Jungle Ruins III.

Levels by George Maciver / RaiderX / EssGee. 

Walkthrough by D&G Productions.

“The flyby shows the caves you may have visited when you were here last time, in Jungle Ruins II and a Native is following her very footsteps, slaying a Raptor while he’s at it. He lights a signal fire and summons Lara back to the Jungle…

Lara bails out of the chopper and the level starts.”

We will not mention all enemies to keep up the surprise element, only relevant ones will be mentioned.

Level 1 - Return to the Lost Caves.


After a flyby you can pick up some Healing Herb (small medipack), the friendly Native (‘Mbutu) will light his Torch and you can just follow him into a cave, he will find the passage he came from blocked, go up to him to have a look too and will lead you to a pushblock W. Push that in for him and follow again through small passage hidden in the vegetation, in that room with the stairs down, he will go around and light all the wall torches to open a door at the bottom of the steps, while he’s at it, you can check the NW corner for Flares hidden in the undergrowth, then go down the steps and see the door open up after ’Mbutu lit all the wall torches. He will then lead you into a large cave with a Raptor attacking, ‘Mbutu stops at a block to the right, hop on and let him take care of that creature. After he lit the torch at the pool, a trapdoor will fall on the N side of the pool.

The Tightrope Cave.

Go up to the slope under that trapdoor and jump to the ledge underneath, face W and backflip to a sloped ledge, jump/grab and pull up on that rock, backflip again to a ledge with an alcove, turn S and do a run jump/grab to the lamp post sticking out of the pillar, hold Ctrl to swing around and then jump to the next that will give you a swing to a ladder on the face of a ledge, grab the ladder and go up, careful there’s a hole in the ledge. Before climbing that ladder, you first have to raise a trapdoor in that Monkey swing, so jump around the NW corner to the ledge with the tightrope W and walk the rope to the N side, drop from the N side of the ledge and make your way along the W side of the pool to the S and from there a run jump with a bit of a right curve to a sloped block E from that ledge, grab the edge on sliding off and shimmy left to pull up on the rock ledge. 

Turn left from pulling up and stand jump/grab up to the ladder over the pool, go up to the top and look SW to see a pulley on a ledge, stand jump with a right curve and grab to go under the low ceiling, to land on that ledge, use the pulley to raise the trapdoor in the Monkey swing. Run jump and grab the ladder again and now go up to the top, turn NW and run jump into that waterfall cave, go to the N side to run jump/grab to a ledge with Secret #1, Ammo, a Healing Herb and the 1st Golden Skull. Go jump back to the S side pillar with the ladder and from there a stand jump around the SE corner to land on the ledge with the hole. Climb up the SE block and grab the ladder, go right around the corner and up to a ledge, there’s that Monkey swing. Follow to the N side and pull the switch there to open the gate where ‘Mbutu is waiting. Go back over the Monkey swing to the trapdoor and drop into the pool below, now go out after your friend and come to another cave, a colony of Bats attack (little tip here, save/reload and the problem is solved)

Bridge Canyon.

When you finally catch up with ‘Mbutu, he will be waiting at a wall torch, to the left is a ramp and in the middle of the ramp a block. Jump on the block and Spike balls will crash down. Go tell your friend he can come now and go to the Bridge Canyon with him, a Bamboo bridge has to be unfolded. Climb the blocks left (S) and from the top one you can see a rope hanging down in the canyon, do a run jump/grab to the swing pole and swing/grab the rope.

If you like to have the first Secret, you have to swing to that platform up left on the other side, otherwise look in the paragraph below to continue. From the platform you can enter a passage W and that will lead to a room with Spike traps. Slide down and jump onto the block with a switch on the side (later), stand jump to the opposite NE corner and go down a ladder to where Secret #2 is, the 2nd Golden Skull. Climb back to the ledge and run jump onto the switch block. Climb up S and slide back to where you started, get back on the rope.

Go down to the end of the rope and turn around, spot the Jump switch on the pillar right of the swing pole. Aim a bit left of the switch and swing to it (at least I had to), activating the switch will retract the Spikes below and a trapdoor closes in a room we’ll go to now.

First grab the Flares where you stand and run jump to the NE sloped ledge, keep jumping the slopes and end up at a ladder NE, go up to the N bridge ledge and climb the ladder there, go into the W passage and follow to a slope in the room with the raised trapdoor. Just slide down and use a now accessible switch on a block (the Bridge unfolds) Hop on the block and go into the S passage to slide back to where your friend is waiting, cross the bridge and he will open that stone door for you. Just follow him to the right (left passage leads to a Triceratops pinned in a lower canyon) and follow through the caves to where ‘Mbutu goes into a small room with a Key hole and a closed door of course.

The Cave Key.

For the Key you have to jump up to a ledge N in the cave outside the small room, pull the ring on the rope and see a door open up, slide down and head S, stay on higher ground and go over that ledge left of the trench to follow to the room W, where that door opened. Go over the branches of the tree to the ladder S and go down to get the Flares and Cave Key there. Looking down you will spot that nice Triceratops roaming around below. Now that you have the Key, you can head back to the small room where ‘Mbutu is waiting, open the door by using the Key in the lock and follow him into the Huge Cave. A flyby kicks in and your friend will quickly disappear into a far cave.

The Huge Cave.

Were you to follow him (route with all the burning torches), you’ll find him waiting at a closed gate. So we’ll have to open that gate, go onto the rockledge ahead and where it gets wider you can run jump onto a sloped ledge N, just slide off backwards and land on a block under the rockledge, turn around and find a keyhole. Go down from the block and head W to a even deeper part of the cave, go down a ladder and slide to a lower W ledge. Look left of that ledge and spot the small triangular ledge below, remember that you can climb out there! Now dive into the pool and swim N underneath the wall torch into another cave and wait for the Snakes to appear, they are quite deadly, so don’t linger and swim back fast, luring them to that triangular ledge, climb it and shoot the Snakes.

