Inside the Temple.

Level by Jeffrey

Walkthrough by G&D productions.

Choose Inside the Temple from the menu.

You can finish this level pretty early as the exit door is E on the platform where you have to place the Gems, but then you do miss the fun part.

The Entrance.

The minute the level begins start jumping to the right and find Secret #1, the Revolver. Jump down from this ledge and continue into the next room. A Harpy awaits you there. Look over the edge and safety drop down in the N as there is a Demigod down there shooting. Your goal is the ledges in the NW corner as there is a jump lever on the third one.

1st Blue Gem.

After the pulling the lever continue to the corner and jump down on the floor. Kill the demigod, he leaves a Blue Gem and some flares behind. Jump on the ramp S, (and) slide and jump plus grab and pick up the items. Go to the NE corner and take a running jump to a flat piece and then go up the ramp.

The door next to the S ramp is open and inside pick up a Medipack and use the jump lever. Back to the NW corner and start climbing. Jump over the ledges to the middle structure. Climb the block and place the Gem in its receptacle.

Opening West.

Now go into the opening W, follow through and you find yourself on a crossroad of sorts on top of a square. To the right and left, pick up the shotgun ammo in the alcoves. Now go W and find a hole in the floor. Donít jump in better look S and stand-jump to that pillar and from there to the ground floor. In between the plants is an opening, descend the steps, at the end go to the left.

Hathor Effigy and Ornate Handle.

You are in a room with a pool and fountains. At the back is a Demigod and in between the thrones is a jump lever, this opens a door at the bottom of the stairs. On the ledge E of the steps where the Demigod was, is the Shotgun, hidden in the box.

(If you are weary of fighting jump straight in the pool, grab the Hathor Effigy and climb out at a corner and you won't trigger the Demigod.)

In the SE corner of the pool you can take the Hathor Effigy. Climb out and go to the open door (N). Inside is the Ornate Handle, guarded by a Harpy.

Get up the stairs and climb a block that appeared in the NW corner and a running jump up. Combine the Ornate Handle and the Hathor Effigy and place the Portal Guardian and watch the flyby.

2nd Blue Gem.

Climb the block in the SW corner and running jump to the next hop over and a running jump plus grab to the bridges. Watch out as two Harpies appear and one leaves some flares behind and the other some Uzi ammo. Go to the alcove N, look W and a running jump will get you to that ledge. Climb one ledge higher and turn right. There is a crack in the wall you can use to get on the roof, but you can also make a running jump (hold the arrow down) and make it. On top of the roof, pick up the next Blue Gem. From there to the open door in the E wall. Walk to the end and a standing jump with grab (Ctrl) from the edge of the steep part into the opening so not to bump Laraís head.

Better save here as you have to slide down and jump over the spike pits. The left and right has only one pit and the middle has two, but they all have spikes at the end of the slide. Pick up the arrows in the corner.
Enter the small passage and follow through. In the last room go to the right, and keep going till you come in a room with some ivy growing at the walls. Face the W wall and grab the ivy, climb up at least two blocks and jump with a twist to grab the pillar. Shimmy just around the left corner and lower Lara till her feat are at the end, climb up once and jump with twist and grab the ledge.

Climb up the door opens when you approach it. Youíre back at the top level again. Make a safety drop again, place the second Gem and watch the cut scene.

Opening North.

Go to the N entrance, where a Demigod awaits you. The middle sarcophagus to the right has the Uzi but I couldnít get it, as Laraís animation didnít work properly.

Dive in the fountain pool and swim through the W opening. Go to the right (N) and than left and surface. There is a skeleton on the loose. There is a jump lever on the N wall, use it and jump back into the water and swim through an opening in the S wall.

3rd Blue Gem.

If you swim first to the left (E), up and down and at the end you can pick up some revolver ammo. Better swim back and get some air first before diving in and swimming into the right. Take the first opening on the right and get out. In the NW corner is a Gem, take a running jump and grab the Blue Gem. Take a running jump with grab back to the ledge. Face the W wall and now jump to that crawlspace (as left as possible). There is a jump lever in there and turn right after using it, climb higher. Save before the slide. There are two short slides and you have to slide backwards on the second (I found this the easiest way btw), Grab the rim at the end and start shimmying to the left and back flip on the ledge. Dive or Go back into the water, swim to the right and keep going, around a corner and climb out. There is a Medipack near the jump lever on the W wall.

Leave this place through the opening E.

Opening South.

Again a safety drop down and place the third Gem. The door S has opened. Climb on the block in the middle and hoist up and watch the flyby. Better wait for the Harpy to come to you and kill it before jumping the blocks in that lava area.

Lava Caves.

Jump to the lava canal and grab the monkey climb and let go when you are on top of the first block. Face the wall N and jump to the ivy, climb around the corner. Laraís feet should still be up, stay to the left and jump with a twist to grab the next block covered with ivy. Shimmy around the corner almost to the end and when Laraís feet are on the last bit, let her climb up three times and back flip. For the next two, a running jump with grab is enough.

You are facing N now and a running jump (standing to the right) to the slanted block slide and jump and keep jumping till you are standing on that block at the E wall. A standing jump and grab to the next ledge N and from there face S, do a safety drop, slide and jump to the next one.
Take a running jump to the last one, and climb up. Go down into the opening in the floor to the right.

Underwater Labyrinth and 4th Blue Gem.

Slide into water and swim down to a junction and go right, take the first left (E) at the end right (S) and up at the end and climb out. Get the revolver ammo and use the jump lever on the N wall.

Back into the water, go N and at the end go around the corner, follow through and take the first one to the right (E). Follow the corners and at a junction go right (E), keep on swimming. Youíll come upon an opening, so climb out and grab the Blue Gem on that block in the SW corner. On the same wall SE is also a jump lever. Back into the water and swim to the E, around some corners and when youíll come to a junction, go to the left (S). Follow through to a lower part of the tunnel, go left and follow through, then take the first one on the right (W) and right (N) again, through an opened door and at the end swim up. Climb out and use the lever on the N wall. Donít forget that Medipack right of the lever.

Back to the water, go left and left (N) again, another left (W) around a corner and another door has opened. Swim through and right and get out this small pool. From this point the flare bug kicks in. Go into the dark corner NW of the pool, left of the block and use the jump lever there, go N to the stairs. Go down the stairs and up the next, and as you find out, you are back at the start. Safety drop down and place the last Gem.

Opening East.

Only place you havenít been is E. Two running jumps plus crab get you to the other side, and there is nothing else to do than jump into the water and swim into the opening left. The level ends here...