The Imprisoned Spirits.

Levels by George Maciver.

Walkthrough Dutchy.

I will not mention all the enemies.


Once upon a time there were some evil spirits. The arrogance of a number of these spirits led hem to destroy the earth by flooding it with water. But one man built a boat and saved his Family and a few of the animals and they again repopulated the earth. To prevent these spirits from again attempting to destroy the earth they were imprisoned and are kept in chains of darkness. For long centuries they have gnawed their tongues with pain, eaten away and diseased by their pride, envy, jealousies and hatred. Now Lara has chanced upon their tomb. And she is going to show herself to them, to show them that we now have all that was theirs and that their future is oblivion. And when she finds the scroll of Ephesians which is hidden deep in the tombs she is going to use it to destroy death itself...


Level 1- The Imprisoned Spirits.

Into the Earth.

A trapdoor opens after all torches are lit and you can drop down into a dark passage with steps, on top of the steps is a closed door, go down and through the opening to a lava room, go left for the Flares and then go over to the ledge E and push the block into the wall, all the way and enter go up to a deep dark pit where you can spot the Tomb of Caves (Guardian) Key on the opposite side.

1st Glimpse of the Tomb of Caves Key.

Look left when standing on the edge of the pit and see a switch just around a pillar, stand against the triangular piece of wall under the left side of the triangular ledge and hop back once, turn around and backflip onto that ledge, turn and walk up a bit, grab the ceiling and swing around to the switch, pull to open that door in the lava room and go back to the passage with the monkey swing, run off the ledge and go right, follow back to the lava room. Go through the open door and strange noises start while running up the stairs, get out the pistols and start shooting the Mutants while hopping back around the room, if one of them starts pounding his chest, he cannot be harmed, then you will have to wait a bit till he comes at you again and shoot him again, after the battle, you will find a Medipack in the NW and a switch in the SW corner that opens the gate.

The Crypts.

Go through the gate and follow through a lava room to the Crypts. Straight ahead is a passage leading to a big Tar Pit (later) and to the left the Crypts continue, go left (S) and follow to where you will go up E to some Flares and to the right and up in the wall is a closed gate, then go get the Flares and head up E again till you come to a room with a closed door right and some receptacles for Masks. Go into the NE corner and on the side of the pillar is a switch, a cut scene shows a gate opening up and thatís the one you saw near the Flares.

So head back down W and opposite the gate are some blocks against the wall, climb the lower block and walk up to the wall on the most left side of the block, the turn SE and stand jump with a left curve onto the corner of the higher block, stand on the SE corner of that one and do a long run jump/grab to the edge under the gate, go in and run over the bridge to the switch, a cut scene of a small pool (flooded now).

Go back out of the room and follow the Crypts down to the NW and go left (W) now to the Tar Pit. Head left and to the flooded pool, swim over to the passage across and go up, follow the small passage till you go through a door and arrive back in the first room, go to the lava room and into that passage with the pushblock right, follow to the pit thatís flooded too. Dive in and find the opening in the wall under the Key (a bit to the right) Go up in a small room and look NW for a ledge with a small medipack. Then dive in again and climb out into the room climb the block NE of the water, go up to where you can slide down to the balcony with the Key. Grab the Tomb of Caves Key and swim back to the passage N. Go to the lava room and out the door n and up to the room where you shot the Mutants, open that gate again (SW switch) and go straight to the Crypts, straight W and down to the Tar Pit.

The Tar Pit.

Go over the hanging bridges to the N and left of the opening with the door three is a piece of floor you can run jump to, look for the switch in the SW corner and throw it to open a door somewhere. Go jump back to the bridge and head to the crossing, go right a bit and see the blocks in the Tar Pit, run jump to the first and run jump to the second a bit SW, then run jump up to the ledge in front of the opening in the SW corner, follow in and get past the Ahmet before you shoot it (or it will block the passage) go to a room where that door opened and get a small medipack in the SW corner, then go into the door and get Secret #1, a Secret Skull. Go out and left at the pool, into the corner passage and come out to a ledge overlooking the tar Pit. Jump around the left corner and drop down into the passage to the door you can open with the Tomb of Caves Key.


