The Genesis Project.

Level by Peter Tedstone (Storm Chaser)

Walkthrough by D&G Productions.

I will not mention all the Enemies, if the Enemies that will drop something I will mention that.

Lara starts where she just entered the base, slide down the slope at the end of the passage and jump over the water to get the Flares, use them when you climb up the NW ledge and turn left, spot the Laser sight at the burner ledge, stand in the middle of the NW ledge, take one step back and stand jump to the Laser sight when you expect the burner to go off, grab the Laser sight and if you happen to catch fire, quickly side jump left taking a Medipack if needed and land in the water.

Swim to the end of the tunnel and go up, circle the room to get some Flares and a small medipack and then climb the E ladder, go left and get the Flares, then go to the other side (S) and the alarms go off, shoot the Guard for his Uzis and proceed, go into the S passage for more Ammo and then turn back, go E and down onto a walkway in the room there.

The Ctrl Room.

1st Data Disk.

Drop from the walkway and take out the Guard to get his Revolver, hop on the machine NE to get the Ammo and go back up on the walkway, using the SE machine and go over the walkway to the N, the door will open for you, go through the next door and shoot a box to get the small medipack from it, go back to the passage and look up in the hole in the ceiling, to the right is a crawlspace, climb in and follow to Secret #1, a Radio. Go on and climb up right, just after the Fan, you’ll come to a Laser-pit. Run jump/grab over the 2 gaps and go left (believe me, that’s better), stand backwards to the pit and hop back, immediately backflip into the passage, sprint past the steam-blowers and in the end is a sloped ledge, stand jump over that ledge up into the N passage. Follow to the end where the 1st Data Disk is to be found in the pit.

Turn around, climb back out and go up the passage right (in the ceiling), climb up right at the steam-blower and follow to a slide back to that Laser-trap, go right and back to the S, through the crawlspace and S to the Ctrl room. Down from the walkway and to the N door, it will open for you.

Open the small door enter and the lights go on, throw the switch to open a door back in the passage, but first climb the ledge behind the switch and shoot the cover from the crawlspace, follow to a deep pit, filled with water, dive in and swim into the N tunnel, left in the end is an Access Card, roll and go straight (E) and follow to a tunnel with a grating halfway up, go right a bit and over the top of the grating to the E end of the tunnel, get out and climb the ladder in the next passage, go through the opening and right. Follow the stairs down into the lower room and shoot the Guard for his Ammo, get two small medipacks in the NE and SE corner and the Flares from the machine.

1st CD ROM.

Standing on the machine, you can shoot (pistols) a grating in the E wall, over that sloped ladder, inside is a Fuse-box with a small blue lamp, shoot that lamp from standing on the floor (a door opens far W). Go to the NW corner of the room and shoot the crate, get the 1st CD ROM from it and go back up the stairs and behind the fence W is the open door. Go down in the lower passage, shoot the fence and run jump/grab over the pool, go up right at the end and use your Access Card to open the gate.

Go left and back through the crawlspace, to the room with the switch, return S and run into the (right hand) W passage just before the door to the Ctrl room, a Gun turret opens fire, run into the left passage and follow to a switch that will open the door W. Go in to a yard with a Gun turret and run left/left into an alcove, get the small medipack and shoot the box on the crates from here, jump on the crates to get the Swipe Card that was in the box and hop behind the crates (S side).  

2nd CD ROM.

Look W and see a part of the fence there can be shot out, there’s a Guard in the far back you can take out with pistols from here and the run in, go to the N and jump around the corner to the ledge, then side jump onto the sloped ledge and shimmy to the gate. Use the Swipe Card to open the gate and go onto the walkway in the next room, drop down and go N, the door opens and inside a Gun turret will open fire, go behind the machines and to where you can look into the NE corner, shoot the box and a grating in the E wall and run for the box you shot, grab the 2nd CD ROM and hop into that opening E, climb up right in the end and get the Flares in that room.

Then go W and run sharp around the corner (Ball) grab Ammo in both corners and go to the W side of the room, get more Ammo in the NW and go up the ladder S to get back to the room with the walkways, go out E and over the pit to the area with the other Gun turret, run around the crates and get to the exit E.

2nd Data Disk.