Then jump onto a ledge on S wall, look W and spot a swing pole with a Jump switch on the W wall (screenshot), do a run jump with a left curve around the lower ceiling and swing from the pole with a left curve so you will grab that switch (1st for the trapdoor). Now swim back to the N cave and go left where you left off last time, on the back (W side) of a pillar there is an under water lever, pull that and the trapdoor will rise. Swim back and climb the trapdoor, now you can run jump/grab to a block W (with the bamboo fence) and turn right, run jump to the N under the higher part of the ceiling and go out right to where you can run jump/grab the rope, swing once to the 2nd rope and then swing to a dark ledge E to get the Flares there. Run jump/grab back to the rope and turn right to do a swing to that ledge with the wall torch N.

North Cave.

Look for a pillar with a crack on the right hand side, run jump/grab to that crack and shimmy left around corners to end up over a ledge; drop and go run jump to a N ledge. Get into a corner as a Pterodactyl will attack. Look up S and already spot that pulley you have to get to. Now continue to the W and turn left to jump/grab to the slanted top of the pillar with the under water lever. Hang left and pull up over the top. Slide and jump to the ledge S, go follow right and around the W back to a ladder N, from the ladder along the W wall again to end up on a ledge S that is close to some ladders on the same wall. just run off the S side and grab the ladder, go climb left till you are on the ledge leading to the pulley, when you use it, the gate where ‘Mbutu was waiting will open up.

Dive into the water below and swim back to that triangular ledge, jump up to that ladder going up E and go over the rock ledge to the E, turn T when you come at that pillar with the keyhole and head to a Boulder on a S ledge. Climb up the block left and jump/grab a rock ledge W, shimmy right around the corner and do a backflip or just shimmy till you are back on the rock ledge. Go left and then head N into the cave ‘Mbutu went in before, and just before you go around a left corner in that N cave, look NE and spot a Healing Herb up on a dark ledge, run jump there over the smallest gap to get it, jump back to the path and continue following the burning wall torches and go into dark tunnels, go through the open gate and at some point a flyby will show your friend can’t wait again and will rush ahead. Just follow the tunnels (one more flyby, this of a T-Rex with her cute little friends) and come to a crossing where you see a green cave ahead, going left here will get you into the same cave ‘Mbutu disappeared into.


Level 2 - Caves of Water.

The gates will drop shut as you come into the Caves of the Masks.

Caves of the Masks.

Turn right in the Entrance cave and follow the path N to another cave with a waterfall N, go down there to pass under the waterfall and follow the river to where it drops down a gulley, go down into the pool below and swim right around the corner, in that SW corner is an open trapdoor in the bottom. Swim down and immediately to the left into a small alcove, where you’ll find Secret #3, Ammo. The current is strong, so swim back fast and go back up through the trapdoor, you can climb out NE go over the rock ledge to the SE and slide down into the lower cave. On the E wall are 4 receptacles for Masks and there’s a closed gate S, up in the SE corner is a Healing Herb and you can reach that by going left of the receptacles and jump up to the flat ledge, climb up S and jump up to the SE to a ledge next to the pillar. Now a few jumps over ledges and get the Healing Herb. Slide down and head N, then left to the W end of the canyon and find a switch in the SW corner, the switch will open a gate somewhere near a pool on the way to the find one of the Masks.

1st Wooden Mask. 

Go E and to the left you’ll find a rock formation and over that rocks is a Monkey swing. Go to a brick ledge on the SE corner of the rocks and from that ledge you can jump to the rocks and get to that Monkey swing, go over to the higher rocks at the waterfall and go over to the bright S side and into the passage SW, climb the ladder and you’re back at the top of the waterfall. Go into the building W and there are some pools. Just go through one of them and you’ll get a cut scene of 2 Natives waiting for you. Down the W steps you go and have it out with those guys, after the battle you can find some Ammo in a niche and in the one next to it is a switch that will open the N gates. Go in and follow to a reddish cave, in the right hand corner you’ll find the 1st Wooden Mask on a pedestal and in the NW corner a Healing Plant (Medipack). Return back to the hall with the pools and before you leave, notice the Skull on the N side of the entrance and also a gate up in the N wall of the Waterfall cave.

2nd Wooden Mask.

Go down to the water and head back S through the waterfall and turn right (W) to another pool, in the NW corner is an opening in the wall, leading into Statue hall, jump up there and be careful not to go too far in because there’s a nasty Spike-trap. Run jump/grab straight over the Spike-trap to the opposite opening where you opened that gate before. Go straight over the rock bridge over the pool to the opening W and enter with care…

Spike-traps and Burners.

Turn left and hop onto the higher floor, all those grated Tiles are Spike-traps and also in the pits are Spikes, so carefully go past a Skull on a burning pedestal to a Bamboo cage with a Skull in the back and pull it S once, then push it to the dark Trigger Tile and the first set of Spikes will be de-activated, watch carefully which ones are down and push the cage to the next Tile, go on like this till you had all those Trigger Tiles and than you will see the one burning ledge has extinguished, it’s another Trigger Tile, so watch out for still live Spike-traps and step on that Tile to open a Bamboo hatch up in the NE corner. Climb up and the hatch will close. Go over to get the 2nd Wooden Mask from the pedestal in the E side of the room. A gate opens up in the Entrance cave. Now go stand on the N side of the ledge with the pedestal and hop backwards, to grab the edge of the ledge, look for the Jump switch there, drop/grab to activate it and land in one of the pools below, climb out W and go back into the room with the Spike-traps, that pedestal with the Skull is now safe, go get Secret #4, the 3rd Golden Skull. Go out of the room, over the rock bridge and go back E, jump/grab over the Spike-trap in Statue hall.

3rd Wooden Mask.

