Underworld - Unfinished Business 3.

The Plain of Jars.

A custom Tomb Raider game by: Titia Drenth and Richard Lawther.

Unauthorized walkthrough by D&G Productions (and only written for dutchy.info)


Underworld Unfinished Business story (continuing)

The Lizard King is dead but the other Dark Souls are causing trouble - and threatening to send the whole Underworld into chaos. It is believed that the three principle Dark Souls have retreated to the lowest reaches of Lower Hell. Team Anubis were successful in summoning the Ghost Train and now Lara Croft and Demon Smalls are in pursuit of the Dark Souls.

The Plain of Jars story

The Ghost Train has arrived at the outer shell of Lower Hell -- an endless desert known as ĎThe Plain of Jarsí. It is the last resting place of agnostics and virtuous pagans. Lara Croft and Demon Smallsí mission is to discover the path that will take them down into The Asylum - the true Realm of the Damned.

In this set of levels Lara will receive extensive help from the ever-resourceful Demon Smalls and also from the agnostic souls she releases.


Level 1 Ė The Plain of Jars - 1.

(Donít get too close to those Skull signs standing in the desert, as you will end up at the start of the level again, they will come in handy if you might have triggered Beetles, just run out and start again (youíll keep all things you collected already.)

Go to the place that little white creature (Demon Smalls) went, around the front of the train to the W and to the N side of the building there, on the wall next to the steps are some Flares for you, then go to W again, to the sides there are 2 buildings (careful at those mushroom fields, some contain Beetles) weíll get to later in the end of the game, so continue W and get to a Signpost near a distant Arch, the many levels are written on the signs. Head for the Arch now and at the signpost follow the Tower of Babel sign, so go SW and enter the building there. Go either side and be taken to the next level.


Level 2 Ė The Tower of Babel.

After the beautiful flyby, have a look around and notice 3 gates around the central pit and they are numbered I to III. Go to the NE corner and pick up a small medipack (Magic Elixir), head to the pit, have a look in that pit and spot the block with the Ammo. Get over there and grab Shotgun and Ammo. Climb back out of the pit and to the SW corner, go down some steps and open the manifold there, go down and through the passage with some Spike-traps, in the next room is an opening in the wall to the left (Secret and not reachable right now), so go straight and pick up the Gate Key in the last room. Head back and climb out of the manifold, go NE again and on the building there is a lock for that Gate Key. Pull the switch inside (opens all three gates around the Pit) and go out, left and right into the open #I gate in N wall.

Gate #I. (N)

(Those Skellie birds are easily dealt with by standing with your back in a corner and then you can just shoot them with pistols, saves precious Ammo.)

Dive in the pit and swim through the opening below, up the shaft there and climb out. Look for a Valve on the W pipes and open it, go NW and find some Ammo near the ladder, go down that ladder and find more Ammo in that room, look for a Skull switch to push and that will open a trapdoor near the ladder NW, go down that new ladder and youíre back on ground floor, go out to the Tower, go right around the pit and into the next gate W.

Gate #II. (W)

Follow the passage over a nasty Spike-pit and down to a pool. Donít get into the water (you can go back later if you want the Ammo on the bottom, when these rooms are drained), but run jump/grab the ladder, run jump to the W floor from the top of the pillar and open the Valve there, drop to the ledge below and go back up to the Tower. Head S and enter the Gate there.

Gate #III. (S)

Get some Ammo at the pipe NE, then dive into the pool and find the tunnel E, time the Spike-traps and immediately swim up in the next room (strong current near the bottom). In the E is another Valve to open, the flyby shows that all 3 rooms have drained and the water is now in the pit under the Tower. Find the ladder in the other side of the room, go down and up the blocks E, jump through the Spike-traps and find the ladder in the pit there, go to the flooded pit under the Tower. (Go for that Ammo in the dry pit of gate II now)

The Tower.

First go to the SE corner and find an opening behind the sloped S wall, jump in there. From the sloped mound to the right and hereís a nice sign, wonder whatís to be found hereÖ follow to a room with some contraptions and a pedestal in a Spiked floor. Go stand on the lower part (SE or SW corner of it) of the mound with the breaktile on top and stand jump onto that tile, roll and run left to do a run jump to the ladder over the pedestal, grab in the last moment and go up fast to avoid being Spiked (takes a few tries) Then time the drop down and run forward to the pedestal, get Secret #1, the Bronze Medal. Turn around and time the jump back through the Spikes, go back to the Tower.