Level 2- The Tomb of Caves.

Place the Key and go straight to the next door that will open for you. Go on through the Cave and to the NW where youíll find an opening to another cave with a pool.

Skull Cave.

On a black pillar to the right of the pool is a Golden Skull on a black pillar, go to the NE corner and up in the corner is an opening, opposite the opening and just next to the entrance of the cave is a grey rock, do a run jump with a right curve from standing on the higher floor SW of the rock and hold the forward key land on top, face the dark block under the opening and do a long run jump/grab to it. Go in and carefully around a trapdoor in the middle of the room (Spike-trap), go into the entrance of the next room and grab up to the ceiling, swing over the Pit and go into the next room where a nice surprise waits you. Get the Spirit Key after the battle and go back the way you came.

In the Skull cave go left (E) and back through the Cave to the right (SW) and into a cave with a small pool. Look in the NE corner and hop into the alcove, push the block in till you have a normal opening to the left, then drop/hang from the side of the ledge and shimmy past the block to the left, pull up and follow the passage up to a gate, to be opened with your Spirit Key.

Enter the new dark Crypt and go to a pit in the W, be sure to have enough health here and face E, hop backwards, grabbing the edge and let go, grab the next edge and climb down to the end of the ladder, let go again and hold grab while sliding from the next slope, sliding from the third slope you have to grab the edge again, not to fall into a Spike-trap, climb down a bit and to the right, drop into the passage and follow up to where you get a flyby. The flyby shows the route up the high pillars to the Blood Stone.

To 1st level, Jumps (and shortcuts).

In the middle of the room, SW of where you are, are some Flares on a pedestal, go get those and then head to the NW from there, on the N wall are some ledges, but they are too high, on the right hand side of the N ledge is a small alcove with an elevated floor, just a bit from the N wall, you can climb up by only using "Ctrl" and up key. Lara will grab up.

(This is actually a shortcut for the intended route, From the SE (green) corner of the big cave where a timed switch is located, you can sprint W, pat the Flare pedestal and to a raised block, up the block and to the pillar N, then to the ledge N you are on already)

Go run jump/grab to the pillar you see SE of the N ledge and stand on the SW tip of that pillar, turn facing exactly NE and then turn a little bit right and now you should be able to do a simple side jump right into that opening in E wall. Go up to the next jump, a long run jump curved left to end up on the ledge in the N wall.

(One more shortcut: If you happen to fall to the floor, no probs, just go into the alcove with the sandy floor in N wall right of the missed ledge and climb back up by only using "Ctrl" and up key :P .)

Stand jump to the block SE and walk up to the SE corner, turn left and look N, see the pillar there, thatís where to go next (and no shortcut here Iím afraid). Face N and take one sidestep left, be sure to stand back on the edge and turn slightly right till Laraís shoulder is aligned with the corner of the wall, run jump and left curve as soon as youíre airborne and grab that pillar N at the last moment, run jump N and a bit right and go over the N ledge to run jump/grab to a pillar SE, then jump/grab into the reddish E alcove.


Thereís a pushblock in this alcove and some marked Tiles on the floor, since you canít push the block to the E wall, push it to the 2 Marked tiles N and the S on the edge of the floor, now a block and a pillar raised in the room, the pillar can be used to get the pushblock to the E wall and onto each of the 3 Tiles there and a pillar will rise in the far NW corner of the room, where you started initially.

To 2nd Level, Timed Flame Run.

Use the shortcut and jump around the raised block or do the timed run to get that block on W wall up first. Climb the new block on N wall and stand jump/grab E, then up S (notice the closed gate E here) and run jump to the blue pillar SW, walk onto the bridge and wait a bit there, you will see a flame start back up in the S, under the switch, hop back on the blue pillar and the flame is off (Timed) (screenshot). Sprint over the bridge turning left in the end just before the other pillar and jump in the end aiming for about one sidestep from the closest corner to end up on that ledge where the flame was, then immediately run again and jump around the right hand corner to the next pillar.