Go back to the E cave with the waterfall and climb on a ledge in the NE corner (close to that statue) and jump over the ledges along the E wall and up onto the ledge N with a left curved jump. In the Entrance cave is that gate you’ve opened (W), go in and come to a path along a pool (don’t fall off or you have to go around again) and go to ‘Mbutu who’s waiting in the SW corner, follow him into the next rooms and find some Ammo SW while he opens the next gate for you. Go in after him and through a small gate to a cave, he will wait there for now, go into the cave with the 3rd Mask and climb a ledge W to go S and do a run jump SE to land on the ledge with the 3rd Wooden Mask, in the E side of the room is a Monkey head lock, but no Key, climb the ledge right of the lock and follow with a jump to a passage NE, follow that passage to the obvious Monkey Key ;o). Go back and put the Banana in the Monkey lock to open an under water gate in the place we have to visit for the 4th Mask.

4th Wooden Mask.

Dive into the pool and go swim through the tunnel E and just around the left corner is that open under water gate on your right, swim in and follow to where you go up to a small cave, jump the ledges to get onto the NE corner ledge and grab up N to the cave above, again go up N and go up to a reddish opening with a waterfall. Go get the 4th Wooden Mask there and the Shotgun too finally…. In the other end of the cave the water drops down into a lower lake, drop down too and climb out E, find yourself in a cave with a Statue and a closed gate, go out E and right into a greenish cave, find a Jump switch on a pillar E and use that to open the gate to a Secret room. Go back into that last cave with the Statue and find that room N, inside is Secret #5, Flares, a Healing Plant and some Ammo. Go out and in the SW corner of the cave are more Flares to find.

The Floodgate.

Now you’re finished here, go out E and left to follow back to the Entrance cave, go down to the Waterfall cave N and underneath the waterfall to drop down into the pool down E, climb up E and go over the rocks to the SE corner to slide back to the receptacles for the Wooden Masks. That gate S will open up, so climb in and come into a large Hall. Go all the way to the S end and find Pillars with Burners on top. One of the pillars (S one) has a ladder on the side, climb up to the top. But don’t pull up yet, release “Ctrl” for a bit so Lara will hang and shimmy into the left corner, pull up there and turn left to see the Burner on the other pillar is off (screenshot). Stand jump/grab to the left side of the N pillar and pull up fast, do a right curved run over the pillar and jump to the E ledge, grab the edge and go up to pull 2 switches on the back of the pillars (screenshots of that trapdoor where you got the Secret before).

Now you have to do the same for the W ledge, so run jump/grab back to the S pillar and stand on the right hand (NE) corner, stand jump/grab to the right side of the N pillar and pull up fast, do a left curved run over the pillar and jump to the W ledge, grab the edge and go up to pull 2 switches on the back of the pillars and the trapdoor will close. The flow of the water is blocked and the whole lower Cave system will be flooded.

The Skull Key.

Dive in the water and swim E, go left around that N pillar and see a block on the bottom of the hall, just past the block you can swim up in a hole in the ceiling, climb out and get Secret #6, the 4th Golden Skull. Dive back in the water and go N out to the Receptacle Cave, you can’t go back by the waterfall route, so swim to the NE corner and go up in a cave, follow the S tunnels back to a cave with the Skull Key on a pedestal, get it and go to the N exit, follow the tunnels to the greenish cave at the entrance gate to the Entrance Cave (to the right) and it will re-open for you. Go N again and down to the Waterfall cave, go  through the waterfall to the N cave with the building and climb up on the N side of the entrance ledge, put the Key in place (in the Skull) and the gate in the N wall of the cave opens up. Getting there requires some jumping of ledges, starting in the SE corner of the cave and work your way around to the open gate. Follow the tunnels and caves to where the level changes.


Level 3 – Temple of the Snake Stone.

Follow the tunnels to a pickup of Flares and a Healing Herb and continue to come to a cave where a whole row of Boar heads on stakes explode, giving you a clue as to what lies ahead. Next comes a slide down into a lower area, but turn around before you do that to grab the edge and do a safety drop to a pillar below, climb down and head N into a Wide Cave. Go right and into the far SE corner, a cut scene will show a tunnel somewhere, get the Healing Herbs to the E of the Skellie and then the Skull Key S of the Skellie and a swarm of Beetles will show up, just run like the wind and over to the far NW corner. Hop onto the corner ledge, turn right and from there jump into that tunnel you saw in the cut scene. Follow up to a Skull lock and use the Key there quickly, a hatch opens up to the left, go grab up N fast and come up to a Burning Boar’s head.

The Torch.

Go left into the wide passage there, follow to a room with another Boar’s head S and on a N ledge is another one and that one has to be shot so you can take the Stake that’s left behind and then head into a lower tunnel S, crawl and drop into a gap, climb out on the other side and go up a ledge N, shoot the Boar’s head there and claim the Boar’s Head. Head into a passage SW and find a Torch on a pedestal, get it and return to the crawlspace E. Stand in front of the hole at the crawlspace and hit the space bar so Lara will throw the Torch in the crawlspace, climb in after it and throw it out in front of you (hit the Spacebar) to get it back through the crawlspace and to that Burning Boar’s head in the wide passage E. Light the Torch there and head back again, in the room with the crawlspace tunnel you can now light that Boar’s head on the S side ledge and hear a door open up, that one is upstairs and we’ll go there now. Leave the Torch here and head back through the crawlspace to where you found the Torch, head into the N passage and come to a pit, run jump to a ledge to the right and place the combined Stake and Boar’s head between the 2 Stakes there and a block will rise to the right. 

Climb up to a passage above and follow out to the top of the wide passage. Here you’ll see the open gate N, but also some Ammo on a ledge in the corner left of it, stand on the most E side of the ledge facing N and run off while holding grab to land on that ledge, pick up the Ammo and run jump around the sloped block to the E ledge. There’s a Raptor roaming around E and you can already soften him up by shooting him as many times as possible from out here, then climb into the open gate N and throw the switch to open the gate where the Raptor is patrolling, and also the water starts flowing to the lower level so that level will be partly flooded. Drop down to the lower level and swim through the familiar crawlspace to the Torch room, go wade N and in the now flooded pit at the Boar’s head stand is an under water lever on the NE corner block, pull that to open a gate in the room where the Raptor is (or was) roaming around.