First go to the SW corner, you know, where you opened that manifold before and that passage is flooded now, swim past the Spike-traps and in the 1st room you can now swim into that hole in the wall, get Secret #2, the Peu (Uzis) and swim back to the Tower.

Dive into the pit, swim to the SE side of the central tower and find a slanted block, opposite a ladder. Climb up the middle and backflip/roll/grab to the ladder and even before Lara gets her feet up go left around the corner, hang in a corner of the ladder and go up, then left till you hang a bit over a slanted block below and let go, grab that block and pull up. Jump/grab to the Monkey swing and go forward to the end of this stretch. Then left, hang on the end and now you have to drop/grab another slanted block below. Pull up and even from the top of that block an immediate jump/grab to the next Monkey swing. Follow that to the end and drop/grab the ladder on the pillar. Go down to the water and backflip/roll/grab the ladder under the ledge with the Medipack (Manna from Heaven).

Hop back and grab the ladder on this ledge again, from the water line a backflip/roll/grab to the other ladder and go left around 2 corners, 2 steps from the water line and backflip/roll onto a slanted block, jump with a left curve to land on the ledge with the Skull switch and push it to get the ladder out an the ledge where you got the Medipack. Now run jump and grab the last ladder you used and go right to backflip to the new ladder, go up to the ledge above and then jump to the E, look on the side of the Tower and spot the break ledge, face SE and stand jump to it, immediately a side jump right and on the ledge with the Skellie is a switch that will bring out a pole on the NW corner of the Tower.

You could attempt a curved run jump back around the E side of the Tower (which we didnít manage) or run jump down to that ledge with the Skull switch (NE) and run jump back to the ladders, you know where to goÖ. Go up the pole and backflip to the ledge above and jump to the pillar N, get some Ammo and look for a blue ledge N, run jump/grab to it and run jump to the next, then run jump/grab to the grated pillar N and go E along the window to get some Ammo, then follow the ledges to the W and run jump/grab around the corner to the block sticking out of the wall. In the corner of the building there, is a crack in the W wall, grab and go shimmy left, you can drop onto the 1st ledge below and run jump/grab S. Use the switch to raise a block where you came from (NW), so jump back to the last ledge and use the crack to shimmy onto that block, climb up E and go for the 1st Horns Symbol.

Drop onto the grated pillar below (to the right of the pedestal and loosing a little health) or use the same route as before, jumping along the N wall to get there and get back over the blue ledges to the ledge with the pole and from the most SW point of the ledge at the pole, a stand jump into the opening SE, face E and run jump with a curve to land on one of the slanted sides and keep jumping towards the ledge with the pedestal, once on the greenish blocks you can just slide down and get the 2nd Horns Symbol.

Now face SW from standing at the pedestal and stand jump onto those slanted blocks again, keep jumping right till you reach that flat SW pillar (maybe the last jump has to be a slide to the end and then jump right to get high enough). From the pillar a run jump/grab to the blue ledge S and run off to the E to land on the lowest ledge, run jump/grab S to the balcony and look up right to spot the Timed platform. Go left, use the ladder to go jump over the ledges to the E corner, save in front of the switch (timed by the way, but not too tight a run). Pull/roll and stand jump to the first ledge, then do runjumps to the last ledge at the big window and there grab the platform that went up, quickly pull up and jump to the pedestal with the 3rd Horns Symbol.

Drop down at the platform and go jump back to the blue ledge, go up the pole and backflip to that ledge halfway up. run jump/grab back to the pillar on the Tower and jump to the NW ledge with the Skellie, blast him off the ledge and climb the ladder up E and get the 4th Horns Symbol.

Go back down the ladder, go jump back to the N pillar and climb the ladder up E, follow the ledge and jump around the corner, in the end you can drop/hang from the side of the building and drop/grab to a crawlspace below, get in and in the room with the burner you have to carefully walk up to the ladder and grab up, go to the next floor, get some Ammo in the NE and grab up to the one above from the central hole. On the top floor here is only one slanted block thatís high enough to get to the ledge around this floor, and thatís the SW one, stand with your back to the SE block, against the left wall and run jump with a roll onto the SW block and then jump with a sharp right curve to land on the ledge where the 4 Horns Symbols can be placed. Climb one of the blocks and run jump to that elevator platform to be taken up to the Plain of Jars.

Secret count 2 including the Bronze Medal.

The Plain of Jars - 2.