Run jump to the E pillar and from there to the opening in the E wall. follow through to where you can run jump/grab to the high pillars in the other part of the room, go over the bridge and run jump with a grab into that ledge to the right, then over to the n wall ledge and to the ledge with the switch with one of those curved jumps like you did below (one sidestep from the corner and shoulder aligned with the corner of the wall)

Timed Platform Run.

The switch will raise a Timed platform left of where you are, better go have a look first. Itís right up in the corner, over the ledges to the platform and from the platform onwards to the pillar.

This is how I did it: pull the switch, turn right and run into the N wall in the corner, roll and stand jump up with a bit of a right curve (a backflip/roll is another possibility), immediately a running jump/grab into the ledge ahead and quickly walk up to the edge, stand jump/grab to the platform, to the middle and pull up. Then run jump with a right curve and jump up the corner of the pillar or grab the N side of it.

Donít forget to save and turn NW, see the sloped ledge in the N wall leading to that gate W, you saw before. Thereís a trigger Tile on the sloped ledge, stand back on the pillar and do a run jump with a right curve and grab as you hit the wall above the ledge, slide and grab the edge, go left one square and pull up on the trigger Tile, grab the edge again and shimmy left to a ledge, look S and notice the burners on the pillars to the switch are off!!

Run jump to the first pillar, stand jump/grab to the next and run jump/grab into the switch ledge, throw the switch to open that gate N. Head back over the pillars and to the ledge N, walk out to the edge and look around the right hand corner to spot the red block, stand jump/grab around the right to get up on that block and go stand jump up N and then S. Now look SE and spot an opening in the wall, stand on the SW corner and face NE. turn slightly r and side jump into the opening, go climb up right to a switch which will open a hatch somewhere. Go back and from the lower opening a stand jump/grab around the right hand corner and go on to the red alcove up N. Look W and see an opening in the N wall, stand on the SE corner of the ledge facing W and turn slightly right, run jump (no grab) with a right curve in the end and land inside, one more stand jump/grab around the right hand corner and youíre almost there, jump/grab into the opening SW.

The Blood Stone.

Follow the passage to a small medipack left and an opening to the top bridge in the high room, jump to it and follow to the last jump over to the pedestal with the Blood Stone. The door next to the pedestal opens and you can take the (easy) way out. Just before you enter the next gate, youíd better Save.

The Beast.

Inside the next room is a nasty Winged Beast. Get up to the blocks in the corner and in the passage above youíll find the Shotgun to the right, go down the blocks to the ground floor and go up close to the Beast, drop him with a single shot. Find a pushblock in the middle of W wall and pull/push it into the opening between the blocks on E wall, go into the alcove the block came from and throw the switch to raise the block one level, push it onto the Tile in the SE corner (the door opens where the Shotgun was). Go up the blocks NE again and through the door to the cave with the pit. Go NE and back to the Cave, go on to where you pushed that block before and drop from the ledge, go to the NW and up to the Skull Cave.

The Skull Key.

Shoot the Beast from real close (for the Crow you can stand with your back in a corner and just shoot him/her with pistols, he/she canít harm you then). Go to the first pillar right from the entrance, look N behind that pillar and find an opening in the wall, jump in and go place the blood stone. The door in the black structure W opens. Go W and into that door to get the Skull Key and in the room to the left are a small medipack and Ammo. Head back E through the Skull Cave and just when you slide down into the Cave, look up left and find that open hatch in the NE corner over the ledge in N wall. Climb up and through the trapdoor to get Secret #2, Uzis and Ammo, more Ammo is in the corner near the torch. On the ledge over the hatch E is a small medipack. Go back down to the cave and head straight into the small cave with the pool SW. Dive into the small pool and follow the W tunnel up to a dark room, find the Flares E and a lock for the Skull Key behind the block in the W, this will open the gate N.

The Corpses Hand.

Follow the passage to a hanging bridge over the Skull Cave, look left from the beginning of the bridge and spot the switch SW, do a long run jump to the black beam left of the entrance to the room where you got the skull Key and jump around the corner to use the switch. It will open that trapdoor in the pool below, so hop down and go into that trapdoor, swim straight N and through the opening near the bottom N, straight through the next cave and into a tunnel, up in the first opening near the end and right (E) follow and in the end go up and turn W before you climb up to a ledge where the Corpses Hand is on a pedestal, Save before you get it and roll, run off the ledge and swim back fast, keep an eye on your health and turn left and right a bit every time to shake off the Spirits, swim back S to the second cave and up through the open trapdoor above, surface and the Spirits should go to the Totem N, if not, lead them there.