The 1st Dino Eye.

Swim to an opening NW and climb into a room with something on the stove. Approach that fire and it will extinguish, go get the Dino Eye (a gate opens in the Wide Cave) and go back out to the pool, climb up in the block to get up to the top of the wide passage where that raptor is.

Now you have to run jump to the Raptor ledge and take him out. Enter the area behind the S gate and swim left around the corner to find an under water lever that will raise a block under the open SE gate. Climb up and get in there to take Secret #7, the 5th Golden Skull. Go back to where the Raptor was and drop from the edge of the waterfall, go to the Burning boar’s hear E and the trapdoor will open up on approach, go down and luckily the Beetles are gone, notice that Dino head E (probably needs a Dino Key) and head down the tunnel to the Wide Cave, cross over to the SE corner and climb the block to the open gate.

Dino Caves.

Follow to a place that looks like the spot you saw in an earlier cut scene, where that Mommy T-Rex was running around with her little babies. Go left (S) and at the S wall turn left and find a pillar with some Healing Herb growing on it. Go down from the pillar, look W and spot an open door with a still closed gate behind it and then head W, follow till you hear big footsteps and roll, sprint back W and all the way to the W cave where that gate behind the open door should also be open now. Inside you’ll find the 2nd Dino Eye on the stove, get that and wait for Mommy T-Rex to step aside (seems you can’t kill her), so you can sprint back E and a bit left in the 2nd room to go out to the exit. In the Wide Cave you have to return to that N tunnel you came from before.

If you want, here’s a detour for a Secret, otherwise skip this paragraph: Going N from the T-Rex gate you’ll pass a pillar on your right hand, go around the pillar and stand jump to a ledge, turn right and aim for a side jump left to the very corner of a triangular ledge over the top of the rock, go up to the highest point of that ledge and stand jump onto the pillar with a left curve, landing on the lowest corner (screenshot). Grab up to a branch from facing S and standing on the highest point of the rock pillar, go over the branches around the S side, the E side and then N with a nasty jump here: (screenshot) to the far NW corner to get Secret #8, the 6th Golden Skull on a branch sticking out to the S there. Safety drop from the W side of the branch to a rock below and go to the NW Tunnel again.

Go up the tunnel to that Dino head in the cage, combine the 2 Dino Eyes (yes, they can be combined) and put them in the head, those big heavy doors below N slowly open up (great FX)

Lava, Ledges and Levers.

Go down the slope and enter the new rooms, I’ll give general directions finding your way over those ledges is up to you. On a single pillar on N wall is a ledge and from that ledge you can see a grassy alcove behind a raising block, run jump/grab into that grassy alcove and drop down to a ledge below. Hop back and grab the edge of the ledge. shimmy left along a crack till you can drop onto some safe Tiles at the end of the crack, go into the passage left and follow to a hall with a lever in the left corner. Throw the lever (#1 for the raising block) and in the back of this place is a room we’ll get to later after raising the water level, opposite the lever is a Dino Eyes receptacle.

For now you can return to the Big room and shimmy back along the crack, from the ledge a jump to the ledges in the Lava and head over to a pillar E of a small pool. The E side of it has a ladder, go up to the 1st floor again, and go left, find the block ledges left of the entrance and climb up, the last one a stand jump/grab to a ledge with a Bamboo fence. Throw the lever (#2) there to raise that block and safety drop down to the lower block ledge, jump to the ledges and hear over to that raised block near the grassy alcove N. Jump onto the block and then jump/grab to one N and left of it, climb up right and turn around to jump to a pillar there, then over to the ledges, on a wider pillar near the NW Statue is Secret #9, a Healing Plant to be found.

Timed run for the 1st Dino Eye.

Go over the ledges to the switch on S wall, that switch will raise some platforms on pillars and from those you can get into the opening SW (to the right of where you stand), but the platforms are Timed. So save in front of the switch, pill then roll, side jump left and run to jump to the next ledge, curve left and jump/grab to the platform, landing on the right hand side and pull up quickly, run with a left curve over the pillar and jump/grab to the second pillar. Pull up and hopefully jump up to the ledge before the platform drops. Walk slowly onto a corner of the burner Tile and the fire goes out, get the 1st Dino Eye.

Now you can run jump out to the right, so you’ll land in the pool on ground level (didn’t find another route so…) and go up the pillar e of the pool again, onto the raising block N and to the upper ledges. If you don’t want the Secret, skip the next paragraph.

Timed run for a Secret:

Go over to the Timed switch if you want the next Secret and do the first part of the Timed run again, but now when you pull up on the second platform, run forward while holding grab and on the moment the platform goes down you should land over a Burner ledge on a ledge beyond that to claim Secret #10, another Shotgun to the right and a Healing Plant to the left. From the safe ledge behind the Burners a diagonal run jump over the Burner and land on a ledge below N. Go over to the raising block N to make your way up to the upper ledges again.

The 2nd Dino Eye.

Head S to the Timed lever ledge again and look down E, run of the ledge holding grab to land near the Burner ledge, walk slowly onto a corner and get the 2nd Dino Eye, then jump down into that most convenient pool below. Make your way over to that ledge with the crack NE and shimmy to the room where you can use the Dino Eyes on the Dino Head, the water level in the pool of the N room rises, go S and dive in, climb out NE to get some Ammo from behind the pillar there, then dive in again and swim into a tunnel W and turn around once inside the room at the end, climb up on the right hand side of the ledge with the lever and throw it to raise another block in the Big Room.

To the Top.

Go back to the ground floor of the Big Room and to the ladder-pillar E of the pool to go to the raising block NE, up to the block N (and left) and now see the opening right is blocked by that new raising block, jump/grab to the pillar W and run jump/grab to the raising block E, climb up to the top of the room on N side and go all the way over to the SW corner where you’ll find another Timed switch that will open the first of 4 Timed gates up there.

