get the Ammo, go back again and dive into the water. Swim back through that gap to the Central dock, to the NE corner there and pull up on the tail of the Sub, backflip to the walkway and go to a door E, open it with the button and go to the E dock.

The E dock.

Dive in and explore the 2 Subs for the Goodies and get onto one of the walkways by backflipping from the tail of the Sub, go over to the Contained hanging from the crane and climb up, go to the N side and stand jump/grab up to the Storehouse above.

On the W wall, next to the pile of crates is a button, open the overhead door with it, go in and shoot a grate on the left side, enter and come to a ladder on the right hand side, go climb up to the top, then down a bit till you see the floor behind you, backflip in and get the Ammo, jump back over the ladder and shoot the grates, come to the next Storehouse on top of the Portal Crane. Go S and when you come to the Crane beam, stand jump grab to the beam and shimmy right till youíre over the Container, drop and find the Uzis on the S end, turn left (E) and shoot a grate up over the beam. Then grab up to the Crane beam on this side of the Container and climb right to where you can pull up to the open grate.

Go all the way down the ladder inside. Get the small medipack and climb up to the first opening right, follow to the N end and climb up right there. Find the Ammo and climb back out, go back S and into the E side passage near the ladder, hop backwards onto the trapdoor, holding grab and safety drop into a Control room. One of the 2 buttons opens a gate in the Storehouse, the other opens the exit, so go out and left/left into the W corridor and left to the passage with the ladder.

(Detour for more Ammo and a Medipack if you want: go all the way up the ladder again and out to the portal crane, go right and drop down onto the stack of containers, go over the top to the lower grey one and get the Ammo, drop from the side, go to the W side of the Storehouse and open the overhead door with the button, itís the way back to the first Storehouse, donít go in but shoot the Guard that shows up, he will leave a Medipack behind. Now you can go back to the corridor E and up the ladder to the first opening behind you)

Go up to the first opening in the wall behind you and backflip in, shoot the grates and have a look NE, run jump left to that lower crates and climb the orange one around the corner and down on a lower grey crate, go down the E side. Climb up right and follow out to some Ammo, return to the grey crate inside and drop from the W side, follow to the E and make your way up the stack of crates. On the N side and down some crates are Flares to be found, then go over to the NW corner and jump to the blue Crane support, get the Ammo in the NW corner and jump back, go all the way over to a single wooden crate SE, face SE and stand jump/grab up to the Monkey swing under the Crane support. Go to the grated walkway S and drop onto it, then jump into the open gate in the E wall, drop into a space between 2 pushblocks, push the S all the way S and then pull the N one once, go through the E bypass to the other side of that block and move it into the S passage too, now roll and pull another N block towards the bypass and go around it to get Secret #3, the Golden Skull in the alcove to the right (donít go down that slope in the end of the N passage, only leads back to the start of this part of the level). Go pull/push all the blocks back to the N side and enter the S side passage. Youíll find a Jeep there.

The Jeep.

Go down the E ramp and into the passage right. climb the crate just right f the entrance and turn around, to see another stack of crates, the right hand one has the Jeep Keys on top, so run jump on and get them. Go back up the ramp to the Jeep and start her up, drive her down the ramp and right into that huge Storage area. Go up a ramp and run over the 2 Guards there, stop and get out of the jeep. Go to that Control room on the plateau and get a Medipack, then some Ammo dropped by the other Guard and continue driving with the Jeep through the corridors, go down the next ramp and park the jeep on the Guard, this one leaves no Ammo, but thereís something else you need. Go up the lower part of the ramp on foot and jump/grab to the lower crate S, step out to the other side and get the Key there.

Get back to the ramp (on the N side of it is a single grenade you canít pick up) and go on with the Jeep. Pick up speed going up the next ramp and jump over the lower passage, run over 2 Guards there and pick up Ammo and small medipack, again proceed and come to some dark cave tunnels (for some reason the lights on the Jeep didnít work). Just go slow and when you see another Guard (Ammo), go left at the pit and speed up, because of the jump over the next pit, stay left in that passage (small pit to the right) and go on till you come to a wider crossing like cave, keep left and just follow. You have to manoeuvre up a broken ramp and then down to some fences, drive through and right, over the Guard (Ammo) and to a closed overhead door, get out of the Jeep. Shoot the grates in the S wall and go in, shoot more grates and reach the Underground Gardens.

The Underground Gardens.

The flyby shows a Guard up on a bridge near a Control room, jump out of the passage to the right hand rocks and shoot a Guard, from the rocks there, you can shoot the guard on the bridge, thatís probably firing at you (jump up and shoot). Pick up the Ammo left by the Guard on the rock and go N up the rocks and shoot a hidden grate, crawl in and follow climbing up to a small control room, push the button to open a gate in the garden, go back through the crawlspace and head over the bridge to the W. From the grey road there a run jump/grab to a rock NW, get the Ammo and return onto the grey road, follow down to the S and get up the ledge in the SW corner, to your left is that gate you opened.

Climb up left and grab the vegetation on the ceiling to go right around the corner and to the vegetation on the side of the upper bridge, drop/grab and climb to the right hand alcove, get the Medipack and grab up to the E wall again, now climb left and up to the bridge. Turn to the SW corner and jump on the rock ledge S, then to the W and follow to the N, a couple of jumps over sloped rocks and shoot that grate in the corner, follow in and in the Control room you can make use of the last Key, a door opens N on the bridge, Return outside and go left (E), run jump to the pointy rock between the ledge youíre on and the bridge and slide/jump onto the bridge, get the small medipack dropped by the dead Guard and exit through the open door to the next levelÖ.


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