Pick up the Air Element from the pedestal and jump/grab to the ladder on the SW structure, shoot the cage and see a Soul escape, turn around and see the new platform raised on the building. Run jump to it and run jump/grab to the next platform, the next 2 are breakable, so jump/grab and hang before you pull up and jump to the next higher one, shimmy left and from the corner with the burning ledge to the left, pull up and side jump left to land on the safe corner of the 1st burner ledge, save and run jump/grab to the N ledge, shimmy left to the corner and pull up, side jump left again and drop grab off the edge, shimmy to the right around the corner and pull up un the next corner, stand jump to the ledge N to land on the corner and now the last run jump to the roof of the building.

Follow the stairs down to where you can go into the W room to push a Skellie switch that will open the gate N, go in to the N room and go to where you see a ladder outside, run jump/grab and go up to the darker part of the ladder, backflip/roll and grab the roof, go left to the corner and backflip/roll/grab a platform, grab up to the Monkey swing and go to the end of it, jump/grab the ladder on the wall and go down to where you can enter the building again. Go out on a balcony and go left a bit, look on the W side for the bars on the pillar and grab those, climb around to the ladder.

High Altitude.

Go down and grab into the crack, follow to a ladder, go up and use the Monkey swing ahead to go through that lava passage, drop in front of an alcove with a Skellie switch push it to get out a ladder block outside, use the slanted block next to the alcove to backflip/jump/grab the Monkey swing again and head back, drop at the hole with the ladder and go over the hole to the opening in the wall, drop back to the balcony and go to the S side. Jump/grab to the ladder E and go up to that ladder block, stand jump/grab to the higher ledge S and go up the next ladder. On top shoot the cage to set free another Soul and the gate opens N.

Timed Platforms.

Go in and save in front of the switch, pull, hop back with a right curve while in cut scene, run jump up the S floor, curve right and run jump to the platform on the W side of the roof, a running jump/grab will get you hanging from the next platform, I just pulled up and jumped onto the roof to the right, grab the edge and shimmy left to the flat floor.

Follow to a pit, pull up onto the roof and start jumping to the other side, if you shimmy, Blades will cut you. On the other side, you can go down a ladder and shoot another one of those cages, watch the flyby as Demon Smalls is coming over with a Torch, strange Spike plants retract and another entrance with those Spike plants is shown. From standing with your face against the ladder do a backflip to the ledge where the cage was, run of into the gap between the ledges and grab the edge of the small roof as you slide off, one more drop/grab and shimmy left till you can safely drop to the floor next to that deep hole, go into the N passage and from the opening where you jumped to the ladder a safety drop onto the sloped ledge below, slide to the ground.

Head around the building to the S and come to that Hourglass structure you saw in the flyby, the Torch is waiting for you, grab it and light it. head back to the W side of the building and to those Spike plants you saw in the flyby, Save and throw the Torch between the plants to see what happens the plants didnít retract two times in earlier attempts. Only when I threw the Torch from the NW side it worked. Go through the safe path and enter the building. Follow into Hells Arboretum.


Level 3 Ė Hells Arboretum.

In that great garden are some nice little creatures running around. Go left around the deadly pool and into the N passage (if you come too close to a plant on the other corner, Locust will come out), get the small medipack and go to the next room after you saved, nasty plant here, (couldnít shoot it) just look at the ceiling and jump over the safe ledges that show up white on the ceiling, to get to the N side, go left and climb the plant in the next room, backflip off and go S, save in front of those Flame emitters, grab the Monkey swing and time the emitters to get past them, first go into the right hand alcove for a Medipack and then to the end of the passage, follow up to the top of the Arboretum.

Go all the way to the W and get Ammo from the pedestal, the use the clean spaces on the bridges with the Spike plants to get across to the S side, go W and hop over to a ledge with a Skull switch, push it to open a gate where you climbed the plant before, now go E along the ledges and get the Ammo, go to the E end and spot a crack in the wall, run jump/grab to the crack and shimmy left to the alcove, in the vegetation is a walkthrough wall, grab up and go get Secret #1, Ammo and Flares. Go out and drop to the ground floor, re-enter the N side and hop past that nasty plant again, up the plant to the 1st floor and out the W door. Follow N and go down the 1st plant you seem hereís the Mushroom Pool.

The Mushroom Pool.

Run jump to the NW onto the tilted mushroom and backflip into the room, throw the lever to change the position of Mushrooms and open the exit gate. Walk out to the Mush-pool and see the opening you saw in the cut scene to the right (N). Now aim for the right hand side of the Mush. Run jump onto the one behind the one you back flipped from earlier and then slide to the end of it, jump and jump again going right, curve sharp left so you hit the Mush. there and now keep jumping with a bit of right curves to land in that N opening, again throw a lever to change position of the Mushes and go to the SE point of this floor.

