Tarragona: World Heritage 3.


Level 3: Devil's Bridge.

Because of the effect of a long bridge the camera will be fixed in most parts of this level and that can be quite a handicap while doing some of the jumps.

Something messed up the Script, so some item names are maybe incorrect.

If you came here from level 1 and 2, you can skip this first part where you have to get the Crowbar and start at this paragraph The Bridge, 1st and 2nd Golden Star. 

Lara will slide towards a pool of water, just slide in and go up to turn facing S then Save and swim down, to the end of the Cave and left around a pillar, up to the ceiling there to find an under water ceiling lever. Pull the lever and see a trapdoor open up, swim down and go left around the pillar, then right to the N and just right and up from the pointy rock on the bottom is the hole up for air. Save again and face SW, swim straight into an opening in the wall and left a bit till you see that open trapdoor above.

Golden Star Room, the Crowbar.

Climb out and you’re in the Star Room, where 4 Golden Stars will have to be placed. Hop on the block with the receptacles and get the Crowbar. Go back out of the room through the trapdoor and swim E, up at that pointy rock and climb out of the water at the Bridge.

The Bridge, 1st and 2nd Golden Star.

Go N and just after passing under the bridge to the left, face the Bridge pillar and climb the vegetation, to the first arches and climb left around the corner, drop and you’ll see the Grenade-gun Turn S and Run jump to a ledge with some Ammo, walk to the NE and spot the Golden Star on the next arch of the Bridge, do a Run jump onto that ledge and go get the 1st Golden Star. Now Run jump back to that rock ledge where you got the Ammo and walk to the W, have a look in the next arch of the bridge and spot the next Golden Star. Line up and Run jump to the ledge to get the 2nd Golden Star. Jump back to the S rock ledge and go right to the most W side, look W with the Binoc’s and spot some Ammo on a next ledge you can jump to, then just slide down and go W. To the SW corner of the bridge and you can get more Ammo, located on the last lower ledge of the bridge with a run jump from the SW corner of the rocks. The route up is hard to explain, but if you can get all the way up on the SW rocks, you can find more Flares and some Ammo. Going up that corner and when you come close to the Bridge there you’ll hear a “Danger” sound, face NW to the gap between rock and fence of the bridge and Save (screenshot), do a stand jump up through the gap and get some Ammo near the gate W and then go all the way over the Bridge to the E side, where more Ammo awaits in front of the gate.

For the 3rd Star.

Now turn NW from the spot where you picked up the Ammo and stand jump through the gap between rocks and fence and slide down a bit. Stay on this path and walk NW to some more Ammo. From picking up that Ammo, look down NW and see an opening in the N rock wall a stand jump will get you inside.

Follow through to an outside area with a pool, some rocks have to be moved through the pool, so you can get to the 3rd Golden Star off the E wall and then move a last rock NE to get the Uzis from under it. Then go to the W side and pick up a Medipack from the niche there. There’s a gate in the N that will open later, so we’ll be back here

Return to the Bridge area through the tunnel S and when you come back to the end of the passage, you’ll see Lara again from the side of the Bridge, just hop out and slide down, from where you land you can do a Run jump onto the closest ledge of the bridge and collect the Ammo.

Now a “short” detour for a Secret.

From picking up the Ammo, just run jump SE from the ledge and you’ll land on a path to the S, go to the S end of it and stand jump up the S side, turn left and stand jump up to the grassy area above, walk S and turn SW, walk up as far as possible and do a left curved stand jump to land in front of a small tunnel in the S rock wall. Climb in backwards and go down into a lower tunnel with a barrier, on the floor just in front of the Barrier is Secret #1 of this level, the Silver Skull.

That Barrier can be shot and will bring you to level 4, it looks like you have to do that first, as you will come back to level 3 after you finished level 4 and after finishing level 3 you will go to level 5. So just play it now and do the rest of level 3 after playing level 4. (bit complicated like this)

To the>> Walk for level 4.

Continue level 3 here.

After picking up the Secret Skull, get out of the tunnel by climbing up on the left side of the opening and hold “Crawl” while pulling up, other wise Lara will drop back into the tunnel. Once outside, just slide the slopes down to the W.

Follow the path W and head left to the waterhole where the level started.

Continue level 3 here after playing level 4:

Dive in swim down SW and into the opening in the wall, go left a bit inside and up through the trapdoor, jump onto the receptacle block (Crowbar on it) and run jump/grab to the S wall, pull up into the opening and go get the 4th and last Golden Star. Climb back out and go place all Stars in the block (the gate at the small pool opens).

Swim back to the pointy rock and go up in the hole, go NE and up to the tunnel like you did earlier, from the pinkish ground with the vegetation you can run jump onto the arch of the bridge and from the NE corner of the ledge a run jump straight N. Climb up the rock and turn E to do that sharp left curved run jump into the tunnel to the small pool. Go straight through the small pool and through the open gate to come to the Canyon.

The Canyon.