1st Spirit Mask.

Then go to the Corpse standing in the SE corner and place the Hand in itís chest cavity and the door on the hanging bridge opens up. So head back to the E and out of the Skull Cave, sharp right to the cave with the small pool and through the water to that room where you used the Skull Key. Up the N passage to the bridge and go over into that opened door N. Follow the cave down to the NW and when you see black blocks with Skulls, turn around and look at the dark green pillar S, climb it into the opening above, go left and follow the passage to the end, drop down onto the Skull Pillar to get Secret #3, a Secret Skull. Drop from the pillar as thereís no way back to the bridge, you have to go E again, the right to the small pool and through the water up to the bridge, enter the cave again and down to the NW where you climbed the pillar.

Go into the passage and follow to the passage with the Corpses, follow past a closed door to the right, to the end and after the battle of the beasts, you can go into the room to the right in the end, run jump over the pit and climb up to get the 1st Spirit Mask and the Tomb of Temples Key. Jump back over the pit, go left and then left again into the now open door, follow to a slide down into level 1.

Level 1- The Imprisoned Spirits. (part 2)

Drop from the passage and go jump to the bridge over the Tar Pit. Go to the left (N) at the crossing and go open the door in the end with your Key. Enter and the next door will open for you.

Level 3- The Tomb of Temples.

Follow the passage straight to a transparent bridge through a Huge Room.

The Huge Room, Crowbar.

Enormous pillars stand throughout the room, cross the room over the bridge to a room with a couple of gates and a door in the NW corner, this one has to be visited first, so go to the wall opposite that door and notice the door opens while standing on the Tile there. Now go stand at the entrance of the room and face the corner of that Tile, wait till the door is closed and run over the corner of the Tile, turning right to the door, then sprint in along the right hand side into the closing door. (Youíll win some time like this because the door still has to be opened while you are already sprinting towards it over the trigger that will close it again.) Get the Crowbar from the room and go back, now you can open all the gates, but go into the N one first.

N gate: Spirit Keys/Little Wheels.

Follow the steep passage down to a blue walkway across the Huge room. Go to the opening S and the right into the dark green room, go left and run into the Blue Fountain. The 4 Spirits will kill themselves at one of the 2 Totems.

1st Spirit Key.

Go into the passage next to the gate S and follow to a whitish pillar, thereís a hatch up above, go around the pillar and find an opening up in the ceiling over the low ledge, grab up and get the 1st Spirit Key from above, drop down and go to the far SE corner, climb up through the hidden opening and get Secret #4, a Medipack, Ammo and a Secret Skull. Drop down again and leave the room for now, youíll be back according to the Gem receptacle S. Go E from the Blue Fountain.

2nd Spirit Key.

Go to the opening E and in the red room with the pool youíll find a walkthrough wall N, go in to get the 2nd Spirit Key. Back to the Blue Fountain and open the gates S with the 2 Spirit Keys, follow the passage down to a red room to the left, in the room is a pool and nothing else, so continue to the lowest level of the Huge Room.

1st Little Wheel.

Go N and past the Corpses hand you see to the left, take the 2nd walkway right and go to the 2nd Pillar left, thereís a flatter ledge on this side, run jump up onto that ledge and climb up the ledge left, get the 1st Little Wheel and stand jump back to the walkway from the lower ledge, go left and then right at the crossing.

2nd Little Wheel.

Go to the SE corner and see the opening in the E wall, look left of it and notice another pointy ledge under the pillar, line up straight for that ledge and do a long run jump up there, holding the forward key, Go to the right and stand a bit back from the corner closest to the SE opening, aim for the left hand side of the opening, hop back and run jump (no grab) with a left curve in the end to get in, go get the 2nd Little Wheel and return to the opening. Stand in the left hand corner and turn facing N, sidestep right twice and aim NW for the corner of the pointy ledge at the pillar, turn right a bit in midair and hold the forward key to land back on that ledge, run jump from there with a curve to the left to land back on the walkway in the lava.