Run jump onto the SE Mush. And keep jumping (before last jump with a sharp right curve) till you end up in the E room again. now you can do the same all over and youíll go in the W direction and then S, be careful, you have to keep jumping forwards other wise you will not be able to correct your direction and take the left hand Mush, where you have the choice of 2 directions and you will end up in the S room. Throw the lever to change the direction of the mushes to the W opening (cut scene of a phial on a pedestal).

Walk to the NE corner of the floor and do a sharp right curved run jump to the Mush around the corner, again a sharp right curve to land on the ledge with the lever, this will change position of a mush and open the gate to the entrance passage. From there run jump over the first mush W, then sharp right, next left curves and at the 2 mushes you can go left or right, take the right hand one and end up in the W alcove with the Phial of Plant Pheromones. The flyby shows that the plants no longer see you as an enemy as the pheromones mask your smell and the last shot is of Sentry-gun plants, also de-activated.

Look N and spot the plant in the opening, climb in and go up the plant, follow the passage and at the 2nd plant go down and jump back over that pool with the sleeping plant to reach the ground floor of the Arboretum. Go around the right hand side of the deadly pond and into the opposite S opening, climb the plant and backflip to the upper ledges at the sign that reads "Plant pheromones mask the smell of enemies", you saw that one beforeÖ Take either passage and go into the hall with the Sentry-plants, go around the central flower bed to see them smelling you (fun) and go into the E Air Section.

Air Section- Table puzzle for the Manure Crystal.

Follow to a Scroll on a pedestal and take the "Summon Demon Smalls", continue to a room with low tables, donít go onto the tables yet, follow (along the E side as to the W is a Locust plant) to the NW corner and push the Skull-switch, go back and into the now open SE gate. Place the Scroll to summon Demon Smalls, which reluctantly comes to help you, he uses his Stethoscope to listen at the table and says OK, step on the table and go to the brown ones in the next room itís not too hard, just hop on a table and hear Demon Smalls say "get back" or "Yes, Yes" and in case you jumped to the wrong one, just hop back to the previous one and pick another, in the end the gate N will open and you can get the Manure Crystal. Go back to the hall with the Sentry-plants and enter the W Water Section.

Water Section Ė Water Crystal.

Follow the passages through the pools and to a deadly pool with swinging Thorn plants. Walk up close to the 1st plant and face SW. Stand jump to the ledge in front of the S opening and jump/grab in, push the Skull-switch and a block goes up out in the pool, stand jump out left to that block and run jump/grab N, shimmy around the right corner and pull up at the pillar, run jump to the block W and jump/grab to the crawlspace in N wall, go in and use the Monkey swing to go over the pit, crawl to a lower passage with a Skull-switch that will open the gate in the deadly pool area, go back and climb down to the water line before you backflip to the block, run jump to the ledge at the gate and start the run as that plant swings right.

Inside you can get the Water Crystal from the pedestal and the deadly pool floods with clear water, so go back and jump in, swim across and climb out E, follow back and that other pool is now deadly, just run jump/grab over, go on to the hall and take the S Earth Section now.

Earth Section Ė Seedpot.

Go to the garden with the Fire Lilies and time the run past them, in the end of that straight is a ladder hidden in the vegetation S. jump/grab and go up into a passage that leads to the top of a room with plants, do a safety drop down onto the path and go into the S passage to come to a Skull-switch, push and watch the flyby, 2 doors opened by plants. Head back and enter the room behind those doors, pull/push the 2 plants you saw walk in here onto the Tiles left and right of the gate and go in to get the Seedpot. Go back to the previous room where the exit opened now, follow back past those Fire Lilies to the hall and go N, jump/grab the plant and go back to the ground floor of the Arboretum.

Go to the W side and place the Manure Crystal on the N side contraption and the Water Crystal S, then go to the central flowerbed where water and Manure are flowing in richly, put the Seedpot in the center of that flowerbed. Watch the flyby of an enormous Beanstalk growing from that seed and walk straight up to it, climb the bean stalk (on the E side of it) to the top and go down about 5 steps, then backflip/roll/grab the liana behind you and swing to the E floor. Go E and then left into a room with a big menacing looking plant. Behind the plant is a crawlspace and on the W wall is the Silver Medal sign, go into the crawlspace to push a Skellie-switch and go back to the plant. The gate in the W passage is now open, go around the deadly pool to the NW corner (jump over that lava in the corner).

The Silver Medal.