A Flyby shows you the route, drop/hang backwards from the edge and shimmy left till you are over the ledge with the Medipack. Grab that Medipack and stand on the NE corner, look SE and see the pointy block around the corner, stand jump around the corner onto the block and slide/jump/grab the crack in the pillar ahead, climb left around the corner and drop to a ledge with some Ammo. From this ledge a run jump/midair roll to a ledge in the NE corner and jump right to grab a higher pillar S.

Pull up and backflip/roll/grab a pointy pillar N, hand one step from the right hand side and pull up, slide and jump with a sharp right curve to land inside a crevice. Follow the crevice in to a cave and collect the Ammo, go on and come to an old Mine tunnel N and follow over the tracks to where you come out at the canyon again, stand jump W and the a run jump/grab into the opening. Stand right and stand jump/grab forward to grab on to the ceiling Monkey swing, go around the right hand corner and drop to a ledge in the end, 2 standjumps over the next ledges and then a run jump/grab to a higher pillar W, look SW and spot the lower pillar with some Ammo (at the base of that same pillar are Flares we’ll get later), do a run jump with a grab in the end to land on that pillar and get the Ammo, jump/grab up to the ledge W and go in left. then right and follow the track to a grate, shoot it and crawl through backwards. Turn around and go S.

The Barrage.

There are UN Soldiers (Blue helmets) guarding the place, don’t shoot them. After the flyby you can head E and find the Bike at a closed gate next to the building. Mount the Bike and drive it back to the W and right into that concrete tunnel. Go left and up the sloped tunnel. Follow all the way to where you come back to the Barrage area, drive the Bike to the right off the edge and hit the brakes upon landing on the roof of the building. Turn to the SW corner and here you have to run the Bike slowly off the roof onto that ledge touching the roof there and keep going left to land over that fence and onto a ledge leading into a Mine tunnel (have a look first screenshot). If you happen to ride off the ledge, no problem, go around that central rock and along the E fence to go up to that same Mine entrance. (you can leave the Bike in the dry river for a moment and climb the central pillar, run jump to a block S and from there a jump/grab up to a crawlspace in the S wall, inside are 2 Ammo pickups, but I couldn’t get out again, Lara ended up in again every time I tried to drop out.)

Follow the sloped Mine tunnel up and go left, and at the end of that tunnel you have to get off the Bike to get Secret #2, the Jade Skull. Now you have to ride the Bike out of this passage and back onto the roof, go off the S side of the roof to land in a back alley. Leave the Bike near a Mine entrance W and go to the S side of the building, shoot the grate up in the wall and climb in, shoot the second grate and drop into the building, push the button on S wall and the barrage will be opened, so the river will flood and also the door N opens up, so you can leave the building, go to the W and up a rock W of the concrete tunnel.

The Nitrous Oxide Feeder.

Jump to a grated walkway on the Barrage and get the Ammo. Now just run down into the water and swim into the alcove W under the waterfall, get the Medipack and swim to a small gap in the SW corner, the current will take you through the Bridge (aqueduct as it seems), a lake and you’ll drop down a waterfall into the now flooded Canyon below. Climb out under that waterfall and go left, in the dark corner is the Nitrous Oxide Feeder (flyby of a risky Bikejump). Dive back into the lake.

The Flooded Canyon Floor.

Follow the Canyon through the middle and swimming around some corners, find some Ammo, proceed through a small gap on the right hand side and don’t get tempted to swim to that grated opening right after that as the current will keep you as a prisoner. In the end, close to a high pillar you’ve found Ammo on before are some Flares, then swim into the W crevice. Go up in a hole and face W, pull up and backflip.

Back to the Bike.

Face S and jump onto the sloped block in front, backflip and jump/grab S, pull up there and hop into the E alcove, turn W and jump/grab up, climb up left twice and you’ll slide back to the Mine entrance you’ve visited before. Go in and right, down to the concrete tunnel and out S, to the building and inside, through the window to the Bike and fit the Nitro feeder on the Bike, then drive it into the E Mine entrance. Immediately hit the “sprint” key to give the Bike it’s Nitro boost and jump across the canyon into the opposite Mine shaft. Go down the sloped end and leave the Bike there.

The Campsite and the Key.

Go out the green covered N passage and have it out with a bunch of Thugs in a Campsite (careful, a UN soldier might show up and you don’t want to shoot him he will help you), go round up the Ammo dropped by those Thugs. In the NE corner is a tent, go to the E side of it and open the brown corroded trapdoor, go in and shoot a crate blocking the way into the tent and get the Key. Go out and find the green covered passage S again, go past the Bike and look for an alcove up left, use the key to open the gate and go out to where you can see the big pillar on the campsite, run jump/grab and pull up to get Secret #3, the Golden Skull. Quickly run jump back into the tunnel S and let the UN soldier take care of newly arrived Thugs. Go to the Campsite once more and go into a tent E, shoot the boxes for a Medipack, then head W and find a Landrover under a tent. Pull the Jeep out and go in, open the trapdoor and more Thugs will show up, just go down in the hole and your new friend will take care of them. Climb down the ladder and the level will end.


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