After climbing back up take the left or right hand passage to go to where you can look into the room with the Gun turret, check your health. Notice the ladder just over the E exit and quickly get onto that ladder and go up. Now you are on top of the Ctrl Room, first go E for a small medipack and then go back. Over the ladder and left, shoot the grating you’ll walk straight into and go in, drop down in the end and slide into a big room, shoot the Guard for the Ammo and look on the S wall for a box. Shoot it and jump up to get the  2nd Data Disk. Go down and to the NW corner of the room in the passage is a gate that will open on approach, you’re back in the Ctrl room, shoot the Guard for the Ammo.

Go to the W side of the room and use a Data Disk in the Mainframe there, an Genesis Unit character (Demigod) will come and shoot you (you know… Run close to him, duck and shoot). He will leave you an Access Card. Use that Card on the E door and go in to a Subway Station.

Subway Station. (Advise: don’t save anywhere on the tracks !!!)

Run jump over the track and the train will just miss you shoot the Guard and he will drop another Swipe Card, get that and go to the NE corner and open the door. Shoot the Guard and get his Data Disk, then collect all Goodies and the Shotgun and go back out. Go to the N side rail tunnel, sprint in and… Sorry bad joke.

Just go up to the ladder on the left and go up, grab the small medipack and pull out a grated block in the back to get Secret #2, another Radio and go down to the track again, go just into the S tunnel and shoot a grating in front of a crawlspace up in the W wall. Get into the crawlspace and go over a Laser-trap. Stand jump/grab into the right hand passage at the next trap, and follow to a high drop into the block puzzle room.

Block Puzzle.

The objective here is to get an Access Card from the passage SE and open the NE passage. You need to move the blocks around in order to reach that objective. If you need some help, look at the map and follow the instructions:                                        

Move block 1 all the way S, push block 2 to the N and then pull block 3 out once. Go into the S room and move block 4 into the W  passage once, then pull block 1 to the W once, go into the E passage and get the Access Card, push block 3 once out W and then push it S into the room, get block 2 and move it into the Card passage. You can now pull out block 5 and move it aside so you can enter the NE passage to the next room. Get some Ammo to the right, shoot 2 Genesis Units and more Ammo is in the NE corner.

3rd CD ROM.

Go up the ladder S and open the door with the Access Card and run into the right hand trench in the next room with a Gun turret, jump up into the right hand opening, just before the end of the room, Throw the switch there and a door opens in the passage S from the Gun. Run back in the trench and jump up to that passage S, follow to a room with a production cube. Get a small medipack on the SE block and to shoot the grating on the CRAWLSPACE S. climb in and immediately out again, as a Genesis Unit opens fire from behind, go take him out and return to the CRAWLSPACE to get the 3rd CD ROM from it. Go back N and sprint past the Gun, down in the next room and up the NW ladders, get the small medipack on the platform halfway up and follow back to the Laser-traps. jump over and crawl back to the tracks.

The Production Room- 4th CD ROM.

Go N and then into the production room SE, to the SE and into the passage there. Go left and to the Production room, to the SW corner and get the 4th CD ROM from the production cube. Go to the E side and grab the Medipack from the block, run onto the SE block and jump onto the grated floor up in the ceiling, go to the end, over the gap and get Secret #3, a Radio. Go back the way you came and climb over the blocks E to get Ammo from the box. Hop back on the blocks and have a look at that robot arm putting another Genesis Unit together piece by piece.

Data Crystal. (Keep at least one Revolver bullet for the last part)

Go to the NE corner of the room and place the Data Disks in the mainframe at the door. Go into the now open door an left to place the 4 CD’s in the Mainframes there, a door opens NE. Go in and get the Grenade-gun from the box S, stand with your back to the sloped block at the central pillar and backflip/jump/grab to the pillar, get the Data Crystal from the top and run off fast, hop out of the room and shoot the 2 Genesis Units. The door S opened, go in and left, in the end is a Fuse box up on S wall, shoot the red lamp and the door W opens.

The Ultimate Genesis Unit.

 Go in there and run sharp left as the Ultimate Genesis Unit wakes up, jump onto the SE block along the S wall to get the Medipack and then run of, run left and hop onto the SW block for another Medipack, turn N and shoot that fence on the central machine, run jump up to the W end of that central machine, hop over that steaming tile to the E and throw the switch, jump back and go into the S passage, left where possible and then right, through the open door and left (right appears to be a dead end). Then go left again and into the green passage, take the Data Crystal back to HQ to be analysed as the level ends here.