Walk out S onto the ledge with the Spike-plant and check your health before you attempt this, go into that plant a bit, so you can quickly grab up to the Monkey swing tiles above, go forward to the last tile and only one step onto that one, drop/slide to the end and jump with a roll onto the brick slanted block. Jump/grab back, maybe youíll miss grabbing the break tiles, donít worry, just slide backwards to the end of the mushroom to land on the brick block as high as possible and jump/grab again. When on the break tile, you have to grab the overhead Monkey swing quickly ands go all the way to the other end of it (against the wall), turn around and drop, run S and grab the edge of the S breaktile, shimmy right and pull up in the passage with Secret #2, a Medipack and the Silver Medal.

Run off the edge to the E and go back to that dangerous plant, follow back to the beanstalk, Go over the ledges left or right and get into the W opening. Hop on the table and it will lift you up to the Plain of Jars again.

Secret count 4 including the Bronze- and Silver Medal.


The Plain of Jars - 3.

Turn around and get the Palace Key from the pedestal, then go out N and shoot the cage to set the Soul free, back inside and to the S side terrace, get the Earth Element from the niche left and go to the open gate S, run out onto the ledge to the right and below and go drop down, then down the stairs and follow to the N again, drop from the same opening as before and go to the E, pass under the Arch and follow the sign to the Palace of Elements. Go inside and into that niche with the mirror S, place the Key and the gates open up. Go into the E gate and hop onto that Teleporter.


Level 4 Ė Realm of the Water Pagan.

A great flyby ends with the deliverance of a message by Demon Smalls and a Flask of Demon Smalls Pee, the flask with his "Home brew" has to be "placed behind the Big statue and he will take care of the rest".

Go W and dive into the big pool there, climb out in the N and go past a Skull-switch to another pool, go right and jump onto the sloped W block in the shaft there, just let go and slide to the bottom, use the Skull-switch and get a screenshot of a pole that went up in the entrance of this room. Face E and stand under the sloped blocks, backflip and keep jumping till you can grab the last ledge, shimmy left to the entrance to climb up.

Go left, in the entrance to this big room is now a pole to the left, go up and backflip into the passage to the 1st floor of the pool room, go l and throw the switch to activate the giant Candy. Look over the candy to spot the Monkey swing and just stand jump to the candy, jump/grab the Monkey swing and turn around, drop/grab onto the Jump switch and land back at the entrance, the gate there opened now. Use the Skull-switch and go up the pole again, there are now 3 Candy rolls in the room.

What I did was: Jump up to the first and jump/grab the Monkey swing again, hang where you grabbed, but shimmy right as far as possible ("shift" and right key), then drop and immediately start jumping, keep right so you can jump to that grey slanted ledge on the pole, curve right to hit the last and slide off that one backwards, grab and pull up, backflip/roll/grab the block at the Zip-line. NowÖ You may have already spotted that Medipack at the end of the Zip-line and if you want it you have to go there before using the Zip-line, otherwise a block will go up over the Secret, which it is. So run jump and grab into the windowsill N and go to the W end, from there a run jump sharp around the corner of the pillar, not hitting that blocked Tile and grab Secret #1, a Medipack.

1st Paganís Gem.

Dive in and swim W, then left and climb out in the far S, in the room with the Fountain is a pushblock in the right hand alcove, get it out and go in to push a Skellie-switch, go to the other side of the fountain where a block lowered. Inside that passage youíll find the 1st Paganís Gem. Go back out to the Fountain and dive in, swim into a tunnel W and get a small medipack. Spot the Paganís Gem behind the glass panel and swim back. Go N and swim to the 3rd fountain, climb up the right hand side from facing N and stand jump/grab to the E side, go left and use the switch on the pillar to see a gate opening up.

Dive in again and swim right around the corner, pull up on the right hand side of the middle fountain there and jump/grab to the S side, go up in the opening in the wall and follow to a pole. Climb up to backflip in a passage, follow up till you look out over the fountain area, look left and see the zip-line, a hardly visible platform to the left is reachable with a sharp left curved run jump out of this passage. Get up in the alcove with the Zip-line and use it to go over to the ladder (keep "Ctrl" pressed) on the other side, climb into the passage and follow up to a slide. Save here and slide down backwards, grabbing the edge, safety drop (wellÖ safety) into a room with a Hammer god.

The Hammergod.