4 Timed Runs. (map)

1: Gate W- Save in front of the switch and pull, backflip with a roll and run back N to do a running jump left up into the first gate left (W wall), get another Shotgun to the left and go to the Timed switch in the W passage.

2: Gate NE- Save in front of the switch and pull, backflip with a roll and sprint to the exit, jump to the ledge going E, sprint where you can and jump over to the E ledges, then a cross over jump to the ledge left, aim straight for the gate and then jump over the corner to cut off a bit, jump up into the open gate where a Raptor is waiting to say hello. Pick the Healing Plant growing in the NW corner and go to the switch in the E passage.

3: Gate up NW - Save in front of the switch and pull, backflip with a roll and sprint to the exit, jump to the ledge with a bit of a right curve and follow the ledges along the N wall with run jumps. Just run close left past the high block there and jump over the lava to the W side ledges, running over the corner and run jump again, the last one onto the left side of the block in front of the open NW gate and curve right to do a running jump/grab to the opening, pull up and go in, but not too far as there’s a nasty Pit in that room, no Goodies this time… Go to the switch N.

4: Gate SE- Save in front of the switch and pull, backflip with a roll and run jump over the Pit, just run out of the left side of the opening curving left and land on the block. run jump S and the over the corners and ledges to the second one going E. follow that one and cut corners to get to the ledge along E wall, run to the gate and jump in, stop immediately as there are several Burning Tiles inside. Walk over the corner of the first, then jump over the others and one more careful walk will get you in the passage to a deep shaft.

The Snake Stone.

It’s a nice drop down into a pool and there’s your Snake Stone on a receptacle N, get it and go to the other side of this nice cave to throw the switch. Once again ‘Mbutu will show up and he makes a bow in front of some big doors and they’ll open up. The gate right of you also opened up, so go out and follow to the big doors NE in the Wide Cave. Your Guide is waiting so go follow him again through dark tunnels and he will open a small gate. Go into a cave with a lake, looks like ‘Mbutu can’t swim as he will stay behind (Hate that, always think I forgot to do something there...). Swim across the lake and enter the tunnels there, go either up right or follow the left side to the same place where the level will change….


Level 1 – Return to the Lost Caves – part 2.

Triceratops and Boulders.

Go on through the tunnels, down a slope to a small door that will open up, go left down the ledges and find a Healing Plant in the corner there, then head W and past a big Boulder (remember that one) on a ledge to the right, go on till you come to a crossing of caves (S is to the 1st level of the Triceratops Pen, N is to a close gate for now) and head straight W into the cave with the ring on the rope. Go left and now head down the trench, follow to a Snake Stone receptacle next to a gate. Place the Stone and the gate opens up…. The huge Triceratops will come out and you have to take him/her back up the sloped trench to the Cave with the ring and out to the right, at the crossing straight intro that cave with the Boulder. Now you will have to maneuver in such a way, the Beast will have to move that Boulder aside for you, so you can use the switch behind it (to open gates N). It will take a few tries, so be sure to Save when you get close to the Boulder with that Beast on your tail.

Once he moved it, you can quickly use the switch and gates open up in the N passage of the crossing, so get back to the crossing and go right into an area where the gates opened up, to the right on a small mound is a Healing Herb, but take care the Beast CAN also climb the ledges. Now run into the open gate and just to the right in a little incline are Ammo and a Healing Plant, now follow the tunnel down to the Huge Cave (familiar territory), go left to that other Boulder that has to be moved. Best way was to get the Beast on the W side of the Boulder and lure him to it from that side.

Bronze Key.

When the Boulder is aside, you can claim the Bronze Key in front of a closed door and head N from there, behind that pillar under the overhead rock bridge is that block with the lock, remember? Stand on the E side against the block, facing W and backflip/jump/grab up to the lock ledge, use the Key and the door opens where you got the Key before, so go up the ledge at the Boulder and into the passage to come to a shaft with sloped blocks.

Silver Key.

Face the S lower block and jump up, backflip and keep jumping to the right till you land on a flatter ledge behind you, turn around and go up to the Silver Key. Go back down and into the Huge Cave, head W over a rock bridge and find a gate in the SW corner, open it with the Key and enter, just follow the passage…


Level 4 – Temple of Shiva.

The Masks Section.

Drop down in a hall with a grated floor in the SW corner is a trapdoor (you’ll pop out of that one later) and head out W to another hall with a set of those Big Doors, climb a block SE and jump/grab to a ledge W, go right and pull the pushblock on that ledge once, drop/hang from the ledge and shimmy right past the block, grab the Monkey swing and head over to the N ledge, throw the switch there to open the Big Doors.

The Shiva Temple.

Enter the 1st Hall and find a dry pool, with a trapdoor and an under water lever (obviously for later), drop down in the dry pool and grab that grey 1st Shiva Mask. Go up to the NW corner and pick the Healing Herb, then climb out W and go to the 2nd Hall, to the right, where the 2nd Shiva Mask can be found, there’s one down those steps too, but you can get that later. Now head into the passage NW and come to the 3rd Hall, a gate opens up N and a Native is shooting you from the opening. When he drops he will leave a Key behind you van collect later, then a Native in a W opening opens fire and he drops something too, near a switch. Look in the SE corner for a Skellie lying there and pull it away by the Skull, jump over the remains and get the Shotgun, now go up the Mound in the NE corner (do a side jump from here: screenshot) and then jump W to the ledge on N wall and that gate drops shut, but on the ledge in front of it is the Gold Key. Take that down and to the 2nd Hall, down the steps where you can now collect the 3rd Shiva Mask and in the back is a gate that can be opened with the Gold Key.

Statue Hall.