Go left and back to the entrance SW and use the cage that raised in the lava to jump back into the passage, follow up to the Blue Fountain and go straight N through the dark green rooms to the blue walkway and all the way back to the room with the gates.

W gate: Flooding the Huge Room.

Open the gate W if you didnít yet and go in to come to another walkway across the Huge room, again to the end and find the Cog Wheels where you have to place the 2 Little Wheels you have in the empty spots, go to the switch to the right and watch the flyby as the Lava lake floods with water.

The Corpses Hand.

Put on your running shoes and head back down to the flooded Lava Lake Go to the Corpses Hand to the left and climb up to get it, cross over to the Corpse E and place the Hand in the chest cavity. Now quickly get off the block, sprint SW and hop over the block into the passage, just keep on sprinting, past a Mutant and through the Blue Fountain.

The Blood Stone/2nd Spirit Mask.

Now the Sprits are gone you can shoot the Mutant and pick up the Blood Stone he drops. Go into that passage left (SE) of the Gates and to the back to place the Blood stone, go back to the entrance and notice the hatch at that pillar is open, grab up and climb to the 2nd Spirit Mask and the Tomb of Islands Key. A door opens on a walkway somewhere. Go back to the Blue Fountain, through the green rooms N and over the Blue walkway to the room with the gates, go through the E gate now.

E gate:

Follow the passage over another transparent walkway and go through that door youíve opened, slide down and come out at the Tar Pit.

Level 1- The Imprisoned Spirits. (part 3)

Go over the bridge to the S and open the door there

Level 4- The Tomb of Islands.

Run into the next door and come to a surrealistic environment, a huge Tar Pit and an island with Totems ahead. A bunch of Sprits will greet you, look E from the bridge and spot the small medipack on the rock (hard to see), run jump/grab to it and jump back go to the central Island, from the bridge a run jump to that low rock right of the island and run jump SW to the next. Then a run jump/grab (short) to the one beyond that and run jump to the rock ledge W. Go up the steps to the W entrance.

W Entrance:

Go in and come to a deep pit with a pool below, go to the W side and hop backwards from the edge, grab the lower edge after sliding down, then drop/grab a crack in the wall. Go to the middle of the wall and pull up into the crawlspace, crawl to the end and drop into another room, go to the room W and save before you go through the opening.


Run jump over the first two breakledges and go over to the door that will open for you and follow the crypt to a switch at an opening overlooking the lava pool, the switch will open a door back at the Tar Pit, blocks appear in the lava pool, so a short jump to the first block and then to the bridge, go jump to the block near the exit E and if youíre lucky you can just run out. If not, run jump/grab into the E opening. Head back through the crawlspace and drop down into that pool down in the pit, climb out and go N, in the next dark room is a green pillar you can climb back to the upper room at the pit. Go out E and over the rock ledges to where you can jump back to up the Totem Island.

S Entrance:

Go behind the corpse and over the bridge to the S door you opened. Follow the Crypt down to the W ends and go into the cave leading to a lava pool where you can see a Corpses Hand on the other side (later) run jump to a ledge with a lever and throw that to get blocks up in the Tar Pit. So return to the Tar Pit and to the Totem Island.

E side: Spirit Key.

From the Totem Island a stand jump to the first block E, run jump/grab to the next and run jump with grab (short jump) to the last, stand jump up S and find the Beast that was running around here before, is nowhere in sight. Go to the SW corner of the place and climb into the opening between those white pillars, climb up the ladder top the left in the end and just follow the red light to a room with breakledges over what seems to be a lavapool, if you fall through, youíre a gonerÖ

Run along the right hand side to jump over the last ledge to the grated ledge with the switch, so some tiles around the grating at the switch will remain intact. Pull the switch and drop through the trapdoor, climb up one of the remaining ledges and run for the E side of the room, quickly jump/grabbing up to the edge above and get the Spirit Key from the now open alcove (a cut scene of a room all the way in the W Entrance).

Back to the W Entrance, Blood Stone.