In the SE corner is a block with a Jump switch, only problem is the block is surrounded by Spikes and you have to time the run jump to the spot under the Jump switch (between block and wall, get onto the block and watch the flyby of Demon Smalls looking in the book of spells and trying to find a spell to get rid of the Hammergod, FireÖ Well that didnít work. Jumpgrab to the Jump switch and get onto the block again and run jump W from the highest part, run to the w wall and go right, jump in the opening W of the other block and grab up to get a Medipack. Another flyby of D. Smalls and this time he brings out the troops to help him. Just wait it out and donít try to help them by shooting, it will bring you only trouble.

2nd Paganís Gem.

The Hammergod will finally give in and leaves the Hammer Key. Go get that and open the S wall with it (notice the lock after placing the Key), go in and follow to the top of the first room with Golden support beams. Just under the left one you can see another one of those transparent platforms, run jump to that with a left curve and run jump/grab into the S passage, get the 2nd Paganís Gem.

3rd Paganís Gem.

Run into the hole in front and climb up on the Fountain, grab Secret #2, a small medipack from it and swim around the pool, there are 4 blue blocked trigget tiles in the corners and after you triggered them a wall will lower in another pool, so climb out N and go over to that N pool, dive in and find the alcove W, inside is Secret #3, a Medipack. Swim out and straight E. climb out and go to the next pool E. Find an open gate in the N wall and follow in to find the 3rd Paganís Gem in the windowsill left. After taking it go W and up the stairs to the right, follow to an opening right and go into the room with the Spike-traps. Stand near the E candle and run jump to the Spike ledge when you expect them to be up as you land on it, run jump through to the next with a little right curve and curve sharp right to jump to the last and from there to the safety of the N ledge. Get the Hammer Key and go swim back. Go right to that block and the receptacle for the Key and go through the wall as it will lower. Follow the long stairs up to the top of the room with the fountains. Dive down and swim straight S, go right after the 2nd fountain and find the hole SW in the lower part of the floor, follow the winding tunnel to a big room with lots of pillars.

4th Paganís Gem in The Maze.

Go N and in the end left, follow to the W till you see a brown Tile (Timed block) to the left, go S over the tile and crawl under the wall, climb up the block left and jump up E, turn around there and look NW, thatís where you have to jump to later. Go E now and hop over to the brown ledge and save as that Timed block went up. Stand on the E side of the ledge, face W to where you came from, do 2 stand jumps and then run jump NW over the block you climbed up from before and run off that ledge to the N side, stand jump onto the timed block and up to the E ledge.

Crawl in and hop to the E, grab up to a crack right and go around to a ladder, go up and left, hop S and drop/hang from the edge to shimmy left, pull up and jump out to the ledge W. Grab up on the W pillar and go around left and jump the ledges to the N and then NE twice, on the ledge there will finally be a lower part of wall on the S side, go up to the top and in the E is a hole where a small medipack awaits you, then go to the central hole and drop down into the water.

Swim to a crossing and go left (to the right is the exit for later), keep looking up for an air pocket after some ups and downs and save there, face W and dive down, swim into the next small room and right. In that NE corner is an under water ceiling lever, pull it to see a block go down, better get back for air first and face W again, swim down to the small room and straight up into the SW corner and follow the tunnel to the 4th Paganís Gem, swim back and straight through the small room to go up for air, face N and swim into that tunnel, follow back to the crossing and go straight W and follow the tunnel back to the Maze.

Head E and dive into the hole in the SE corner, swim back to the Fountain room and head N, then right and right again to swim to the S end of that E stretch. To the left and right of the big gate are alcoves where the Paganís Gems can be put in place, get into the big gate and to the pool in the room beyond, Dive in and swim into the E tunnel, follow with ups and downs to a complex crossing with mostly dead ends, just go left on the same level and get out in a pool, go right at the crossing and follow to a Skull-switch.

Back to the crossing and straight up the W stairs, climb the brown block and place Smallís "Home brew" (Pee) on the statue, get out of there and when you reach the end of the stairs, Smalls will detonate his pee. The statue topples over and the pool will be flooded to the top, so you can now swim up that vertical shaft of water, careful, stay in the centre or you will fall out. Climb into the passage on top and follow back to the Plain of Jars.

Secret count 7 including the Bronze- and Silver Medal.


The Plain of Jars - 4.

Go to the N side of the Tower and set another soul free, a flyby shows a table in front to the Palace?? And the Water Element appears on it, drop from the E side of the tower and do grabs to get down in one piece, head to the n side of the building and go wide around the mushroom there, or beetles will pour out, go get the Water Element and re-enter the building, go into the W side and hop on the Teleporter to be taken to


Level 5 Ė The Custodians of Hades.

