A Witch Shall Be Born.

Level by Joseph Borrut.

Unauthorized Walkthrough by D&G Productions.

There are some expert jumps in this level, making it hard for the average player.


"The witch Morgana, found King Arthurs' sword Excalibur hidden in a lake. Now the sword is somewhere in Greenland, in Morgana's hideout, and Lara is looking for it".

The Waterfall cave.

Walk N and then go right into the opening E, keep left and hop onto the rock left. Go N from there and into the small tunnel, just inside and up to the left is an opening in the rocks, pull up on the E side slanted rock and backflip into the opening, follow to where you have to jump over the tunnel and get Secret #1, a Medipack. Hop back into the water and go S, back the way you came and W, stepping out into the open again, go to the SW cave in the S wall, swim right and climb on the block to the left when you see a brick ledge W.

Jump/grab (don’t pull up yet) to the ledge W and shimmy all the way to the left, you’ll see a small tunnel in the water behind you. pull up at the pedestal in the end and get the Flares, in the water is a strong current, dive in and swim against the current aiming left for the small tunnel E, get in and get Secret #2, a Medipack.

Then swim back to the block from which you jumped to the ledge and do the same again, now run to that Skeleton S and quickly grab the Detonator, hop back fast (turning right), so you’ll end back up into the water as Blades will come at you from both sides, swim to the block once more and time the run jump onto the ledge, start the run jump as the blades come out of the N passage and sprint in there. Go left into the passage and walk slow, Spikes will pop out of the wall and the dead Guy hanging in those Spikes has some Explosives for you so grab those and head N, open the trapdoor and swim through the small tunnel back to the Waterfall Cave.

Go to the SE opening in the S wall and look for a black rock formation on the S side of the water, climb up on the narrow ledge and place the Bomb (combine detonator and Explosives), backflip and wait for things to happen, now get into that new opening and follow that river, drop down once and go to the next opening, overlooking a wide cave.

The Lake cave.(lower level of the Waterfall cave)

Drop/hang from the edge and shimmy right around the corner, drop and find the crawlspace in the SW. hop over the pit in the corner and crawl into the next crawlspace. Run jump sharp around the left corner to the ledge NE and jump/grab up W to the block under the monkey swing, go over to a crawlspace in the green plants and get in, go straight to the dark wall and save with a Flare in hand, pull up and slide, jump left so you will slide backwards from the next slope, grab the edge and better save again there. Pull up and backflip. Jump from the next block and grab the ledge. Walk around the corner and stand left, Save, hop back and just run in, immediately jump and grab the next ledge.

Walk to the other side and from the middle you can stand jump around the right hand corner walk to the waters edge and stand left, turn N and jump/grab the vegetation on the wall there, go up a bit and then climb right past the opening and around the corner into the corner where the vegetation stops, go hang about 5 steps from the waterline and backflip to a rock in the water, do stand jumps over the rocks to the NW and then to the button W, push it to open a wall W, run jump with a sharp curve to the SW rock right of that opening and hop in (you can also use the vegetation on W wall to climb there).

Hammer rooms.

Go in and get a Medipack, you’ll get a cut scene of a lever too, walk slowly up to the feet of the Skellie with the Ammo and the Hammer will come down, take a step forward and take the Ammo, one step back and wait for the Hammer to lift so you can run past it. Follow to the next set of Hammers (there’s a Laser sight under those Hammers, you can take it later). As the right hand Hammer lifts into it’s alcove, follow it in, stay right and go past it, follow the dark passage to a small gate that will open for you. Your in the Hammer room now, look over the hammers to the W and notice the gate there, you’ll be running to that gate in a bit, notice the sequence of the Hammers lifting, one at a time and go to the next room with Burners to the right and blocks left. Do stand jumps over those blocks and find a switch in the left hand corner, save in front of that Timed switch (that will open the gate you saw)and here’s the route:

Timed Hammer run.

Pull the switch and hit “look” to get out of the cut scene and start to do side jumps left over those blocks, run forward and right and at the moment the first Hammer lifts, run in and start sprint when you are at the 3rd Hammer, now you can sprint into the open gate (it will take a few tries though)

Laser sight and Revolver.

The switch there will open up a wall behind the W Hammer at the Laser sight, so go out and right, run into the E passage as the hammer lifts and find the crawlspace up in the right hand wall, follow to that lever you saw earlier and throw it to stop all hammers and open all the gates in these passages, go E and down the stairs, right and into the Hammer room, pass the Hammers (both sides available now) and in the W passage with the 2 Hammers you can now take the Laser sight (cut scene of the Lake cave with an artifact on a wall). Follow the passage to the S and into the next gate right, follow to the dark alcove to the right and get the Revolver from the pedestal. Go on and head E to get back to the Lake cave.