Run jump to the exit and follow back down to the ladder, go back to the blocks in the tar Pit and jump back W to Totem Island. Go on over the W blocks to the W entrance and this time just jump down into the pool below. Climb out and head to the dark room N and go left in front of the pillar with the ladder to a room in the W wall, place the Key to the right (an underwater door in the pool behind you opens up). Get into the water and swim into the NW corner and through the door you opened, swim through the tunnel to a room where you can go up in the hole in the ceiling.

On a pillar in the room is the unreachable Blood Stone, go to the SW cornet first to get some more Flares and head to the NE corner and left of the black pillar on E wall is a pushblock, push it all the way and get into a room to the left, shoot 4 out of 5 vases, leaving the one in front of the entrance intact (Ahmet) and pick up Ammo and a small medipack.

Timed Runs.

Stand on the dark Trigger Tile in front of the lava with breakledges and see a grated platform go up under the switch ahead. Stand one hop back from the Tile and sprint over the Tile to trigger the platform, quickly throw the switch and side jump to the sloped side of the lavapool, keep jumping and aim back to the floor. Go back out to the big cave with the Blood Stone and over to the W side where a part of the wall lowered. Go in and come to the same kind of run as in the E room.

Stand one hop back from the Trigger Tile again and try to get your sprint as accurate as possible so you wonít waste time lining up for the switch, do the same as before, the side jump and hops back to the trigger Tile and go back out, go straight over to the e wall and now to the right of that black pillar, follow the passage up the ladders and drop onto the pillar where you can pick up the Blood Stone (a trapdoor opens W of the pillar). Drop down and go to the trapdoor, safety drop in and land in a very dark Crypt.

The Dark Crypt, the Torch, 3rd Spirit Mask.

Light a flare and go SW, into the next room where Ammo, a Shotgun and a Torch are to be found on a pedestal, light your Torch on the wall-torch and go out to the dark Crypts NE, cross over to the N side and look left for the wall-torch. Light it and go on to the N and left in the next room to light the next wall-torch on N wall, go right and to the E and in the second room is the next wall-torch to the right. Go left from the torch and to the S where the last wall-torch is, to the right of the S gate.

Turn right from this one and head straight for the blue light W, in the second alcove to the left a gate has opened, go in and to the end of the room where the 3rd Spirit Mask is standing on a pedestal (gate opens). Go back a bit and shoot the vases to get Uzis and Ammo. Then leave this room and go right (E) out of the gate and just past the Corpse the gate (SE) has opened. Go in and to the SW door, through to the next room and throw the SW switch, the room floods, roll and swim right and up through a hole in the ceiling, up and N, to the next room, go left (W) there and up in the hole to reach a ledge in a Tar Pit.

Look NW and see 2 vases on the opposite wall, shoot them with pistols while jumping up and a block will rise S of the ledge. Save there and run jump to the block, the next block goes up, run jump/grab to it and stand jump/grab to the next, then a stand jump and turn left, run jump/grab and then a run jump and a last run jump to the last block at the corner of the wall, stand jump around the SW corner onto the rocks and go up the steps W.

Secret Hunt.

Run down into the pit again and climb out, go to the N through the r hand opening and go straight into the NE corner, light a flare to spot the walkthrough wall, follow to a room with Secret #5, a Secret Skull. Go back and climb the green pillar again, backflip/roll from the top and go back to the room with the pit, go right and to an opening in the W wall, follow to a room where a door opened in the back, go in to get Secret #6, a small medipack and Ammo.

Well thatís it, go out to the Tar Pit E and all the way over blocks and Totem Island to the E side.

E side: again.

Go over to the N end and stand jump to a block from one step back of the edge, run jump to the next and run jump into the passage between the pillars E, follow to a lava room where you can place the Blood stone to get a platform up in the lava, this one will allow you to jump to those break ledges ahead, the path is quite clear, you have to end up in the far left corner.

Lava Jumps. (Map)

(Remember you can always save while Lara is in the air, by hitting "F5" and that will take up no time on the ledges.)