Go W and do a full circle of the room to get 2 X Ammo W (one near the pool) and the Peu and Ammo NE, from the last pickup go do a run jump to the ledge on the N side of the central structure (Devilís Tower) and climb up to the left where youíll see the ladder behind the Devil burner. Go stand on the slanted block left (N) of the burner and on the lower part of it face the closest corner of the ladder and stand jump/grab with a left curve to grab, go up fast and get some Ammo to the left. Go to the NW corner along the N wallís slanted ledge and use the Jump switch to lower a block in that dark N wall, run over the blocked ledge close to the Jump switch and notice it will raise a Timed block. Those blocks will be used later to guide a Ball down the slopes.

The Maze, 1st Scrying Glass.

Go to the N wall, find that dark opening and go in, follow to a pole, slide down and into a room with a nice Skull painting, E and W of the painting are some Pickups, then head out into the W passage and go into the right hand passage and look for the opening up in the ceiling in the corner. Grab up on the W side and go to the top of a small maze, look in the SW for that blue ball and in the NW for a Medipack, you will have to change the position of the blocks in the maze in order to get those objects, go into the SE corner and climb up to a room with Trigger Tiles.

Run over the brown ones once and donít hit any other Tiles, then go back and see the Medipack is accessible, so go back E and down from the hole you came up from and head W into that maze. Go right and get the Medipack. Return up to the Trigger Tile room and from the entrance go over the first Blue and brown Tile, then the next pair and only one more blue and the ball is accessible. So go down and get the 1st Scrying Glass, as it is called. Youíre done here, so return E to the Skull painting and up the pole to the Devilís Tower Go S along the W wall and get some Ammo, then run off the blocked tile to the SW and from the lower beam go to the S wall where youíll find a crawlspace up in the wall. Go through and follow E, get some Ammo near the window left (notice the grey block in the wall E) and in the end of the passage is a table that will take you up to the next level. Follow to a room with a Demigod (run up to him and duck, firing at him and he will probably shoot over your head). Go to the W side of this large room and find a ladder, go up and into the short passage for a small medipack, then go down the ladder 5 steps and backflip/roll/grab the Jump switch.

The Gem Rooms, 2nd Scrying Glass.

A gate opens in the SW corner follow that passage to the Gem rooms. Get the 3 Blue Gems from the stands and wait there for the Urgent message from Smalls to arrive. Examine the Scroll and see that you have all the Gems you need. Go to the N room and thereís a Crystal stand on a table, go get the SW one and pull it to the E side of that table and it will go up to be activated, then get the NW one and place it S of the one you just did, the NE one goes SW and the E side Mirror will reflect the Gem receptacles and the place where the Gems should be placed. So take note of that and go back to the S room, place the Gems (#1+2 from the left and #3 from the right). The gate opens up, go to the back of the passage and a trapdoor opens up, crawl to the room with the 2nd Scrying Glass. Push the 2 Skull-switches near the exit (one activates a Teleporter an the other opens a block in a wall), climb back up at the trapdoor and turn around, jump/grab to the carpet on the wall and climb up into an alcove with Secret #1, Ammo and a small medipack. Go back on the carpet and backflip off, go out of the Gem Rooms NE and to the SE corner of the room with the windows, that block opened here, but first have a look out of the windows and spot that Big Ball on the top of the Devil Tower and the lever next to it. Go to the open wall and climb down the ladder to the passage below and head back W to the Devil Tower. Go to the SE corner using the ledge of the Tower and get the Ammo, then go to the grayish ledge at the Tower and climb up.

To the Top, 3rd Scrying Glass.

Stand in the lower trench and grab up W, pull up holding the ďduckĒ key and crawl past all the burners to that Ball on top of the Tower. Stand up between the Burners and climb up right, walk to the N edge and turn left, jump around the back of the burner to the ledge with the lever thatís behind the Ball and Save in front of it.

Timed run with the Ball. (see Map)Map

You have to guide the ball down the trench so it will drop in the right hole. Otherwise you will be crushed by it as you will find out a couple of times before the show is over. Hereís what to do:

Throw the lever and roll, run jump down to that far ledge in the SE. Turn right and stand jump onto the S side of the trench, do a run jump around the S burner and get to that blue blocked ledge at the end of that trench fast, the brown block behind you goes up and will divert the ball to the lower part of the trench. Donít go on too fast or the block will lower again before the Ball is here, then run off to the right and roll, run down onto the blue blocked ledge below and turn left, jump onto the side of the trench and go for the next blue blocked ledge NW. Turn right and hop on the brown block and while the ball bounces into this corner you can run down the last part of the trench to the ladder, run down and off to the right or you will land on a burner and go straight for the last blue blocked ledge at the bottom of the trench, wait there and the game reloads, the elevator ledge will take you back up. Get back onto the trench and crawl to the 3rd Scrying Glass. Make your way down to the ground floor of the room, but whatever you do donít dive into the pool!!! Just go down the same way as in the timed run.