Jump out to the rock to the right and turn, jump/grab up to that block under the monkey swing again and turn around, look for that artifact (Bird) on the tower and shoot it, a bridge comes out into the Lake, grab the monkey swing and drop onto the bridge, go over to the tower in the bridge, shoot out the windows as the gates won’t open, side-jump into the tower and side jump to the E part of the bridge, go to the Castle E and to the right is a button that will open the gates in the bridge tower (bit late). Now go follow this passage and up the stairs, go left and push open the 2nd a 3rd wooden door to the right and go into the Library, on the desk, (just hop on) is a red Book, pick it up and go to the S wall, the bookcase in the middle has a gap where the Book fits, the fireplace opens up.

Go in and up the ladder in the chimney, go right at the next crossing and push the cabinet out of the way, step into the bedroom and go to the bed, climb up the canopy and get the Cylinder. Get down and in the corner of the room is a pedestal with the Iron Key, now go stand under the chandelier on the ceiling, facing W and jump/grab up (it’s actually a switch and opened up a grating in the crawlspace behind the cabinet and that’s a shortcut for later). Go back down the ladder in the chimney and out of the library, left and left again, to come to a small courtyard with a fountain. Go NE, and in the room with the Knights, you can turn the right hand shield and a secret passage opens up. Round the corner left is a Medipack, then go NE and to a lava room.

The Lava room.

Jump/grab with an angle to the slanted block N, shimmy right and pull up, and back flip and keep jumping to spot the wall you have to grab, to the right of the N block, slide to the end of the S block and jump with a right curve to grab that wall. Shimmy right and drop at the button. A Knight comes to life as you push the button. Grab the wall again and go right, as far as you can and pull up. Back flip and jump back with a right curve to grab the next part of the wall, go right again and when you can’t go further, pull up and backflip, slide and jump back to grab a ledge on to of the wall. Turn around and jump/grab into the N open gate. Follow the passage to a pit (spot a switch up in front) and run jump straight in to jump from the slanted block and land on the other side.

Go to the next part of the challenge, stand at the edge of the floor and look around the corner to the left to spot the slanted block over that small waterfall. Stand left and slide, then jump and curve sharp left, jump again as you hit the corner of the block so you’ll backflip into the opening there. Inside is a pushblock and after pushing it twice you can use the switch you saw before (opens a gate at the start of the Lava room) and then go to the pushblock and climb up in the crawlspace to the left, follow all the way to the top of the Lava room, jump out left and follow the ledges to grab up to the roof S, shimmy all the way to the right and get Secret #3, a Medipack in the passage there.

Go to the slope at the entrance of this passage, check your health and stand against the S wall, run onto the slope and just let go, you’ll land on one of those blocks you started on, jump again and slide/jump sharp right to grab that wall, shimmy right past the button and follow the same way up to that passage with the switch and pushblock. Now look out SE from where you land after the backflip and spot the opening behind the waterfall. Run jump in there and follow the passage, there’s a balcony to the right (which we’ll come back to later) and if you continue S you’ll come to another balcony overlooking the small courtyard with the fountain, look S and spot the crawlspace in the black rocks.

First go NW and into the right hand passage, down the steps to come to a gate, open it with the switch to create a shortcut for later and return to that balcony, go to the SW corner and open the door with that Iron Key to create a shortcut to the bedroom. Head back into the NE corner of the balcony and backup in the passage you came from before, stand right facing S, turn left a bit and run jump to the corner of those black rocks with a left curve and when you get onto the rocks, you’ll slide of, grab the edge and shimmy right to pull up in the crawlspace, follow to an Icy floor (save here) and you’ll slide, just around the corner is a ladder, jump and grab that ladder before you go right.

Go up to the top of the roofs and run jump far to the right, grab the roof as you slide off and go left to a crawlspace in the rocks, inside is the Metallic Dragon. Crawl backwards out of the other end of the passage and you’ll drop back at the Icy floor, this time just slide to the end and you’ll end up in the small courtyard. Go out W and follow the stairs back to the Library, go past the entrance to the balcony at the Lake cave and follow the passage to that gate you opened before, and follow up to the balcony over the courtyard, go left and into the passage left (N) to come to that balcony left, run jump over the fence to grab the rope and swing/jump/grab over to the other side. 