In the 4 corners of the next hall are pushable Statues, they go on the Tiles at the Pillars next to the entrance and the pillars next to the Big Doors W. If you do the SW one last, you hear a trapdoor open up close by and that trapdoor gives way to the top of the central structure with the Bamboo fences, a ladder is to be found under the trapdoor in that same SW corner. On the structure is a grated block with a swing pole on top, pull/push it to the N end and it will be firmly locked in place, go down to the ground floor and up a block in the N side of the hall, turn left and jump/grab up to the ledge, run jump to the ledge W and get up on the higher ledge that was burning before, face E and time the Burner on the block to do a run jump/grab to the swing pole and get across to the other side. Start the run when the Burner is on for about 5 counts and you will just get across before it starts again.

Head to the N and follow the passage up a ladder to come to where you look out into the 3rd Hall. To the left is the 4th Shiva Mask dropped by the Native before and the switch can be used now also, a cut scene shows a Shiva waking up and you have to shoot her so magic transparent blocks will appear in the 3rd Hall, so drop down from the ledge and go shoot her by hopping backwards with her following you (if she puts the swords across the chest, you can’t harm her, so don’t waste Ammo on trying, but get her to raise those arms again).

After the Shiva’s demise, you can go up the NE mound again and to the ledge on N wall, stay away from the burning statue and time the stand jump to the first block then a running jump to the second, landing on the right hand side, another stand jump curved right will get you into the passage S, leading to the top of the 2nd Hall, where two of the Masks can be placed on the headless Shiva Statues (sidestep carefully to the front of the statue). The other two go on the Statues in the 1st Hall, E of here and the pool below will be flooded. Go down from the ledge (or just dive down) and jump into use the under water lever in the SW corner and open the trapdoor with it.

under water Labyrinth. (map)

Face S and Save before going in, swim down and straight (S) to go left in the second room, stay high and go up into a shaft in the 3rd room. In the end of that tunnel is the 1st under water lever. Roll and swim back for air, dive in again and swim straight S to the open door (1) and follow to a room with a pillar, behind the pillar and up in the ceiling is the 2nd under water lever and that one will open the under water door in that first room E, so swim back there and go into the open door, up to get some air and climb out on either side to stand jump/grab around the corner to a ledge there (W). At the crossing is a trapdoor, and left and right are 2 passages with burning statues, crawl under the flames to the 2 switches, 1 on each side and pull them to open the trapdoor. Drop down to the Swords Section.

The Swords Section.

Go to the W end of the room and two of the Shiva’s will wake up, shoot them and grab the Right Scimitar and a Silver Key. In the W end, on the wall of the alcove one of the Shiva’s was in is a switch, throw that to open that gate up N in the 3rd Hall, go to the E side of the room, climb the ladder over the entrance and go over the ledge to a door NW, open it with the Key. Follow the passage, down a ladder and come out at the steps in the 2nd Hall, the W Statue over the steps needs a Sword or two, place the one you have now or later. Head into the 3rd Hall and go up to that gate N, drop down and go to the Push block Puzzle.

Pushblocks and a 1stTorch.

There’s a block in the SE alcove, pull it out so you can enter the passage behind it.

Before you continue (meaning moving blocks onto Trigger Tiles), you can go get a Secret now and the Key for a Secret later on, if you do this later the Key will not be available anymore: Go into the passage the block came out and find a closed hatch in the ceiling, in the E wall under the hatch is a push block, push it till you can go left down from the bridge and into a passage E, in the back past the 2 gates is a Jump switch around the left corner, use that to get the Secret #11 sound and open that N door on the block and go into that room. Go to the back of the room with the Shiva’s and one of them will revive, shoot her and collect the Secret Key, in the middle of the room on the grass is a Healing Herb. Now return up to the bridge and to that first push block in the W room.

Move the block onto a Tile NW and a trapdoor closes so you can now get the second block in the NE alcove and pull it as far as it goes, then go around it through the passage SE, opened up by the 1st block and push block 2 on the second Tile (a platform goes up on the bridge), look in the back passage for a hole (notice the trapdoor in it) in the floor and get Flares and Ammo from it, now return to the push block on the bridge.

Use that raised platform to push the block S onto the Tile behind the block and a platform goes up over the hole where you got the Ammo before, so go back in the passage and pull the N block once, return to the E room and jump from the bridge into the NW corner, there’s an unlit wall torch, but also a push block in the corner, push it in till you can access the switch, pull the switch.

The Torch and Left Scimitar.

The hatch opened up in the passage, so go back to the W and up to a room above, find a Torch on a pedestal to the left and an unlit wall torch. Take the Torch down to the Bridge room, go back down to the lower room N and into that E passage where you used the Jump switch before. Back into that N room with the Shiva’s and use the blocks there to get up to the upper walkway, go over to the wall torch S and light your Torch, a Shiva wakes up when you get close to the now closing exit. Go deal with her, pick up the Left Scimitar, go back up to the walkways and find an open door W, inside is a switch that will re-open the exit.

There’s a Healing Herb on the ground floor somewhere, so take it before you leave taking the Torch, go back to the room with the water and jump back up to the bridge, from the platform a jump to the ledge NW to light the 1st wall torch there, back to the bridge and a run jump to the ledge SW for the 2nd wall torch. Jump back to the bridge. Now it’s back to the room upstairs, where you found the Torch (jump up to the N from the highest point of the floor) and light the 3rd wall torch, a gate opened in the lower E room N side. So go back onto the bridge and drop the Torch (don’t need it anymore), you have to move that push block on the bridge onto the raised platform N first. Go down from the S side of the bridge, into a door that opened there and throw the switch to drop the platform and the block falls into the water below, so go down again and into the lower room to mover the block to the NW Tile and the S door opens in the E passage.

The Hot Room.