4th Scrying Glass.

Go to the N side of the room and step onto the Teleporter. Youíll end up in a Crypt with 4 adjacent rooms, connected by a crawlspace through the middle wall, Iíll only give compass reading to simplify things, you will have to step on the trigger tiles in those rooms and use the crawlspace to go to each room as in the passages are Anti-trigger Tiles. Go SW room and on the blue Tile, crawl straight NE, on the brown Tile, back to the NE and then into the crawlspace and to the right, SE room, now one more time and thatís straight to the NW room and the flame at the Glass will go out. Go get the 4th Scrying Glass and get a screenshot of a window at the top of the Devil Tower. Get out through one of the N rooms and head to the SE room, you have to go through the passage in stead of the crawlspace as the pictures in the rooms have to change again.

The E picture is a walkthrough wall, so jump in and look up for a Jump switch that will open the entrance to the Gold Medal challenge. Go out and right, to the SE corner where that ladder is, down and to the Devil Tower again. The block that lowered is in the NE corner.

For the Gold Medal.

Go in and check the place out a bit, to the far left is the Gold Medal on the pillar, several monkey swings and various ledges, I made a little graphic for the first part of the jump series as thatís the hardest to explain.

Run jump around the left to get to the blue Tile and then jump to the brown Tile, which will raise later so you can grab the Monkey swing above (check it out). From here do a run jump to the right onto slope A and keep jumping to and fro to get to the most right hand (highest) side of the grey brick slope, then slide to the lowest point of that and jump over slope A to slide from and grab slope B, shimmy right and just around the corner so you will hang on the left side of that blue trigger Tile that will get the brown block up.

Better save here (F5) and pull up, backflip/roll and curve sharp right so you will land at the end of and on the lowest part of slope B. Jump and roll so youíll land on slope A facing the brown block, slide a bit and jump with a sharp right curve onto the raised brown block, immediately jump and grab straight up. Save again hanging there and turn around, now you have to aim for the highest part of slope B and drop on the corner, jump/grab and curve right a bit so you will grab the edge of slope A, shimmy right and time the burner to get past, go to the end and save hanging on the slope there. Pull up and backflip. Jump/grab the Monkey swing above and go in the direction of the Medal, careful thereís a gap in the Monkey swing, as soon as you drop on the slope, slide a bit and jump/grab to the next part of the Monkey swing, now your home free, go to the pillar and grab the well earned Secret #2, the Gold Medal. See the brown block go up as a bonus.

Grab back up to the Monkey swing and go over to the end, so youíll drop on that first blue ledge, run jump onto the brown block and grab the 1st Monkey swing again, go to the other end, turn right and hang between the last 2 bars. Time the burner and when itís off, drop onto the sloped ledge below slide and jump left, keep jumping and slide jump/grab from the last to get into the opening in the wall. Great you did it!!!! Go through the passage and grab up to the little Monkey swing in there to open the exit, go into the Devil Tower and make your way back to the ground floor of the room. Place the 4 Scrying Glass objects on the stands around the Tower (at the edge of the pool) and watch the flyby. Now you can dive into the pool and swim into the centre hole, just go with the flow and swim through the nice vertical shaft and up to the Plain of Jars again.

Secret count 9 including the Bronze- , Silver- and Gold Medal.

The Plain of Jars - 5.

Go straight and shoot the cage to free the Soul, get a flyby of the Fire Element appearing on the stand and go slide back to the ground floor as you did before. Go NE and do a wide circle around those plants as there are Beetles in them, go get the Fire Element and go to the building N, down the stairs and into a big room that looks promising. Place the Earth Element on the S pedestal (the one with the plant in the alcove) then go to the N side and place the Water- and Fire Elements.

Go to one of the passages, SE or SW and get past the burner, down the ladder and into the basement. Go to the N side and on the cage inside you can place the 3 medals you have, the cage opens and you can collect the Final Secret, the Expertís Certificate. Go up again and out of the building, to the right and find the last pedestal in front to the Wind mill, place the last Element and the Final movie starts to end these wonderful levelsÖ Sit back and enjoy.

Secret count 10 including the Expertís Certificate.