Jump to the platform and Save, standing back on the platform on the corner closest to the entrance, sidestep left once and aim for the left side of the 1st break ledge. Run jump and curve left to get in position for the next stand jump (maybe you have to turn a bit more left, you have a moments time to do that) go stand jump the other ledges (turning left or right in the air) to the one against the pillar left, here you might have to run forward a bit before you stand jump to the next ledge near the wall, stand jump to the one against the wall, turn right quick and stand jump to the double ledge between the walls, do a running jump with a sharp left curve and keep turning while you land, stand jump to the ledge against the pillar and run forward a bit once more so you can stand jump around the right hand corner to the next ledge.

Then to the one in the middle between the 2 pillars and turn right, to stand jump to the next, a running jump from that one, left curved and then itís running jumps into the opening in the back wall. Go for the lever in the back and after throwing it youíll see a gate opening up at the Corpses Hand.

The Corpses Hand.

Go out the open gate to the right and follow back to the Tar Pit. Go over the blocks to Totem Island and go on to the W Entrance. Not up the steps this time, but to the SW corner and run jump/grab to a block in the Tar Pit, run jump into the opening between the pillars W and go follow to that gate that opened to the Corpses Hand. Of course you will have to get back to Totem Island fast for obvious reasons, sprint back N through the passage and as soon as you go around the corner to the tar Pit jump already (or youíll go too far) to that block turn left fast and run jump/grab back N, run for the blocks E and try to land on the right hand side of the 1st, so you can run curved to the left and do a running jump to the next and land left on that one so you can do a right curved running jump/grab to Totem Island.

Place the hand in the chest cavity of the Corpse and watch the cut scene, that gate is near the block you jumped in the NW part of the Tar Pit. Go to the W and then to the NE corner of the beach, run jump around the left corner to the first block, run jump to the next and face NE and when you look up in the wall there, youíll see that gate, run jump with a right curve and grab the edge of the wall, go left a bit before you pull up (just to be sure), and go up and into the gate. Slide back to the Tar Pit in level 1

Level 1- The Imprisoned Spirits. (part 4)

Go jump to the bridge and go E to where you can enter the crypts again, go up E and then right to the S, left to the e again and follow up past where you got the Flares before and in the E room at the end you can now place all 3 Masks between the pillars, the Golden Door opens.

underwater Challenge.

Go in and follow to a large Pit, just run in and land in the water, swim down S and through the opening to a large underwater room with many alcoves, go sharp right after entering and swim straight into an opening in the NW corner, turn right after entering and find an underwater lever near the bottom, pull the lever and turn right, swim back through the opening and go right along the wall on your right side and go on until you reach another opening up, get some air and face SW, swim into a trench and into the tunnel to the right, throw the underwater lever and go back for air, climb out and get a Medipack to the SW of the pool. Go into the S cave and follow to the SW corner and go through the opening to a wide cave and prepare for battle.

The Boss.

A Big Guardian Guy is wandering about in the room below, Save, pull out the Shotgun and run up close, shoot him a couple of times (twice will do most of the time) and run away. He should drop right behind you.

The Scroll of Ephesians.

In this large room are 4 switches you have to pull, one S wall left, one N wall right, one SE corner facing W one in the NW corner facing E and a trapdoor will open up somewhere. Go NE and find a passage S under the entrance ledges, follow to the end where you can drop down through the open trapdoor, get the Scroll of Ephesians and climb the new block to get back out of here. In the big room a block raised along the N side. Climb up under the rooms entrance E and go to the NW corner of the ledges, run jump to a walkway along the N wall go to the other end and run jump to the ledge NW with a right curve, climb the block and grab up to the overhead monkey swing. Follow the monkey swing all the way around corners to the NW corner and drop against the W wall, turn right and run jump/grab to the crawlspace in the wall, follow in to a dark cave.

The Last Torch.

Look SE for the Torch, light it in the opposite alcove and go to the N, thereís an Ahmet here, try to shoot it well away from the Torch, because when he drops on the Torch, you can start over. Between the black blocks is an alcove with a standing lamp. Light that and the block to the right lowers, revealing the Scrollís receptacle, place the scroll and watch the end flyby. With the Guardians gone the gate will open up and the level endsÖ

Great levels.