Slide down a slope into a hot room and go down to the SW ledges, jump to the one under the Burning Head and run onto the next. Mind the low ceiling here and there and follow the ledges to the switch on E wall. Throw it to de-activate a Burner Tile and go back to the W, up to the entrance ledge and face the first Burner pillar, stand jump/grab on the right moment to the 1st  pillar (screenshot)  and when you expect the Burner to stop, pull up a stand jump/grab to the 2nd pillar, go around the right hand corner to a bit past the middle and pull up when you expect the Burner to stop run jump with a right curve to the ledge with the switch on the left hand (S) wall.

Throw the switch to open the door in the W and stand jump/grab to the extinguished Burner Tile pillar, shimmy right round the corner and pull up when you expect the burner to go off, run jump with a grab (short jump) to land on the near side of the last pillar and stand jump up into the open door fast. Follow the passage to a room under the first passage of the level, with the trapdoor, go up the ledges and throw the switch on the back of the block, to open the trapdoor. Climb up to it and out to familiar territory, follow back to the 2nd Hall and go to that Shiva Statue on the ledge over the stairs to place the 2 Scimitars. A big door opens in the Statue Hall below, but first it’s time for that Secret, go to that small gate in the S wall and open it with the Key. Go in for Secret #12, the 7th Golden Skull, there are Flares and Ammo in the alcoves. Go out and drop from the ledge into the lower staircase, go through the door W to go through the Statue Hall to the now open doors W and finally arrive in a room with a Lava lake and Huge Shiva Statues, holding up break ledges.

Shiva Room and 2nd Torch.

Go over the ledges in the Lava to the opposite side and head into a crawlspace in the right hand (N) wall, pick up the Torch from the pedestal and go back to the Shiva room, throwing the Torch out in front of you. jump back to the E over the ledges and go through the statue room to the 2nd Hall, up the stairs and left to the 3rd hall, up that NE mound again (side jump) and carefully stand jump to that burner on the ledge. Light your Torch and go all the way back to the Shiva Room and into that crawlspace where you got the Torch. Light the wall torch and a trapdoor closes, so you can move the Statue to the Tile E (a platform rises in the Shiva Room). Take the Torch out with you and go straight into the S crawlspace. Perform the same things to get the Statue on the Tile and drop the Torch (don’t need it anymore), go out and climb a block to the left of the crawlspace, stand jump/grab the platform and walk up to the other end, stand jump/grab the 1st breakable ledge in the Shiva’s hand and pull up to run jump/grab to the second one, hang where you can do a run jump onto a ledge in the SE corner and from there a stand jump with a sharp right curve to a switch (#1 for the W door) Jump down to the entrance ledge and go do the same thing on the N side of the room, throw the switch (#2 for the W door) and the door in the W will open up.

Jump over the Lava a last time and get into the new passage. Up a block and follow to where the level changes….


Level 5 – Return to the Lost Valley.

Drop down the shaft into a River and let the current take you down a waterfall, climb out in the SW corner, go up the blocks along the W wall and into an opening N, follow the tunnel to the River you just went through. On the corner of the ledge, near the water is a Healing Herb growing, jump across the River to that opening with the closed gate and then jump back to the W side, there’s a closed gate and it can be opened by shooting the cover off the standing Oil lamp, go through the bypass and jump across the River again, then go right over the River bank and jump to a block SE, shoot another cover from the Oil lamp and return to the N, jump to the opening (closed gate) NE and across to an opened gate NW.

Follow through to a cave with a central pillar, go in straight and left around the pillar. In the corner of the W side the floor is a little higher and you can grab up to the ledge N of the pillar, go around with stand jumps and end up on the ledge S, jump/grab up to the Jump switch there and see ‘Mbutu is back again, he will open that first gate at the River for you. Go back E to the entrance of this cave and follow to the River, this time carefully drop out backwards and the current will take you sideways to the left and there you’ll find a Healing Plant on the bottom of the River, grab it and climb onto the ledge left (S).

Plant Cave.

Go back through that bypass W and come to where you can jump over the River to that open gate E, go into an area with a big tree, on that tree is a big Plant of some kind and in the NE corner is a pillar, face it and backflip to a sloped block, jump onto the pillar and go right, when you are close to the tree, Lara will look at that tree rather strongly, just go off that brown Tile and step on again, now you can line up for the run jump/grab to the Jump switch on the tree and the gate will open in the cave with the lake where the River runs into. So head back out and go either over the W bank and climb down or just dive in and go with the flow.

To The Lost Valley. 

The open gate is S of the lake, follow the cave to the Lost Valley, right in front (S) of you is a pillar you can climb, you’ll return here in a bit, so remember. First go right (W) and follow the lower path through a brick passage (Wolves) and come to a cave with a dead man’s remains. Next to the Skellie is a piece of paper, pick it up and examine it to read:

“This place man! Watch out for the T-Rex and his little mates, never figured out the big plants, but I think they need fertilizing before they will flower…. Oh by the way, there’s unlimited Ammo lying around the Temple, I think you might need it.”

1st Piece of Dino Dung.

The dead man must have written that in his final moments, look next to that big pile of steaming Dino Dung for a Piece of Dino Dung you can pick up (for that plant later). In the N side of the cave is a Healing Herb, then go back to where you came from and now you can climb that pillar S, up the next ledges and pick a Healing Herb to the right, then go over the rocks with the red glow and down into the Lost Valley.

2nd Piece of Dino Dung.

Go straight S and find the 2nd Piece of Dino Dung (to the E is a closed gate), continue S and pass under a broken Bamboo bridge, a bit further on to the right is an opening in the wall, climb in and follow through to a high cave with a pool to the left and some rocks you can climb all the way up to an opening SW. Here’s a pool with Burner blocks.

Timed Burners and the Revolver.

Dive into the pool and swim left/left into a short tunnel under the entrance ledge, throw the under water lever and swim back, climb onto the entrance ledge and see the first Burner is off, run jump to that block and Save while standing face to the wall and a bit right of the middle, now do a series of side jumps right and end up on a safe ledge in the far corner. Turn around and jump to the ledge with a ladder on the pillar, go up to a room with a statue and to the left of the Skellie is the Revolver. Go down to the pool below and swim back to the entrance ledge, go down onto the block just under the entrance and look N to spot a crawlspace in the wall, run jump/grab and get in there to get Secret #13, the 8th Golden Skull.