On the balcony is a Cogwheel, but first open the door in the passage to the left to create another shortcut route. Turn the wheel about 7-8 times and turn right, jump over the fence to the red canopy below, run off and roll and sprint to the open door behind the throne, hit “Alt” to roll in . Just right around the corner is a switch that will reopen the door, opposite the switch is a broken switch and you can use the Metallic Dragon to operate the switch, a set of stairs appears left of you. Well there’s nothing you can do here anymore right now, so head out and to the courtyard E, into the W passage from there, follow to the Library, go in and up the chimney, go left and through the crawlspace you opened there before.

Follow this winding passage back to the Waterfall cave and go over to the SW cave in the S wall, swim to that same block and climb out. You’ll have to get to that pedestal left (S) on the ledge, watch the health as you shimmy along the ledge and pull up at the pedestal. Run jump to the ledge SW and get into the W passage, go slow at that different colored tile and Save, the floor will open as you step on it. Slide and when you get to the hole in the ceiling, you have to jump/grab up to a passage above, go into the lower part and come to a nice door, place the Cylinder and don’t get to far back, where Lara stands will be safe. Watch that great door open up and walk into the Lava Chamber.

The Lava Chamber.

Run jump to that NW ledge in the lava and do a run jump into that niche NW, just past the grey pillar, face NE and stand back to do a hard jump. A run jump with a bit of a left curve AND a roll in mid air, when you hit the slanted side of the block jump and grab a crawlspace in the W wall, pull up, turn right and crawl to the ledge N of the crawlspace, look E and jump to the flat ledge next to the block, spot the niche in the E wall and run jump/grab to it, shimmy right around the corner and pull up at the end, crawl to a Medipack and stand in the opening of another room with a deadly floor.

The Dragons Lair.

Just a run jump (no grab) to the opening in the fence on the bridge E, go right and see the Sword Excalibur on the pedestal, get your bearings first, you have to run SW in a bit. Go get the Sword and a flyby shows bars opening up, but also a Dragon coming up from a hole in the Lava. Quickly get over to the SW and jump into the opening (you better to do this in a continuing run coming from the Sword, run along the left side of the bridge, curve right to just go around the fence and already curve left when you leave the bridge, you have to jump around a nasty column) Better Save when you managed this. Go down the stairs and get a Medipack in the passage. To the right is an obvious Timed switch, which will bring up platforms in the next Lava pit.

Timed Platform Jumps.

You have to pull, hop back twice, turning left on the second hop. Run to the S and run jump to the most right hand corner of the 1st platform, curve sharp left while running and jump to the 2nd platform, landing on the right hand side, then run jump with a left curve to the 3rd platform, curve right and jump to the E ledge, get into the passage there and grab the Medipack, run to the S and better first take care of the Demigod, before you go to the next Timed switch in the S end of the passage. That switch will bring out the platforms again. Pull, backflip/roll and run out left, run jump to the platform, stand-jumps to the next platforms and a run jump to the Timed switch in the SW corner, take out another Demigod and pull the switch.

Backflip roll and sprint N, jump to the platform to the right and then to the brick ledge around the shrine, go up the steps and inside is a Chain that will open a door, get the Medipack and run jump from the brick ledge to the E floor. Go N through the E passage, up the steps and come back into the Dragons Lair.

Run jump out to the left to get to the grey ledge and run jump to the next W, from there back W onto the bridge and go right, right again and past the pedestal to the end, stay left on the bridge so you can immediately jump into the SE passage. Follow up to the upper floor and go right around the corner to get another Medipack, hop over the fence W to land on the roof of a shrine and get the Maze, from picking that up face straight W and walk back to the E end of the roof, stand jump over the W edge of the roof to land on a platform below and enter the shrine, use the Maze on the Gong and the Dragon is history… From the platform a run jump to the bridge NW and go to those grey ledges where the Dragon was, hop over the fence and get the Dragon’s Tooth.

Back to the bridge, E and into that SE passage again, up the stairs and now go S, look for a receptacle for the Dragon’s Tooth just around the corner of the pillar, a cable spanning the room becomes accessible, grab up from facing W and shimmy all the way to the opposite balcony, go W and place the sword Excalibur in the Anvil, the doors N open up. Pull the Sword out again, from the side of the Anvil and enter the room with the Teleporter that will bring you back to a room opposite the Library, go right and then left, follow through the courtyard to the NE and in the Knights room you can use the Sword Excalibur on the left hand shield. The secret door opens and inside you will find Skelos’ Book, go out and left/left into that room behind the throne and down the stairs, follow to a room with a mysterious table, jump to it and put the Book on the table to perform the Ritual, watch the flyby and a “Witch is Born”…