The Laser sight.

Go back and safety drop out of the crawlspace, from the block you’ll land on a run jump down into that pool below and swim through the tunnel to where you can climb up in the end under a waterfall, turn sharp right after climbing out and go up that rock just next to the waterfall, past a bamboo fence and stand on a ledge so you can jump/grab to a crack in the W wall. Pull up in and go into the far right (NW) corner of the cave to find a switch that will open a gate near the Broken Bridge. Go back out of this cave and down to the Valley floor, head N and just past the Broken Bridge to the left is that gate you opened, follow the tunnels through to where you look out over the Valley, to the right you can spot the waterfall and also a ledge in the corner, run jump sharp right around the corner to that ledge and drop/hang from the left side, shimmy left over a crack and climb the ladder around the corner, go up to a narrow ledge and turn around to stand jump with a grab into the opening of the waterfall. Go right and left and follow that cave through to a closed gate to the right, beyond that gate is a Skellie and also the Laser sight. Walk out to the opening N and a cut scene shows an oil lamp across the Valley.

3rd Piece of Dino Dung.

Put the Laser sight on the Revolver and have a look with the Binoculars first, the lamp is just right of the highest point right of the Bridge (screenshot). After you got your bearings, shoot the lamp and that gate opens back where you are. So go back inside and left into the open gate, a dark room with a lever and the lever opens that second gate at the River (where the level started). Go back to the N opening and drop down to the ledge at the waterfall and make it down to the Valley floor. Head E and find a poor soul in a chair go E a bit more and there’s a big plant, beyond that a small reed plant. Turn towards the rocks S and climb the rock there, turn left and stand jump/grab to a ledge E, then a run jump/grab and from that high ledge a jump to the roof of the temple, go over to the N side and grab some Ammo, head back to the S side and run jump/grab down into the entrance of a cave S, landing in the left side of the entrance, shoot a Raptor and go get the 3rd Piece of Dino Dung. Go back out of the cave as you cannot reach that cave up W anyway.

4th Piece of Dino Dung.

Go back to the Temple entrance. There’s another steaming Dino Heap, pick up the 4th Piece of Dino Dung and just left of the steps (NE) is a Healing Herb, you don’t have to go into the Temple yet, that’s for later.

The Jungle Skulls.

Now you can return to the River, that’s all the way W, then turn N and follow to the entrance of the Valley where you can climb back up left and over to the red rock, down the other side and n again to the cave with the lake, up that path along the W wall and into the River cave N, jump into that Plant Cave E and go up that same pillar NE. go to the W side and hoist up to the branch above, go to the N side branch and put some Dino Dung in the basket, go to the S branch and do the same, turn around and see the Plant opening up, walk up to it and grab the 1st Jungle Skull. Go down to the floor and out to the River, make your way through the W bypass and over to the second Plant Cave NE. Inside you can climb a block in the middle of N wall and run jump/grab to the tree, climb up and around the corners to the S side and backflip to a ledge, jump to the E and W branches to put the Dung in the baskets and jump to the N branch to get the 2nd Jungle Skull.

The Temple.

You have to bring the Skulls to the Temple in the Lost valley, so go back down and dive into the River, climb out of the lake and go into the S gate and straight to where you climb up to the red rock, over the top and all the way to the end of the Valley, left there and up the steps into the Temple. There’s a big T-Rex running around, can’t kill her; just stay out of its way….

In the back of the temple is a pool, dive in and to the N is another Shotgun in the reeds on the bottom, then swim into a tunnel down SE and up in the end, in that temple Room are the 2 receptacles for the Jungle Skulls (NW&SW), in the back of the room is a closed gate where you can see another Skull receptacle. After placing the 2 Skulls, you can see a gate opening up back in the Valley. So head back out through the water and to your T-Rex buddy, quickly go right from the steps and to the N wall of the Valley, up the block to the entrance and go in to the tunnels leading up to the Bridge, run jump/grab over the gap and follow the passage to a drop off. Safety drop into the lower cave and stand jump SW to the ledge next to the statue, go into the crawlspace and follow to the N room where you’ll find Secret #14, the 9th Golden Skull.

The 3rd Jungle Skull.

Go back out of the crawlspace and drop into the lower cave, to the E is the cave where you found the piece of paper before, now go S and come to another cave with a switch up on a S ledge. When you throw the switch, ‘Mbutu will appear in a passage over the statue and he will light it so the gate opens up. Go in and follow to a small cave where ‘Mbutu will show up again to open the next gate for you (great help that guy)

In the next cave is the Jungle Skull on a ledge to the left, pick it up and the Statue will be lit to open the gate in the Temple.

Back to the Temple.

Go to the N and follow to the cave where you found the piece of paper before, go N and then right to the cave where you can climb up S to the red rock, over the top and into the valley, stay on the left side and find the closed gate there, just past it is a small waterfall, to the left in the alcove is a Healing Herb, then go back to the Temple in the end of the Valley (didn’t see Rexie this time). Follow through to the room in the back of the temple and place the Jungle Skull. A Flyby will show ‘Mbutu, finally rushing things and he will wait up for you at the Skellie in the chair.

Rex Tooth of Power.

So head back out, go W till you meet ‘Mbutu and wait for him to open that gate S, go in and come to a dead T-rex after your friend opened up more gates, he will try to revive the T-Rex and lucky you, he can’t! The gate in the beginning of the Valley opens. Go to the N wall and climb up the ledge to get the Rex Tooth of Power (so no one can revive him anymore?) and ‘Mbutu gets nervous, follow the same tunnel back to the Valley and go NW, go under the Bridge and then NE and to that gate you saw before, follow the caves NE to where you can hear the sound of the Chopper waiting for you, say goodbye to your companion (screenshot) and make it for the Chopper